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40 Question Kpop Tag

Tbh I wasn’t tagged but I still wanted to do this lmao

1. Favorite solo artist:

2. Top 5 bias groups:

3. Do you ship anyone?
Way too many to list them all but mostly Jikook, Baekyeol, Markson, and Sekai

4. What fangroups do you identify with?
Mainly Army’s and igot7′s tbh

5. How did you get into kpop?
Well my cousin has liked kpop for a long time but I never bothered looking it up till a girl I follow on Quotev was fangirling over Bambam

6. Do you know how to speak korean?
Not really. Maybe a few words but I plan on learning soon

7. Have you gone to any kpop concerts?

8. Do you have any kpop merch?
Got7′s Identify album, a few phone charm things with Amber, Bambam, and V’s faces, and a dress with Sehun’s name

9. Do you watch variety shows?
Not really

10. Top 3 Biases:
Bambam, Jungkook, and V

11. What’s the first kpop song you liked immediately upon hearing?
A by Got7

12. A kpop group you really don’t like or don’t want to give a try?
Uhm idk tbh?

13. Do ya got a feelin that ur loof is on fiyah?

14. Who is your least favorite idol?
I don’t really have one tbh?? Like I haven’t paid attention to any problematic idols

15. Do you listen to solo artists as much as groups?
Not many 

16. What has been your favorite comeback of the year?
BTS all the way

17. What is your least favorite concept/era from your favorite group?
Got7′s Stop Stop It literally just because of Jackson’s hair

18. Has your bias acted in any films or dramas at all?

19. Are you one of those people who stan over trainees or upcoming groups?
I’ve only ever paid any attention to one tbh

20. Who was your first bias ever in the kpop industry?

21. If you had a korean name, what would it be?
I have no idea??

22. Who would you want as an older brother?
Probs Jinyoung cause I’ve never seen him in a like “I’d date him” way so it wouldn’t be creepy and he seems like he’s be super caring/easy to talk to

23. Who would you want as an older sister?
Amber. 100% Amber. She is hella cool and she’s just all around a great person imo

24. Funniest couple?

25. If your bias kissed you, how would you react?

26. If your bias asked you to marry them, how would you react?

27. Worst looking idol?

28. TOP or GD?

29. Which company is your favorite?

30. In terms of looks, which group is the best?
thats really hard. Either Got7 or EXO

31. In terms of songs, which group is the best?

32. Which group would you prefer to be classmates with irl?
Seventeen. They’re all close to my age so it’d probably be easiest to talk to them

33. Who would you want as a best friend?
Vernon. I feel like he’d be super spontaneous and it’d be really fun being friends with him

34. Who would you want as a boyfriend?
Also Vernon cause out of everyone on my bias list he’s closest to my age

35. Who would you want as a friend with benefits?

36. Who will you marry?
I feel like Bambam would make the best husband cause he’s super sweet and adorable

37. How many kids will you have with him then?
I’m pretty sure I don’t really want kids but if I changed my mind 2 would be fine

38. Which kpop star do you want to have a body like?
I’m currently in the process of getting into shape and getting my body to be how I want so I’ll be happy with myself but my goal is to have a figure similar to Hwasa because damn

39. Which kpop star do you want to have a face like?
Again I’m trying to be positive and like my own face so none but one of the prettiest imo is CL

40. Which group would you want to work with in real life?
Seventeen cause they’re a bunch of sweeties and I feel like they’d be very funny/fun to be around

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hxmantxrch asked:

"Go on, babe. Get aggressive. You know I love it."

meme | hxmantxrch

The hand barely touched her shoulder before she roughly shoved it off.
Yet the queen did not bother to even look at whom had dared such a thing— that is until he commented on her actions.
With that she turned to take in the young man with the indignant arch of a regal brow, then turned away once more.
Slowly she sipped of her amber liquor, licking what lingered from her lips before she spoke.

“I do believe you have mistaken me for someone else, ~boy.”

saddiabetic asked:

Yes I am we been dating just over 6 months now and was meant to be only there 3 weeks but she got sick and I didn't want to go while she was sick so I extended it for 2 more weeks so happy I did. If you search the tag ericka she's all over my blog hehe We did so much together while I was there but my favourite parts was the simple things like stealing kisses as we shopped or having her rest her head in my lap playing with her hair as we watched movies. I love seeing you both so happy

That’s just magical(: ✨✨
I looked up the tag you two are SO CUTE!! I love it so much! That is amazing. Amber have been doing this a year next saturday(; so incredible to find such love 💕(:

Title: Death’s Daughter (Calliope Reaper-Jones #1)
Author: Amber Benson
Genre: Urban fantasy
Pages: 259
Published: February 2009
Origin: Reviewer’s Own

Warning: Discussion of racism

I’ve been looking at reading some of Amber Benson’s books for a while. Mainly because I had heard decent things about her books (I…haven’t seen that much of Buffy. I’ve seen some of the Tara episodes, and I did like Amber Benson in it, but this is more out of curiosity rather than any major feelings.) But the only series that I knew of hers was the Calliope Reaper-Jones books, and while I’ve seen the later books in the series (and a few of Benson’s standalones), me being me, I wanted to start out at the beginning. Luckily I had found a copy at one of the used bookstores near me, and immediately snapped it up.


Back in my About a Girl review, I talked about how in a lot of chick lit that I’ve read, the seemingly shortcut to make a heroine “likeable” is for her to start tearing down all but one or two other women who appear in the story, and even to their closest friends or family members at times. While I’m just still finding my way around in the urban fantasy shores, what I’ve read of it hasn’t really gone in that direction. (I think Sookie Stackhouse did, but I haven’t gone back and reread the few books that I picked up from work.) Although Death’s Daughter was written about six years ago, so that the trend of the heroine character needs to tear down the women around her was still in pretty full force, it still made me pretty angry while reading this book.

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asheliae asked:

“Care to tell me what’s going on?” (i hope it was alright to send you one;; ;v; )


✯ ┊     The voice was new, a woman from the sound, prompting the raven to slow turn towards it, amber meeting a pale shade of blue. 

He was new to this area, having never been to this world before, and wasn’t sure exactly where this place even was. What was more, he’d seen some rather… different looking people, so with bunny ears while others looked more animalistic than human.

     One thing that was here he did recognize, where the small dark creatures that seemed to be in almost every world he’d been to. Heartless.

           ❝ Funny, I was hoping you could tell me the same thing. Just… where am I exactly?


personalitystruggle asked:

Arek inhaled loudly as he started to wake up. This was not his bed. Or his living room. And Christa was there. Slowly the youtuber recalled the previous night and groaned as he turned on his side and shut his eyes. "Shit... I'm not drinking for another month." Lies. The boy glanced at Christa and noted his bright red scarf. "... I thought you hated that thing?"

After getting Arek a little help, most of the rest of the night was blurry. Hell, even up to that point was a little blurry.

Feeling someone looking at her, one bright amber eye popped open, looking up from her resting place on the Jaeger boy’s stomach. When did she fall asleep? And when did she turn Arek’s abs into a pillow? Another troubling fact, his scarf was around her neck and she was holding part of it to her face.

His words fell on deaf ears for a moment, her brain fighting to process both the sleep, the alcohol still in her system, and the situation.

Right. Last night they had come clean about why they had so much hostility toward one another. And Christa had admitted she had been hurt. That explained the loss of weight on her chest from years of holding that back and fighting through it.

Since they had cleaned the slate, what was the use of dirtying it with another lie. “… It smells like you.” She slurred out in a sleepy voice before yawning and nuzzling back into his shirt. “No one is going to be here for a few more hours… Might as well sleep off the hangover… I’ll fuck you over later.”