look at all of them this is amazing

yang constantly choosing ruby over raven is my aesthetic, i’m so glad they haven’t made yang choose to be with her mother who has done NOTHING for her except save her that one time. yang doesn’t even consider raven her family, just the person who gave birth to her. sure people can say raven has her reasons, but all yang knows is that she, as well as her dad, was abandoned and i love that raven isn’t being automatically forgiven by yang out of nowhere because they met face to face. yang staying with raven would’ve been completely out of character even if she has been looking for her mom since she was a little girl. ruby will always be her number one priority and that’s beautiful


Super cute goodies came in the mail today!!!

Top are stickers from @catcoconut!! They are legit. so. frigging. adorable. Guys, my dudes, y’all, I just love them so much. 10 / 10 would most definitely recommend (they’re so CUTEEEEE!!! look at link! look at sidon! AAAAHHHH)

Bottom are charms from @ai-wa!! Got my fav older brothers, and they are so handsome and cute and amazing! They’re both super detailed, and so totally pretty! 10 / 10 would smooch, would recommend one hundred percent


Dating Suho and Kris? The EXO parentssssss 😍😍


★these two  

★are going to be so annoying  

★yet so loving  

★and sweet  

★they always hold your hand  

★promise rings  

★yifan takes so many pictures   

★’you have one of us together already’  

★’i’m making memories!’

★they give the best hugs  

★you’ll be sandwiched between them  

★and squashed  

★dates are always amazing

★they always look like models

★you have to sit in the middle of them

★bc they get jealous if you don’t

★they like feeding you

★they’ll text you all the time


★’we need you to know!’

★they let you wear their clothes

★even if they’re super expensive

★’can i wear this to nap in’

★’of course!’

★and you get to nap in a 4k shirt

★they have so may names for you



★baby girl/boy



★they alternate between them   

nsfw from here

★these two are both dom af  

★so you’re going to be thrown on the bed  

★and pounded until you can only moan their names 

★their dirty talk is on p o i n t  

★’who’s making you feel this good?’  

★’be loud for us. let us hear how good you feel’  

★double penetration   

★they get so turned on by the face that you can take them both  

★they like lube  

★lots of lube

★so prepare to be covered in the stuff during sex

★yifan is the loudest

★he’ll grunt

★and moan

★while ‘myeon lets out the odd groan here and there

★you have to sleep in the middle of them after sex

★so they can curl into you  

i’m looking at girl scout patches for totally normal reasons

but they’re all so cool and now i’m crying

because what an amazing organization

teaching girls leadership skills and giving them all sorts of resources and tools so they can grow up to be confident, independent critical thinkers

and also the sense of community and fellowship they instill

and trying to get girls interested in STEM

these girls build ROBOTS ok

i just love the girl scouts so much

“Draco, what is this about?”

“It’s about the blasted lasagne, Harry.”

Harry’s mind begins to fill with a strange, buzzing sort of static that he hasn’t heard since he was a child. He shoves it away.

“Listen, Draco—”

“Just answer the question.”

The argument devolves into yelling, and Harry feels himself growing more and more distant, almost like he’s hovering behind himself, looking down at the two of them. He doesn’t know why. It’s not as though he and Draco haven’t fought before; their entire youth revolved around it, after all. But this feels different. This feels real.

He comes back to himself that night, when Draco slips in beside him in their bed. He curls himself in close, breathing in the scent of Draco’s neck, and reminding himself of the only certain thing he’s ever known: they are in love.


The Words We Say by @agentmoppet

Fresh-off-the-press remix of the amazing fic A Matter of Opinion by @goldentruth813

azulity  asked:

Please share how you draw curly hair! I feel like when I draw it it doesn't translate the volume/movement that I want it to and that my strands/chunks of hair all go in the same direction, and that if I try to move them around it looks out of place :((((( I love your artwork keep up the amazing work!!!

What a coincidence I was thinking it would be fun to do a little tutorial on how to draw curly hair.  It’s something I struggled with for a very long time for the reasons you’ve just outlined above!  But since I have so many curly-haired OCs I kept at it, and maybe I’ve got some tips that might help.  Would anyone else be interested in something like this?

Thanks for the suggestion <3

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Sabrina Patel

😫 😫 😫  my ultimate fave omgggggg

  • favorite thing about them: uhhhh everything. ❌ people who don’t stan sabrina patel don’t interact ❌
  • least favorite thing about them: uhh nothing. she’s perfect. ❌ people who don’t stan sabrina patel don’t interact ❌
  • favorite line: everything she ever says ever hhhhhh sign me tf up
  • brOTP: ✅ sabrina/icon status ✅
  • OTP: 💁 no one’s good enough for her so 💁
  • nOTP: sabrina/even looking at anyone who doesn’t stan sabrina patel
  • random headcanon: 🙌  that she’s literally the backbone of this world come on 🙌 nevermind that’s not a headcanon that’s a fact 🙌
  • unpopular opinion: lol this isn’t unpopular but❌ people who don’t stan sabrina patel don’t interact ❌
  • song i associate with them: this list of the 100 best songs of all time applies 💁 b/c she’s the best character of all time 💁 
  • favorite picture of them: all of them are amazing, every picture she’s ever taken

God bless Zach Sang for doing an amazing job of interviewing BTS. He was the first one to ask them about their UNICEF project and actually looked them up before-hand. He didn’t ask them the repeated questions about America like everyone else. This was probably the best interview I have seen all week, here’s the link to his interview:

anonymous asked:

I'm overwhelmed! I need 20 naps. 😩BTS on the same soil as me. All these ppl falling in love with them. They look absolutely amazing. I can't anymore! I'll just watch all the recaps on my winter break. See you all at my funeral.

facts, i cannot keep up with them. i’m tired. i need a nap.

I'm aliiiive!

Whew. My apologies for virtually disappearing off the face of the planet for the past few months! I moved across the country, started attending classes at a new college, have been immersed in a bunch of new social environments, and just have not had the mental or physical energy most days to do much aside from schoolwork and caring for the bettas. Partially that has just been a natural consequence of undergoing so many big life changes at once, but my social anxiety has also kind of been kicking my butt at times and making things harder than they might otherwise have been.

We’re close to the end of the first term now, though, and I finally feel like I have a bit of a better handle on things. Going to class to actually learn about fishes, and all the many topics related to properly caring for them, has been amazing. I look forward to sharing and utilizing some of that knowledge here! I will do my best to be more active here again- I’ve missed fishblr!

The bettas are all doing wonderfully, and I hope everyone around here has been as well! I look forward to catching up with everyone and their fishes!

BTS @The Late Late Show
  • Some of the fans waiting in line before the show were being interviewed.
  • Fans were talking to James Corden and pointed out he was wearing a Gucci tie and mentioned that Tae would love it since he likes Gucci. James responded saying “Oh true because it looks like Gucci threw up on them”.
  • Jungkook was like a little kid and extremely pumped, he waved to the crowd before the first recording. Namjoon looked really proud.
  • James Corden took a selfie with the boys after they finished performing.
  • At the end of the second recording, Taehyung and Jimin were dancing with James.
  • Jimin kept laughing and hugging James, he looked like he was really enjoying himself. 
  • Jin sent James a flying kiss LOL
  • Taehyung was the last one to leave the stage, and seemed very excited to see all the fans.
  • Lastly, THE FANCHANTS were amazing (as we all saw) and the camera crew confirmed that the fans were louder than when 1D performed.

Sources: (x,x,x)

“Lance,” he said encouragingly, “just try and feel the connection.”

“I am!” He hadn’t been, but it was easier not to admit that. Keith didn’t seem to believe him however.

“Just-” he scooted over in the chair and patted it with his free hand. “Just come and sit with me at least. Maybe she can sense that you and I are connected.”

Lance scoffed but did as he was asked, squeezing into the space beside Keith with relative ease considering it wasn’t very large. Part of his leg draped over Keith’s lap, and he averted his eyes to try and focus on something, anything, other than the feeling of the red paladin beneath him.

“I don’t think the lions know that we’re holding hands Keith,” he replied with a sigh, knowing that this was hopeless, and that they were probably going to be stuck in a strange plant goo storm and get stranded on this awful planet forever.

Because he couldn’t form a proper bond with the black lion and help save them.

Because he didn’t have what it took to pilot her.


Keith gave their hands a squeeze, and Lance’s mind went momentarily blank.

“Then maybe she can sense another connection,” he whispered. “A deeper one.”

Lance felt his cheeks flush anew, and let the grin show on his face as he stared at Keith.

“You and your bonds,” he chuckled, and Keith beamed. As if in reply, the inside of the black lion lit up suddenly, and from behind them Shiro cheered boredly.

I commissioned @sleepy-moans to draw something for my fic Stick with Me and it’s honestly the best decision I’ve made in a while. Go give them so love for creating such a wonderful piece of art!! It’s perfect!!


wonho hyping kihyun to do kwiyomi player aegyo + skinship = a great concept [cr:kmtau]


Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 2
   ➸ Favourite Malec Moment(s)