look at all the dapper in here

must’ve been born with two right feet

Nursey doesn’t usually go to these things alone. He can usually find a date - or at least a friend - to make everything a little less awkward. This is Jack and Bitty’s wedding, though, which means that all of his friends are already here. It also means that the only person he would want to bring as a date is already here, too, looking unfairly dapper in his grey suit.

He’s jumping around on the dance floor with Chowder and Farmer when the DJ announces that she’s switching over to a slow song, and he ducks out to sit down at the table.

He doesn’t mind sitting and watching the couples dancing, Chowder lifting Farmer off her feet to spin her around, Ransom with his face tucked into Holster’s neck, Jack leaning down so his forehead rests on Bitty’s, but he’s spent the whole damn day fantasizing about what might’ve been if he had the balls to just ask -

“Do you want to dance?”

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The real issue with Tumblr husbands is that the general sphere here clearly has a thing for powerful chaotic entities eccentric but also want the “dapper suit and tie” look and it’s all just proves that Tumblr’s taste in men are all just derivative forms of the original husbando: Warden from Superjail

Close as Strangers: Chapter 10

Close as Strangers: Chapter 10

Word count: 4.5k

Genre: High School au, angst, fluff

Happy Valentines day, lovelies. Thank you if you’re still reading this. Sorry about mistakes, i’m sleepy and just got off work.

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

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The fact that it was March, almost April, was crazy. You were getting into some different colleges and so was Jungkook. It was weird that sooner or later you’d be departing from each other. You’d been thinking about it so much recently. You knew you two would have the summer and everything. It was just that you had been waiting so long for Jungkook to be yours and then all too soon you would be split up. It was like you couldn’t win.

You were trying not to think about it and obviously it wasn’t working.

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Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: The Divide Series

Here is a link to the song, if you’d like to listen along to help set the mood. x

It wasn’t often that Harry got to spend more than a week or two back at home, so whenever he did, he cherished the time deeply.

He’d been in Holmes Chapel for a week now, spending time with his family and catching up with the few old friends that he’s still in contact with. It was where he would go whenever he needed to wind down, or when he needed to ground himself from all the fame and attention. He’d been receiving a lot of it lately, with all of the lead-up to the release of his first single. And he knew that after the song was released everything would be crazy for a little bit, so he decided to get in as much home time as he could.

That afternoon, Anne had sent him to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner—he was walking through the wine section, carrying a basket filled with different cheeses and a carton of eggs. It was a small locally sourced store that had been in business ever since Harry could remember—when he was a little boy, he would always come here and buy a chocolate bar on Friday’s after school. Everyone who worked there knew him, and greeted him cheerily.

The Beatles’s Here Comes the Sun was playing over the radio through the speakers, and he caught himself humming softly as his eyes scanned the wine rack. He was in no hurry—there was something about being back home that made it seem like time was frozen. He picked out a bottle of his mum’s favorite wine and set it in his basket—that’s when it happened.

He caught the familiar scent of Alien perfume.

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Three times the sun gods bothered Icarus at work

Soooo this was going to be a “5 + 1” fic but I really gotta work on my project now, boo.  but I wanted to send you what I had :)  so here’s three parts!  I tried to write from Icarus’s point of view this time… not sure how great I did lol  anyway I hope you like it though  :)


Icarus is taking four classes this term; the standard for a full-time student.  He also signed up for a handful of extracurricular activities, not many, but enough to keep him involved.  He’s discreetly in the student LGBTQ+ club, though he doesn’t often speak up.  And of course, astronomy club, which is the thing he lives for every week. 

He also has five separate jobs, that require his efforts at various times of the day/week.  Between the five of them, Icarus manages to make enough money to keep his monthly bills in check, as well as taking a chunk off of the cost of tuition.  He’s not rich, for sure, but frankly, it’s enough for him to keep his head above water (a phrase that’s always made him shudder, for some reason), and not burden his family with debt.

So many jobs, classes and extracurriculars requires Icarus to keep a detailed schedule on his refrigerator so he can keep track of where he’s supposed to be and when.

Tragically, this becomes his undoing, as certain other individuals also consult this schedule at their leisure to determine how and where to find him and maximize their pestering.

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Phantom of the Opera - Bruce Wayne x Reader

A/N: I didn’t do nearly as much with Two Face as I intended but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Prompt: Hey! I’ve been waiting so long to request this. A phantom of the opera modern au with Bruce as Raoul, batmom as Christine, and two face as the phantom. Please and thank you. I really love your writing. ❤️

Despite being raised in a wealthy cultured household, he had never been all that fond of the opera. He just simply had other things on his mind. Tonight his mind was focused on the rumors that a ghost haunted this opera house. A murder had taken place and he was determined to get to the bottom of it. The police had written it off of a freak accident but Bruce suspected there was something sinister at play here.

He was escorted to his private box by a friendly, smiling usher. He sat down in one of the plush seats and waited for the show to start before he would slip out and begin his investigation while everyone was distracted. The curtains pulled away and that was Bruce’s cue to begin his work but before he could leave the box your beautiful familiar voice filled the theatre. He stopped in his spot turned to see that it was in fact you standing on the stage, the perfect picture of elegance.   

“Can it be?” He whispered to himself.  “Can it be [Y/N]?” You had been but a memory for him, all but forgotten in his past. You were his first friend, his first crush, his first girlfriend, his first everything. He smiled to himself thinking of the beautiful woman that you had grown into. Maybe once all this is over he could drop in backstage to say hello to an old friend.

Bruce forced himself to turn away from your enthralling performance and he traveled around the shadows performing his investigation. He found a few clues but little pointing to an actual culprit. He would need to come back when the theatre was empty to some of the areas that were just simply impossible to get to while a performance was going on.

Normally this would be the point where Bruce would go home and work on the case in the cave but he felt compelled to stay this time and listen to you sing. It had been so long since he heard your voice, he had forgotten how amazing you were. When the performance was done he snuck backstage and let himself into your dressing room.

“You were beautiful out there tonight.” He said. You back was turned to him. When you heard his voice you gasped and turned around in surprise.

“Bruce?” You asked, not quite sure if the handsome man in front of you was indeed your childhood friend.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” He asked with a laugh. You got up from your seat and rushed over to him to envelope him in a tight hug.

“I’ll say! Look at you! You got all handsome and dapper on me!” You said jokingly.

“Are you implying I wasn’t always handsome?” Bruce asked in mock offense.

“Well we were kids. I couldn’t always appreciate it then.” You rolled your eyes. “So what brings you here Bruce? You never really liked the opera when we were kids.”

“Tastes can change can’t they?” Bruce reasoned, avoiding giving you a real answer. He should have known you would see right through him. You were always uncannily perceptive, even as kids. “Fine. I heard rumor of a murderous phantom haunting this place and I was curious.” He answered a little more honestly when you gave him a look that said you didn’t believe him. Your face went pale at his second answer.

“The phantom?” You asked fearfully.

“Don’t tell me you believe in the Phantom of the Opera.” Bruce laughed. You were always so logical, he couldn’t believe that you so suddenly developed a belief in the paranormal.

“No of course not.” You whispered lifelessly, your gaze not meeting his. “Um, excuse me Bruce. I have to go check on something. It was great catching up with you, truly.” You said hurriedly. Before Bruce could protest you rushed out of the dressing room and ran down the hall. Sensing something was terribly wrong, Bruce ran after you calling after you.

“[Y/N]! Wait! Tell me what’s wrong. I can help, whatever it is.”

“The Phantom of the Opera is here inside my mind, Bruce.” You cried. Your eyes shone with tears which Bruce wiped from your cheeks.

“What do you mean, [Y/N]?” Bruce asked searching your eyes for the answers he was looking for. You wrenched your eyes shut and shook your head.

“He’s real Bruce. The Phantom’s real and he’s always here in my head, whispering to me.” You sobbed. Bruce wrapped his arms around you and brought you to his chest, gently rocking you back and forth.

“These voices-?” Bruce started to ask before your eyes shot open and you gave him a hard look.

“You think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! I’ve seen him Bruce and I’ll never be able to forget that grotesque deformed face. He’s killed people Bruce. You need to leave. If he finds out that you’re here with me, he’ll -” You cried, panicking. Bruce cut you off with a firm kiss. Your lips moved desperately along with his. It had been so long since you broke up that you had both forgotten what this felt like. “He’ll kill you.” You murmured against Bruce’s lips when you separated briefly. Bruce only grunted in response before reconnecting you lips.

You’re mine. Your chains are still mine. I will get rid of this suitor and I’ll teach you once and for all who you belong to.’ The Phantom’s voice hissed in your ear. Your eyes shot open, wide eyed in fear. You pushed Bruce away and fell to the floor hugging your knees to your chest.

“What is it, [Y/N]? Please talk to me. I’m here, nothing can harm you.” Bruce encouraged, taking you hands in his.

“He’ll always be there singing songs in my head.” You whimpered.

“You said yourself he’s nothing but a man.” Bruce asked. You didn’t responded and just stared blankly in front of you. The Phantom’s voice filled your head and his threats chilled you to the core. Bruce didn’t know what he could do to help you. He didn’t even know if he could help you.

Bruce stared at you searched for some sort of answer when he noticed the earrings you were wearing. He remembered you always wore them when you were younger. They were one of the few items that belonged to your mother who died when you were just a young girl. You rarely ever took them off.

“Are those your mother’s earrings?” Bruce asked bringing his finger up to your ear to get a better look at the small pearls.

“Yes. You remembered.” You smiled softly.

“[Y/N] I need you to trust me. Take the earrings off.” Bruce said. You looked up at him with the utmost trust in your eyes. You reached up and took off the earrings, feeling naked when they were both out.

To your surprise, the voices in your head ceased when you removed the earrings. You let out a sob of relief and threw the earrings to the side. You closed the distance between you and Bruce and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Take me away from this nightmare, Bruce. All I want is freedom, a world with no more night.” You sobbed against his chest. He gently ran his fingers through your soft hair and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“You’re safe, he won’t find you ever again. Your fears are far behind you, [Y/N].” Bruce reassured you.

“Promise me.” You insisted.

“Anything.” Bruce responded immediately.

“Promise me you need me with you now and always. Promise you’ll stay beside me to hold me and hide me.” You continued. “That’s all I ask of you.”

“If you promise me something in return.” Bruce said gently intertwining his fingers with yours. “Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. Let me lead you from your solitude. Say you need me with you, here beside you. Anywhere you go let me go too. [Y/N], that’s all I ask of you.” He said in return.

“Say you love me.” You prompted weakly, reaching your hand up to gently cradle his jaw. You wanted to hear the words that had been too long foreign to you.

“You know I do.” Bruce swore, leaning in and connecting your lips in a passionate kiss. No more wasted time, no more obstacles. You loved each other and you weren’t about to let each other go ever again.

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humor a lil anon here, but imagine like each the ACOMAF crew dancing....Cassian would totally be a good dancer but be really cocky about it (and prone to goofy dancing and pelvic thrusting), Rhys would be all dapper & smooth moves, Azriel would avoid dancing if possible but could be coaxed into it with enough rallying/libations, Mor would just SLAY on the dance floor like WHOOSh byeee to everyone's panties, Amren would dance like your cool aunt and give zero fucks about how she looked...

This is….amazing. I’m in love. Okay okay wait I’m going to try and add to this without butchering it because like please consider: 

Az is definitely sitting in a corner, nursing a drink, smiling and waving at Mor whenever she vaguely drifts past, making sure there’s always a drink there for her, usually resisting her attempts to drag him onto the dancefloor (she’s not that insistent she knows he’s self-conscious and the like) When she does though they stick to the fringes of the crowds and it’s all very small, precise movements and he basically just cuddles her in a circle (Mor thinks it’s adorable) 

Feyre tends to be nestled in Azriel’s booth with him and this is when the two of them probably spend the most amount of time alone together. They just cosy up together and get to talking over the music because neither of them are really that big on the whole dancing among hoards of people thing so this suits them just fine thank you very much. They play little guessing games (like the one from ACOMAF) and Feyre makes it her mission to make Az smile as often as possible (especially if he’s been having a tough time recently) It’s precious. 

Rhys will occasionally sweep her into the floor though. She doesn’t mind as long as he doesn’t draw too much attention to them. He keeps it quiet and understated and he doesn’t really like being the centre of attention either so they just move quietly in a corner and it’s nice (’til Mor gets a hold of Feyre and drags her away from Lord Boring to have some ‘Fun’) 

My Nesta aesthetic at Rita’s is literally ‘I was dragged here against my will I’m going to sit in this corner and read and there’s nothing you can do about it (unless you’re Cassian, try me.’ Of course Cassian does try her and she gets the whole dramatic, flamboyant, fluttering his eyelashes down at her as he leans ‘seductively’ against the side of her booth (literally the only thing missing is the rose between his teeth (and he’s done this before - he asked Elain for the rose)) and then in this velvet, utterly irresistible (obviously) purr, ‘May I have this dance?’ Nesta just, bluntly, “No,” without even looking up from her book. (but she’s not really reading. he knows she’s not really reading.) He has to do a loooot of wheedling and then it’s like, ‘Only to get rid of you’ (lies Nesta) but he manages to drag her onto the floor. Nesta is a little bit…stiff and self-conscious so he makes the biggest fool of himself imaginable until she’s smiling…but that’s not enough so then he makes an even bigger fool of himself until she’s laughing a little bit and he literally looks like a puppy that’s just been told it’s the best doggy in the history of the world when she does that for him. 

Lucien is just…….No-one knows what Lucien is doing. No-one asks. They just let him get on with it. 

Elain thinks that it’s very entertaining. And she does really, really try to get him to dance with her Properly in hold and stuff…But he slips out of it after like five minutes because no wiggling uncontrollably with some semblance of rhythm is much more fun than all that formal stuff. Sometimes she gives up and just…wiggles along with him, giggling all the way through it. Sometimes he gets a tiny little impatient foot stamp and Lucien at which point he springs to attention and does as he is told.

And Amren just….doing whatever the fukc Amren wants to because she’s Amren. And all these people keep coming up to her trying to ask her to dance with them and she just…I think not. (Some nights she just sits in Az’s booth with him and drinks though, no-one can ever predict what she’s going to do) 

Skating Through the Decades: 1930s!

Continuing our series on Skating Costuming through the ages, we move into the 1930s. You can read the first post here

The Great Depression was rocking the world, but you would never know it. Ice skating, just beginning to be popular in newsreels and the occasional show, was like all other forms of entertainment during this era, designed to make people forget about the depression. The glitz factor just starts to come into the sport and, as the sport starts to evolve, so do the costumes to allow for better movement. 

Costumes in the early 1930s continued to stick to a traditional old-timey winter vibe, for the most part. Remember that all competitions were held outdoors. Here are the US Pair Team from the 1932 Olympics, Sherwin Campbell and Beatrix Loughran. Both look very dapper, and you can see the embroidered designs on the bottom of her dress and fur cuffs. Note that it was still considered necessary for women to wear a hat, even while skating. Our men look dapper in suit tops and pants more tailored for movement. 

Practice clothes started to look similar to the active wear/sportswear of the time as well. Remember the first skating super star, Sonja Henie of Norway mentioned in our last post. Here she is in yet another Olympic games (1932) modeling with the Gold Medalist from the Men’s event Karl Schafer of Austria. 

In fact, Sonja Henie, widely credited with pushing the sport forward athletically, was also widely responsible for helping to popularize the hemlines on female skating costumes, which continued to rise through the decade. (She also, was rumored to have an affair with Hitler, which was never confirmed…though they did meet several times…)

Henie also brought her silver blades to the big screen as a Hollywood Starlet. Here’s a clip of her skating…in her mid-thigh skirt. *Gasp!*

The end of the decade saw ladies slowly getting rid of the hats and men slowly getting rid of the Knickerbocker style pants. It also saw the rise of the touring Ice Show, with The Ice Follies in 1936. The Ice Follies troupe, modeled after the famous Theatrical troupe the Ziegfeld Follies was a variety show, comprised of lots of pretty women skating in lots of impossible costumes. I mean IMPOSSIBLE. And it also featured Mr. Frick, who invented the cantilever move. (OMG HIS KNEES). Below is a picture of the Ice Follies performing a traditional number at the 1962 World’s Fair. (It’s not from the 1930s, but a lot of their stuff was like this…generally with bigger headdresses). 

The troupe was featured in the 1939 movie, the Ice Follies of 1939, starring Joan Crawford. If you can get a hold of it, you can see the show costumes from the time. 

We’ll return next time with even shorter skirts, more dapper men, and the beginning of the sparkle craze! And, the birth of the Ice Capades!

P.S. If you want to watch a cool documentary the history of ice shows and “Professional” (as in tour) skating you can check out the documentary the Fabulous Ice Age, which was streaming on Netflix, last I knew! 

Daughter- 11th Doctor x Reader

A/N: Put a keep reading, your mental health is more important than someone reading my writing.

Warnings: Mentions of self-harm and depression. If you need someone to talk to, I’m always here for you.

Requested by anon

“Help!” a young girl screamed. The Doctor grinned despite himself.

“Geronimo,” he mumbled under his breath. Grabbing his sonic screwdriver, he began to run towards the voice.

“Who are you?” the teenager asked when he found her, huddled in a corner. His smile only grew.

“I’m the Doctor, and I’m here to save your life.”

Tears trickled down her cheeks. “My- my parents- I can’t find them.”

The Doctor nodded slowly, crouching down so he was eye-level with her. “How old are you, sweetheart?”


Eleven took her hands and helped her up. He ran with her, leading her to a safe room. “What’s your name?”


“Okay, Y/N,” Eleven said softly, making sure he kept eye contact with her. “I’m going to find your parents, okay? They’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. I need you to stay here where you’re safe.”

“But- but-” she stuttered before looking into his eyes again and nodding. “O-Okay.”

11 offered her a lopsided grin before racing into the building, dodging enemy fire left and right to try and find the girl’s parents. He let out a sigh of relief when he found them.

And inhaled when he saw their corpses.

The Doctor sighed, knowing that he would have to break the news to the girl. He cared about her, for some reason. He knew it must hurt more than anything to watch your life being torn apart, to watch your family and friends being stripped apart. Slowly, he walked back towards her. Her face crumpled when she saw the look in his eyes.

“They’re gone,” Y/N whispered, letting out a strangled cry. She began to cry, sobs wracking her body. The Doctor felt his heart break. He walked over to her, strides long and filled with purpose. He crouched down next to her and pulled her into his arms.

“It’s alright,” he cooed. “Ssh, ssh. It’ll all be alright.”

She looked up at him, her eyes glassy with tears. “Where will I go? I don’t- I don’t have anywhere.”

He chewed his cheek thoughtfully. “You can come with me. Always.”

She slowly took his extended hand and laced her fingers with his. He put his hand on the small of her back, gently leading her to the TARDIS.

“You’ll be safe here, okay? I’ll protect you.”


“You’re looking very dapper, Doctor,” Y/N teased, appearing around the corner dressed in her 18th century Sunday best. He offered her a cheeky grin.

“You’re looking very lovely, my dear.” He offered her his arm. “Shall we?”

“We shall.”

Eventually, they were stopped by an elderly woman, confusion evident on her face. “Are you two- in a relationship?”

They blushed, but Y/N giggled. “No, he’s- he’s my father.”

11 looked down at her fondly as the woman walked away. She was embarrassed, looking at the ground, her face red, but he was happy.

“Hey, Y/N, you alright?”

She met his gaze hesitantly. “I-I’m sorry, it just came out. You’re the- the closest thing to a father I have.”

His smile only grew. “I would be honored to be your father.”

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What's your favourite Martin outfit?


I shall give you my favourites… in no particular order…

Sorry for the long post…OKAY FIRST.. BLUE ON BLUE IS SEXY.. I CAN’T

THIS IS LIKE, PROBABLY MY FAVOURITE OUTFIT EVER. IF I HAD TO CHOOSE ONE. THIS WOULD BE IT! Also I can’t get over the pose here, he is so adorable…

Once again the pose is everything, but I like that coat a lot. The whole ensemble is awesome.

THIS… FUCK ME… it doesn’t seem like much, but he rocked the hell outta this outfit.

A bit more simple, but I love this sweatervest he is wearing, along with the blue shirt…

UMPH, I’ve got a thing for this jacket.. and that white shirt.. .I love them


OMG, when he showed up at that hobbit premiere with that suit and beautiful tie, i cried..


He looks so fine all dappered up.. I love this photoshoot.

I think it’s the stripes, and the belt that does me in here.

UMPH, it’s everything here..




A few friends and I on my Discord server were throwing around AU idea, and this one came through- Camp Camp, but with ANNIE. Basically, “David adopts all three kids” AU.

I had to break a few rules to get the look right, but I got it somewhere nice! Nikki can’t wear a dress, so I couldn’t give her the iconic Annie dress, BUT she rocks a pant suit just fine! The boys also look very dapper in their new threads.

Basically, playing with an AU with the framework of Annie, but with alterations here and there. Max, Neil and Nikki, trying to escape into the city from Campbell Orphanage, get taken in by uber-rich David “Warbucks” Greenwood, who takes them in for the holidays. Neil and Nikki have no where else to go and love staying there, but Max is searching for his birth parents that left him years ago, thanks to leaving him a stuff bear and a note that says they’d return someday. David agrees to help, despite it breaking his heart to see him go.


(Credit goes to @forestwater87 for the last name Greenwood for David!)

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Hey Cap! How's your girl? Any new cute stories to share w/ us? Love, your gaybies

Hmmmm this morning we took her mom to church (a Christian one, with Black Lives Matter and Immigrants and Refugees Welcome Here and rainbow signage all outside) and I looked super dapper in a collared shirt and men’s suit jacket with jeans and my work shoes, and she did lots of lip bites and made me feel so attractive even when I was so damn depressed.

And then this afternoon when we played softball with our friend, I showed her how to bat and pitch and since she’s naturally athletic she was really good, and it was sweet and sexy at the same time.

So like?

Does that count as new cute stories?

Lonely Nights

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Pairing: Kim Doyoung x Reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1.4k

Summary: *REQUESTED* Hello, I saw that you were open! I was wondering if maybe you could do a fic with a female reader and Doyoung from NCT. Something during 1950, where the reader is at a jazz club and has no intention of doing anything sexual. Doyoung works at the jazz club and sees the reader and just has an instant want to be with her. Doesn’t have to be sexual at the end, maybe Doyoung just falls in love or that I don’t mind, hopefully you can do it!

You were here because you had nowhere else to be. You were here because you had nothing else to do. You were here because no one else wanted to come. But, you were here. That was all that counted.

The jazz club smelled like smoke and ash, men taking long drags from their cigars. You walked across the red velvet carpeted floors and sat down in an empty seat at the bar, which wasn’t all too crowded; Most people were seated at the tables. The men sat, looking dapper in their best suits, and the women smiled, in their best dresses. But you came alone. You weren’t out on a date with a man.

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*Requested* Imagine the reader acts annoyed with Lucien so he doesn’t discover that you like him. He hears you talking to your friends one day about your crush on him and taunts you about it. After some you two spent together he realizes that he is in love with you after Tristan tries to flirt with you. In the end he admits he has feelings for you.

(So, this is my first one with Lucien and Tristan in it. I´m not sure if I portrayed them right, so maybe you could let me know. Also, the imagine slightly changed during writing but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. Now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 1.040

Your name: submit What is this?

Lucien Castle that intelligent, charming, wildly successful man has weaseled his way into your heart. He is a man that never stands in any ones shadow, rather he rises above them who consider themselves superior. You don´t know what it is but he fascinates you. Even though he is not above being cruel and sadistic, especially when it´s something he wants. But then again, being a vampire his age demands to behave that way. Call it self-preservation.

The worst thing about your crush on Lucien is that he listened in on a conversation between you and Freya on day, where you confessed you feelings for him. He doesn´t stop teasing and nagging you since. And he loves you discomfort very much.

You are currently entering a rather fancy bar a little further away from Bourbon street, as you immediately spot Lucien´s frenemy Tristan. He seems to notice you as well because he winks you over in an instance.

Tristan: Hello there. I´ve never seen you here before Y/N. Did you get tired of you usual surroundings?”

Y/N: “No not at all, I thought I change scenery for one day.”

The truth is you wanted to experience Lucien’s favorite bar for yourself, to see what makes this place so special.

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madegeeky replied to your post: behind a cut because I’m being unnecessarily…

Okay, but now I’m imagining some event where these PR assholes force her into a dress and so she just starts going super passive aggressive because fuck you. Like, sitting on the back of the couch. Burping after downing some alcohol super fast. Shoving food in her mouth as messily as possible.

Tracer gathered up her garment bag and hurried to the studio. She wouldn’t be late. Not again. She had set no less than 6 alarms, every five minutes, and she practically beamed with pride as she walked out the door, checking that her key was wrapped around her wrist, carefully carrying her suit, neatly and newly pressed, to where the PR pictures were being taken that day.

London’s uprising had been a victory for them on multiple levels, and they intended to bank every moment on it. Tracer had been in the papers plenty when she had disappeared, and when her father had held Overwatch personally responsible for it, and there was a part of her that knew they were simply trotting her out as a way of mollifying the public outrage.

Look, she not only came back, but she is a highly successful agent. One of the best. We couldn’t say what had happened to her for the sake of public safety, no, not even to her father. Of course we regret what happened to Tracer, and whatever part the situation might have played in her Bert Oxton’s tragic death…

But, all those things being true, Tracer still believed in Overwatch, and that it could be a force for incredible good. And so she had happily agreed to be a part of the celebration.

It didn’t hurt that she adored a bit of praise, now and again, and also parties.

And so she bounced happily as she sat, careful not to wrinkle her suit or the new tie she’d purchased for the occasion–they needed to all wear black for the photo, but Tracer thought they wouldn’t object to a pop of color, a paisley silk tie in oranges and blues that was the most expensive she’d ever owned. She thought it looked very dapper.

But she’d brought a black one, just in case

She got off at her stop, humming tunelessly to herself and half-skipping as she entered. There were cameras everywhere, and her eyes lit up with excitement at the thought of being part of a real photoshoot, of being the hero people saw all over the world. It was the kind of thing no reasonable person ever expects for themselves, and now, here she was.

“Lena!” Reinhardt’s voice boomed across the studio. He was dressed in a black suit that didn’t look too dissimilar from her own, and Tracer was privately grateful that it appeared to pass muster.

Tracer waved happily. “Where do I go to get dressed?”

A man followed along behind Reinhardt and looked at her. “We may have to do something with the hair.”

Tracer held out her suit in its bag. “I’ve just ‘ad it pressed yesterday.”

He opened the bag and examined it, and Tracer’s eyes searched his face, his lips twisted in subtle disapproval.

“I’ve brought a black tie, as well.” She offered softly.

He shook his head. “Wardrobe will fix you up, I’m afraid it’s not the image we’re going for. Go see Cassandra round the corner.”

Reinhardt leaned in close to her, and offered his best whisper, which was closer to most people’s raised voice. “I think it’s a very handsome suit.”

Tracer didn’t know quite what to say. It was her first mission, London, as a field agent, and this new world was something she didn’t understand. She wanted to be a good agent, and she couldn’t figure out particularly what was wrong with the suit she owned–she’d bought it a few years ago, when she was made corporal in the RAF, and she thought it rather fine. Certainly cost as if it had been.

But, then again, they probably had designers here she had never heard of nor could dream of affording, and so, Tracer smiled and resolved herself to enjoy the pampering for the day. It wasn’t that her suit was bad, it was just common, and this was a very uncommon thing, for certain, and so there was no reason to take the whole thing personally.

She rounded the corner, bounce back in her step and smile back on her face, and met the fiercely penciled eyebrows of Cassandra, who was adjusting Mercy’s long, black offshoulder gown, which followed the lines of her body fluidly.

“Oh Angela, you look just beautiful!” Tracer giggled. “Your picture’ll be in plenty of lockers, it will.”

Mercy gave a little blush and waved her hand. “Stop.”

“No, really!” Tracer’s eyes danced with happiness. “I might ‘ave ‘ad quite the crush on you, in my day.”

“And no longer?”

“Well, you see love, I’m famous now.” She giggled and turned to Cassandra. “Ready!”

Cassandra took a bag off the rack, and handed it to Tracer, who unzipped it quickly, excited. Her face turned to confusion. “Oh miss, you must ‘ave given me the wrong bag.”

Cassandra turned over the tag, and showed it to Tracer. “Lena Oxton.”

“But,” she looked at the garment. ‘This isn’t ‘ow I dress. I’ll look a fool.”

It might have been lovely, for anyone else, a short cocktail dress with a deep v neck in a soft satin, but it made Tracer feel an imposter the second she looked at it.

Cassandra shrugged. “Overwatch was very clear about the wardrobe.”

All the bounce went out of Tracer’s body, and she frowned as she looked at it. “I haven’t worn a dress going on years.”

“Well, today is the day,” she snapped, and directed Tracer toward a dressing room, “Over there, now.”


Tracer looked at herself in the mirror. The dress was nice enough, and would have fit her perfectly, except for the awkward way it crisscrossed under her accelerator, reminding her of how it was strange and unusual and would forever be the first thing people noticed about her for as long as she lived. She sighed unhappily and touched the accelerator, wishing she was anywhere else.

Deflated, she put on the high heels that crisscrossed at the ankles, privately gave thanks for her youth as a gymnast, and went and sat on a chair outside of hair and makeup, waiting for the sparkly pins and tiny curls they intended to put in her too-boyish hair.

There was the creak of a heavy seat beside her, and she looked over at Reinhardt, her back still bowed as she slumped forward, elbows on her knees, her whole body carrying the weight of her disappointment.

Reinhardt looked over at her with warmth and gentleness. “Are you nervous, child? You seemed so happy!”

Tracer leaned back and looked at the floor. “I look stupid. I look like I belong ‘ere. You know,” she scowled, “Even in the bloody RAF they let me wear trousers for me dress uniform, and you know ‘ow it is about tradition, why do the right thing if we’ve done it the wrong way for 50 years, we’re well used to it by now, but even they let me wear trousers.” She shook her head. “Sorry.”

“You know, Lena,” he boomed, setting his hand on her back, “They used to make me shave my beard, for appearances.”

Tracer looked up at him. “But they don’t anymore.”

Reinhardt laughed. “I was so bad at shaving, that I cut up my face! Every appearance, my face covered in scabs!” She nodded and winked unsubtly. “They changed their mind.”

“And you won’t tell?”

“What’s to tell!? That you don’t know how to act in a dress?!” He roared with laughter again and looked at Tracer’s grin. “There’s a smile.”

“Thanks, Rein’ardt.”

“We are a team! We look out for each other.” He nodded. “You will be much more striking in the suit.”

Mercy walked up behind them. “The only thing I will be knowing is that you tried so hard to make a good impression.”

Tracer bounced up happily. It was good to be on a team.


Gerard threw down the magazine, the picture of the four of them on the cover, Tracer practically indecent as she sat on the back of the couch.

“They had to photoshop out the edge of her boxer brief,” Ana took a sip of her tea, “I’m not going to say I said so, except that I did.”

Gerard rubbed his temples. “Give her a suit for the next campaign.”

rosegoldhl  asked:

Wait, really? Dan Woop has the exclusive? Are we sure that Louis' team asked for the rights this time? Ugh.

Yep. I don’t know why TTD keeps sanitizing stuff on Tumblr, so to speak, but they posted the link on Twitter and it’s Dan’s Bizarre Column in The Sun.

One for all

WHILE there’s no sign of ONE DIRECTION getting back together any time soon, the lads have kicked off a series of mini reunions.

Just one day after NIALL HORAN turned out to back HARRY STYLES at his LA gig, LOUIS TOMLINSON showed his support for Niall by attending his Spotify gig in Hollywood on Thursday.

Looking dapper here in my exclusive new snap for the cover of the current issue of men’s style mag Sid, Louis later tweeted: “Blown away by Niall tonight. Felt so f***ing proud.” On his own debut album, he told the mag: “The album tells a story and is very honest lyrically.”

I look forward to hearing some big revelations.

Hopefully there won’t be a repeat of the Phil Sharp situation.


Walking into the house, there was a buzz in the air. Yoongi stood there, his hands in his pockets as he pointed to your office, you nodded and opened the door. Everything looked alright, and you looked at Yoongi expectantly.

We have an illegal casino in the basement. He said nonchalantly and your jaw hit the floor.

An illegal … casino … basement. You muttered and tried to make sense of the red flashes that were going off in your head. It’s Tae right? You could see the smug grin on his face and you were ready to punch him. DOES HE REALIZE HOW FUCKED UP THAT IS?! How the hell aren’t the security guards stopping this?! You shrieked and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

The guys working here are more corrupt than anyone else in the government and I should know. Yoongi said and you rolled your eyes. Your beloved security guards only do their jobs when you’re around. So when you leave, they listen to us. Yoongi smiled and you balled up your fist.

I never thought I would want to kill someone, but today has changed that. You mumbled and Yoongi patted you on the shoulder.

Welcome to the club. But I’ll make life easy for you, the password is Casino Advantage. He told you and your looked at him with a furrowed brow. It’s when a gambler has an advantage because this is his home turf. It’s kind of Tae’s warning to the guests not to try anything.

Guests? You looked at Yoongi exasperatedly and he nodded.

We got maybe 100 people down there, it’s pretty swanky. You looked at Yoongi up and down. He was wearing a tux and his hair was moussed up from its usually shaggy look. Looking down at yourself, you heard a chuckle from Yoongi. You need to change. You rolled your eyes and looked up to see Yoongi walking out of the office, but a simple black floor-length gown hanging on the door.

Slipping into it felt weird, you weren’t used to silks or satins, you preferred your tshirt and jeans get-up. Now you tossled your hair around and walked out of the office. Yoongi gave a small clap and held out his arm.

Let’s bulldoze this popsicle stand. He said and you laughed.

The phrase is let’s blow this popsicle stand. You corrected him and Yoongi just shrugged.

Sayings aren’t really my thing. He muttered and walked with you to the basement door. The guard looked you up and down and you glared.

Nice night gig you got here. You muttered and the guard turned pale.

Hey, it’s easy money. Look at you! You’re here with one of your patients. The guard tried to defend himself, but Yoongi cleared his throat.

I am not a patient, thank you very much. Also, you suck at your job regardless, so just let us in. And the two of you walked passed the sheepish guard.

So where’s Tae? I’m going to smack that boy into next year. You said through gritted teeth, but Yoongi just chuckled.

Easy tiger. Let’s walk around, I told the others I would warn them when you were here. You continued to hold onto Yoongi’s arm as you made your way around the basement. The usual dreary concrete room had been completely decked out to look like an upscale casino. You watched as women passed looking like models, influential men walked by in their pinstriped suits, and scantily clad waitresses handed out expensive cocktails.

How the hell does he have money for this? Your mind couldn’t wrap around all of the elements that sat in front of you and Yoongi chuckled, as the two of you approached the group of five guys.

He knows people and once he has a venue, it could be a shithole and they just come in and turn it into this. Yoongi replied. Jin and Namjoon nodded. Jimin shook his head.

It’s called crashing the nut. Jin murmured. We plan to make hundreds of thousands tonight, so he will not only pay off the guys who set it up, but we make a little on the side. Jin scanned around the room. The buzz of alcohol and conversation filled the air.

I can’t believe he pulled it off. He said with a bit of disbelief, but Jimin still stood there sipping on his mojito and looking dapper in his tux.

Jungkook stood a bit back, looking around. Keeping an eye out, Jungkook? Yoongi asked and Jungkook snapped his gaze forward.

There are guys here I know, just making sure they stay in their spots. Jungkook replied and your eyes followed his gaze. Jungkook was always quiet so hearing him speak made you see that this wasn’t a place for you to be in. Jungkook and the rest of the guys were in their element, they all were dressed well, but acted casually.

Y’all have done this before, haven’t you? You asked and Namjoon shrugged.

This is definitely part of the black market scene. It’s not like this scary, grungy thing that people see in the movies. The UM is actually really classy and difficult to become a part of. Namjoon responded and you looked at him quizzically.

UM? You looked at Yoongi, who replied quietly.

Underground Market. You nodded and looked around. All of these people were regulars, they had too much money to spend and so they found places to spend it. Gambling it away in a night, most of these people could lose thousands and not even care. Hey, come on, I think you should see Tae in his element. Yoongi said to you and held his arm out once more. You cradled the gin and tonic that you were given and took hold of Yoongi’s arm. Slithering your way through the crowd, you found yourself at the VIP table.

Marty Scurll breaking his Bullet Club umbrella would include..

Requested by @vipervenomisgoodforyou

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

  • Marty screaming on the top of his lungs.

  • Him assemble the pieces from the floor, hugging the umbrella tight to his body.

  • Marty tries to fix it together but seeing him having absolutely no talent whatsoever in fixing things, it is a mission impossible.

  • Marty sitting on the floor, his broken umbrella laid down before him. You can see a single tear running down this face.

  • The Bullet Club paying respect to the fallen umbrella, promising that they’ll organise a funeral for the umbrella.

  • The boys looking all dapper for the funeral, everyone saying condolences to Marty who is sobbing uncontrollably.

  • Every one of them leave a single white rose in the umbrella’s grave.

  • Marty bidding his last goodbye to the umbrella, saying that he’ll avenge its death.

  • You getting him a new one and Marty throwing it away saying “Do you think an umbrella can be replaced that easily? God, Woman! Think!”

  • Marty coming back after a while, saying sorry to you before he takes the new umbrella for a walk.

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I didn’t post my thoughts last night but this is oh so necessary. SO LET’S DO THIS.
-First off, I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS? I was minding my own business and then I saw this and I cried?? SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.
-Look at all the boys!!! Being oh so fancy with their suits and looking super dapper! Let’s analyze them one by one.
-Taichi’s suit fits him so well!!! Light blue suit and a red tie and his innocent looks over me, is anyone else blushing here? Plus Agumon looks so happy ;-; they deserve this happiness.
-YAMATO, YOU SON, HOW DO YOU DO THAT. He looks soooo good and he’s not even trying!!! Is that champagne in your hand?? Y'all are supposed to be minors you… okay I forgive you, just because you look GREAT and are taking care of Gabumon.
-HEY TAKERU, THAT’S A NICE HAT!!! Yes, I said it. The kiddo looks fancy and I love that green army jacket and Patamon is as adorable as always. I just wish we could see the front :(
-Jou, JOU KIDO. I think no one has ever looked any better than Jou in this poster. That’s class, that’s a look!!! He looks so dapper, so fancy, so nice. Plus he’s matching Yamato so JOUMATO RISE!!!! I love to see Jou happy ah.
-LMAO Koushiro is me always close to the snacks at fancy parties. He looks so focus and so does Tentomon!!! I love how he’s not pervy/ike for once. Stay awesome Koushiro, I love you.
-That’s some age-appropriate, Hikari! I’m so proud! You look super cute and those colors fit you like a glove. See Toei? There’s no need for bikinis here.
-Meimi!!!!! I’m so glad you both decided to come out in this party. Lol, jokes appart, look at Mimi!!!! She looks super good, I love that dress and the gloves!!!! Even Meiko looks good!!!! A bit too old-ish if you ask me but it fits her style. Y'all are goddeses.
-AND MY QUEEN!!!! Work that white dress, Sora! It’s such a beautiful dress and she’s wearing a freaking CHOKER I honestly screamed when I saw it there it’s too good to be truth. Now I can only see her designing her own clothes and that just makes me so!!!!!
-I love how everyone seems to have small stars on their clothes, makes my heart so full.



the days grow longer and the air sings with life, and even the sunsets seem more vibrant. colors of all shades and hues of the spectrum beckon you out to be among them, among the gentle kiss of the suns rays and the ubiquitous floral fragrance that reminds you of a simpler time. what better cause could there be to gather among the blossoms and signs of spring to celebrate the end of winter and the dawn of new beginnings with song, dance, and the best of company?

Hello! Tori here, and I am proud to present Stella City’s second mini-event, The Vernal Ball! This event will run from Friday, May 12th through Sunday, May 14th. This event will focus on on-dash threading. All are welcome to attend – in fact, they are encouraged to! The more, the merrier.

The ball’s host, Margaery Tyrell, is pleased to offer the following activities to all those who attend the ball.

  • Margaery has hired DJ Baaled, a sheep well-versed in music from the classical era all the way to modern music, providing a wide enough range of musical selections that everybody should be able to find something they can dance to.
  • Starlight Garden has graciously allowed us the use of their facilities for this even. There will (obviously) be a dancefloor available for those who feel the urge to show off their moves, but if you find yourself in need of a moment to rest (or perhaps a quiet moment with a special someone), the gardens are at your disposal. This is all about celebrating the coming of spring, after all!
  • Several very dapper-looking butler sheep will be in attendance to offer food and refreshments to the attendants. It wouldn’t be much of a party otherwise, now would it?
  • Margaery’s flower shop is working around the clock to prepare and provide corsages, boutonnieres, and, of course, flower crowns to help you look your very best on the day of the ball. There will be a stand set up where you can get one of your very own.

Excited for the ball? Here are a few fun ways you can prepare in advance!

  • Post (or draw!) a picture of what you are planning to wear! You can use the tag ‘#steci vernal ball’ to show it off to others.
  • Have a special someone? Had your eye on a special someone, but haven’t had the courage to make that move yet? No better chance than now! Ask them to accompany you!
  • Or, plan with your friends to attend together! Sometimes that can be even more fun than having a date. A lot less worrying about if there’s something in your teeth or if you snorted while you were laughing.