look at all of those vhs tapes

Boyf Riends CisSwap; Guilt and Popcorn

In the Kitchen:
Michael had put the popcorn in the microwave as Jeremy sat in the living room looking through his VHS collection for something to watch. Setting the timer Michael couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty. He really liked this. Now, no one could mistake him for a girl. He didn’t have to wear a binder just to feel normal and his voice sounded deeper without him having to try. It was amazing but Jeremy was suffering for it. He wasn’t used to being trapped in the wrong body.
He wasn’t used to waking up with blood everywhere, feeling uncomfortable just using the bathroom…God forbid anyone found out. The alarm on the microwave went off, snapping Michael out of his train of thought. That’s when he realized he grabbed the kind without salt and groaned digging through the cupboards, looking for said ingredient.
In the Living Room:
Shifting uncomfortably Jeremy looked through the cases trying to find something to take his mind off the fact he felt like he was wearing a wet diaper. Given it was better than the other option of tampons. How Michael managed to put up with this on a monthly basis was being him. Looking over in the kitchen he saw Michael looking through the cupboards for something.
‘Am I selfish for wanting to be normal again? I mean…I’ve never seen Michael so content before. If this is what Michael feels like everyday no wonder he’s so happy. If we switch back then he’ll be miserable again and it’ll be all my fault.’ That’s when he saw The Princess Bride VHS sticking slightly out. Jeremy pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind as he grabbed the tape.


remember in the 90’s that one boy band- the biggest of them all- *NSYNC​ was omnipresent. i think they could have made any throw away video and it would’ve worked because the songs were just that big.  as an outsider looking in at the culture the NSYNC videos often seemed artistic and cinematic- every thing i had loved about all those videos i had taped on vhs (years before DVR or youtube was a thing). i was looking back at the video for “its gonna be me” — where they come to life as dolls-and we thought was there an analog to this story? like somewhere in that same store was there a dollar bin full of toy that no one really wanted? that would band together like the misfit, offbrand little outsiders they were. the toys no one ever wanted come to life. where would our band have fit in that story? we called up Wayne Isham, the director who did the original video (as well as some of our other favorite Mötley Crüe and Metallica videos), and pitched ideas back and forth… before long we came with the treatment- and were lucky enough to get a few cameos from the original source ;) as well as our partner in crime on the song Demi Lovato​.  

i know you don’t have a vhs tape (probably, though there is something about all the screenshots and memes made from our videos that feels pretty close to a modern version of that vhs tape ;) ) to record this. but i hope this video hits you in the same way- that you know we wanted to create something special for everyone that has ever loved an offbrand dollar bin toy, or has felt like one…

believe it or not we still believe in the magic of making these things- thank you for being a part of that with us.


Watch the video for Irresistible ft. Demi Lovato with special cameos by Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick 

Get the song on Apple Music or listen on Spotify 

The Love Symbol

The creation of the Love Symbol occurred after a long, conceptual brewing process that started as early as 1984 with the release of the hugely successful album and film “Purple Rain.” Prince and his creative team introduced many combinations of the male and female symbols prior to creating the final Love Symbol. In 1992, Prince and his creative team engaged Mitch Monson, who was then creative director and one of four partners of the Minneapolis firm HDMG, to complete the design. Prince and Sotera Tschetter put together a complete visual brief for the Love Symbol, and Mitch and Lizz Luce spent a couple late design nights before landing on the final symbol design that was selected by Prince.

The original symbol artwork that was created was hand-drawn, but the technical process that took that design through development and final execution was unique. Macs did not have the graphic horsepower that the proprietary Video Paintbox Systems had at the time, so the team used a DF/X Composium Paintbox System (then $200,000 to $300,000) to work quickly and efficiently on symbol exploration. Also, since the primary use of these paintbox systems was for animation and not print, they were not ideal for large, high-resolution print output. So the designers had to default to traditional transparency output technology to create final print artwork for the symbol, album cover art, and so on.

It got even more archaic than that for presenting “approvals” to Prince and Sotera. For those reviews, all print artwork was output to VHS tape. Those tapes would then be reviewed by Prince along with the tapes that were routinely presented for music video approvals.

We talked to Monson about the development process and about the significance of the design.

“When you look at a lot of [Prince’s] previous designs, they started more clean and refined and slowly evolved into more curved and organic shapes. The final Love Symbol design included a lot of these more organic, hand-crafted and human forms. Over time, people commonly asked why these imperfect shapes were not more refined and transformed into perfect vector art. The answer: they were never intended to be that way.

We believe all the hard work was worth it because the final Love Symbol design really fit Prince. It’s masculine, but romantic and sensual. It reflects his music and who and what he was, even as the king of reinvention.

Crumpled Up Piece of Paper

Title: Crumpled Up Piece of Paper

Genre: AU, Angst, Platonic

Word Count: 5, 031

Warnings: Mentions of Bullying

Description: In which Phil is handed a box of his childhood things and finds his old best friend’s phone number in it and calls to see if it still works.

Author’s Note: This is another one from some AU prompt list I found on Tumblr a while ago. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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