look at all my tags yall

what y’all call jungkook

yes i’ve been looking at the tags on my post n kept a tally 

so far the most popular names for him are

  • jungkook
  • jk
  • kookie

but some of you have interesting names for him n imma shout a few of my faves

the cute ones 

  • baby boy
  • nochu
  • my little star
  • mi conejito
  • mi bebé 
  • every version of ‘bunny’

the meme ones

  • roach
  • mr thighs
  • brat
  • little shit
  • jungle book
  • junk jingkook
  • a chode

anonymous asked:

I was salty about the changes in art styles in su until I read the tags in that post you reblogged. Thank you for educating me that they are VISUAL INTERPRETATIONS of the characters, rather than INACCURATE DRAWINGS of the characters. As an artist, I would feel awful if a lot of people criticized my art because they want it to look a different way than I had portrayed it. Sorry for being ignorant before. Yall work hard, and do an amazing job with the art on the show tbh

thanks! i mean i don’t work on the show, but i am pretty tired that nobody considers that boarders all have their own style and draw the characters in that style pretty darn consistently. i know who does “chibi steven”, who gives lapis what hair, and who makes peridot taller than others. none of that is a big deal to me - that’s how they interpret the characters, and there is no “on-model” version. it’s just your favorite vs least favorite boarder. 

it’s an annoying discussion, because it always turns into double standards: giving earlier seasons a free pass, comparing completely different boarders, or comparing it to shows that aren’t storyboard-driven. none of that is fair to me. i’ve even seen people - friends - get hate because they *gasp* had the audacity to show that “hey, this is kind of a thing with storyboard-driven shows, it’s not some scandalous, new ~crossing the line of animation quality :’( </3 ~ that su is doing”. 

people are allowed to not like ~inconsistency, even if intentional. i don’t care. but if animation “quality” matters that much to them, even when everything is intentional, even when each storyboarder is consistent in their own style, then, yknow… ok. keep raging on for another year, i hope it’s fun. 

i don’t say “get a life” often, but… geez. if they’re so focused on the fandom they either A) let a rage-bandwagon define how they feel B) focus all that time on something they legitimately hate, then… idk. i just feel bad for them. i’m not gonna answer asks about this topic anymore, though, whether positive or negative, cause here’s the thing: once you decide it is, every show is bad. literally anything can be accused of being shit, because this standard that you’ve decided is the “standard of quality” is defined by you. anyone can draw a line in the sand - i’ve done that with shows too. i just want people to be honest with themselves, on whether going out of their way to “prove” something su has always done - intentionally - suddenly makes it bad now is worth it or not. or whether they’re getting any enjoyment out of this at all. 

Three’s a Crowd (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Heyyyy everyone. Hope you enjoy this fic, I loved writing this it was so much fun. Shoutout to my friend @pumpernickelbae for first reading this fic for me and being so supportive of my writing, and also, shoutout to my friend @omqitsnaya because she was so engaged while reading this and telling me all these thing while she was reading them and she’s just an angel. i love them so much. 

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: You try to figure out how to tell Anthony you’re pregnant. With triplets.

Word count: 2086

Warnings: Just cursing, a cute Anthony being really oblivious to everything

You were having triplets. The moment the doctor said it you could hardly believe it.

Excuse me?” You asked, your voice rising to high decibels.

The doctor turned to look at you. “You’re having triplets.” She said with a small smile.

You sat there, feeling shocked. When you were in the car, you were still shocked. When you got home, you were still in a state of complete shock. You and Anthony were going to have to take care of three babies. You didn’t think you could even handle one baby, and now you found out you have to take care of three.

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Stranger Things appreciation week // day six » favorite scene

El are you okay? 

The Handwriting Challenge

Sorry my handwriting can’t make up its own mind and never looks the same… and yes my neatest handwriting is all caps hueueu

Thank you for tagging me @hope-studies you’re the sweetest  (*ノ・ω・)ノ♫

I tag: @stuhhhdy and @virtuositystudy and anyone else who sees this on their dash…. TAG ME i want to see all of yall beautiful handwriting  ⊙ω⊙

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hey guys! i’d love to wish each and every one of you a happy birthday on your birthdays, so i thought i’d make a birthday page so that i’ll always remember to send you well wishes on your birthdays :)

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uhh its gay day or something heres ur local me


I was tagged to do the bias selfie tag by the beautiful @baekhyunsbabe a hundred years ago!! anyways since I’m lame I just took two old selfies 🍊🍊 and wow I can’t even begin to tell yall how I’m not worthy of my own wonderful bias who I lowkey cried about on the bus today. lmao - look how cute he is ☹️💛 

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Open the Memory Cage

Well shit looks like I done wrote my first fic. Here it is in all its glory. I wanted to explore 2B and 9S’s relationship after the end and how they might help each other heal from all the trauma they went through both during the game and from before it started.

Tags(ish): Ending [E] spoilers. 10 pages/7309 words. 2B9S. Quite a bit of angst and feels. There’s a suggestive bit in there but nothing overly smutty (sorry to some of you). References the recent stage play/concert [Link to translation]

Summary: After ending [E] 9S wakes up to see 2B has brought him back to the Resistance camp. He’s unable to believe it’s really her until she begins sharing her memories with him to help bring back his own as well as helping him heal from everything he went through.

Partially inspired by some of @nines-s fics. So I guess it’s sort of a fic of a fic?

Story under the readmore. [Link] for mobile users in case you can’t click it.

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PROMPT LIST — send me a character and a #!

  • “PLEASE put your shirt back on. please don’t make me laugh at you.”
  • “THIS place is fancy and i don’t know which fork to kill myself with.”
  • “YOU like me? you like my personality?”
  • “YOU my boo. you my boo and i’ve been missin’ you. i’ve been missin you so long.”
  • “YOU know what’s weird? i don’t find this weird anymore.”
  • “GOD, you’re about to say something stupid, aren’t you?”
  • “GIRL, imma marry you.”
  • “I see him and my heart explodes.”
  • “WE all…need to meet new people.”
  • “IT’S kinda stupid how much i’m in love with you.”
  • “SO if any of you have anything else to say to my boo, i will drag you outside and we will handle this la style!”
  • “I’M sorry about the whole kissing thing.”
  • “OH, you don’t have to apologize. i did…kiss you back, a little.”
  • “I hope that you don’t remember that i said any of these things tomorrow.”
  • “YOU’VE been taking care of me my entire life.”
  • “WHEN you’re going through ‘a taylor swift-like range of emotions,’ i should come over, right?”
  • “YOU were the only one that i could talk to. being brown, you have the wisdom of a thousand white women.”
  • “I’D really like to start calling you shawty in public.”
  • “THEY’VE made me weak in my stupid knees.”
  • “I want to spend the rest of my life hearing all your stories.”
  • “IF you hurt her, i will let myself die. and then i will haunt you.”
  • “I am a grown woman that is in love with her ex that has a girlfriend. and i’ve been stealing my neighbor’s wi-fi.”
  • “I’VE made out with half of the guys in this room.”
  • “THEY are not exactly what my mom had imagined for me. you know, she wanted someone maybe not so…white?”
  • “YOU look like a prostitute for wizards.”
  • “YOU look like a homeless pencil.”
  • “YEAH, i’m nervous. yeah, i’m really nervous. i mean, she’s beautiful and she’s super cool…”
  • “YOU know i have a boyfriend, right?”
  • “I hate your ideas. i hate them almost as much as i love you, which is so much.”
  • “NOTHING is more important to me than your future.”
  • “I’M never gonna stop trying to make you happy.”
  • “SHE’S never gonna be happy with someone like me.”
  • “CAN we just take a moment to appreciate them? i mean, the effect they have on people…it’s really incredible. i can’t believe…they’re dating me. i mean, like, whaaaat?”
  • “IF you tell anyone we held hands, i have two people on my phone who will kill you.“
  • “I may be an idiot, but i’m smart enough to know what i lost.”
  • “YOU and i not being together does not make sense to me.”
  • “I’M really gonna need you to step it up tonight, okay? when i see you, i wanna be thinking, ‘who let the dirty slut out of the slut house?’”
  • “I simply want a demographic breakdown of all the guys that hit on you.”
  • “AS my best friend, i expect you to be willing to sacrifice everything for me at a moment’s notice.”
  • “WATCH it, buddy! ‘cause i will calcutta bitch up in here. i will cal. cut. a. bitch.”
  • “YOU’RE not the only one that’s hurting.”
  • “YOU’RE the smartest, ballsiest, bitchiest, truly terrifying woman that i have enjoyed in a really long time.”
  • “YOU don’t deserve to be treated like that.”
  • “YOU don’t know my pain.”
  • “IF i was doing something stupid, you would definitely be involved.”
  • “AND those shoelaces must be tied together ‘cause you are straight trippin’, yo.”
  • “DO i regret it? yes. would i do it again? probably.”
  • “SHE makes you weak and penis dumb.”
  • “I don’t think i can even look at him without getting pregnant.“
  • "I’M gonna ask you to get out of my girlfriend’s bed, man.”
  • “I think i’m getting my period.”
  • “I don’t want nobody to eat me! i got thick thighs! i got a fat ass!”
  • “THEY love me so much, and to be honest, it scares me. i don’t think i deserve all of that love.”

Dreaming a little dream of Spring

It’s never too early to want to dream of spring imo. Here’s a quick McGenji commission I got from @spursjanglin here and over on twitter. They got a winged au going on and I am all about them wings.

Hope yall enjoy it as much as they did!

Amusement Park of Love | Tyler Bate

A/N - I’m proud to participate in the lovely Valentine’s Day(s) Event that @wrasslesmut is hosting . Yall know how much I love my British Babies so ❤

Tagging - @asylumxclub @hardcorewwetrash @fuckyeahbulletclub @screamersdontdance @macfizzle @daintymissdevitt @justtookawaii

“And your total is 113 dollars and 35 cents” The woman finished ringing up all of my makeup. That price was way too high..

“Uh on second thought I think I’m gonna get rid of those 2 eyeshadow palettes” I pointed to the two black cases that lied under the mountain of makeup.

Tyler took my hand into his and looked confused, “Y/N what’s wrong?”

I sighed, “Thats too much money Tyler…you shouldn’t waste it on me..”

He smiled big and pulled me close, “Don’t worry love, Its not a waste if its going towards something you like alright…”

I couldn’t argue with him when he acted this cute. He finished paying for the makeup and put his arm back around me. Today was indeed valentine’s day and Tyler insisted that today was my day, I told him several times that its a day for the both of us but he refused to think so.

Our next stop was the amusement park, I was terrified of heights but Tyler was always trying to convice me that he’d be right beside me.

“Come on love let’s go on this ride” Tyler motioned his arm towards the giant tower that stood maybe 200+ feet high.

My face went completely pale, “uhhh…Where’s nowayjose I need him because i’m definitely NOT going on that”

Tyler’s smile slowly washed off and his shoulders began to hang. I groan loudly and pinch his cheek, “Okay! I’ll go on it if we can go into the Tunnel of Love after this.”

“Awesome let’s go! We have fast lane passes so the line shouldn’t be too bad.” Tyler grabbed ahold of my hand and dragged me towards the ride.

My stomach began to toss and turn the closer we got to it. The screams drowned out as they shot up the tower , I couldn’t stop staring at the top of the ride it look like it was shaking everytime people shot up to the top.

“I can’t do this Tyler…the ride doesn’t look stable” I lick my lips and watched the next set of people come down. If anything they all look shook out of their minds.

Tyler pulled me into his chest and kissed my forehead. “Its okay Y/N, I’ll be right beside you I promise!”

I look up at him and try to give him the best “I-believe-you-but-I’m-still-unsure-about-this” face. The ride operator and technicians had us walk over to the seats and buckle in, I sorta struggled to reach around the harness to buckle myself and I guess Tyler noticed quickly and came over to buckle it for me.

Once everyone was buckled in the technicians ran around and checked all of the harnesses before giving the all clear. Tyler was right beside me and so hyped up for the ride to start.

The fear set in when I struggled to move and realized this was actually happening. I grab ahold of his hand and start balling into tears, “I can’t believe you talked me into doing this you monster!”

He chuckled, “Love the ride hasn’t even started yet. Look you–”

Before he could finish his sentence we shot up at lightening speed. I couldn’t control myself as I cried the whole way up. When we finally settled at the top, I began to calm down but only to get my heart ripped out as we shot downward.

I unlock the harness and rush out of the exit. I sat on the bench and tried to catch my breath, Tyler kneeled down in front of me and rubbed my knee.

“Okay baby I’m sorry.. Here take these.. Lets go on in the Tunnel of Love okay?” He pulled out a few tissues and wiped my face and handed me more to blow my nose.

Once I was settled I linked arms with him and headed towards the Tunnel of Love. Surprisingly the line was very short and we got our boat quickly.

“Choose your path…well my lady choose your path. Path of Lust , Path of Pleasure or Path of Sweetness?” Tyler’s hand hovered over the buttons as he waited for me to choose.

I think for a moment and push his hand down on Path of Pleasure.

I smile with guilty eyes at him, “It sounded promising.” Tyler smiled wrapped his arm around me.

Our boat slowly went through the second giant door and shut behind us as we finally made it passed. The boat took us through a room full of pink clouds and bubbles, a female animatronic lied on a cloud blowing a kiss our way, she wore a short hot pink flowy dress and pink kitten heels

“If you had that on I don’t know if I could handle myself” Tyler moved his hand under my shirt.

“Hey! Mister Gentleman be patient.” I slap his thigh and make him laugh, he puts his hand up and surrenders.

We enjoyed the rest of the ride and finally finished after what seemed like a long 10mins.

“Lets go try some mini games” I hop onto his back and head towards the first stall. Tyler kept telling me that he was the GOAT at these minigames, as much as he liked to say that..he never follows through.

We sit in our seats and listen to the guy telling us all of the instructions. “Ladies and gentlemen here we have a series of ducks what you are to do is to spray your little target with the water gun in front of you and get it across the finish line. First duck to pass the finish line wins this giant plush duck. Now on your marks. Get set. Go!”

I smash my finger on the trigger and aim for my target. This wasn’t so bad it was rather easy I was surely gonna win. My duck was half way and Tyler’s was just a few inches behind mine, I wasn’t paying much attention to the target because my duck had stopped moving. I looked back at the target to see it moving around, tyler’s duck had passed mine as I tried to aim for the target again.

“WINNER!” the bell had rung and the water gun had stopped letting water out. Tyler’s duck had made it to the finish line before mine, the guy handed the giant plushy duck to him.

“Babe you know i’m gonna give this to you stop staring at it” he placed the duck on my head and I reached up to grab it. “Lets head home i’m getting rather sleepy..” He held my hand as we headed towards the parking lot.

I pull out my phone and start recording us, “Today was awesome. Right babe?”

Tyler moved closer to me and placed a kiss on my cheek. “Yes it was baby…yes it was.”

anonymous asked:

Would you do a Tyki/Allen reclist?? <333

YES, i certainly WILL HAHA

if you know me then you know i love my tykillens 100% consensual and thats. That’s a bit tough, cause not many in the fandom seem to agree with me lol.  it’s a bit of a wasteland in ao3 not gonna lie but the tag there has recently been blessed, and I’ll dig out some old gold too <3

Honestly it’s uh. It’s probably gonna be easiest to organise this by authors and then I’ll like. Pick a couple of my favourites from each of them, and link a few randoms i like at the end. 

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anyway lmfao look it’s my face BTW I CURSE A LOT MY BAD probably nsfw. 


Tagging Discord people who were involved in this decision BUT I SWEAR TO ASS I WANT TO HEAR ALL A YALL PLEASE FEEL FREE. @vampatoire @nostradamusjenkins @superhiki @madshelley @theraphaellus @claudiasashes @firelight-fading