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my god you guys have got it all wrong man, the best character in mother 3 isn’t lucas or claus or whoever the hell it’s salsa do i have to do everything myself

i cosplayed jeff (with a bazooka!) at anime expo this year, guess im gonna be lloyd for comic con on sat… i just hope my socks come in tomorrow…


A wild vanessa appeared!👀

animorphmagus  asked:

Hi! I'm only thinking of joining the hp rping community here and have no cosplay supplies yet. If I can only post something after your deadline on the 1st August, can I still join then?

Hi! The network is for people of all experiences, old or new, big or small. While it’d be nice to see some of your work before the deadline, we take into account everyone is at a different stage in their blog. Don’t feel like you have to force content just to try and join if you aren’t ready yet! The last thing this network wants to do is make people uncomfortable or pressure people into joining/ doing things they don’t want to.

And we do open up applications frequently, so even if you don’t make the deadline this time around, you can always apply next time! But if you want, definitely use the tag #hprpnet, since we follow it and regularly check it, and we’ll look forward to seeing your future contributions to the hp rp community!




“…whoa, Keiji, I don’t think I’ve seen you this mad since Kuroo teased you about the Valentine’s telegram I sent you!”


“First time Blake told Weiss she loved her, Weiss literally tried to tip her”

I’ve been meaning to do some monochrome and then @anawitchs and I got to talking about Weiss being emotionally stunted and unable to express love without throwing money at people for affection. And here we have it.

Send help I was not supposed to get this invested in another ship but their dynamic is everythingggg ugh


You know that moment when you see that a fanfic hasn’t been updated in years, but you think to yourself, “Pssshhh I just won’t get invested in it.” and then you get to the last chapter and you’re just like wHY DO I TREAT MYSELF THIS WAY ??!!?!