look at all that effort i (didn't) put into this

So that’s my entry for the @tokyoghoulbook contest

I don’t know if combining sketchy art and line art was a good idea haha

oh and also this is my favourite part of this

Do you ever really miss your old special interests and wish you could obsess over them again but the passion is just… gone? 

And you go back and look at all the hard work you did into collecting information for that special interest, and analyzing it, and basing your creative endeavors on it, and you’re proud of all the effort you put into it but you can’t bring yourself to continue?

It’s so weird having vast stores of knowledge in my head about something I don’t really care about. And worse, I FORGET that I don’t care about it anymore, like I hear other people say they like it and I get all excited before I’m like “Wait… I have nothing to say about this thing right now, I probably shouldn’t tell them ‘I LOVE THAT THING’ when what I mean is ‘I USED to love that thing’, people used to do that to me and I hated it.” 

It’s a really frustrating feeling. If only I could choose what my mind chooses to hyperfocus on.

look at them they look so TV COUPLE OF 2015, right? lol that’s why you should go [VOTE] for these two deserving idiots right now haha

okay okay i know, it’s just a poll, that’s true.

but guys, colin really wants us to win. i mean, how cute is that (i’m voting for that alone)

and we really want that interview right? (i lied, i’m voting for this too)

here’s the thing, we were in the lead but we’ve been dropping reeeaalllyyy fast. so basically we just need to keep voting as much as we can for the next 10+ hours. (we can do this just for today!)

remember we are not just up against olicity (which are gr8 and dedicated peeps btw), we are also up against anti-cs people who will do EVERYTHING to make sure we don’t get in the next round.

how not okay is that? so how about a last day surge of votes for our otp? and if you’re the type who doesn’t feel like showing your love for your ship via voting like a crazy person (like me), just remember: COLIN RLY WANTS US TO WIN and every time you feel like not voting or tired from voting, just think about his sad face when he finds out we didn’t come through for him </3

and before you ignore this post, do it now, think about his sad face

“Boss, why are you calling me? I’m right here.”
“Just say it.”
“Say what?”
“You know what.”
“Do I have to?”
“… /you raaaang/?”

Late mormor halloween thing. For some reason the first costumes that came to mind were some lovely Addams Family related things. So have this, yes. 

2015/5/5 I shall never forget this day *marks calender*

thank you ALL FOR YOUR support and the effort you put into getting this win  - NO MATTER HOW SMALL!!! I’m SO PROUD of our fandom right now!