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Honestly, Amber was not the kind of person to comfort people. It just wasn’t in her DNA, but here she was- planning on doing exactly that, because despite what he’d said, she mostly blamed herself for everything that had happened. How could she not? She’d practically egged him on at the party. But then again- she did that to everyone, because she’d always been a firm believer that people didn’t do things they didn’t want to do on at least some lower level. That didn’t erase her guilt, though.

Amber knocked cautiously on the door, opening it as she peaked her head in to look around at the room, until her eyes landed on Dakota. “Hey,” she said softly, entering and shutting the door behind her before walking over. “I feel like you’re a scared little fawn I need to be cautious around- but that’s not the case, is it?” she questioned, tilting her head slightly as she smoothed a hand over his shoulder. “How are you?”


Because I was a stripper at 15 years old, I think a lot of people look at that and they think I was a prostitute and I was a whore and I did dirty things for money. When really, i was very young and I did what I had to, to survive at that time. It’s not like I was a little girl thinking like, Oh when I grow up I want to be a stripper! And I want everyone to treat me like sh*t. It definitely wasn’t like that for me. It was a survival tactic. In the urban community [especially] they really, really put me down. This one time I was in Milan and I’m literally around multi-millionaires and billionaires at this dinner and Dita Von Teese goes on stage and she gets buck naked and she spins around in a big martini glass and everyone clapped for her. And it’s bullsh*t. It’s not fair that it’s OK for her to do it because she’s doing it for rich white people but you know I was in like, the hood, and I did what I had to do to survive… and I constantly get ridiculed.
—  Amber Rose

under the cut you will find around 140 rp icons of the goddess/actress, amber heard from the rum diary. all of them were made by me. do not feel obligated to like or reblog if you’re using and you can use them/repost them as you please. although if you do like them, i’d love feedback and gladly take requests

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                   I DON’T HAVE TO SEE YOU RIGHT NOW.

local natives - mt. washington // breaking benjamin - so cold // ashes remain - on my own // 12 stones - lie to me // brand new - jesus christ // avenged sevenfold - so far away // daughter - medicine // favored nations - the set up //

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less than an hour?

this thing has been bugging me for awhile, so i talked to a friend to get some ‘mind enlightening experience’ nah we were just gossiping about conspiracy delulu theory

anyway we were talking about why kaisoo looked so sad during that lotte secret night concert

because “aren’t y'all conspiracionist saying that this shit is planned and some shit then why did they look sad? shouldn't they already know and prepare for it?”

well behold peasants bc i am giving you the answer now

but first to understand you need to see this;

1. krys’ reaction the day before DP issue (March 31) 

basically this post is against the comments on the video that suggesting amber was saying congrats to krys for dating kai (or for finally able to to date in public), and then ppl were saying that amber said things like “i am (happy for you)” in a sad way… 

tbh i agree with the post, i dont think kryber would discuss such matter in such a big room full of people.

besides how these ppl on the comments knew about kryber’s conversation anyway? the video’s original sound is replaced with fourwalls song

and why on earth amber would say congratz regarding the dating issue anyway?

she, as an idol, shouldve known better what kind of fuckery (insults, slurs, etc) her bestie would face in the future bc of this (dating a famous male idol – btw didnt krys say she didn’t want to date someone who was better looking than she was  /have lots of fans/ bc she’s basically would get jealous?)

i mean she did know what taeyeon went through when baekyeon happened right?

anyway, that’s beside the point bc what i want to say is how krys looked fine there, she didnt look nervous etc. actually she looked playful (with amber) and then really focused later on with her dancing.

for me this implies she didn’t know about what would happen tomorrow (April 1) ; a.k.a Dispatch News

“but i thought u say this shit is rigged and fabricated by our satanic lord SM? shouldn't she already know about that plan?”

well hold the fuck up. im not finished.

2. now let’s move onto kaisoo
watch this

im sure you can find other videos bc at that time there are DOZENS of big and famous kaisoo fansites highly active at that time (posting previews etc).

which is weird, yeah? isnt the ship died already? since kaisoo aint real now. the one that got confirmed is. yeah, right.

anyway, back to the point, kaisoo looked sad.

kyungsoo was teary-eyed and according to lots of ksoo’s stans this shit ain’t right, ksoo is rarely seen looking like this during concert. he’s usually seen in his .jpeg mode but that night his eyes were glassy.

and jongin. he looked sad and guilty…when he stared at ksoo.

you see, it’s understandable for jongin to look like that, i mean he just got outed by DP now that he has a 'gf’ (/me scoffing in the background/) prob he’s thinking “whats gonna happen next? would fans hate him?” etc

but fans cheered. fans supported him and his relationship with his gf during that night concert.

so why he didn’t look at least a bit relieved?

he did smile but come on it was a bitter smile, it looked like it was forced (for those who disagree i dare you to look at me in the eyes and say he was genuinely happy/delighted that night)

the reason WHY i always emphasize kaisoo looked sad because kaisoo DID look sad (y'all prob. thinking; “wut this bish is trying to say?”)

it’s not 'kai looked sad’ or 'soo looked sad’, but KAISOO LOOKED SAD. TOGETHER. that’s why i keep on emphasizing this shit over and over.

have you noticed jongin looked teary eyed and guilty when he stared at ksoo?

have you noticed how hard ksoo was trying to ignore jongin staring at him?

bc come on, jongin practically bent his neck to look at ksoo, he was facing ksoo. if you were on ksoo’s position you would definitely notice he stared at you and usually the normal response is looking–or at least glancing back at him

but ksoo didn’t. 

it was painfully obvious (for me and my delulu mind ofc) that ksoo tried to hold back.

“so what’s the correlation of all of these with SM’s super evil master plan which is breaking people’s heart to gain attention?”

well, you see. here lemme simplify it for you;

1. kryber looked fine the night before (March 31)
2. kaisoo looked sad, guilty, awkward, avoiding each other’s eyes on the D-day (April 1)

now lets add with these

3. SM (is suspected) has planned this (according to this post)
4. a Pann post saying the news was assumed to be released on June/July, not April 

do u get it, no?

kyrber looked fine (March 31) + kaisoo looked sad/awkward/guilty (April 01) suggesting that they (as in the idols only, SM ain’t included in the packacge) didn’t know about DP would publish the news on April 1st

(“what makes you think so?" 

well bc the girls looked fine the night before while the boys looked unhappy the day after – means they got a 'surprise motherfucker’ visit from SM/DP in timeline between March 31 - April 1, presumably around evening/night/midnight)

anyway, it means that Pann post’s assumption (which is the pairing was supposed to be released on june/july) is correct.

the pairing wasn’t supposed to be released in April. it was supposed to be done in June/July.

(the Pann post also said that another shocking couple would be revealed soon too, so i suggest y'all to prepare your heart)

also, i want to point out, isn’t it weird SM confirmed it less than an hour?

i mean, think about it.

point 1 and 2 suggest that the involved individuals didn’t know that DP would release the news on April.

Which makes sense bc according to the Pann post they were supposed to be released as couple in June/July.

and we have these ppl who were saying "SM confirmed quickly bc DP has lots of proofs”

again, think. the confirmation was done less than an hour.

do u think SM and DP had this kinda conversation on telephone?
DP: bish i have kai-stal dating proofs now
SM: yeah?
DP: yeah
SM: u r not lying?
DP: fuck no, we have lots of hot proofs too
SM: really?
DP: yeah
SM: fuck, well release it then, after that im gonna confirm it, just give me an hour
DP: mkay
SM: mkay, bye
DP: bye gurl

i mean, think about, like fucking think about it, don’t fucking tell me to “just follow the flow, let them be happy” bullshit bc can’t you see they ARE miserable now (even some anon in other kaisoo blog claimed ‘the idols are very stressed now’ and sasaeng said that ‘kai is depressed’)  

netizen are roasting their reputations now and you bitches keep saying “follow the flow” like some goddamn zombie sheeps and let them be “happy”



(okay ive heard they did but it was only once regarding the swimming pool pict but korean TV station stil using that pict as news, like come on SM do ur shit

i really need to take a chill)

erhm, anyway it was confirmed in LESS than an hour.

shouldn’t SM ask about DP’s credibility first?

“are the proofs legit? are the people in the photos really them? (tbh the picts were kinda obvious, which is weird for a couple that’s supposed to be a pairing of two careful, low-key, shy and private individuals, also those IG posts are also obvious, like, these two were asking to be caught, which is again, weird bc these two are low-key and private individuals - tbh just read this again) where do you get this?” etc

or perhaps held some meeting with PR staffs? like inviting DP’s representative to their office to discuss about it etc. 

do you think people in the office could gather so fast for a surprise meeting?
moreover in the morning (the news came out in the morning right)?

also what kind of half-assed bullshit meeting that took less than an hour? (if they did have a meeting after being called by DP regarding about this matter)

i mean they were discussing an important shit right?

this was so fucking important bc these 2 ppl are so goddamn famous in the country.

why they were like, 'mkay i think we should confirm it bc DP said they have lots of hot picts’?

didnt they need to ask the two individuals first? like, “so u two r really dating or wut?”

everything should’ve taken time more than an hour. but it didn’t. 

also do y'all remember PCY post in IG? idk the exact hours but fans said he uploaded it at night/midnight (KST time).

tbh i do really believe he posted this bc he knew what was going to happen gonna make lots of ppl cried

(the pict is about ksoo crying with that 'delusional’ caption, i think this guy knew that kaisoo shippers gonna cry bc delusional is kinda a slogan for KS shippers)

“so what does that mean then??? what are you trying to say????????”

it means that “SM confirmed very quickly / less than an hour because DP has more hots proofs” is a motherfucking bullshit.

SM had already discussed it before with DP – prob on March 31 or even way before March 31

also judging from the people who are involved;

pcy with his post,

kryber looked fine (not nervous) on the night [more like evening i think–if we look at the video, it seems they were in concert / banquet room, usually such event, like concert etc takes time around evening-night] before (March 31),

it seems that they were all told about the DP news at night/midnight (prob few hours before pcy posted the pict on his IG – although regarding pcy, this guy cried on March 27 at airport, tbh i have absolutely no clue / assumption / idea why he did it)

also imo the reason why kaisoo, especially kai, looked saddened is prob bc he was not prepared. 

according to the Pann post this whole thing was supposed to be done in June-July anyway.

but – hold on lemme wear my tin foil hat – perhaps there’s another reason, i mean don’t you think it’s weird they chose April 1st as the date? April’s Fool? 

As if the couple was going to be made as a joke? But it wasn’t–isn’t  a joke bc SM confirmed it in less than an hour. 

So why choosing that date? Was something else going to be released on the same date? 

I mean, something that would gonna make public asking 'is this an April Fool joke?’ bc let’s be real here when the confirmed pairing came out ppl [fandoms] were more like 'pls let this be a joke’ instead of asking 'is this a joke?’ bc these two individuals are in much bigger ships (kryber and kaisoo)

oh well would you look at this, my deluluness is leaking… sorry. 

“why the pairing originally was about to be outed in june-july?”

tbh i think this has something to do with BTS lol. im biased, well blame them for making good music.

BIGHIT said they want to focus on BTS this year, and the group gonna have a comeback this summer (or so ive heard). i think we all know BTS and EXO rivalry is really tight, especially in Japan’s market.

also EXO gonna have a comeback too right? around summer? pcy kinda slipped this out, or so i’ve heard (well, read. i read it somewhere about this but i dont remember, so i can’t say for sure)  

tbh i think this pairing was originally to make ppl’s attention to fall on EXO later in June/July a.k.a during comeback (if it’s true they’re gonna have a comeback around that time, idk /shrug/) but it seems some shit had happened and SM/DP chose to move the date of the scandal faster

EDIT: it’s suho who said it that EXO gonna make a comeback around june – quoting the article; “Suho grew a little less gabby, however, when asked about EXO’s comeback. The EXO leader answered carefully, “If we do make a comeback, I’d personally like to guest on 'Weekly Idol,” and added, “We’ll probably make a comeback around June.” We’ll be looking forward to it!”

“you sound crazy”

i don’t sound crazy, i am crazy, so dont take my words seriously. i have no idea what’s going on too lol. this all just speculation and some shit.

also for those who complained about the theories, deal with it . i can make whatever i want, this is a blog site. what are you gonna do? punch me through your laptop/phone screen? lol good luck with that. 

for some ppl this otp is so fucking important, there are many who have told me how saddened they are bc of the Dispatch news;

“i cried bc i was so shocked” “i couldn’t eat for whole day” “i even got myself drunk” “this otp is my life idk what to do and what to believe anymore now”

it sounds pathetic but not all ppl are blessed with stress-free life. 

maybe you and your perfect beautiful life without shit going on in it won’t get how fucking important this ship/otp is to some of us, but to some ppl otp is a place of comfort, an outlet of distraction, an escape from reality.

so please give us some slack will ya? that news had shocked many of us and now y'all want us to shut up? as if. 

/stomps away angrily with my tin foil hat/

Look I did the thing I’m part of the fandom now.

Amber is a weak and anxious little gem that mainly scavenges and scouts ahead on missions. Being cowardly their weapon is more for defence than offense as it immobilises targets to allow Amber’s escape. On their own Amber can’t do much damage, but it leaves room for some pretty killer Gem fusions. Combine the trappy trappy with the smashy smashy and that fusion would be hard to beat.

Outlander 02x13 Dragonfly in Amber

I think the best thing about watching the episode at least twice is that the second time always helps me understand myself––why did I react the way I did? Is it because of my expectations? Because of how something was handled/executed? What was I looking for in the first place? Rewatching the episode sometimes changes my opinions or at least tempers them and this episode was no different. 

All season I’ve been a little nervous about how they were going to handle the 1968 portion of the story so I was THRILLED with the finale… for the most part. There was so much subtlety that worked beautifully throughout the episode (but it also made the less subtle bits stick out like sore thumbs). There was seriously so much about the finale that I LOVED (and it was so much easier to watch than last year’s which was fantastic in acting, production, story, etc. but difficult with all the Wentworth stuff content-wise). I didn’t cry as much as I did with Faith (because nothing will ever make me cry as much as just about any scene from that episode) but 90% of the emotional notes hit home and hit hard (and promise to do so on every watch). 

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Green and Amber Kisses

A Pietro x Reader One-shot

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Characters: Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, Reader/Yourself

Rated: M

Warnings: Alcohol use, drug use, abundance of Pietro.

Synopsis: Pietro’s a little shit. You want to relax. Pietro wont let you. Make a deal. Get high. Shit happens and BAM, Fanfiction is made!

( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`)

The week have proved to be stressful, exhausting and mental taxing, so when Friday night arrived, (Y/N) chose to revitalise herself with an alcoholic beverage and her smuggled stash of weed. While the balcony veranda couldn’t accommodate to holding a party, it comfortably allowed for two cushioned fold-out chairs and a table. Over looking the rear of the athletic field and woodland border, (Y/N) stretched out with a joint in-hand, occasionally sipping her drink. The stars were just visible being situated on the border of the bustling, American metropolis. The tranquil moment was however, abruptly disturbed with a knock at her door. ‘I could just pretend not to be here.’ The thought thoroughly tempting. When another series of knocks sounded on her door, she begrudgingly walked the length of her small apartment and threw open the door. Before her stood the bane of the past week; Pietro Maximoff aka you lil shit. Ignoring formalities, (Y/N) opted for cutting to the chase so she could cut to smoking away some brain cells.

“What do you want, Maximoff?” Utilising her 'don’t fuck with me stance’, her body ridged and taunt. He leans against the door frame, a lazy grin and arms crossed over his chest.

“May I?” Wind rushes past her and she turns to see him admiring the living room. Gritting her teeth, she slams the door closed, using just the right amount of excessive force and marches towards Pietro.

“No you may not and stop pretending to look interested in the décor. What do you want?” Irritatingly the smirk still present. 'He obviously hasn’t heard about when the wind changes direction…fuck, he would probably love that.’ Again he ignores the question and makes his way to the veranda, purposely touching ornaments and furniture as he passes. Her hands clench in frustration, it’s like he knows how to irritate her. Following behind him, she watches as he grabs hold of the railing and leans forward, pushing his feet off the ground.

“You 'av a nice view, yes.” He says as he looks out over the track course and boundary woodland. He may not have answered her question but it’s a start at least.

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//totally bat shit crazy theory. Buuttt. Could Amber be Emeralds mom??
Like, the hairstyle is really similar. And that’s kinda a main thing with families in RWBY, Summer looks like she has Ruby’s hair, Yang has Ravens hair and so on. (I did see a girl from Haven with close to the same hair as Amber and Emerald in the stands so I’m probably insane XD)
Similar skin tones, probably Amber has a darker tone, it’s cold in the cryochamber (thus the ice) so she would look paler then her daughter.
Why is Emerald with Cinder(probably the assailant of Amber)??? Cinder took the young Emerald under her wings after her mother “tragically died”. But also to keep Emerald out if Amber’s mind before she “died”. Emerald doesn’t know her “mom” is alive because they all where very hushy hush about the season maidens and keeping Amber in a cryochamber in the basement of Beacon.
Anyways. I’m probably insane and this isn’t what’s gonna happen, but that’s all I could think seeing amber this episode.//

the signs as minor characters from jurassic park:
  • aries:malcolm's sunglasses
  • taurus:the brachiosaurus snot that lands on lex's face
  • gemini:the stress squeeze toy on dennis's desk
  • cancer:samuel l jackson's character's severed arm
  • leo:the sick triceratops
  • virgo:the "one big pile of shit"
  • libra:jurassic park jeep #04
  • scorpio:the velociraptor that gets stuck in the kitchen meat locker
  • sagittarius:hammond's amber cane
  • capricorn:the electric fence (all of them)
  • aquarius:the "shaving cream can" w dinosaur embryos in it
  • pisces:the sea bass served @ dinner

Excuse me, but…

Our puppy just did this amazing thing and shut down all the haters. You know, the ones claiming she couldn’t be golden lacquer bc she isn’t that good, or that thin or too short? Where is the excessive amounts of Luna pride rn? Why is there not more OMG, look at our girl?

United front time f(ans).


I know that I cannot watch but I will watch it when the last episode is released on YouTube so I will wait for weeks, sorry!

First, I saw and I realized what their faces of Taiyang and Weiss’ Father looks like:


And…I don’t know what kind of weapon of Ozpin was that? Can you tell me via ask box? Hint: It’s a sword.


Third is Cinder Vs. Phyrra




And just look at Yang…sorry she’s in the hospital for now…






And about Penny…I think we will see in Volume 4.


So I kept getting comments off people on insta and elsewhere saying that I looked like Rachel???
So I guess I did a thing??
Please excuse the disgusting editing, I tried 2 different wigs and the hair colour was off and it was annoying me.
I’ve not seen anyone cosplay her so maybe I’m a first??
Idk let me now know.
I thought since I’ve cosplayed Max and Chloe, I’d test out Rachel.

F(X) Reaction - You propose after a few years of dating them. (Technically Gender Neutral)

Amber - *She gets bashful, looking down, not being able to meet your eyes, and giggles a little in delight, her cheeks coloring the softest shade of pink* “Yes.”

Luna - “I…” * She begins, feeling both ecstatic and also bashful to be so out in the open for such a personal thing.* “Why did you have to ask me here? Yes, now please stand up.”

Victoria - “Oh my God.” *She gasps as she covers her face to shield the blush that exploded across her face. Murmuring her response through her fingers.* “Do you really have to ask. Of course.”

Krystal - *You panic a little when she starts crying, and you try to comfort her, saying that she should forget you said anything.* “No, no! I love you. I want to marry you. I’m just so happy.”

Sulli - *Her smile is blinding as she nods her head in answer, her eyes shining with moisture as you slide the ring on her finger.*

- Admin Irish