look at all of them this is amazing

i ship juleka with every girl in class. no exceptions. theyre all good. juleka and rose? awesome. friends to lovers. mutual love and respect. pure. juleka and marinette? good. excellent. marinette makes pretty dresses and has juleka model because shes tall and beautiful. a+. juleka and alya? alya takes lots of pictures of her gf so she feels beautiful. puts them together in a blog. “look at my beautiful gf. i know youre jealous look at her”. perfect. juleka and sabrina? nerds and goths? pure. excellent. amazing. juleka and chloe? enemies to lovers. rich girl and goth girl. fuck those petty rivalries thats some good shit. juleka and alix? who says goths and punks have to be rivals? not me. hit me with that tol and smol bitch. im ready for it. juleka and lila? new girl and the shy goth girl? this alliance is going to bloom its perfect. juleka and mylene? the girl is afraid of everything and the girl who will face god and walk backwards into hell? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP

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hey hey hey there ☺️!! could i request a bts reaction to them finding your sketchbook between their stuff and he sees a lot of drawings of him in there but also from other guys from other boy groups? but you dont draw them bc theyre your biases but bc theyre just fun to draw ? thank you!!! you can switch it up a bit if its too much :) thanks in advance!

His eyes widen at the sketches you made of him and they were absolutely beautiful. You almost got all of his features and he was really amazed how you do your art until he saw the different sketches of guys on your sketchpad. Once you caught him looking through your pad, he looked at you with a slight glare.
“Kookie, I draw them just for fun. You’re my favourite subject.” He smiled, feeling flustered and continued looking with you sitting beside him. 


He would be a bit shocked but ended up proud at your works as he flipped through the pages of the little book. He saw the sketches of guys he knew bbut he didn’t mind at all. He absolutely loved your works and the fact that most of your works were all him. ;)

“Oh my hart.” The first thing he saw was the sketches of other guys and he’d be shook. Flipping through the pages with slight annoyance, he found out that next few pages were your sketches of him. He’d smile widely and felt so proud.

He wouldn’t actually notice the sketches you made of the others. He’s too focused on the sketches you made of him. He’d be blushing and when you saw him looking at your pad, you felt shy.
“y/n, why do have sketches of me? like a lot of it?” He’d smirk with a little hint of blush on his cheeks.
“I don’t know… Probably because you’re the first thing that always come into my mind,” to which his confidence suddenly melts and smiled.


He would be giggly about it. He didn’t mind it when you sketched other faces but it was a big deal to him when you sketched him. 

“I love sketching your cute little face especially that box-y smile of yours.”
He giggles again, squishing you with a tight hug.

He smiled at the little sketches you made but then he smiled even wider at the sight of the sketches  you made of him, which were quite a lot. He took some pictures of them and kept them.

I actually love this request since I am also an artist hehe. I hope you like it. :)

Hey I’m one of the new admins! :) I love bts, seventeen and I am open for other groups as well, so you can suggest some good groups if you like.

Admin: pastel hans 

So I commissioned the absolutely wonderful @esakris and oh my god!! I commissioned them for a color half body of Issala Adaar, my Inquisitor. She looks more perfect than I ever could have imaged!!

They’re a total sweetheart and were so kind and patient with the whole process and made such a beautiful piece of art. I cannot stress enough how happy I am and how much I love this. Thank you so much, @esakris for being amazing.

I adore all of their art, but this is extremely special to me. Please, if you guys ever get the chance, make sure to commission them!

Worth Fighting For: SnowBaz Fanfic

There’s something Simon finds completely unsettling about noise.

It’s piercing, loud, and too much of a sensory overload. However, the lack of noise is also quite unsettling. He doesn’t know which he would prefer if he had to choose. He does know, though, that anything other than the deafening ring that’s blaring right now would be amazing.

Just seconds before, everyone was talking. They were all pestering him, getting into his personal space, asking if he was alright or if he needed anything. Eventually, Baz got them to leave the room. Agatha was the last to leave, having to be dragged away by Penny.

“And what the hell can you do for him that we can’t?” she had yelled at Baz.

“Agatha,” Penny insisted, clasping a hand around her upper arm, “now is hardly the time!” Dev and Niall had looked back from their place on the stairs, perhaps considering if they needed to step in. “Come on,” Penny continued, looking Simon in the eyes with a look that conveyed a silent, upset apology.

“Fine!” Agatha had shouted, breaking her arm free from Penny’s grasp and pushing past Dev and Niall, bounding down the stairs and into the night.

“We’ll come ‘round tomorrow,” Penny murmured. Then, as if she thought better of what she had said, she added, “Well, perhaps just me, and I can collect Dev and Niall as well.”

“Thank you, Penelope,” Baz rasped out, his voice long gone, “for everything tonight. We’ll see you tomorrow.” With that, Penny quietly walked out of the doorway and down the stairs, and Baz closed the door.

This leaves them where they were now. Simon looks up at Baz, holding the cold icepack against his bruising cheek and swelling jaw. Baz turns around from his place against the door and walks over to Simon, sitting on the chair opposite him.

“I know that they were all bombarding you earlier with this question,” Baz begins, “but are you really okay?” Simon nods, stifling the groan he feels at the pulsing pain. Baz brings his hand up, lightly taking the icepack away from Simon’s face and inspecting the damage. “That was such an idiotic thing you did,” he adds.

“I was protecting you,” Simon insists, reaching out his bruised knuckles and lightly running his finger over the several cuts above Baz’s eyebrow. “The spell they cast at you was weak, but you were hurt. What else was I supposed to do?”

“Maybe assess the situation first,” Baz suggests with a hint of disdain very present in his voice. “You’re right when you say that the spell was weak. But that also means I could’ve easily handled myself.”

Simon shakes his head, this time failing to conceal his pain. “That’s not what matters here. They hurt you, and it wasn’t like I was going to wait and ‘assess the situation’. I guess I just wasn’t considering the fact that people who have friends will be helped when you punch them.”

Baz gets a sarcastic chuckle out of that, then replies with, “You may be brave, but you’re such an idiot sometimes.” He then murmurs, “Get well soon,” and Simon immediately feels a rush of warm magic spreading soothingly into the side of his face.

“Thank you,” Simon whispers. He hums at the aftermath of Baz’s magic flowing through him. It’s not like his own that’s all burning and smoky and harmful. Baz’s magic is like the soothing heat of a fire after a harsh snowstorm. It lingers and runs through Simon’s veins slowly, spreading a previously unknown warmth everywhere.

When Simon opens his eyes, Baz is looking at him quite seriously. The cuts above his eyebrows have dissipated, which makes Simon think that Baz used that healing spell on himself as well. “Simon,” Baz utters, and his voice is smooth again. It comes from low in the back of his throat, and he continues. “I know that you know that not everyone is as accepting and enthusiastic about this a Penelope has been. Hell, I didn’t even get to tell Dev and Niall. I’m pretty sure Dev’s intuition was enough for him, but I think Niall was in the dark. And I think Penelope was the one who went and said something to someone.

“All I’m saying is that you can’t expect everyone to love this.” He clenches his jaw and bites his lower lip, which Simon has noticed he only does when he’s thinking about something rather difficult. “You can’t fight everyone who doesn’t agree with this. With us.”

Simon nods numbly, though he wishes Baz was wrong. He wishes that he could shake people’s shoulders until they understood that this was the same love everyone else who didn’t have to come out has to give to their partners. Simon wishes he could break down the invisible barrier that history put up between people like him and Baz and people like Penny and Micah. (Even though Penny isn’t technically as straight as a pole.)

“Okay,” Simon agrees, closing his eyes and nodding once more. “I understand.” Baz smiles weakly, and Simon is sure that he feels the exact same way. It’s actually probably worse for Baz. Simon knows he grew up in a home with enough closets to get lost in, and he knows that Mr. Pitch hasn’t exactly accepted the idea of Simon ravishing his one and only son. Though his stepmother is quite nice, even if it just is so Simon doesn’t feel like a raging lunatic in their mansion.

Baz brushes his thumb over the spot where Simon’s bruise was and licks his bottom lip again, this time slow and deliberate, like he’s debating on whether or not it was a good move. Slowly, Simon leans in closer to where Baz’s face was already close and closes his eyes. Baz doesn’t wait, moving in as well and meeting Simon halfway.

Simon realized long ago that kissing Baz was so amazingly different than kissing Agatha. Kissing Agatha was easy, and it always felt like somewhat of a chore. Kissing Baz is easy, but it’s also the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. It’s more difficult than ancient texts that he has to decipher in class, easier than breathing, and just about as difficult as a maze is. Simon has to keep his hands low but also know when to move them but also know when too much is too much for Baz and himself alike.

So when he pulls back, it’s not because he doesn’t want to stay. It’s because that’s the only way he knows to keep Baz. Simon is constantly terrified of ruining…this…whatever that may be. They haven’t actually asked to be boyfriends, and Simon knows that should be the furthest thing from his mind right now. He should be worrying about the trouble he could get in for fighting or about the test he has to study for, if he’s even allowed at the school by this time tomorrow, but all he can think about is Baz. And Baz’s lips. And Baz’s lips on his own.

“You should rest.” It’s Baz who speaks, and it’s after a minute of knowing silence passes between them. A silence that’s comfortable, where Simon’s eyes are closed, and their faces are only centimeters apart. If he wanted to, Simon could reach out and pull him back in for another kiss. ‘Just one more. For me.’

“I know,” is the whispered reply from Simon. “I should do a lot of things. Like not fight complete arseholes where anyone could see me.” Baz just smiles that one. It’s his smile that says that he’s trying not to laugh because Simon is a dork and not funny and…and Baz runs out of things to tell himself after that.

“Sleep, Simon,” he mutters, standing slowly and outstretching his hand. Simon takes it, walking to their two beds to make one that they share together. Simon strips of everything but his boxers, slipping into the silk sheets that Baz’s family always sends him to school with. He makes fun of it every year they come back, though this year it was definitely playful. Baz joins after a moment, making Simon scoot over until his back is pressed comfortably against Baz’s front.

“Goodnight, Snow,” he murmurs into the skin at the nape of Simon’s neck.

“Goodnight, Baz.”

I got something to say about you ungrateful artists out there.

It really ticks me off when people who take time out of their schedule to make things for artists, or even people in general. Like fan art, a fanfic, music, and so on. And all they fucking get in return is a simple “Thanks.” or “Oh cool, look everyone! Yeah, thanks.”

That is a fucking dick move. And even if it doesn’t look that great or sound like the most amazing thing to you. They put their feelings and hearts into those pieces only to get a half-assed “Thanks”? No, I don’t fucking think so. There’s even artists out there that just post art and tag it with simple tags without even saying thanks to the person who submitted it to them.

What your doing is really hurting them to the point some may even just give up. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why do you feel to be such an unthankful douchebag?! I don’t care if your popular or not, you’re LUCKY to have someone make something for you when they’ve clearly put effort into their gifts that they made themselves. So how about you stop being a stuck up snob, and be more thoughtful of the words you fucking type and things you say to encourage your fans to keep going.

And if you’re one of those douchebags, you don’t even deserve gifts. You deserve a bitch slap to your fugly face.

This amazing piece is a gift from @j3rry1ce! Without getting too sappy, she’s my best pal and this was absolutely incredible to receive! <3

It really looks like it could be AWW’s cover (and maybe it is…)! Every part of the image came to life spectacularly. Considering the original size of the piece, it’s mind-blowing how many characters and details she included, all of them important to the story.

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I had to call Nintendo Customer Service yesterday to get myself set up for a repair on my Left JoyCon

The dude on the other end was amazing!
We were chattin’ it up. He was givin’ me a hard time over my Inu-Yasha e-mail address.

He told me all about his old OC that he’s trapped with since he made his e-mail after them:

Scorch the Hedgehog
Son of Naruto and Hinata Hedgehog

I’m gonna draw him fan art…
I have no idea what the character looks like. I’m just gonna fuckin’ wing it

It was a great phone call

Honestly regardless of the fact that Sanvers is a wlw couple, it’s amazing to see such a healthy relationship on tv <i>at all</i>. So often writers just look for what can give them the most drama, but Sanvers is different. With their storylines you can just feel that the writers thought of what would be the healthiest thing to do and what will get them to move forward. And it doesn’t get boring or irrelevant. Great acting and writing go a long way.

And obviously I’m extremely proud that they’re a lesbian couple! Just saying that any couple on tv (and in real life) can truly learn from them. 

anonymous asked:

Lately I've been pretty confident in my body and I've been wearing these pair of leggings that make my ass look pretty great (if I may say so myself) and all I'm imagining is Shawn grabbing or smacking my ass every time I walk by 😭😂😂

GIRL THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY! LIKE YAAS ROCK THAT AMAZING BOOTY OF YOURS. You sway them hips and bounce that booty like Shawn is watching you all the fucking time!

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How do they do the transition scene between the HogEx and the roof? How do Albus and scorpius climb up the side of the train and then get into the roof? Also! How do they "jump off" the train at the end of the scene? OH and how does the Trolley witch change her spikes and do all that stuff? Sorry for all the Questions😬 Hope you've had a good day so far and thx for the answer!😁😊👍🏻

:D It’s really, really amazing and clever how they do it. The Hogwarts Express is made up of suitcases. Albus and Scorpius climb up a stack of suitcases while the “train” is slowly swivelling on a turn-table in the floor. While that happens, while you’re distracted looking at them, the other actors transform the train from separate carriages into a kind of elevated bridge of suitcases (forming the top of the train). By the time time boys reach it, the HE has been fully transformed. You barely notice it happening. They use light and darkness to pull you gaze where they want it.

Once they’re on top of the train, the turn-table keep turning. They jump off into the wings onto one of those giant stunt cushions. 

The Trolly Witch has some kind of device on her fingers and when it’s time she triggers the spikes to extend. I’m not sure how the device works. 

No problem! I’m happy to answer questions. 

Ok like a random thought that I had but consider, Oka x Kizana

  • Power couple (both are club leaders).
  • Kizana bringing Oka out of her shell.
  • Oka teaching Kizana about occult things and Kizana being interested and having a new take on plays that may have occult themes.
  • Kizana would probably watch a lot of movies; they could have horror movie nights.
  • Kizana reciting Shakespeare to Oka. 
  • Cheesy fucking nicknames and what not. Oka might call Kizana a goddess, Kizana would see Oka as equal to her and call her, her princess. 
  • Kizana is most defiantly a “Queen Bee” type, so if anyone was mean to Oka she would ruin them.
  • Kizana being hella insecure too and Oka teaching her what she knows about the world not being that lonely after all. 
  • Them taking a bit from eachother’s styles and looking fucking amazing. 
  • Oka casting protection spells (or trying to at least) to protect Kizana.
  • Oka casting a good luck spell on Kizana before each of her performances.
  • Magic gfs.

I know we don’t know a lot about Kizana and this might be a bit ooc (for both of them) but for some reason I think it could work.

30 Day Challenge: Day #27

Orphan AU: The 16 of them all share a piggy bank that they put all their savings into. To take even a penny out, they must all be present and consent to how much and why the money is being spent. It looks very much like a class trial. They never agree on the matter and the money never gets spent. By the time they are 12, they have more money than Ms. Yukizome. Something she is amazed at and also scared about if they ever figure out something really stupid to do with that money.

Black Sails 4X09

I needed to write my thoughts on this episode as a catharsis because I’m not okay

First off:

- That fight between Silver and Flint was one of the best things I’ve seen on tv, it was so powerful. I am beyond glad at how much they did justice to these two characters and their relationship. Made me really want to draw it, jungle and all.

- also the flashback fights were amazing and I loved them to bits


but hey that was a wonderful death scene

- talking about deaths…

De Groot noo :(  

I was expecting it, but still, he never asked for any of this drama

- Israel Hands fights with a a sword and a fucking hammer pass it on the dude is hardcore

- also, battle of the super gingers

- Say hi to Ben Gunn and his best friend, foreshadowing

- ok but did anyone else think Ben really looked a perfect mermaid, even Billy was charmed 

- RIP the Walrus, this time for good (I still can’t believe how many times this ship has been resurrected) I actually teared up. End of an era. 

and Flint’s face as he watched it burn :(

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Hey I'm a new RP Blog I was wondering if you got any more blogs you'd recommend I should follow?

@b-atmans An amazing blog, every thread I have with them on Tim is incredible, especially if you’re looking for angst. I can’t tell you how great they are, please go follow them

@jaybirdtxdd Is an incredible Jason, I love writing with them because they aren’t afraid to get into some fucked up themes with me. 

@arkhamgenesis My Jason that I don’t actually have too much angst with, we just have cute domestic jayroy

@revvdupharper Another OC who is very well rounded and all around pleasure to interact with. The mun is my best friend so if you don’t follow her but you follow me, you’ll still see our ooc shenanigans

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If you had to choose between any of the Zutara babies, who's your favorite?

So, I will be going by the headcanon of @theadamantdaughter for this quesion.

Honestly, Kya was the best Fire Lord in Fire Nation history but Ezra was also a smart man and helped bring in more airbenders into the world while also giving Republic City clean energy. There was also Lee– Oh man Lee is so cute, lil troublemaker… –and I also agree with theadamantdaughter on the headcanon of Lee being gay. I am all for it! Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra wouldn’t push that idea away– I mean, look at LOK! The ending was of a lesbian couple!!

*clears throat* Anyway.. for my favorite steam!child… Well that’s hard since all of them are so great! I love them all and they are all so amazing at what they do… ughhh… I’ll probably go with Ezra. He is not only helping the last of the Airbenders return to the world, but he is also helping Republic City– A place like, for example: Los Angeles. Los Angeles is nothing but smog and buildings EVERYWHERE. Now imagine someone coming in and helped create clean energy in the city. Can you imagine how amazing that would be?? That would help the world out more than ever! It would bring the world closer to destroying Climate Change. Same exact way with the Nations.

Ezra would help keep the Nations from ruining the environment around them. It would keep the Nations from losing the two Water Tribes like we are now.

Sorry to make this so long but if I had to pick my favorite of the three children of Zutara, it would be Ezra, the second youngest of Katara and Zuko.


Another meme I won’t finish: [3/?] favorite outfits:

You look really nice.



He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it