look at all of those limbs

Appreciation post for Lance’s shoulders

So we all know that Shiro is the dorito of the paladins, but may I draw your attention to exhibit B: Lance

His shoulders!! So broad!! His chest!! So masculine!! How does he hide all of that under his hoodie??

Those are shoulders you could stand on, shoulders built for a fireman’s lift, shoulders to break down doors with

They look good in the suit too. Also he has a nice broad back

Petition to end the myth of skinny noodle Lance in favour of canon holy shit wow Lance

Very often, when I see a post headcanoning a character from an American cartoon as autistic, it includes a list of physical mannerisms displayed by that character that the post’s author regards as characteristic of autistic folks.

I’m frequently struck by the fact that the identified mannerisms probably aren’t meant to be characteristic; they’re just standard visual tropes for how American cartoon characters express themselves, developed to compensate for the fact that subtleties of body language don’t come across well in the bouncy, big-faced, rubber-limbed style of American cartooning. You’d be harder-pressed to find a character who doesn’t exhibit some or all of them!

Rather than suggest that people are reading too much into it, however, I’m inclined to look at it from the other direction: why is it that many autistic folks find the visual language of self-expression in American cartooning so familiar? What is it about the medium’s roots that caused those particular mannerisms of self-expression to be so deeply embedded in its idiom?

this is a secret santa gift for spidersekret (only one of them, you have to wait for me to give the other one to you in person ;3c) and i liked it enough to post it here so happy hankwanzanakamas! (by the way steven made peridot that sweater, he got advice from his friend from Oregon yes it’s totally maybel from gf because i love the idea of them being friends)

No One Better

“You alright?” Y/N asks, shifting to look up at Joe.

They were laying in bed, limbs tangled together, her head resting on his chest, the only light in the room coming from the glow of the hallway light under the door.

It had been a long evening, with Y/N having to attend a premier, and she had invited Joe along as her date, even though they both knew she would be busy with all the attention on her.

Most of the time, he avoided functions like that. Because it would lead to speculations, and those speculations got to him, not matter how hard he tried to ignore them.

To put it simply: Joe felt that Y/N could do much better than him.

He was only a YouTube star. Yeah, he had his own fanbase, and got some pretty amazing experiences, but he wasn’t worldly known. Unlike Y/N.

She had risen to fame fast, first with modelling and then acting. And now she was in high demand from both the fashion and movie industry, both wanting her to be the front runner of many productions. Joe was proud of her, and fully supported her in everything and anything that she did, but he also thought that may she was dipping below what her standards should be.

He had seen her pictured with co-stars from movies, and had grudgingly watched her make out with them on the big screen, reassuring himself that it was only acting. But there were times where he wondered if maybe Y/N wanted those guys to be her boyfriend instead.

Now, as his fingers traces patterns into her skin, her eyes staring up at him, both alone in the comfort of their own bedroom, he could feel the insecurities bubbling up and out of him.

“Why are you with me?” Joe blurts, meeting her gaze. He watches as her eyes show the shift of emotions, flashing from confusion, to worry, to an almost sadness, before settling on love.

“Are you worried about that again?” Y/N moves, detangling herself to sit up properly, running her hand through her hair, shifting it to one side. Even after stripping out of the fancy clothes and washing off the make up, she still looked beautiful to Joe.

“I always worry about it.” Joe shrugs, shifting to sit up as well.

They had discussed it before, but that was when Y/N was only a minor celebrity. Now her status had grown substantially.

“Joe,” She places her hands on his thighs, leaning in so he focuses on her. “I’m with you because I love you. Do you understand that?”

“You could love someone better than me.” Is his response.

“No, I couldn’t.” Y/N shakes her head. “Because there is no one better than you.” She reaches one hand up to brush this his hair, smiling softly at him. “You are the one that makes me smile. You are the one that makes me laugh until it hurts and there are tears falling from my eyes. You are the one I think about when I wake up, reaching for your hand. And you are the one I think about when I fall asleep, thanking whoever is up there for placing you in my life. There is no one else who can frustrate me so much because he is so stubborn, or likes to pull stupid pranks on me and his mates. And there is certainly no one who lights my skin on fire when he touches me, or makes butterflies go crazy in my stomach when he smiles at me. Joe, I love you because you make me feel human and loved. You don’t care that I’m famous, or that I’m pretty. You like me for me, and I love you for that. So no, I couldn’t date someone better, because there is no one better.” She finishes by placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I do care a little that you’re pretty,” Joe smiles, placing one of his hands over hers. “Because all the boys are jealous that I got you and they didn’t.”

Y/N laughs, leaning in to kiss him once again.

“Yes, you did.”

louis tomlinson has arms and i love them -- A Masterpost (40+ photos)

whether you want to lick them, bite them, suck on them or just admire their aesthetic, louis’ arms rank pretty high in the list of his attractive body parts. join me on a journey of those two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand

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Continuing to force myself to go out on a limb with my art attempts by sharing more, so here’s my current sketch WIP of CACW Bucky. I still have soooo much shading to do (all those whiskers!!) and I have to finalize the jaw/chin and contour his cheekbones and do more hair… and… and…

But at least it looks faintly recognizable and I feel like I caught the emotion (or lack thereof) with this. By the way, drawing blankly staring, emotionless eyes is harder than you’d think. *cries*

@notomys I didn’t use your grid idea for this one–I wanted to try the “keep sketching out a bunch really fast until I finally get one that’s acceptable” method instead, and for a partly weird reason: I grew up poor and never had sketchpads, and because of that I still have this internal voice that tells me not to waste supplies… so I’m also using this exercise to conquer that creative block. (Hey, brain, it’s okay to use up paper with practicing! Sketchbooks are way cheaper nowadays than when I was a kid anyway.) If you squint, you can see a teeny bit of an attempt that didn’t pan out underneath the pencils/tortillion/eraser.


I would like to thank the camera people involved with the Perfect Boys 2015 Bangtan Bomb for some lovely views of Jin’s wonderful dancing

Alright children, it’s time for another rant about a certain p-shifter we all know and loath. I swear the very existence of that blog is irritating to me, it’s like if spiritscience grew a tumblr blog except somehow worse. 

Anyhow, let us look at a particular claim of theirs and use that a launch point for an anatomy lesson because fuckyeah why not, might as well make the best of it.

Claim:  ‘ You can’t lose or grow bones when you shift.’

And that makes one wonder, like earlier, claims about dragon shifters were made and western dragons tend to be 6 limbers (4 legs, 2 wings) so where do those two extra limbs come from?

And even if we’re only talking about animals that actually exist, like the post above claim is from is about birds, you got like massive problems. Behold this:

As you can see in the color coded bits, birds are short a few fingers in comparison to humans. That’s some bone missing right there. And again, this is only the tip of this delusion sinking iceberg. Let us look at the probably most popular claim of ‘i can totally turn into this animal!!’, the wolf.

As you may notice, where human spines end at the hip with only a lil bit of coccyx (tailbone) left, wolf, or any other canine for that matter got a bunch of extra vertebrae to form their tail. Back back back before humans were humans we used to have them, too but over time and evolution, most of them got reduced down to the coccyx, which is made up of between 3 and five more or less reduced down to bony nubs depending on how far down the coccyx you move. And that’s not even talking about the sacrum where several pieces of bone have formed into one solid piece. 

So if we got by the ‘can’t grow bones’ thing, canines are right out. So what about felines?

Well, the same tail problem, for one. I’m talking ‘over 20 tail vertebrae’ kinds of boney problems. Cats in general have more than 230 bones. Yes I said ‘more than’ because there’s  some variation, mainly in tail length. Generally, big cats and the small ones you keep at home have very similar skeleton aside from the size difference of course. Humans average in at 206 bones when adult. That’s a lot of missing bone we’re talking about here. So felines? All out on the bone count, too. 

Hrm, what’s left? Let’s check horses or basically anything else with hooves. 

Hot, damn, missing fingers strike again! looks like nobody is turning into a horse, either. Deer have more ‘fingers’ left, but still only four of them, so we still have missing fingers. 

And now you’ve gotten a coolview at lost of different skeleton and know yet another item on the ‘please make p-shifters stop’ list. 

my parents fell out of love so suddenly
the nicknames and the kisses and the meaningful looks slowly turned into name calling and small pecks on the cheek and harsh glares
and it didn’t take long for those to turn into yelling matches on who would keep the kids and who would keep the house and why they fell apart
the pilled stack of bills and the flooded basement and the gloomy atmosphere didn’t rip what was left of my family apart
love tore it apart—
it ripped us limb from limb and it’s the only thing to blame
it spread like a wildfire between us all
and suddenly my little brother didn’t know what parents were
he didn’t know what a home was
he didn’t understand that your parents were supposed to be in love
that they were supposed to kiss each other on the mouth and laugh and cry
all he knew were the scream matches and the loud phone calls that somehow led to my dad downing a whole case of beer in one night
he knew the sobs that fell from my mother’s mouth because of my father’s harsh words
love did that
and you want to fall in love?
—  I can’t take it anymore

A nice look at Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) one of the many disciplines under the umbrella art of Kali, Panantukan is the emptyhand application of the stick techniques you would see in kali or escrima. Focusing heavily on limb destruction and taking over your opponents space it is a very effective and realistic martial art. Contrary to what some would believe Kali and Escrima are not limited to sticks. Sticks, knives, grappling, punching, kicking, flexible and improvised weapons are all part of the systems. This is just one of the many aspects encompassed in those arts and a personal favorite of mine. Wonderfully fluid and devestating effective here’s a good look at some of the things you might see in Panantukan. Partly why I believe the most comprehensive martial art to learn for self defense in Kali due to the wide variety of basis it covers in such realistic fashion. 

SVT as Pokemon

anonymous asked:

i know pokemon go is p much dead now, but seventeen as pokemon?

S.Coups: Dragonite

Originally posted by axew

S.Coups is too memey to be Charzard. Dragonite is caring and lovable, but he also gets down to business. Dragonite and S.Coups aren’t taken seriously 99.9% of the time. Plus, DRAGONITE IS THICCC JUST LIKE $COUP.

Jeonghan: Drowzee

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Drowzee eats dreams and they disappear. Yoon Jeonghan makes your dreams of being the pretty one disappear. He’s probably eating those dreams. Also, both are lowkey derps and are associated with sleeping.

Joshua: Manaphy

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Both Manaphy and Joshua are CUTE AF, and their singing skills are off the charts!! Don’t let that endearing, adorable, and charming appearance fool you tho, they’re both hella badass when they want to be. 

Jun: Infernape

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As both a fire type and fighting type, Infernape is a master of martial arts using all four limbs and the epitome of quick and agile. Plus, Infernape looks like the Monkey King which is a Chinese movie and legend. If that doesn’t scream Jun to you, what does?

Hoshi: Pachirisu

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SUPER cute and SUPER happy. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS, Pachirisu’s cheeks SHOCKINGLY resemble Hamster Hoshi. Pachirisu is an electric type, and Hoshi is ELECTRIFYING when he’s dancing ;)

Wonwoo: Umbreon

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First off, both Umbreon and Weonwoo look freaking great and majestic in black. Both are also a little more mysterious and reserved but they still have that wow fantastic baby factor to them that you can’t deny. LOOK AT THE MAJESTY, THE ELEGANCE, THE WOW!!

Woozi: Fennekin

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Smol, cute, fiery, and powerful. How else would you describe Woozi as a pokemon? Both him and Fennekin are very cute, but people and pokemon alike are still intimidated at times by the little fox that expels fire through its ears and the boy in the studio.

D.K: Ampharos

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it’s the tall one on the right, i liked this gif too much to choose a more ampharos focused one. fight me if you must

Ampharos is known for how bright it can get and it was treasured as a beacon of light bc it could be seen from far away-some say Ampharos’ light can be seen from space! Is that not the definition of D.K’s smile? Bright and treasured?

Mingyu: Meowth

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Both talk a lot. Like A LOT. To the point where both can get annoying at times (not in a bad way). However, they’re also cute at times and are really good at lots of random things like mimicking other pokemon and cooking!

The8: Jigglypuff

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This gif is a pretty accurate representation of GyuHao, no?

Both Jigglypuff and The8 are super cute and innocent looking and no one would see them as violent or strong at first glance. Give them a reason to though, and they will wreck you - no holding back and no mercy.

Seungkwan: Mr. Mime

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BOTH ARE JOKERS THAT ENJOY FOOD, AND MAKING OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY. Those are terms that are undeniably Seungkwan, but they’re also undeniably Mr.Mime. Need I say more? Both have permanent smiles on their faces and live to make sure others do too! PRECIOUS, ADORABLE, AND UNDERRATED. 

Vernon: Magikarp

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So much potential inside this living meme. Am I talking about Magicarp or Vernon? You can’t tell. Both are on their way to do great things, but to see it you have to be willing to look past the meme-ness in their nature.

Dino: Mudkip

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Remember Dino’s Mansae hair???? Yes, Mudkip has the same hairstyle (sorta). Mudkip is smol but mighty, Dino is the youngest but has SO MUCH TALENT SO MUCH. Water types are relatively chill and go with the flow and Dino’s like that with his hyungs most of the time. YET, THEY’RE BOTH SO SAVAGE.

even working in a department store doesn’t seem so glamorous now… having to see those beautiful mannequins stored away… limbs missing… instead of proudly out on display & all the perfume ladies are catty & haughty & look down on me for being a support associate instead of a sales girl

Ok, you may have already noticed, but I am OBSESSED with this character, and as such I have a few rants I have to get out of the way.

Firstly, I’ve noticed some people keep saying Salazar and his crew look like the guys from the Flying Dutchman. Clearly that’s just stupid. First of all, Salazar has his OWN ship, secondly, I do not see any barnacles on Salazar OR his crew; instead, their skin appears cracked, and some of them have limbs and even body parts missing. They represent what their physical bodies look like in death. They are not sea creature hybrids.
Secondly, people are calling Salazar and his crew pirates … really? You think those who wear Naval uniforms with a captain who has three medals, are pirates? No, they aren’t! Yes, the first synopsis for the film said they were pirates, but that was incorrect and it wasn’t even the proper plot line for the film. The real synopsis was released in recent weeks and describes Salazar’a crew as “ghost sailors”. Also, if you look at the IMDB site for the movie, with the cast list, you will see all those playing Salazar’s crew are either listed as “Officers” or “Spanish Sailors”, whereas those playing members of Barbossa’s crew or Jack’s crew are listed as “Pirates”. Start paying attention to detail people. 

Rant over. 


Dis baby. Is absolutely enormous. And I can’t handle it. I was lulled into a false sense of security by her spending 5 months hanging out at 0-3 size. We left for Christmas vacation w a suitcase full of 0-3s. We *just* started pulling out some 3-6s in December but they were ludicrously big. While we were away, for 9 days, suddenly everything we packed was tight. We got home and the 3-6s fit. A week later the 3-6s were tight. The winter jammies I bought her on our trip? 3-6s, she wore on Christmas Day and the plane ride home, and are now too small. I have now pulled out all her 6-9, and 6-12 month clothes I had saved for Spring. What she’s wearing here? Both 6-12 months. 😭And they are not even particularly big. What. Are. You. Doing. Baby? Stahhhhhp. I’m having a hard time. Look at all those long lanky limbs. Nooooo. Not yet. Squish back down again… 😥

When the Peridot redemption arc began, I was disappointed. I wanted her to continue being an antagonist. My mind has changed now, but the only thing I wish for is for her to get her limb enhancers back… She looked so cool with them.
- waitingformyrocket

Okay, smol Peridot is great and all, but I really want her to get her limb enhancers back. Or at least some version of them. Those things were cool.
- spc5297

Honestly, the coolest part about Peridot were the limb enhancers. They were just so techno I loved it! Hopefully when she regenerates, she’ll have them again. Also she was cute when she was taller.
- sexymenlover 

As much as I like smol Peridot, I’d like to see her back in her limb enhancers, or maybe changing her form to have something similar.
- unoriginai-artblog

The signs as The Wombats lyrics

Aries: “We all need someone to drive us mad.” - The Perfect Disease

Taurus: “I’ve met someone that makes me feel sea sick.” - Kill the Director

Gemini: “Don’t you know I’d chop a limb off just to have a good time.” - Techno Fan

Cancer: “Please allow me, to be your anti-depressant.” - Anti-D

Leo: “Everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy.” - Lets Dance to Joy Divison

Virgo: “Whenever she looks I read the nearest paper.” - Kill the Director

Libra: “I hate this feeling, but I love this part.” - Greek Tragedy

Scorpio: “So tell me sweetheart, did they teach you all of this in a school?” - Isabel

Sagittarius: “She hits like ecstasy.” - Greek Tragedy

Capricorn: “Those school uniforms made a joke of me and you.” - School Uniforms

Aquarius: “So let the love tear us apart, I’ve found the cure for a broken heart.” - Lets Dance to Joy Division

Pisces: “We crave the fiction when we need the truth.” - Emoticons



There are many types of Agate, some have colourful bands that appear to ‘ripple’ out towards the edge, others grow to form images of nature that look to us as though they should’ve been created by mankind, not formed naturally as they in fact are. However, all are said to bring good fortune and inject a sense of calm into the wearer. Some Agate types are also believed to ease communication and increase the understanding of those around it.

i would just like to take a moment to look at parallels between Katniss and Peeta, and Steve and Bucky

  • First of all and maybe most obviously, Peeta and Bucky both lose a limb fighting in a war neither of them really wanted to be fighting in. 
  • Peeta and Bucky both get captured by the people they were fighting against, and they were both brainwashed by those people. Peeta was brainwashed into thinking that Katniss was the enemy, in the hope he would kill her and the loss of their mockingjay would stop the uprising. Bucky was brainwashed and then told by Hydra that Steve was a target and needed to be killed, bc he was causing too much of a problem for them and their plans. 
  • However, neither Peeta nor Bucky actually managed to do it because their love/connection to Katniss/Steve runs deeper within them than the brainwashing did. 
  • Katniss becomes a symbol for her people to look to for leadership, and strength, she has so much expectation on her shoulders, and stops even being seen as Katniss Everdeen and starts being seen as The Mockingjay. 
  • Steve literally becomes a symbol for all Americans to look to for strength and hope during the War, and then after the war he’s still that symbol, but he’s also the leader of the Avengers and has to shoulder a lot of that responsibility and he stops being seen as Steve Rogers and starts being seen as Captain America
  • Katniss had to watch so many people she loved die, she lost so much, but the people in charge kept telling her that it was worth it because they were close to winning, close to taking the Capitol, but no one really thought about how much of a toll that was on her, they just expected her to carry on leading and being a symbol of strength
  • Steve literally lost everyone, and he says himself “When I went under, the world was at war. I wake up, they tell me we won, they don’t say what we lost”, and even with those losses so fresh to him, he was immediately told he had to lead this team of people to defeat a threat.
  • Then there’s the parallel between Katniss and Peeta’s “Stay with me.” “Always” and Steve and Bucky’s “I’m with you til the end of the line” 
  • There’s probably more but basically Katniss and Peeta=Steve and Bucky, thank u for ur time

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There’s both ADVANTAGE & DISADVANTAGE to his diminutive size. The disadvantages tended to rear their existence more in the narrower streets of those heavily occupied planets. Or when some BOLT BUCKET didn’t watch where their HUNK OF JUNK limbs were colliding.
It took little more than a bump to spark the short tempered weaponist, attention whipped up–and up, jeez he was gonna get a sore neck just by looking at the bohemoth–lip curled some. 

Listen, metal maw, we’re all tryin’ to walk here
without being stepped on! Watch it,

Sharp red eyes lock briefly on the IMPERIAL branding on the ‘droid’s shoulder plate. It musta been seeing the immense skyscraper of a metal hulk on its own that took Rocket a moment to pull recognition of that. Didn’t usually see them clambering about without some troopers or other ‘droid of the same affiliation.