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So, I was talking to Duinne_Malfoy on the forum and she spilt her feelings all over me, and then we spent like half an hour talking about Bi!Erica and Bi!Stiles, which lead to this crack madness, and I ain’t sorry


Erica Reyes and Stiles Stilinski’s guide to being bisexual

1.      Know what bisexuality is!!!!! Aka read the FAQ

“The actual definition of bisexual is getting the best of both words.” Decided Stiles three hours in their impromptu study session, arching one single eyebrow in what he hoped was a Derek Hale Eyebrow Rise N. 7. It was a pathetic attempt. They both knew it.

Erica tapped a few words on her phone with an eyeroll. “Unfortunately, you are wrong. The actual definition is loving both baseball and volleyball.”

Stiles stared at her for a beat. “Is it a metaphor?”


“What’s the metaphor?”

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Serum Heartbreak

Summary: With Bucky’s serum comes bad news about ever starting a family.

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A/N: guys I’m literally thinking about making a second part to this, but I don’t know. Depends if this actually gained some popularity. The idea struck me, I wrote while it was stuck in my head, and this was my outcome. Sorry for misspellings and mistakes. Enjoy at your own risk.

WARNINGS - Talks of miscarriage, sadness

You sat there impatiently, feeling as if the world had completely frozen and time had stopped. You were biting your nails, pacing the wooden floors of your home, just with the highest spirits that something good would finally come out of this. Checking your phone for what seemed like the millionth time, you exhaled nervously when the alarm began sounding. You gritted your teeth, unsure if you really wanted to look.

“(Y/N), is it time?” Bucky’s voice sounded from downstairs. His footsteps were heard on the staircase, his head appearing around the corner next. He looked at you with hope-filled eyes. You nodded. “Bucky, I’m scared.” You admitted with tear-filled eyes. He understood; he had the same exact fear.

“If it’s negative, we need to come to an agreement that we’ll see a doctor about it.” He looked at you with heartfelt eyes. You nodded, but it didn’t relieve any of the anxiety. All you wanted to see what two pink lines that declared a positive, straight forward answer that a little Barnes could run around the house.

“You look.” You hesitantly said. Bucky’s eyes widened. He truly didn’t want to see if it were to be negative. He’s seen how much heartbreak you’ve went through. Not arguing, he stepped inside the bathroom as you took a seat on the bed you shared.

Moments later, he reentered the bedroom. By the look on his face, you already knew the answer. Tears filled your eyes as your head dropped into your hands. Dropping the pregnancy test onto the floor, Bucky rushed over to you and embraced you, bringing you into him. You let your cries get louder as you buried your face into your chest, squeezing the fabric of his shirt in your fingers.

“Why?!” You yelled through a strangled cry. Bucky had tears in his eyes, but he tried his hardest to blink them back. This is the ninth pregnancy test you have taken, still negative. You and Bucky got married two years ago and couldn’t have a child of your own. You couldn’t understand it. 

“Do you want to schedule an appointment?” He questioned after a few moments of silence. You nodded, wiping your eyes with your thumbs. He nodded his head, placing his finger underneath your chin, tilting your head upward to meet his gaze. “I love you,” He breathed out, placing his lips on yours, kissing you. You kissed back, wrapping your arms around his neck tightly. “I love you too.” You stammered, still feeling as though you had to cry.

“I am so sorry you two are having such complications.” The doctor breathed out, holding your chart in her hands. Bucky stood beside you with his hand rested on your shoulder, his metal one intertwined with yours. “Do you have any idea what the problem is?” You questioned. “We’ve tried for so long. Am I infertile?” You really hoped that wasn’t the case.

“Actually,” She looked up at Bucky. “It Mr. Barnes.” Your eyes met his as he had a disappointed look on his face. “It’s the serum…” He mumbled uncomfortably. The doctor nodded. “You’re correct… The serum that you have counteracts any chance of becoming pregnant. Whatever it is, it’s incompatible. I’m very sorry.”

You bit down on your bottom lip. You were relieved that it wasn’t you, but you felt so horrible. You knew this had hit Bucky. You took a brief moment to look at him, seeing as his eyes began to fill with tears. He wrinkled his nose in attempt to not cry, but you knew as soon as you two were in the car, he’d breakdown.

“The options that you have left are to use a surrogate, adoption, or possibly a sperm donor. As stated before, we can’t use Bucky’s due to the serum.” 

You shook your head. “We’ll have to think about it… Thank you.” You breathed out, getting off of the examining table. 

“There is one more thing I must state.” The doctor stopped you before you two exited. Bucky turned his attention, taking a listen. You arched your eyebrows, waiting for her words.

“If you were to even become pregnant by Bucky, the baby’s life would be in danger. Due to the serum, the baby would stand a high chance of not surviving inside the womb. You may not even carry to full-term. You could also be at a high risk as well. We would stand a chance of the baby obtaining Bucky’s serum through his or her DNA.” She explained. You just nodded, really not wanting to believe anything. You wished you two could just wake up from this horrible nightmare.

“I’m so sorry.” Bucky stared at you, letting his tears flow. He looked so broken, so hurt, so ashamed. “I-I can’t even bear children! If I do, they could be a walking monster or worse… I-I’d lose you.” He cried harder while he sat on the couch. Your heart broke at the sight. You were right by his side, wrapping both your arms around him.

“Bucky, please don’t cry.” You felt his head rest on your chest, his arms wrapping around your midsection. “(Y/N), I’ve practically destroyed our dreams of ever starting a family… H-How can you love me for that?” He looked up at you, his eyes becoming red and puffy. You took your thumbs and wiped them underneath his eyes, then ran your fingers through his hair soothingly. 

“Nothing could ever make me not love you, Bucky. You’re my everything. We have other options to have a child. We aren’t all out of selections just yet.” You assured him with a smile that was filled with pain. Not only for yourself, but for Bucky, too.

“I just wanted us to have a baby… I wanted our family to be complete. I’ve just gone through so much. HYDRA, the brainwashing, and now this.” He said through breathy exhales. You sat back on the couch and motioned for him to lay down. He complied and turned, resting his head in your lap. You continued to run your fingers through his locks, watching as his eyes slowly closed with each movement.

“I just want you to remember that no matter what we face, I’ll always love you.” You looked down at him. He opened his eyes for a moment to stare up at you. His hands found their ways to yours, gripping them. “I seriously don’t know what I’d do without you.” He admitted.

“You wouldn’t have anyone to help wash that arm of yours.” You chuckled, running your fingers over the metal. He smirked, shaking his head. “That’s a truthful statement.” He agreed.