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Blackpink Reaction to You getting Hate

First of all congrats on the girls new single “As if it’s your last”. Blinks and Reveluv’s have to protect each ohter in times when girl groups are constantly being called out for the stupid reasons.

This is a submition by the lovely @imagine13idiots

Thank you so much darling. I hope they like it <3


Would see how sad you looked and would pull out all the stops, Aegyo, Singing, Silly faces, Until finally she gives up and pulls you off the couch and starts full on having a damn dance party to no music “Don’t be sad, Get glad” she’d say and dip you before whispering “Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack” making you laugh and her smile in accomplishment. 

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Will be annoyed when the MC of a variety show brings up an article that was all about why people should hate you, so she’d finally blow going on full on rant on how people should respect her love for you “She’s not a bad person, you don’t know her and you’re already making full on articles about her, how sad is that”? She’d laugh sourly before smiling motioning for the MC to move on. 

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She was beyond pissed and went on Live on the V-App ranting how much she loved you and why couldn’t people see that for 10 minutes even letting out a few angry tears “I love Y/N why won’t you see that”? She said softly before ending the live

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This girl would be fucking furious, letting all her anger out on stage before bringing you out and singing her heart out to you before looking into the audience with an angry glare “Leave. Her. Out. Of. This” she angrily declares before storming off the stage with you following closely behind.

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Being bff with Hoseok would include :
  • like 24/7
  • even to wake you up
  • but you can’t be mad at him because it’s just so cute to see him happy like this
  • dance practices afternoons like
  • “Y/n I just finished creating a new choreo can you come over and tell me what you think ?”
  • you being impressed how great of a dancer he is every damn time
  • you fangirling whenever he show you a new dance or a new song 
  • and him eventually joining you
  • “JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE” will echo in the whole studio
  • also whenever you have a bad day, he will be your cure
  • like you don’t even have to tell him you’re sad or anything
  • he will know it from the way you text him or the sound of your voice
  • and he will come to your house asap to light up your day
  • sometimes he would just let you talk about whatever you had bothering you and would look at you with all his attention 
  • sometimes he would go straight to making aegyo to make you laugh/smile
  • And it won’t stop until one of you starts tearing up from laughing too much
  • when he’s staying late at the studio
  • you would always bring him some take out because you know if you don’t he would skip a meal and you hate just thinking about it
  • “Y/N y’know you don’t have to buy me chicken everytime I stay at the studio all night ?”
  • “Hoseok y’know I wouldn’t have to if you just take a break sometime to eat ?”
  • like pda you can be sure of it
  • it can go from ruffling your hair when he finds you cute (practically all the time)
  • from kissing your cheek or your forehead to thank you or just because he felt like it
  • I think he would be the type of guy to develop a crush on you that grows bigger each day
  • also he would talk a lot about you 
  • it would sometimes even annoy the others lol
  • midnight texts/calls
  • especially when he’s on tour
  • “I wish you a good night Y/N, sweet dreams, don’t worry about me, i’m having a lot of fun and I’m eating a lot of delicious food !”
  • but it will always end up in compliments
  • “you look like a horse”
  • “and you look like a chicken”
  • “but you’re the most handsome horse of them all”
  • “and you’re the prettiest chicken out there”

Taehyung  |

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Fangirling over EXO/SHINee

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N:  Not amused. Not amused. Not amused. You were watching your boyfriend MC an event. Keyword: were. You were talking to Hakyeon when he was on a break, however the second SHINee walked into the waiting room your focus shifted to your old bias. It was different seeing them in person and you were internally screaming. He’d make a face while he was trying to talk, you were clearly distracted by SHINee and weren’t paying attention to him. He’d probably grumble a bit and get a bit upset. Prepare to amp up your skinship game. As soon as you snapped out of it, you’d have to use a lot of your affection to cheer up your boyfriend. 

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Leo: Sulky boy. When he noticed how you were reacting and squealing to EXO’s new comeback and smiling so much watching their MV, he would sulk. So much. Taekwoon is super quiet normally, but it would be even worse when he was jealous. He would flat-out ignore you while you were fangirling. You weren’t meant to love another idol that much, you were his #1 fangirl not someone elses. You would have to backhug him to catch his attention and compliment/reassure him a lot. You’d both settle on watching a movie and cuddle together. As you went back to the computer expect tabs to be closed or the laptop to be moved as he chose a movie. 

No more EXO for you anytime soon. 

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Ken: Cute whines/teasing/pouting. Would literally throw all his aegyo at you, to make you pay attention to him instead. So, if he couldn’t get you to look away from the SHINee members, Ken would probably be one of the only members to fangirl/boy with you even if he wasn’t 100% serious, he’d just want to spend time with you. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Expect playful teasing after though for not paying attention to your “cutest, bestest boyfriend in the world” with super powerful pouts and kiss attacks for revenge. 

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Ravi: I think like Ken, he’d try to get your attention. You’d followed Ravi to one of his schedules to spend more time with him when he was on break. But, seeing your EXO bias in person sent your old fangirl heart into a frenzy. He’d bring out a lot of his cuteness that he only really shows when you’re alone together, trying to get your focus away from your bias. You’d eventually look away, soaking up all of the aegyo your boyfriend was giving. A staff member would nearly have to drag him away from you to go back to his schedules, especially if said EXO member was close by. 

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Hongbin: Would leave you alone until you were finished. Being a fanboy himself he could understand how you were feeling, but he’d also be a little… tiny… smidge jealous of how you were squealing and getting so excited over your SHINee bias. He’d never admit it though, even if you tried. But, you’d notice that when you were done he was a bit more skinshippy than usual. Not that you were complaining, maybe you’d have to fangirl again in front of him soon. 

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Hyuk: Wouldn’t be too bothered by it. I think like Hongbin he’d leave you be while you fangirled. He’d go play games or find something to drown out your excitement for EXO. You’d find him a while later trying to start conversation something like asking him what he wanted for dinner or what he was playing, etc. “Why don’t you ask (insert bias name here)?” in a serious/annoyed sounding voice before bursting out laughing. He’d you over to play games with him, arms around you and his head on your shoulder while he played. He wouldn’t really care, but his jealousy may come out more than he realised in his playfulness. 

Dating Sehun would include
  • Sassy comebacks that’ll honestly make you wanna smack him on the head
  • Seriously you must be the most patient person in the world to endure such a pain
  • Making each others lives hell
  • Throwing shades
  • N to the O to the NO NO NO when it comes to PDA  but when you’re home alone he wouldn’t keep his hands off you
  • Sometimes you’d have to go through hell and back to get his attention and sometimes you’d have to fight to get him off you when he clings to you like a child
  • Honesty like Too honest
  • “ Sort yourself out you look  like a mess”
  • Him being shirtless like all the time
  • Hipthrusts
  • Using his Aegyo when he’s in trouble cz he knows that’s the soft spot
  • When he’s sick you’d have to do everything for like literally everything cz he’s the spoiled little baby maknae in the dorm
  • pissing each other off like
  • “How do i look ?  ”
  • *feigns uninterested* ” Not bad”
  • “Hoe on the scale of 1 to 10 im 11″
  • “Lol 11 maybe on PH scale cz you’re basic”
  • Backhanded Compliments
  • “Woah you’re the prettiest face i saw today ….still early though”
  • Being torn between giving him a bone crushing hug for a second and strangling him to death for another
  • he’ll secretly always want to impress you with everything he does, whether it is dancing or rapping because he wants you to be proud of him 
  • showing up at your doorstep late at night after practice to sleep or just cuddle and enjoy your company
  • his hands always got to be in your hair
  • imitating your voice very high-pitched when you fight
  • will only tell you he loves you every once and while, but hopelessly means it when he does
  • you playing with his hair and brushing it back from his forehead when he’s sleeping only to be scolded for messing up his hair style
  • Forcing him to take lots of cute and ugly selcas with you
  • “who changed my phone background ? ”
  • “Oh please. It would be an honor for my face to graze your stupid phone” 
  • Occasionally picking outfits for you
  • When you’re working you’d 12 msgs and you’d start worrying something that happened but it’s just 12 selcas from different angle
  • Getting jealous of suho cz they are always together
  • Over the top flirting when you two are alone but when the members are there he’d be shy af
  • He’d pretend to be all tough around you but you know deep down he’s such a softie
  • “If you keep teasing kyungsoo he will kill you and im not into necrophilia” 
  • When you try to leave the bed he would drape one of his long lanky legs around your lower body to keep you pinned down
  • When he tries to leave you would lay your whole body on top of his to keep him down
  • “You do realize I could just lift you off right?”
  • Well you  sure can try
  • *groans at the weight* jeez you need to lose few pounds im telling you ”
  • When he does something right for the first time he’d be like
  • “Yehet bitches  that’s me bow down to the almighty oh sehun”
  • But when you win he’d be like : “ congrats you dont suck as much as the others CONGRATS YAAAY”
  • Catching him playing with rubber ducks and secretly taping him to blackmail him later 
  • Often pulling pranks on each other
  • Inside jokes , like you’ll be sitting & when someone refers to something you’ll just give each other a look and start laughing 
  • He’d never forget your birthday or anniversary date
  • Happy 2 years anniversary. I’m glad we haven’t killed each other yet
  • Whenever Suho would drop him at your flat he would give you “im sorry and be please be strong” face
  • You’d sass him out when he’d get pissy about random things  he’d be really shocked at your reactions and start wondering how so much sass could fit into your petite frame
  • He’d always make fun of how tiny you are to him and he’d often pick you up and throw you over his shoulder
  •  Dates would consist of the beagle line following you secretly but getting caught each time 
  • Instead of visiting the dorms ,the dorms come to visit you ; beagle line always creating mayhem, kyungsooo chasing down beakhyun, chanyeol eating your food bottom line it’s a mess
  • “-Don’t you have anything else to drink than bubble tea for godsake”
  • Only when things start heating out beagle line would ruin the moment
  • “oooh get it maknae”
  • “just use protection we don’t want any accidents running around” 
  • He wouldn’t be able to help nuzzling into your neck when he’s had a bad day, and you wouldn’t even mind cz duh who would
  • Never being able to stop staring at him, completely enthralled in his beauty and taking secret photos of him when he isn’t paying attention, never realizing that he does the same to you
  • He may be a lil shit at times but under all that sass there is a caring cinnamon roll who’d fight anyone who dare to mess with you & vice versa
  • ‘No one messes with my babe’
  • Always cheering for each other
  • There will no secret kept from each other  tbh
  • Being the first to go and knock at the other’s door if something happen
  • You’d both be so in love with each other and at the same time wanting to rip each other’s guts 
  • Suho : ‘ Sehun is a typical true & genuine man but he easly cry & can’t tell lies’


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Can I request a scenario with Jimin where you offered to shave for jimin and you're sitting on the bathroom counter cause u can't reach his face and u wrap ur legs around his waist to hold him still and he's just looking at u in adoration cause ur v cute (this was probably a mini scenario on its own... Ye) thank u!

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Hey lovely~ Thank you for this really adorable request <3 I’m also sorry for the long wait ^^ I tried my best to maike this cute scenario that screamed KAWAII all the way. Park Jimin is bae af and all I gotta say is that I’M  IN LUV WITH HIS LAUGH x) Am I the only one who starts laughing along as soon as a giggle comes out of chimchim’s mouth lol 

Hope you enjoy~ Here it is~ Please request again <3 I really enjoyed  writing this scenario :)

Genre: romance/fluff/
Pairing: Jimin/You
Length: 2421 words
Summary: You and Jimin are a sweetly engaged couple  and one day you offer to shave his face for him.

Jimin and you have been engaged for about 3 months now and the boy still seems to be falling under your spell everytime he sees your face everyday.Your relationship was what people called mushy and cheesy as hell.Jimin was a fluff ball and you enjoyed each and every little compliments and events he made for you.You were his entire universe and he loved gazing into your gorgeous eyes.They were like the stars of his own personal galaxy.

You liked waking up to him and his cute bed hair along with that confused face he gives you. Jimin still can’t believe both of you live together, since he’ll wake up and ask you to pinch him. He has trouble believing  his biggest dream of becoming  your man by law was going to happen.He adored you so much and all of your imperfection.You were his other half for so long that he can’t even imagine how his life would be without your kisses ,your hugs or your addicting aroma that got him hooked.

You may have been only engaged and planning the marriage, but you were already all the way like a married couple. Jimin’s friends would complain non-stop at your display of affection.No matter where you were the boys would find ways to feel bitter about your cute relationship.

“Whoah….look at them going again”, Taehyung shooks his head in disbelief “ This is the reason why I don’t have a girlfriend”

“ I’m envious”, Namjoon sighs

“What are you envious about bruh??! Aiigooo…sweeter than that you’d die… Man I’m doing a sugar overdose…”, hoseok would fake a barf motion

“ You’re doing an overdose because of me?”, suga would wiggle his eyebrows “ Sorry man, but I already got a girlfriend.You should’ve made your moves before I was taken”, he smirks

“Now…whoah….this couple is really a different deal! They’re kissing now”,Taehyung mouth drops


Jimin would only smirk in response to his dongsaeng and Jin the oldest hyung  would fire back to protect the youngest member of this squad.

“Don’t scare the virgin ones jimin, he’s still innocent! Don’t taint the last hope left in this squad”, Jin comments

This was how relationship was viewed from Jimin’s friends.In the case of your friends, these girls were dying of jealousy with no tomorrow.You were getting married soon while they were still struggling to find a man.You and Jimin may have been pretty young to get engaged, but you agreed to get married once you finish up university .

Jimin and you were both back from a long tiring day as Jimin threw his bag on the couch while slowly pulling on his tie to untie it.you could see him struggling with it since it would end up in knot.Jimin sucked at taking care of himself .He was like a baby in the body of an adult.This boy needed your supervision and help no matter what he did.He was a natural disaster

“ Geez, Jimin, what are you doing?”, you furrow your brows at the tie that was stuck “Omg…what the hell is this kind of knot”, you stare at it

“ Baby, don’t blame me ,This tie is too attracted to me and won’t come off”,he comments with a playful smile

You roll your eyes while smiling

“Of course, it’s the tie”, you chuckle” You’re always the best at anything you do”, you tap his cute nose

Jimin pout in response

“Y/N, was that intended to be sarcastic?”, he makes that puppy face

“I don’t know…was it suppsoed to be sarcastic?”, you raise a brow “It’s up to you and how you percieve see it”, you concentrate on his tie

As you concentrate on his tie, Jimin’s eyes would concentrate on all of your gorgeous facial features.He still couldn’t believe a beautiful girl like you would be his wife soon.

“Are you admiring me?”, you bat your lashes “I can’t blame you~ I’m a hot item nowadays”

“Hot item? “Jimin furrow his brows at what you just said before an annoyed expression got to his face “ Don’t tell me…that sunbae asked you out again”,Jimin facepalmed

You nodded while chuckling

“ I mean…can’t he leave you alone!! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED FOR JESUS SAKE”

“ He had dabs on me before you even came in the picture, how unfortunate is that for him”, you play along

“ w-what?! UNFORTUNATE?!”,jimin’s eyes widened

“Whoah there romeo, stop moving so much ,This tie is getting in a tighter knot”

“Just like our relationship”, he smirks as his sneaky hands slide around your waist

“Omg Park Jimin, what’s wrong with you!”, you hit his chest with your fist playfully “Weren’t you pissed like 2 seconds ago?”, You raise a brow

“See? That’s the beauty of having me as your fiancee! I’m the kind of guy that does not hold grudges against people”,Jimin smiles at you “that sunbae was too short to be your boyfriend anyways”

“Says the short guy himself”,you chuckled

“ you’re even SHORTER than me, SHORTY”, he stuck out his tongue childishly

“Ok, Jiminie, if that makes you feel better” you tap his shoulder “Look, just take off that tie , I’ll try untying that knot later, it won’t come off”, you sigh

“Just like my love for you~”, he winks at you

“Yes jimin, your love for me is tight like a knot”, you roll your eyes as you’re about to go to the other room

“Hey, where are you going?”, he grabs your arm as you turn around

“ i gotta go make supper, Chimchim”, you reply “Do you need something?”

“ You didn’t gave me a kiss, Y/N”, he pouts like a child

“Whoah, look at you being all aegyo and shit”, you point at him “What happened to the manly guy  from busan you used to be when we first met”

“That was when I needed to impress you”, he mutter under his breath

“What?”, you ask

“ No nothing, babe~ Just go do your stuff”, he pushes you forward

“What about the kiss?”, your eyes rounded

“ I’m fine, I’ll bare with it for now”, he nudges you

Jimin was a fool in love and he liked following each and everything you asked him to do.He depended on you and he needed you to be around, or else he’ll be a mess.He’s the kind of guy that needs you to be around in order to function properly.

There it was.Night finally arrived after you both ate supper and both of you were getting ready to go to bed. While you were applying that facial mask along with your other numerous beauty products, Jimin was there staring at you in awe.

“ You look so beautiful Y/N, even while wearing that weird ghost mask”, he says out loud

“ Was that a compliment?”, you chuckle “ Thank you for reassuring me that my beauty status ain’t a ghost’s one”

He watches you in fascination as you finally were done with your facial mask. Jimin took out that shaving cream and razor he usually use like each and every other day.

Your lips curve up into a smile as you see him pull out that shaving cream.You loved the fragrance of that shaving cream so much and you loved it’s consistency so much.

“Jiminie”, you nudge his shoulder

He stared at you  from his shoulder

“What’s up, babe?”, he takes off his tank top since he had to get changed anyways.

“Why are you stripping?”, you pout “ I wanted to shave your face for you!”, you pull his tank top down

“Whoah look at you!Girls would kill each other to get a glimpse of my body, yet you’re stopping a free strip tease from me“, Jimin scoffs

“Come on~ Just this time”, you wink at him while nugding his toned arm “ I don’t need to see your body babe, I already know it’s sexy”, you poke his shoulder cutely

Jimin freezed for three seconds and blushed at your bold comment.It was amazing how you still managed to make him flustered even though you both have been together for more than 3 years.

“Chimchim to earth”, you wave your hand in front of his face “Jiminie?”

“ Oh yeah….So what was it? you wanted to shave for me?”, he stares at you

You nod and jimin’s eyesmile makes its appearence.You just needed to see a smile on his face for you to brighten up.He was your sunshine and your universe.

“Hmm….but what to do?”, he taps his chin “ I think you’re a bit too short to reach my face”, teases you as he ruffles your hair

“Aiiishh..DON’T DO IT”, you grab his wrist to prevent him from messing up your hair

“ Ok I won’t “, he smirks “ As long as you kiss me I won’t do it again”

“After I’m done with shaving your face”, you cross your arms against your chest

“W-Why?!”, he pouts at your smaller frame

“Because, stop asking so many questions, love”, you climb on the counter

“Babe what are you doing?! It’s dangerous!”, he grabs your arm in worry

“ I’m just going to sit here. no need to get all  parental advisory  over me!”, you smack his arm as you make yourself comfortable on the counter “you’re the one who called me short in the first place”, you scoffed

“ I’m just worried about you!”, he frowns before running his fingers along your bare arms in a caring way

“Give it to me”, you suddenly say while showing your palm

Jimin furrow his brows at what you just asked

“Give you what?”, he tilt his head cluelessly

“ Shaving cream, pabo! Give it over~”, you snatch it away from his hands

Jimin stares at you with fascination written all over his face.You looked so adorable snatching that shaving cream from while struggling to even open it up.He wanted to help you ,but he just stood back and stared at you.You looked so cute trying to concentrate on how that thing opened

“Y/N”, jimin calls your name

“ I’m in the middle of a very important thing right now, don’t disturb me”, you tell him as your eyes wouldn’t leave the product in your hands

“Y/N…It’s the other way”, he comments before grabbing the lotion away from you to open it with ease.

You clap your hands in excitement as jimin hands you the product.Without further do you squeeze that bottle thingy to get the most cream to come out.It was like wonderland for you and it smelled so so so good.

“B-Babe no no no!!! Don’t waste too much!!”, Jimin gets closer to you and tries to take the bottle away

“I’m not wasting anything Jiminie! All of this will go on your face!”, you frown at him “ I’ll make your face the smoothest ever~”, you wink at him

You instruct him to come closer to you with your hand. Jimin make his way closer to you and you find this proximity too far away so you grab the side of his tank top to make his face up close to you. You use your hands and fingers to spread the cream all over his chin ,cheeks and jaw. It smelled so good you could die. You could notice that apparent blush and rush of heat Jimin was going through. Here he was again , back at it with his perverted giggles

“Why are you laughing now?”, you chuckle along “ Do you like it that much?”

“No , you’re just so cute I can’t help it. Is it your first time shaving a guy’s face perhaps?”,he raises a seductive brow

“You should be honoured to be my first and my last ,Park Jimin”, you comment

Jimin bites his bottom lip in response and you panic

“Yah! careful! You might eat up the shaving cream and die!”, you slap his arm

Jimin is very agitated because he’s so close to you and he’s feeling nervous, but you’re scared to death to make a mistake and cut up his perfect skin with that razor in your hand.You weren’t going to do this ,with him moving non stop,so you had the brilliant idea to wrap your legs around his waist to keep him still.Jimin on the other side was even more flustered than he was seconds ago.You guys may be engaged for a while but Jimin is still very sensitive to each and every touch that come from you.

“ Why are you leaning away! Bring your face back here,Park Jimin!”, you snap as you were about to start shaving his perfect face “And DON’T MOVE”

Jimin nods and you scold him again

“ I said DON’T MOVE”, you repeat

Jimin freeze onto place as he can feel the sharpness of the razor touch his skin delicatly. Jimin’s eyes were fixated on you.He liked how you furrowed your brows cutely each and everytime you had to put that razor against his skin.He knew you were nervous about cuting up his skin and he found this worry written all over your eyes very cute.He was there staring at you in awe as the blade was near his jaw. He wasn’t afraid you’d fail at this, because he trusted and loved you too much.You both were going to get married anyways.

Once it was finally done and Jimin was able to wash off his face, you could see him pucker his lips at you

“What do you want now?”, you raise a brow

“Babe~ You promised me a kiss earlier!”, he pulls you in his manly embrace “And I gotta say that you did  a pretty good job at shaving my face earlier”, he smirks

“You did a pretty good job at staying in place too”, you smile at him

“ So, where’s my kiss?”, he gives you that cute gaze

“ I’ll kiss you once both of us go down the aisle”

“ omg that was a lame pick up line…”, jimin facepalmed “ Come on, seriously that’s not fair!!! You better  give me my–”

You cut him off by pressing your lips on his cheek

“…kiss”, you holds on his cheek like school boy

“Is that good enough, Park Jimin-ssi?”, you say before taping his nose and leaving to your room

“ Y/N!!! Wait for me ~ Let’s go together~~” he chuckles as he runs after you

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I’m overwhelmed

170114 Golden Disk Award Day 2

Lots of aesthetic photos guys, taking pictures are no problem, but making gifs…. oh my gawd

Height difference plus model couple pair

“hello I am Byun Baekhyun and I’m here to explode your ovaries and if you don’t have ovaries well, I’ll explode them anyway”

Going from a probably very adorable smile (because he was talking with Chanyeol, he’s gotta reciprocate that beautiful smile on Chanyeol) to a derpy…squirrel (?)

Chanbaek was so happy today XD I love it~

Lowkey shook 

It’s just them shaking hands yet why do I love it so much? I think I’m deprived, or maybe just how pure this action is, Chanyeol’s posture somewhat reminding me of a gentleman at a dance or something. 

Chanyeol. Hand

I think this was during the Ceci asian style award

Yep, seems similar. I love their interactions during this event XD it’s all so happy and cute

Baekuhen is just playing with de toy when Chanyeol talks to him

*scene from drama ensues* “Where’s da munnie”

“Dunt have it, so the only thing I can du is shoot u”

I love when they make each other smile while being in their own little worlds

(the best thing about this blog: The unnecessary multiple angles)

Don’t you just wish you can hear what your otp is talking about? Like they could be talking about why the sky is blue and not green and I’d still want to listen 

*gun click*

“I’ve been seeing you with my cereal. Buy me more and I’ll spare you.”

You know what? I will not be ashamed of doing unnecessary angles! I like seeing it in every perspective!

Baekhyun, the mimicking machine has returned




chanshook and a cute close up of Chanbaek

This gif is the best thing because Chanyeol’s hand is going around Baek’s waist or touching his back and we got Chanshook up in here

Shoulder touches

Height. Difference

All the members were doing age during this segment and Chanyeol started off

Baekhyun touching Chanyeol’s arm like “bruh with” saying “aeygo aeygo!” because they be judginggg


I know the gif is small but this is after all the members did their aegyo, and look at Chanyeol’s hand touching Baek’s shoulder~

Baekhyun is so cute ;-; he always has such a fond face when Chanyeol is saying his speech ;-;

Smiles are the best when they’re made by people you hold dear~


Back touches~ It looks like Baek is looking at his hand touching Chanyeol like “awwww yehhhhhhhhh look at me being slick”

Sitting next to each other~ 

The in sync couple~

Chanbaek + toys = mayhem and adorableness 

Baekhyun never fails to make Chanyeol (any member for that matter) happy :3

Low-key in sync XD

Whenever I’m with you I can’t help but smile

I just find this so funny because I mean, here we have Baekhyun hugging Minho and that’s perfectly normal cuz dey all frands so hugging is normal but then Chanyeol is over here subtly touching Baek’s back for a reason I can’t place other than trying to limit hug time or subliminal jealously. I’m not trying to sound delusional but come on, it’s not an action for just the heck of it

Ending the post with a cute gif

(I’m kinda late but CONGRATS EXO FOR WINNING THE DAESUNG 4 TIMES IN A ROW AND CONGRATS ON THE OTHER AWARDS!! They totally deserve it after all their hard work and awesome comebacks~)

So we had a very good amount of CB moments if I do say so myself ^^ I literally took a picture of the events they’d be attending and the days just in case there were to be Chanbaek moments and I’m happy for it and I hope you guys are too :D 

2 weeks into 2017 and I’m kinda loving it


Two wrongs make a right

Requested by anon

Jooheon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1051

Summer was finally here.

Your best friend Jooheon and his bandmates were on hiatus for the break, and it was finally the perfect opportunity for you all to hang out and enjoy the warm weather together. Wonho and Minhyuk hadn’t stopped talking about beach volleyball the entire weekend before, and after much protest, you gave into their wishes. Although you weren’t the biggest fan of open water, or beaches for that matter, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself when thinking about all the fun the boys would be having. They deserved to relax and play, at least for the day.

You breathed out a big puff of air and adjusted a couple strands of hair in the rearview mirror of your car before hopping out and joining up with the members on the beach.

“Y/N!” Jooheon beamed, waving his hands around frivolously as you approached. You laughed a bit, sprawling yourself on the sand next to him as you watched Shownu and Changkyun go head-to-head in volleyball, rather aggressively for that matter.

“He’s really trying to prove himself, huh?” You snorted, sweeping your bangs out off your face gently as the sea breeze blew them around.

“As always.” Hyungwon mumbled under his breath, head propped up against Minhyuk’s leg to watch the whole ordeal.

“Hey, where’s your swimsuit?” Jooheon quirked an eyebrow, tugging lightly on your t-shirt as he adjusted onto his stomach.

“Oh, guess I forgot to bring one.” You laughed it off casually, seeing Minhyuk and Hyungwon exchange looks out of the corner of your eye.

“Jooheon would’ve killed to see it.” Wonho teased loudly, approaching everyone with a smug smile on his face and dripping water everywhere. God, how come that kid always shows up like this? You scoffed in your mind and continued watching Shownu dominate Changhyun, with Kihyun cheering him on all the while.

After a bit, with the sun beating down, you started to heat up a little too much and went to grab a water from the ice cooler Kihyun had suggested to bring along. He was always one step ahead of things. You returned with a content grin to your small group of friends, only to be hoisted over Shownu’s shoulder before you even had the opportunity to sit down.

“W-What the hell are you doing?!” You yelped, kicking your legs around as you grew closer and closer to the ocean. Fear stirred inside your stomach, and you gritted your teeth as you were hauled near the shore. Wonho was effectively holding your legs so you wouldn’t kick Shownu in the face, and Hyungwon was teamed up with Minhyuk to film the whole scene. You let out an ear piercing scream as you were dumped into the water, clothes on and all. To make matters worse, you were sure you felt Jooheon’s hand wrapped around your wrist and slowly dragging you farther from the shore. You resurfaced quickly, soaked and coughing up water violently as you gasped for air. Your lungs were burning so furiously that they felt like they were lit on fire. Jooheon was the first to react, pulling you tightly against him and wading slowly back to the sand.

“Did we scare you? Are you okay? Does it hurt?” He pressured, pushing wet hair away from your face as he carried you far away from the ocean. At this point you couldn’t tell if your eyes were watering from fear or from the salt water. Kihyun and Changkyun reacted quickly, with Kihyun scolding the two boys videoing, and Changkyun bringing a big mass of towels for you to dry off with.

“You guys are seriously not funny at all.” You spluttered, not even comprehending how close the proximity of you and Jooheon was, with you practically on his lap.

The six other boys bowed deeply, apologizing profusely, and even offering to be your house keepers for the next month. Shownu and Wonho promised to cook for you and buy all your meals for a week, feeling a bit more sorry than the rest of the members because of their direct involvement.

“Who’s idea was this?” You fumed, now huddled in a towel on the sand and shivering lightly. Six pairs of eyes shifted to Jooheon and his own shifted down.


Jooheon apologized quickly, trying to brush off the situation with a joke, but you just rolled your eyes in response.

“C’mon, y/n… Look.” He grinned, instantly switching to aegyo mode and making a heart with his pointer finger and thumb. ‘This brat thinks his dimples are really going to make up for almost killing me?’ You thought inwardly, casting him a dark look. True to his nature, Jooheon continued to do all the aegyo he knew how to, dancing to his own songs cutely, and even doing his raps with those doe eyes and a high pitched voice. Nothing was phasing you. You had seen it all before, and god damn it if you forgave him that easily. It was only when Minhyuk has somehow managed to get his hands on a squid and began sneaking up behind Jooheon when you almost lost it. He must have picked it up from one of the street food stands on the boardwalk nearby.

As soon as Jooheon felt his wet t-shirt being pulled away from his skin, he knew something was wrong. It was only when he felt tentacles sliding against his bare back that he knew how doomed he was, and let out a scream most likely a few octaves higher than yours a few minutes earlier. You almost choked on your laughter, having to hold your stomach as you watched Jooheon demand someone get the squid off his back angrily, flailing his arms and legs around desperately. After a few minutes of torture, Shownu snagged the squid away and Jooheon was finally freed from his personal hell. ‘Karma’, you smirked.

“You forgive me then?” Jooheon perked up as he quickly recalled the previous moments in his mind, though trying to forget the feeling of slime suctioning against his skin.

“I guess so.” You giggled, scrunching your nose up as Jooheon slyly landed a peck on your cheek.

“You smell like squid.”

Dating Hoseok Would Include...
  • a lot of laughing 
  • jokes all the time 
  • telling you how much he loves you a hunred times a day
  • neck kisses 
  • back kisses 
  • calling you babe, baby or sweetheart everywhere 
  • invites you dance practice because he knows you love staring at his butt
  • “babe watch this” 
  • “babe look at me” 
  • “BABE!” 
  • “WHAT?!” 
  • “I love you.” 
  • smiles 
  • aegyo - all the time 
  • Gwiyomi - all the time 
  • “Hobi Hungry” 
  • “So kawaii” 
  • picking you up for hugs 
  • tears when he sees you for the first time in months 
  • goodmorning & goodnight texts 
  • after sex deep voice 

Yoongi // Taehyung // Jimin // Hoseok // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jin

anonymous asked:

If bangtan were normal boys, not superstars. How do you think they would be at school? The badass? The geek and how would they approach to girls

I’d answer all of them since it’s such a fun ad interesting ask and you guys would ask for all of them anyways :P

Jin - Prince Charming

He’s the class president and the campus good guy. He’s the type whom everyone trusts and highly depend on, which is why he’s often given authoritative roles. He’s pretty popular too and has the reputation of being Mr. Perfect amongst the ladies~ Jin is a very approachable guy and is the type to help you out when you’re having trouble in class or if you just simply need a helping hand. 

In approaching girls, Jin would have no problem considering that the girls at the school are already falling at his feet. lol When he likes someone, he’d probably go for the traditional way which is by giving flowers, chocolates, or little cute notes that make you smile. :) 

Rap Monster - The Cool Dude

I can definitely see Namjoon as the guy a lot of people admire for not only his brains but his talent as well. He’s a geek but he’s a cool geek, the one whom you would have never though was part of the 1% in the nation. XD I think Namjoon’s the type to surprise people a lot, especially when it comes to making a move on girls…

You would never have thought how smooth this guys could be. Namjoon will simply have you melting under his touch with his words ;) His voice is magic, I tell you ;)

Suga- The SWAG Wallflower. 

Yoongi’s the quiet guy who sits at the corner of the classroom,  oblivious to the world around him. I gave him the title “swag wallflower” because despite his aloofness, the people who have spoken to him actually find him to be a really cool and laid back guy. People often find him intimidating at first, thinking that he’s someone you just can’t touch cause he’s so swag it hurts. XD but when you do get to know him, you realize that he’s actually a pretty fun guy to be with.

In picking up girls, he’d be immensely shy about it. And though he has this swag image going on for him, he’d turn into a shy schoolboy, tripping over his words; his cheeks tinged with a vibrant red color when he says something uncool. XD

J-Hope- Mr. Nice Guy 

Hoseok is the guy who’s friends with everyone. He’s super nice and the type to be all helpful with the teachers, makes people laugh in class with his witty jokes and hilarious antics, and definitely someone who brightens up your day just by a single smile. Hoseok’s the type to treat you like a long lost friend even if you’ve just met and would never let anyone be out of place. :)

In approaching girls, I think Hobi would be pretty smooth about it; meaning he’d do it almost effortlessly. He’ll practically dance his way into your heart by being a gentleman and the reason for you to keep smiling everyday. <3

Jimin- The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Chimchim would be a pretty normal kid, average really, but has a lot of friends whom he can rely on and is definitely a really sweet guy. I think Jimin is also diligent and well disciplined; characteristics which makes him qualified to be an athlete (lol the body says a lot XD) He’s the reason why girl’s go to school games.. haha! They all just want to see Jimin playing hard, sweating; all of them hoping to get a glimpse of his beautiful bod.

In approaching girls, he’d be smooth with words but not so much in actions. He’d prolly end up flushing a lot and embarrassing himself. Imagine him getting all flustered when the girl actually comes up too close XD So the title speaks for itself, he’s a cool guy but underneath that is a shy cutie <3

V - The “Troublemaker” Boy Next Door

Happy go lucky, Class clown, and Party freak. These words can be associated with non-idol Kim Taehyung. Tae is the life of the party, the person who’s very social and is always around a lot of people. He’s quite rambunctious and likes to get into mischief; and probably gets detention half the time. XD 

Taehyung is also quite popular with the girls at school, considering his good looks and adorable–eccentric–charms. I think I’ve said this before that only Kim Taehyung makes idiocy look attractive. :P When he approaches a girl he likes, he’d be pretty confident and would just ask straight out: “Hey, I like you. You wannna hang out?“ 

Leave it to Taehyung to just blurt things out. XD Underneath all his sharp looks though is a lot of aegyo which is why he’s "the boy next door” too… Innocent, sometimes shy, confident but never arrogant. <3

Jungkook - Resident Golden Boy.

The most popular kid in school who can practically do anything and is adored by all the students (and faculty). Jungkook is the campus hearthrob, the type whom everyone knows and wants to be friends with. He’s the guy girls talk about a lot and has them shoving chocolates and confessions on his desk on White Day. :P

When it comes to approaching girls, I can definitely see him to be a playboy; the one who knows how to play with his words, his expressions, and even his actions. He’d have you swooning for him in no time; from the moment he says hello… enticing you with his pretty boy eyes and cute smile :> 

I hope this was more or less what you guys expected~ XD