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6x16|| The five times Harvey Specter tries to move Heaven & Earth for Mike Ross and the one time he does.


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(I’ve started a little “series” thing. I’ve got ideas for all of the Potter-Malfoy kids and I’ll be releasing drawings and headcanons of them. I hope you enjoy!! I’d advise that you go look at the other kid’s stuff to avoid confusion)

The next of the Potter-Malfoy kids I’d like to introduce you to is Eltanin

  • It was May of 2006, and Eudora was about 4-5 months along with Alsafi when Harry opened the front door to find a baby snoozing on his doorstep. 
  • The baby looked newly born, with tufts of hair on his head, two patches of which, Harry noticed, were bright white.
  • With the shock of it all, Harry dropped a quite heavy bag he had been planning to bring with him to work
  • It made a loud thunk right next to the baby + harry just winced expecting to hear shrieks of crying
  • but the baby was silent
  • Harry ofc immediately hurried him inside to make sure he was warm and alive with no obvious problems.
  • and that’s when the baby began to wail 
  • It’s crying echoed through the house, loud enough to wake up the whole house. (8 y/o Teddy, 4 y/o twins, 2 y/o Cassiopeia and of course, nearly 26 y/o Draco)
  • Harry wasn’t able to quiet the baby + was v scared that perhaps the baby was in pain or had some sort of medical issue.
  • So, Draco stumbles down stairs + before he sees the baby he’s yawning and asking why Cassiopeia is shrieking that loudly 
  • … and then he freezes. that baby is not Cassiopeia. He’s much smaller, and much darker. 
  • he’s only frozen for a grand total of 2 seconds before he starts to freak out
  • + for just a hot, terrifying second, Draco looks around expecting to find Eudora. But no, this wasn’t their baby, Alsafi. It was too big to be so premature.
  • Harry , still trying to rock the baby attempts to calmly explain that no, he did not steal a baby
  •  In the wee hours of this morning, Draco + Harry are running around trying to figure out what to do.
  • They finally get the baby to quiet down in Draco’s arms, while Harry sits across from him. 
  • Draco’s looking down at the boy and with a jolt, sees that his eyes are open. and he just kind of… gaps down at him. 
  • “…harry… his eyes… one’s- one’s bright blue.” He just whispers distractedly and bit concerned. 
  • He generally wouldn’t be concerned about Heterochromia, but the fact that this boy did not seem to be able to genetically have any shade of blue eyes worried him 
  • perhaps he had been cursed and left to them?
  • Harry comes over too and stares down at the infant. Something is itching at the back of brain
  •  “We have to take him to St. Mungo’s don’t we?” 
  • So they send a fire message to Molly to come watch the kids while before flooing over to St. Mungos.
  • Mediwitches take the boy and inspect him, all while Draco and Harry wait in another room, anxious.
  • They’re eventually told that the boy is a newborn and looks to have “Moderate Sedendum Syndrome” which the muggles call “Type II Waardenburg Syndrome.”
  • The boy is permanently deaf and has pigmentation issues. The only major concern is that they need to watch him for Kidney and Pulmonary Artery Abnormalities, but he should be fine. 
  • The mediwitch also shows them that a boy had been written on on his stomach, leaving a message that his parents did not want him because of his condition (in which, they thought it a curse) and that they left it with Draco and Harry because they’re “collecting kids anyway? What’s one more?”
  • This message later leaves Hermione to make the note that the baby’s parents are probably purebloods, as they didn’t think it could be a mundane defect
  • Harry gently scrubs it off with his own hands, feeling a bit angry and protective over the boy already 
  • Then starts the long and complicated meetings with the Social work department of the Ministry. + the long conversations over whether or not they should keep the boy, especially with a son already on the way.
  • They end up deciding to send him to the “international foster home” I mentioned before bc two newborn babies to take care of in the span of 5 months didn’t seem like something they could realistically handle with all their children.
  • but that night neither of them can sleep, and in their guts it just feels right to take the boy in. because over all the time trying to figure out what to do with him, they had both been thinking about things like names, and what his room would look like and whether Anita would share with him or not. What house he would be in. What kind of magic he would do.
  • So they take him (bc shit, their first children were twins, they could do this) and name him Eltanin (Lucius). and get him fitted for hearing aids (cute little ones with nifflers on them) 
  • They begin to teach the other kids sign language immediately, learning themselves constantly, so that by the time Eltanin is 6 months old, they can start working with him on it. 
  • they also try to anticipate his future life, Hogwarts and beyond that. 
  • they meet with lots of people. deaf wizards and muggles as well as parents of deaf wizards and muggles. speech therapists. doctors. specialists. anyone who can give them a full view. (one of these people happen to be Theodore Nott, who had recently had a son who was born with profound hearing loss)
  • They had a few main questions: Should they encourage him to learn to speak and sign at the same time? Can he even learn to speak with profound hearing loss? Should he get a cochlear implant or not? Should he not go to Hogwarts and instead go to a school for the deaf, where he could feel more culturally intact? 
  • In short, it all boils down to, how much will his deafness affect his life?
  • They decide to go ahead with a witch speech therapist, specifically trained to deal with children with profound hearing loss. 
  • They want him to learn to speak and sign, but were advised not to invest in a cochlear implant, because Eltanin may not want it in the future. He could go to Hogwarts, but should probably have regular contact with other deaf wizards. Which means lots of playdates with Hyacinthus Nott.
  • he’s not a crier, or a complainer, or a tantrum thrower.
  • He’ll cry if he needs something and stops when he gets it. If he falls, he asks for a bandaid and moves on. If he’s upset he hides it.
  • As Eltanin gets older this concerns Harry greatly. He begins to tell Eltanin when he’s 5 that he can come to Harry if he’s upset. That he won’t be mad or judge him if that’s what he’s worried about. That it’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to show that sometimes, even if they aren’t your shining and most proud moments.
  • But Eltanin is happy kid. He’s very bubbly and one that jokes around a lot
  • but he’s also sassy. Like.. too sassy for his own good. He’s a back talker and frequent sarcasm user. (He signs sarcastically, I mean. no one even knows how he manages it) 
  • He insists on continuing the whole “niffler hearing aids” thing for his entire life bc this boy is obsessed with extremely random things
  • He loves nifflers, finds them fascinating. and the Goblin Rebellions? Don’t even get him started. He also likes Korean Wizard rock bands that Harry constantly dad jokes him about
  • Though he and Alsafi are only 7 months apart, they end up going into separate years bc of the August cut off and Eltanin never lets him forget it. “I am your older brother, therefore my clear authority over you dictates that…”
  • He gets to Hogwarts and the hat takes a very long time to decide. Is he a Gryffindor or is he Ravenclaw or …”Slytherin!” 
  • Eltanin was well liked by his housemates, who immediately learned sign language for him. Even the Slytherins who didn’t know Eltanin learned to sign
  • It eventually got to the point of being a tradition in the Slytherin house, which was upheld for many decades past Eltanin being there.
  • (Around 12 Eltanin’s hair turned completely white, which his housemates thought was super cool.)
  • Everything seemed amazing for Eltanin and the other kids but, at this point people started to talk. 
  • Those who went through the war and knew what Draco Malfoy did. Those who were so anti-dark wizard that they couldn’t believe- didn’t believe - that Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world, could really marry Draco Malfoy of his own free will, in his right mind. and on the other hand, why would Draco Malfoy want to marry and have kids with Harry Potter anyway? Not to mention, they were turning out mostly Slytherin children…
  • It was still only whispers and rumors and conspiracy, still things whispered behind hands and laughed at by most. The kids were teased sometimes, something Teddy always put a stop to.
  • .. until about a year later when Rita Skeeter released a 962 page book. “Draco Malfoy’s Dark Secret” 
  • It outlined (with plenty of extremely convincing evidence) how Draco is continually slipping Harry love potions in order to trap him, and is now taking in children to brainwash and turn into soldiers, “or worse, experiment on”. It painted Harry as a tragic victim and their kids as possibly dangerous.
  • To the general public this accusation seemed extremely far fetched and completely silly. Some saying it “worthy of the Lovegoods” until they read it.
  • When Draco and Harry got a copy in their hands, they were sure that if they hadn’t been them, they would have a hard time not believing this theory, with all the evidence they’d no idea how Rita acquired. 
  • Ron even half believed it. Harry caught him checking a mug of coffee Draco had made for him, and tried to ask Harry if he was sure of what was going on. 
  • Harry had just snatched the drink away and gulped it down, looking Ron straight in the eye and refusing to speak to him for days. 
  • It was the kids who took the brunt of it really. Teddy had graduated and the Slytherins were the only ones who took up for them.
  • It got so bad that Sirius ended up taking refuge, sleeping in turns in her sibling’s beds and studying between breaks in the Slytherin common room. 
  • It began to be a normal sight to see red and gold Sirius sitting in their common room.
  • Rita’s book was even banned in Hogwarts in an attempt to help the kids.
  • Harry and Draco had to keep holed up inside, with Ginny bringing the necessities.
  • It was interestingly Neville who came to the aid of Harry. With the help of Luna and Hannah, he put together a book with interviews, pictures and stories from anyone who knew Harry and Draco well.
  •  Rolf, Hermione, Ron, Dean, Seamus, Pavarti and Padma, all the Weasleys, Dennis Creevey, Eltanin’s speech therapist, Narcissa and Lucius, Andromeda, Hagrid, Professors Mcgonagall, Sprout, Slughorn and Flitwick, Eleanora, various Mediwitches and healers. Mrs Figg, Cho Chang, Viktor Krum, Gabrielle Delacor, and even Blaise, Pansy, Theodore and their spouses showed up to help. 
  • The book was exactly 963 pages and was simply labeled “the Truth About the Potter-Malfoy Family” 
  • It didn’t exactly cause the Potter-Malfoys to be considered a group angels, but it did finally quiet the craziness Rita had started.
  • Eltanin had a relatively normal Hogwarts-career after that fiasco.
  • He’s the only of the kids that didn’t play quidditch, but you bet your ass he was out there with their names on hid forehead whenever they played.
  • Eltanin is a fantastic Potioneer
  • He ended up going by “Malfoy” 
  • + after being told about their parents as students, he and Alsafi jokingly sneered “Potter” “Malfoy” at each other whenever they passed



Anita wants this house so badly it is a physical pain in her chest. She’s in love with this house. She doesn’t want to wake up tomorrow and know that it has slipped away. She tries to conceal the extent of her longing from the agent, who she is sure can sense desperation in the same ways animals can sense fear.

Anita: This isn’t a bad place. Better than most of the ones we’ve seen, anyway. Can we make an offer?
Agent: Of course.

Anita names a price. The agent gives her a pitying smile.

Agent: Oh dear, heavens no. The sellers wouldn’t even consider anything below 1.6-
Anita: They’re dreaming. I know the market. This is a nice house, but it certainly isn’t worth that.
Agent: The house next door went for 1.5 several weeks ago, and it was on a block half the size, and it only had three bedrooms.
Anita: I’ll pay cash.
Agent: I’m sorry, but really, I can’t. Your offer is completely unrealistic-

Joël  wanders away to find Jared. He is finding Anita’s growing anguish difficult to witness. Anita finds him 10 minutes later on the seesaw with Jared. She stands watching them, her expression inscrutable Joël tries to keep his voice light.

Joël: How did you go?
Anita: She won’t budge.
Joël: So what are we going to do? Keep looking?
Anita: No. I want this house. And I’m going to buy this house.
Joël: How? We don’t have that much money-
Anita: We’d have enough money if you sold your houseboat.

The truth was I’m looking at Anita and I’m looking at Brian and I’m looking at her, and I’m thinking, there’s nothing I can do about this. I’m going to have to be with her. I’m going to have her or she’s going to have me. One way or another. The realization didn’t help things.

- Keith Richards, “Life”

The Anita Blake Drinking Game

Take a drink if…

  • Anita is at a strip club (not because she wants to be but because she is On A Case) and somebody goes up on stage and casts a spell on the whole crowd except her.
  • Anita complains that though you shouldn’t look into a vampire’s eyes, it’s hard to look at someone’s face without making eye contact.
  • Anita is on a plane and she complains she hates flying.
  • Anita only got an hour of sleep last night. (She seems fine, though.)
  • Anita tells a story that ends, “They never did find his torso.”
  • Anita wonders whether she has “become one of the monsters,” and decides she has. Three pages later she wonders this again, and comes to the same conclusion. Cycle repeats for whole entire book.
  • Anita meets a woman who does not live up to her standards of hard-assedness. She will shortly be in deadly danger, and may die.
  • Anita meets an attractive woman who is powerful and sexually assertive. She is evil and/or mentally unbalanced, and will shortly die.
  • Anita meets someone who is religious and pities them. They are probably mentally unbalanced and about to die.
  • Anita forgets she was supposed to go work out with Veronica today.
  • Veronica worries that Anita might be in over her head. Then she gives her the information she needs for a suicide mission.
  • Dolph warns Anita that he doesn’t want to have to arrest her for murder. Then he gives her the information she needs to murder a million billion people.
  • Anita meets a guy who has “nothing home behind his eyes.”
  • Anita calls somebody “ethnic” and “sexy.”
  • A sexist police officer attempts to prevent Anita from viewing the crime scene. An older white male authority figure lets her in shortly after.
  • A police officer tells Anita she is not tough enough to handle the sight of the corpse. She gives a speech about how maybe she isn’t, but it’s her job.
  • Anita throws up someplace near the corpse. Someone points out to the police officer making fun of her about it that he or one of his subordinates did the same thing.
  • There is a female police officer. Anita comments that it’s rare not to be the only woman at the crime scene, then criticizes the woman for trying too hard to be one of the boys.
  • Anita gives an older white male authority figure information about supernatural creatures in a hard-ass, professional manner, impressing or frightening him depending on whether we’re supposed to like him.
  • Anita makes some sort of angry statement or gesture to a supernatural creature. Everyone is shocked. Someone sighs and tells someone else to tell her. The someone else explains that according to the laws of that particular supernatural creature’s society, she has just declared herself its master/its lover/a rival claimant to the throne/etc.
  • Anita describes her scars and their backstories.
  • Anita describes her scars and their backstories aloud, to somebody who doubts her bad-assitude. They are so shocked that they tell her about their Secret Trauma.
  • Anita describes the various guns she’s carrying, indicating that some of them were gifts from “a friend who doesn’t care too much about “legal,”" and explains whether and why they are loaded with silver bullets.
  • Anita describes the relative sexiness of her own clothes.
  • Someone else (probably male) gives a higher estimation of the sexiness of said clothes.
  • Jean-Claude buys the entire cast a new wardrobe for some reason.
  • Descriptions of Jean-Claude’s garments substitute for his characterization.
  • Anita observes that Jean-Claude is “beautiful, but somehow completely masculine.”
  • Anita comments that someone “looks a porn star.”
  • Anita does not have time to change out of her bloodstained clothes before she has to go meet someone respectable and nicely-dressed.
  • Richard complains that Anita is mean.
  • Anita complains that Richard is a wuss.
  • Anita reminisces about something twee that she did with Richard.
  • A werewolf complains that Anita “is not pack.” Several pages are spent expounding why she technically is.
  • Jason, Stephen, Nathaniel, Cherry, and Zane are simultaneously sexualized and infantilized. (So, the wereleopards? Have we ever actually seen any of them turn into a frickin’ leopard? Why do they spend all their time weeping and clinging to Anita?)
  • Somebody is sexually assaulted by a decomposing thing. Anita blows the decomposing thing up, thus “violating truce” and dooming the city.
  • Anita describes Edward as “Aryan.”
  • Anita acknowledges that though Edward is a sociopath and would kill her, they are still friends.
  • Anita wonders what’s going on inside Edward’s head.
  • To save someone’s life, Anita is forced to fondle a supernatural creature.
  • The phrase “the power” is a transparent euphemism for “Anita’s genitalia.”

Keiynan’s Instagram Live (8.13.2017)

It had been a few days since Nasir had last seen Anita in the coffee shop, and though he came to terms with it, he still waited a couple of days before contacting her. 

It wasn’t because he wanted to keep her waiting, but because he wanted her to know he put real thought into their situation.

He knew the moment she walked out that coffee shop that he wanted to have her and their family forever.

So when he called her that morning to see when she wanted to meet up and where she said she would meet him for lunch by her office.

Seeing her walk up he was really starting to wonder if she realized she couldn’t be out her looking that fine. He wasn’t sure why but knowing she was carrying his child made her strut, the sway of her hips, and the bounce of her chest just so much more arousing. 

That was the mother of his child looking like walking sex and success.

Waving her over when she started to look around for him, she smiled and headed toward him. 

Yo Anita. You know your pregnant right?

Whats that supposed to mean?

Well one your in heels, and two you out her letting my son’s milk supply get cold!”


Hell yea! Imma finally have my Nasir Jr!

Nasir what makes you think I want all my kids to be boys?

Look, all of them don’t have to be boys, but just this one and then we can work on the girls.

“WORK ON GIRLS?! Nasir how many times you thinking of getting me pregnant?!

You said we together for life right? Well why not have us a house full?

Nasir do you need to meet some other time? I did not leave the office to listen to a deranged man tell me how he gonna juice me up and im not even out of this pregnancy yet.

Girl look at you though. You carry so fuckin well, like girl if we werent in public!

SHUT UP!” she screamed covering her mouth as she laughed.

Nah, but forreal. I have thought about this thoroughly and Anita I want our child. I want our family. Me, you, Montrell, Jr. I want all of it and more.


No Anita I’m serious. I can’t live without you.

We have a whole ass family to raise! How are you going to not have me around?

No I mean I want us to build this family Anita. I want to be with ya’ll, to watch you give birth to our child.


Yes and all of our future children, Montrell is going to be such a great big brother, but im glad we on the same page. I want bout four more after this so you know we gotta get to work.

Uhhh well…..” 

But lets get finished with this child first.

Children Nasir.

Yea we just….” 

No Nasir. CHILDREN. You want to get done with these children first.


Nasir we’re having triplets.


Because I didn’t want it to effect your decision. Is it effecting it?

FUCK NO! I still want our family, but I….Anita….triplets?!

Look I didn’t juice myself, and all in one night at that.


Nasir…stop  being loud!” she said looking around at the other people out for lunch, looking like his present past and future.

Marry me.

NIGGA WHAT?!” she said whipping around to look him in the face.

Marry me.

Nigga, I did not tell you about our kids for you to feel like you have a responsibility…….

Wohhhh slow your roll baby mama.” he said garnering him a side eye. 

Even if you werent pregnant and let alone with triplets, I would have asked you the same question.

Nasir I……

“I love you Anita, more then I ever knew and it has nothing to do with our…our triplets on the way. Anita I look at you and I see my future, I see my happiness, I see the love you have for me even after everything I have done and will do. Anita, Marry me.

Watching her as she seemed to think and watching a many of emotions cross her face she finally looked to me, looking me in the eyes and sighing.


Wait what?” 

Look i need to get back to the office.

Wait Anita…what?” he asked as he watched her gather her stuff and get up.

Anita I don’t….

Nasir just no.”

Anita its not because of our babies, its really because I love you, I can’t live without you.

Watching her stop and look back at me she smiled slightly. 

And you won’t, however you still disrespected me Nasir. How you talked down to me during that argument I would have honestly just took as you being in the moment, but it was still extremely disrespectful and add that to how you always quick to jump to your own conclusions no matter what I do, I just…I…just no Nasir.

I’m sor……

I have to go Nasir. I’ll be in contact.” was the last thing she said and then she was off leaving him there feeling like shit, because with that situation he forgot how it could have hurt her and because of that he accepted her no. But that didn’t mean he was giving up.  

Anita was put on the earth for him and he knew although he fucked up he would work to be worthy of her and her love. 

So…ya like MEMES?

I actually made this a few weeks after the first trailer for Splatoon 2 was released in response to Hisashi Nogami making this pose himself, but I had never posted it publicly (hence the old clothes for Anita here). But then Nintendo totally somehow found this picture and totally used it as inspiration for the Dualie Squelchers. I found this out because my uncle totally works for Nintendo, I swear.

My Thoughts on Liana K

Recently, I’ve seen some talk of Liana K around Tumblr and even got a few asks about her since she’s been related in a bit of drama lately.  Recently she even started a kickstarter to start a “tropes vs women” style video series, basically doing the same thing Anita is but relying on the fact that she’s more knowledgeable about gaming than Anita.  I’m going to put my thoughts down as best I can.

I don’t like Liana.  For several reasons.  I believe her to be just as toxic as Anita Sarkeesian, just as ideologically driven, but she at the least has the experience in the nerd/gaming subculture to not make the same mistakes.

Keep reading