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anonymous asked:

@marinashutup just posted about the Laci video and the response to it and made some points my privileged ass didn't see initially, I'm about to rewatch her video with that perspective to see how I feel about it now but it might be worth having a look if you're still interested in the vid (marina tagged that she might delete it later)

I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch it. I’m really, really tired of being told on all sides why I need to argue with purple or why I need to try and make people see, why I need to put tonnes of effort into conversations that, unlike Laci, I DON’T get paid for.

I have put in that effort, over and over. The thing about arguing with hatred is that hatred doesn’t feel the need to have a source.

So a guy can just say “men are more likely to be sexually aggressive because we are animals, we are chimpanzees, chimps are like that and it’s natural” I can’t just say “You’re a dingus, read a book” … So I spend hours pouring over reference material, creating citations, dedicating entirely too much time to studying the sexual mating habits of bonobos (territorial orgies, in case you were wondering, they settle their differences with consenting sex in order to tell a dude that he’s being lazy and he’s wrong.

And what is my reward? Because most of the time they don’t listen.

And like, don’t get me wrong, I argue when I want to but it’s NOT usually to change the mind of the people I am debating with, is to spread the information to the people who will reblog me, to arm THEM with the information so THEY know and if they see it come up they might feel more equipped to deal.

So anyone even vaguely implying that I am obligated to do this, that I have to open myself up to “people with different opinions” pisses me off.

My life is FULL of people with “different opinions” and I’m white, so it would be a fuck of a LOT worse if I wasn’t.

Laci is white and thin and successful and this stuff gives her a cushion against the reality that everyone else deals with.

I haven’t watched the video but Marina’s usually very… Smart and insightful and she tends to be pretty generous as a person towards other people, so if it’s pissed HER off then it would probably send me into a rage and I might be tempted to comment on a YouTube video, which NEVER leads me anywhere positive.

Long rant was long.

briefzombiechild  asked:

I just have to say that your art is amazing! The effort you put into these characters - designs, scenarios, fusions - it's all incredible! Especially the human versions of their cars... Although I didn't notice Sasquatch there. Do you have any plans on showing us her humanized look? Just curious. Have a nice day :)

1. Thank you so much!  ^////^  That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard all day, ahhh <3 <3

2. I’ve had the idea for Sasquatch in my head for a long time, but I never got around to actually doing art of her!  :D  She’s a big ol’ beaut.

“Give peace a chance and then if that ain’t workin’, kick ‘em in the nuts!” - Sasquatch at some point probably.

She’s a weird and contradictory mixture of aging motorcyclist, hippie and lumberjack, and she could probably lift Nine with one arm.  Jacob (AKA “Goat”) is her vintage and extremely souped-up chopper, which she occasionally takes her dates out on, to the kids’ general disgust.

…..she’s got really big feet.


“church you need to stop wearing my clothes, i don’t own that many and you always steal my favourites”

“sorry, but uh, as the smaller boyfriend it is my god-given right to steal all the clothes i want? like. it’s the law, buddy”

So that’s my entry for the @tokyoghoulbook contest

I don’t know if combining sketchy art and line art was a good idea haha

oh and also this is my favourite part of this

anonymous asked:

Hello! First off, thank you for the effort you put into your master posts and everything. I've been a casual 1D fan since the beginning, but since Louis' last interview I found myself falling down the rabbit hole. I was looking at your tag on larries' first reactions to babygate, and it seemed a lot of you thought the ending for it was to lead to Louis coming out. Does anyone seem to know why it didn't play out like that? Why go with babygate at all ifnit didn't lead to something big like that?

hi there, it’s so interesting to hear that these interviews make you fall down the rabbit hole instead of what his team wants, to alienate you or to say those fans (us)are crazy. He has a gf and a son and hasn’t been seen w H publicly since MITAM promo. We never had such drought as now and interestingly there are still baby larries coming to the fandom. What makes you believe in these times? (Maybe your perspective helps those who doubt)

Re babygate: that’s the million dollar question, to be honest. As far as I know they were both led to believe it would end with a co, that’s why they agreed to it. BG just didn’t fit any of the previous attempts to closet them and there were always times when it seemed they were able to break a few chains so as it was such a monumental move (a baby ffs) and HOW it was presented, how everything was yet again about Larry, how the pregnant Harry manip got syndicated it just… it was the weirdest thing ever, you know? It was sooo transparent, their every move, and it wasn’t ever supposed to go on till the birth, it was never supposed to go that far. I’ve heard some rumors that bg was still a better alternative than something else (thank god I don’t know what that was), so right now the best answer I can come up with is that it had to do with 1D not re-sigining with Syco, because by then that was clear and maybe it became clear to Simon as well. As for, how it got so out of control that we’re here with a 1.5 yo old baby and E, we don’t know that yet. Normally in this fandom it takes a couple of months to filter down the rumors and to find a reason we can collectively agree on. I think I can safely say there’s 3 truths right now.

H and L are together and love each other.

That baby who they so desperately want to make you believe is his, is not Louis’, and neither Briana’s. They used dolls and several different babies in the stunt, so when we said it’s fake, it was really fake.

There’s a big ass war bts because it’s clear af Louis doesn’t want this but somehow cooperates on a half-arsed way and he makes it as ridiculous as it can be. It’s clear as the sun that many are making public statements that this team is fucking Louis over and it has never been this PUBLIC before.

I’d love to hear about your thoughts, coming so new here in this hellhole. :D

Thanks for the lovely words, glad my mp’s helped. Welcome to the fandom. :) xx

anonymous asked:

I always see people telling to keep it simple with basics looks when you don't have much to work with and I agree but whenever I rock the jeans and white tee look I look pretty boring. It almost looks like I didn't put much effort into it. My question is how do I make basic pieces/looks like a little black dress, blue jeans and white tee, all black look put together and "street style worthy" if that's even a thing lol anyway enough talking I adore you girl ❤

I understand you girl! First of all : confidence, and then play with proportions, textures, hair, accessories: big hoops, hair in a bun, wavy hair, statement sunglasses, cool bags or bags in a warm color, belts, cool shoes, socks with heels/loafers ;)

dcstoevsky  asked:

class passing/upwardly mobile (sam) =/= genius ... emf device with no formal physics or engineering education on the other hand..

And the thing is this was back in like 2005? Earlier? He didn’t have a laptop. He didn’t have youtube videos teaching him. We’ve never seen another hunter using one and Sam was confused by it, so it’s safe to assume that it’s his own design. He taught himself. Plus, he scavenged the parts from a walkman, so he had to know how that worked first. (Which opens up a whole fun door for headcanons of Dean buying crappy electronics on the cheap and having to fix them himself when they stopped working before he could afford new ones, but I digress.) And can we talk about how clever the idea was? Dean realized that the emf meters for sale look sketchy and fixed that problem by making it look like something that was less suspicious. He’s so smart.

It’s not just a show of raw intelligence, but, to me, shows how he’s curious, creative, and willing to put in the time and effort to do the research. But people who watch the show ignore all that, because they can’t think critically? Or???? I’m not sure why, tbh, but I’d guess it’s because a large portion of this fandom can’t form opinions that aren’t hand-fed to them.

Anyway, Sam called Dean a genius, so it’s canon.

mxxnchiild  asked:

Cate had drawn the symbol and placed all the items around. Now all that was left to do was light the candles and read the incantation. She was in her greenhouse across from the garden. Dressed in a light pink dress and her hair curled, she didn't really look like herself. It was like she was in a disguise. She sighed heavily, "I really really hope this works." After all the candles were lit, she stood to the side and read the words off.

Anti had been waiting for the moment where Cate would summon him. He asked Dark for some clothes and he provided. He was in some clean pants and shoes, along with a white dress shit and sharp black blazer. He had actually put an effort into making himself look presentable for the first time in… Well, forever. He looked like any regular guy.

He felt a tingling sensation as Cate began to summon him. He took in a deep breath and gently shook himself. “It’s showtime,” he sighed as he disappeared from the mind space and reappeared in the middle of the pentagram.

look at them they look so TV COUPLE OF 2015, right? lol that’s why you should go [VOTE] for these two deserving idiots right now haha

okay okay i know, it’s just a poll, that’s true.

but guys, colin really wants us to win. i mean, how cute is that (i’m voting for that alone)

and we really want that interview right? (i lied, i’m voting for this too)

here’s the thing, we were in the lead but we’ve been dropping reeeaalllyyy fast. so basically we just need to keep voting as much as we can for the next 10+ hours. (we can do this just for today!)

remember we are not just up against olicity (which are gr8 and dedicated peeps btw), we are also up against anti-cs people who will do EVERYTHING to make sure we don’t get in the next round.

how not okay is that? so how about a last day surge of votes for our otp? and if you’re the type who doesn’t feel like showing your love for your ship via voting like a crazy person (like me), just remember: COLIN RLY WANTS US TO WIN and every time you feel like not voting or tired from voting, just think about his sad face when he finds out we didn’t come through for him </3

and before you ignore this post, do it now, think about his sad face

i’m sorry but - let me take a minute of your time

ask yourself - are you appreciating william farquarson enough?

because let me just tell you

the way he holds his basS


and he’s like totally aware he’s killing us u know

he doesn’t even try to pretend he doesn’t know how good he looks

i mean man he’s even doing it on purpose like william sTOP TORTURING US

also the guitar just breaKS ME INSIDE because

he’s putting so much effort and also none at all

and it’s not just that is iT




also don’t let me forget about the muscles cause


h o w am I supposed to live with that I need to leave the planet goodbye

anonymous asked:

Oh remember that show when Harry was sick and didn't sing because of his sore throat? Awn he was so sweet. He did everything he could to please the crowd. God, I love Harry so much.

Yeeees, omg I fell in love with him multiple times during that show, he was the CUTEST little bunny ever. He couldn’t sing at all, but tried so hard to make up for it, and ugh, he put so much effort into it. I MEAN, JUST LOOK AT WHAT HE DID DURING LITTLE THINGS 💕

abyraesama  asked:

Hai guys, remember when the Moon Pride video came out a few weeks after SMC started airing and we were all excited because it was so pretty and hopefully the way the series was going to head in that direction, but it didn't because TOEI, that's why? This is the kind of heartbreak that the news of the Infinity Arc being adapted in Crystal brought to me. Knowing our luck, they'll actually turn Haruka into a MAN because Naoko drew her super masculine in the first few chapters.

The Moon Pride video was totally misleading and everytime I watch it I can’t help but think how good Crystal would’ve looked if they had put money / effort into it.

I always thought that the scenes in this music video where from the actual show (they had two extra years to work on it after all) so I was really happy to see such gorgeous animation.

Unfortunately, Crystal didn’t turn out like that.

anonymous asked:

I didn't know who to ask but if there were twin time lords, would their regenerations all look a like?

I’d assume their regenerations would naturally be totally different, unless they put extra effort into trying to regenerate to look the same. Not something I think the series has ever actually covered.