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Liam Dunbar x Reader x Theo Raeken

~ Part 1

Warnings: Mature content, sexual content, hints of smut, nsfw.


“Where is she?” Theo fumed as he ran after Scott. He was on his way towards the cafeteria, in hopes of getting rid of Theo since he’s been asking about your presence at least three times just this morning.

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“f-fuck off”

the personality for these is really fun to come up with, but actually drawing out the concept is always so difficult ^^;;

here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • stoic on the outside
  • A N x ie T yy on the inside
  • obsessed with outerspace & conspiracies (they’re out there)
  • glow in the dark stars
  • INHALES ANY WARM BEVERAGE (tea and coffee and apple cider)
  • L A Y E R S
  • body temp is v inconsistent
  • says mean things on accident
  • only has one snakebite bc they’re too scared to get the other one
  • is a huge mess, but obsessed with cleaning???
  • their floor is covered in clean laundry
  • weakness for small animals (birds&guinea pigs)
  • will flip u off while stuttering
  • s k i n n yy
  • super dark under eye circles
  • chews on hat strings
  • c-can’t tie my shoes, but i can f-fuck your bitch
  • meditates (loves peace and quiet)
  • can and will kick ur ass

> [ K2 Fusion ] <

The Horror Genre, Goth Subculture, and Friday the 13th

So, there’s already a post about superstitions and bad luck, but what about the people who take negative superstitions and it make their aesthetic?

Like, Planetary Cruiser XJ9-7 - known as “Adventure” - gets a new human crew member, a scientist of the highest order, a particle physicist calculating their engine thrust. Her name is Amber and she is the living embodiment of lace goth, wears a frilly black dresses with skull accessories, carries around a voodoo doll seemingly for the fun of it. She walks into the ship and starts the allowed personalization of her work and sleeping spaces by adding a skull to her workspace, hanging pentacles over her bed, laying crystals on her shelves and ordering them not to be moved, and putting gruesome posters of movie and book monsters over her walls.

The non-humans onboard Adventure are immediately concerned, and the captain consults the ship’s human sociologist, on staff for just such situations.

“Gah'veen,” Kathro'o warbles. Xe drops xerself in the chair-like pedestal that stood in the front of Gavin’s desk. “There have been …. comments about our new engineer.”

“What sort of comments?” Gavin asks. He hasn’t seen the new engineer and knows next to nothing about her except her credentials for the position. But he’s never encountered someone who shook up a crew so badly that there were complains before they even left the port.

“This human appears to worship misfortune and death. She dressed in the garb of mourning when outside her uniform. She placed a replica of a human skull on her workstation. Her quarters are filled with images referencing death and … and … I do not have the word for them, those imaginary predators that stalk humans in your traditional story-telling.”

“Monsters,” Gavin chuckles.

“Monsters! Yes! With mouths wet with human blood, standing over the mangled bodies of their unfortunate prey!”

Gavin snorts in a bad attempt to swallow laughter. “You really don’t have the concept of monsters on Eilu'ublen.”

“Of course not!” Kathro'o shouts, xer warble suddenly loud enough to hurt Gavin’s ears. Xe clicks xer mandibles in a sign of embarrassment before going on at a more reasonable volume. “There is plenty in the galaxy that can kill you in horrible ways. Only humans make up fictitious ones to add to the list.”

“Many humans find it fun,” Gavin answered casually.

“Fun?” Kathro'o face become pinched and sunken - no doubt because the blood was draining from xer face.

“It’s just … how do I put this? Aesthetic. It simply looks interesting to her, I’m sure. Some people even find stuff like that comforting.”

“Her omens and images of misfortune and death are meant to bring emotional comfort?” Kathro'o voice rattles hollowly behind xer chest plate, and xer eyes are tiny pinpoints of red set deep in xer face.

Gavin clears his throat. “Look, captain, I’ll tell the new girl to go easy on the Addams Family stuff until we can pass around some material on goth culture. In the meantime, I’m going to call the infirmary to come get you. You’re in mid-stage shock, and any longer without medical care and there might be long-term damage.”

“I … yes. That sounds … nice. Thanks to you, Gah'veen.”

They have to haul the captain to the infirmary for anti-shock treatment. Xe and the rest of crew give Amber a wide breadth, and she seems to allow that for a while. Then one day she sends Kathro'o back into the infirmary for more shock treatment by passing out treats from each crewmen’s homeland with little culturally appropriate symbols of bad luck om them. Xe’s halfway through a cycle of anti-shock drugs when Amber, in a floor-length black gown trimmed with black lace, and miniature top hat adorned with a tiny skull-and-crossbones, comes sweeping up to his bed and sits down next to him.

“Hello, Captain!” she chirps, and her cheerfulness is as bright as her chosen ensemble is dark. “I came with a gift for you!” She reaches into the black wicker basket hanging off her arm and pulls out a tiny paper bag.

The bag is a dark purple, the same eerie shade that Eilu'ublese’s exoskeletons turn when they die. On the front is Kathro’o’s name - written in careful, almost juvenile, Eilu'ublese - in powder pink lines, xe’s favorite color. Xe looks from the offering to the offeror and back again, then reluctantly reaches out xer hand for it.

Inside the bag is another, smaller, clear plastic bag filled to bursting with ifora, small cookie-like treats that are as delicious – especially to Eilu’ublese – as they are difficult to make. They’re an expensive treat around the galaxy because it takes years of culinary training to make them correctly. They’re Kathro’o single favorite thing to eat.

“How did you …?”

“They were the most expensive thing I bought, but the look on your face right now is well worth the money!” Amber beams.

They sit a while, chatting as Kathro’o finishes his treatments and gets through half the bag of ifora. As they’re walking away from the infirmary, xe finally just asks the question that’s been bothering xer.

“Am’burr. You are a great scientific mind, and very charming, and even I can see how beautiful you are.”

“You think I’m beautiful!?” Amber squeaks and turns red.

“Yes! Of course. But I don’t understand why you surround yourself with omens and death and evil.”

“Oh. The goth thing. Gavin told me it was freaking people out. That’s why I’ve been taking today to explain it. For me, it’s power. I wasn’t well liked in high school; I felt like an outcast. For me, it felt powerful to take my undesirableness and make it an amour. To feel proud of being different and strange instead of being ashamed of it. It felt cool to be badass.”

“I know this human term, “badass.” It evokes the power to control and live in situations and activates that the weaker of your peers could not handle.”

“Exactly. I wasn’t pretty, or popular, or cool. But I was strong, and scary, and not to be messed with. Besides, there is power in taking what scares you and making it something to seek out. It robs that things of its control over you, and lets you control it.”

“I understand. On Eilu'ublen, we have a similar concept called aurceth, meaning thriving on what kills others. Traveling between the stars, living one’s life in a ship jettisoning through the cold hostile blackness, living among people with almost nothing in common with oneself, even their biology, it takes aurceth.”

“Yep. You and me, Kathro’o, we’re badasses.”

“That we are, Am’burr. By the way, why today? Why all the work, the money spent, the effort?”

“I have a clock that tells me the date and time of my hometown, where my parents still live. Back there, it’s a Friday, and the thirteenth day of the month.”

“I have heard of Fur’eyday the 13th! There’s movie based on the lore!”

“Yep. What better day than the unluckiest of them, to make rounds and spread some cheer?!”

Kathro’o laughs deep in xer chest plate, an excited rumble that bounces off the walls of the hallway. “Excellent! Let us spread cheer, on this inauspicious of days so that the bad luck cannot touch us.”

Amber links her arm through xers and grins, and off they go.

After that, Kathro’o and Amber are best friends. Kathro’o is the first Eilu’ublese goth. Xe introduces the concept of monsters and the horror genre to the Eilu’ublese mainstream as his ship gains renown in its travels, and he and his unique Eilu’ublese take on goth culture become more well know. A Terran decade after that first Friday the 13th, Amber and Kathro’o marry on the observation deck of Adventure. They and their entire wedding party wear black with powder pink accents.

love me, touch me

Genre: Slice Of Life(?), Drama, Fluff, Angst, Romance

Warning(s): Vulgar Language, Hybrid Hate

Word Count: 1,048 words

Pairing: Shiba Inu! Hybrid! Jimin x Fem! Reader

Summary: You hate hybrids with a passion, at least that’s what you tell yourself. Your best friend, Amber, asks– or forces you to adopt a feral hybrid that’s meant to be put down.

Note: This story is my first, and its unedited. I’m very sorry in advance. Also there is little to no Jimin in this first part, but if this does well I’ll make a second part/complete this for people who like it.

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Nothing but disgust.

That’s all you felt as soon as you were dragged into the Hybrid Center; pure disgust for all hybrids. To those who didn’t know you, you seemed like a young businesswoman working to help hybrid’s with their rights, but truthfully; you didn’t give a single damn about them, or their rights. Your family and friends knew that.

Being a hybrid lawyer was just apart of the job.

You watched as a couple ran their fingers through two twin hybrid’s hair, both obviously happy with what they found. Your eyes then flicked over to a worker carrying small newborn hybrid to a costumer. “Fuck hybrids, Amber.” You hissed low enough for the tomboy to hear.

She gave you a weak smile before clapping her hands together, “Let’s look at the newborns! Everyone is a sucker for babies, even you, [Name]. You would always talk about having kids with–!”

“I was six and naive, don’t talk about him.” You crossed your arms tightly, gripping your sweater hard. Amber instantly gave an apologetic look, her fingertips grazing your shoulder. You could hear a faint sorry leave her lips. “Whatever, let’s just see the kits.”


Your heart was melting as you watched the baby bunny hybrid in the nursery, the nurse holding it up for you to see. Shit, I’m soft. You thought wanting to hold the little guy. Even though you were practically softer than a baby’s butt, your outer exterior was still hard; minus the small smile you gave the baby.

“Tch,” Your tongue clicked against the roof of your mouth. “It’s not that cute, Amb.” You said looking over, finally noticing Amber was holding a pup, tears brimming her eyes.

“H- Huh?” Her voice cracked a little as she rubbed her face against the child’s, holding her closely. “Wanna adopt this lil’ one? She’s precious as hell.”

“Amber, can I have the baby back? You’ll see her on Monday, you know that.” A co-worker of Amber’s said trying to take the child away from her arms. “It’s #1,725’s nap time, so give ‘er up!”

The child was pried from Amber’s iron-like grip, and taken back to the Children’s Area. You stared at her, seeing her hunched over and reaching for the little girl.

“I should adopt again.” Amber murmured in her own little world, standing up straight. The part-timer did not need another mouth to feed, especially since she made as much as a McDonald’s worker. She had to feed three mouths, not including hers.

You flicked her temple, wanting her to get rid of those stupid thoughts. “No, now show me the damn hybrid we came here for.” You ordered leaning against the glass, stealing a few glances at the kits.

Baby bunnies can make anyone soft, the fuck was she thinking bringing me here?

Amber came back to her senses after a moment or two of silence. She nodded her head, looking around. “'Kay, but he’s in the Red Zone, we gotta get someone on duty to take us.”

“The Red Zone?”

“Mhm.” She hummed trying to spot someone certified for the Red Zone. “The Zone is for dangerous, or feral hybrids. It’s also were we put them down, and is typically off limits. But you’re [Name] [Last Name], a small girl with a big name.”

You stood there. She’s trying to get me to adopt some feral hybrid?

“Yo’, Jisoo!”


“Wow, [Name] [Last Name], thee hybrid specialist.” Jisoo murmured checking out your badges on her scanner. You raised a brow taking your ID back, shoving them into your wallet. “It says here you’ve never owned a hybrid, but you grew up–”

You cut off Jisoo, “Don’t tell me where I grew up. I just want to see your hybrid, #626.” You explained cutting to the chase. Jisoo nodded and apologized to you before giving Amber a look, escorting you both to the Red Zone.

“#626 was named after Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch, by Amber Liu, of course.” She informed you bringing up his bio on her scanner. “He was brought back multiple times when he was younger, but stopped that when he was around, sixteen years old.”

You were listening to Jisoo, but your eyes were also focused on how the lighting and wall color change from a beautiful baby blue to some weird combo of blue and red. Man this is creepy as shit. Jisoo stopped at blood red doors, flashing you a gentle smile before a camera came from the ceiling, scanning you call. The clear blue light that ran over your body changed to a bright green color, the doors buzzing loudly.

“#262, #624, #626!” Jisoo stood beside the door, allowing you to look through the small glass window. “#626 was brought back due to murdering his previous owner.” She murmured looking at you.

You stared at the hybrid who was curled up in the corner of the bare room, his eyes fixated on the rubber ball in the room. He flicked it with his fingers before closing his eyes, turning his head away from it. “Did #626 show any signs of being feral or was he still feral?”

“Mhm, no. The database says nothing about him being in a feral state.”

You backed away from the window and started walking towards the exit. Amber and Jisoo watched in confusion, neither women knew what to do or say.

“Fine, I’ll take #626.”


Amber stared at you as you drove the car back to her apartment. She couldn’t believe you signed the adoption papers, you actually signed them and filled every single thing out.

She was truly amazed.

You could feel her strong gaze on you are you shifted in your seat, coming to a red light. You ignored her stare by looking out the window, staring the the gas station. “Thank you, [Name], seriously.” Amber praised you smiling a little while moving her eyes somewhere else.

“I did it so you could stop riding my dick.”

“Well, I’ll stop riding your dick. But are you still gonna be my sugar momma, ‘cause I’ve got bills to pay, and I can’t pay them on a Hybrid Caretaker salary.”

You cracked a smile. “Yeah, sure. Just stay in school, dammit. You should be paying for me, unnie.”

Saudade [1]

pairing: Jungkook | reader I Yooongi
genre: angst (Soulmate!au meets Hanahaki!au)
word count: 3.327
warnings: none
author’s note: Hellooo, Toombler! This is the first instaallment of the Saudade series (Whoot Whoot) I’m warning you guys now, i have no plot, idk where i’m going with this. Let me know if you guys want another part to this! xxx

Series: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3


Saudade;                                                                                                           ↪ The feeling of intense longing for a person or place you love but is now lost

The sky was a painting tonight.

You marveled at the beautiful twilight hues. Shades of violet bled into the indigo sky, creating bridges of colours you could only describe with the paintbrush in your hand, and the canvas in front of you. You mixed and created shades of pink, purple and blue you could not name. You paid no attention to that, art did not need a language; it was the expression of what words fail to communicate.

Art is an entity of its own.

Like you.

Many described you as wild – you were as wild as the winds that blew the curled red leaf in the air.

You watched the sun in front of you dip below the horizon like a candle being extinguished. You dipped your own brush into the paint and brushed it across the canvas, now adding the finishing strokes of cerise and amber.

You gave your painting a final look before setting down your paintbrush.

You huffed. In front of you was no match to what you saw a few minutes ago. You could never paint the splashes of colours you formed in the sky. The true and raw beauty of the sunset could never be captured. That is by you – a self-proclaimed artist.

It was rumoured that everyone has a different sky that is shared with their soulmate – except all celestial objects stay in the same position for everybody, so weather is not affected. Everyone has the ability to draw on the sky, making splash of colours or little notes for only them and their soulmate to see.

You shivered from the chilly winds as they ran across your skin. It was exhilarating as it was terrifying. You were currently situated at the rooftop of your art institution. Every evening, you came here and tried to create a somewhat decent painting of the evening sky. And every evening, you failed.

You mastered the skill of painting fruit baskets and fields of flowers. You could recreate the face of a person you had met for the first time with deadly precision. So why could you not paint something as simple as the sunset? Children could paint it. Hell, Kindergarteners could finger-paint the sunset, yet you couldn’t. Why?

Walking to the edge, you gripped the thin metal railing. It always amazed you at how fast the night changes. Now, as you looked at the early night sky, all traces of the colours had bled into one – a magnificent shade of midnight blue. The cold winds of nightfall pierced the thin layer of your shirt. You wrapped your hands around your body as you attempted to warm yourself. In vain, you rubbed your hands up and down each other until you felt a hint of warmth spread across your body.

The night held so many mysteries.

You turned around to wipe off the wet paint on your palette and you put it, along with your brush, into your bag. Slinging the back on your shoulder, you picked up your easel and walked to the room across from you. The room was small and mainly used for storage. Sometimes, you would find couples inside it. Those encounters never ended well.

You made a silent prayer in your head as you turned the brass door knob to the room. To your surprise, the light was already on. You could’ve sworn that you turned them off when you came to get the equipment. Hesitantly stepping inside, you put down the easel at the back of the room.

Whoosh, the door closed. The sound made you jump and you heard a deep chuckle come from beside you.

You let out a shriek as you made eye contact with none other than Jeon Jungkook.

“Jungkook!” you shoved the boy in front of you, “you scared the shit out of me.”

“Oh Y/N! Y-you s-should’ve seen y-your face,” Jungkook tried to imitate your reaction before he doubled over with laughter once again. “Oh man, y-you looked s-so terrified,” he spluttered.

You felt a smile of your own forming before you crossed your arms together and bit your lip. You tried your best to stay mad at him. You never could, but you tried. Every time.

Jungkook’s  amber orbs blazed with the golden light of a summer evening. His eyes reminded you of a sunset – no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t manage to look away.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N,” Jungkook waved his hand in front of your face. You snapped out of your trance and shifted your gaze from his face to the ground.

“Hey, Y/N, are you okay? Did I go too far? Do you want to hit me? You can hit me, just don’t hit my face. It’s the only thing I have going for me,” he offered you a comforting smile.

His smile alone was enough to make you feel better.

You shook your head and opened your mouth to speak, “Jungkook, just… don’t scare me like that ever again.”

He nodded and moved across the room. You thought he was going to leave until he walked back to you with a brown bag in his hands. Instantly, the smell of Tteokbokki hit your nostrils and you felt your mouth water a little. You hadn’t eaten since lunch. You reached out to take the bag when it was pulled away from your grasp.

Nuh uh,”Jungkook waggled his finger at you, “first, you have to show me your painting. You never show me your paintings of the sunset.”

“Um, no. There’s a reason why and that’s because they’re all trash. Absolute trash.”

“You’re being way too critical of yourself. Your paintings are never short of amazing.”

“But you haven’t seen these ones, that’s why you’re saying this.”

“Then show me,” Jungkook said.

You took a hold of both of his hands and looked up at him pleadingly

“Jungkook… please don’t make me.”

He huffed and looked away. You wondered what he was thinking about.

You heard the rustle of the paper bag as he handed it to you. “Thank you, kookie. I owe you one,” you said as you took a bite of the soft rice cake.

“Don’t thank me, I know you hadn’t had dinner so I brought you some food. It’s what friends are for,” he shrugged his shoulders as he reached for a rice cake.

You momentarily stopped chewing. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t help but feel your stomach drop in disappointment every time you heard that word.


The two of you walked out of the room and sat on the cold, concrete floor.

The night sky was a sharp contrast to the once melodic array of warm colours – it was now black as ink, the only light illuminating from the stars.

“Hey, Jungkook.“


“Remember the Twinkie on the bus? The one I gave you in second grade?”

“The one you found on the floor and gave me without telling me? Nice.”

You grinned and gave him a rice cake. “It never really fell on the floor. I made that part up.”

You couldn’t see his face but you could tell that he was smiling.

“Hey, Y/N”


“I-I think that I’m going to tell Hyojin that I love her,” he had mentioned out of the blue.

Your chest tightened, the same way it did when Jungkook first told you about his crush on your sister. You felt a tingling, itchy feeling clawing up your throat and stopping midway. It felt like a hairball that had been stuck, but you managed to swallow it down with some water. You sat still, vision blurring, and in that moment, you heard your heart break. It was a small, clean sound, like the snapping of a flower’s stem.

“Y/N, are you okay? You look like you’re –“

“I’m okay, Jungkook. I just choked a little on the rice cake when I tried to talk at the same time,” you lied, clutching the brown paper bag resting in your lap.

Jungkook raised an eyebrow but did not question further. “Well, what do you think I should do?”

“You should do what you feel is right.”

You couldn’t make out Jungkook’s face. You only saw the highlighted parts of his face as the moonlight shone down upon him.

“What do you think is right?”

“It doesn’t matt—“

What do you think is right?”

You sighed, “you really love her, don’t you?”

“With all my heart.“

“Maybe”, you said gently, “you’re trying too hard to hear it. Don’t say it yet.”

Jungkook’s face fell faster than a corpse in cement boots. You saw his body go rigid, his mouth hung with lips slightly parted and his eyes were slightly widened at your statement. Slowly, the shock wore off of his face and was replaced with a gaze that felt like an act of violence – a glare to stop your heart. You heard him as he scoffed, “…unbelievable.”

You felt your temper rise at Jungkook’s audacity to scoff at you, “what? You asked for my opinion and so I gave you my opinion. Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

Jungkook laughed heartlessly, looking down at you as if you were a complete stranger. “I’m going to tell her,” he said with an air of finality and a tinge of annoyance directed towards you.

Instead of lowering your head you lifted it, a stony glare carved into your dark eyes. Anger blurred your sight but you tightened your jaw and glared at him, “and what am I supposed to do? Sit by while you date other girls and fall in love with someone else and get married?” Your voice tightened, “And meanwhile, I’ll die a little bit more every day, watching.”

Jungkook turned, but too slowly to be normal. When he spook his voice trailed slowly, like his words were unwilling to take flight. There was a sadness in his eyes, the brown too glossy, “Y/N, p-please, stop. Y-you’re just…jealous, just admit it,” you heard the slight hesitance in his words. “You know what, I’ll help you find someo—”

“Yes! I’ll admit, I am jealous. I’m jealous of every minute you spend with her, of every concerned expression you send her way, of every tear shed, of every glance, every touch, and every thought. I want to rip her to pieces and purge her from your mind and from your heart. But I can’t.” before you could register what was happening, your brain made a decision of its own.

“Y/N, please don’t—“

Words flew from your mouth that you never thought you’d even think, let alone say out loud. You knew instantly from the look in his eyes that they’d hit their mark. In that instant, your relationship shattered into glassy shards. Nothing would ever be the same again.

“I love you,” you blurted out. “I-I know you don’t love me, so don’t say it back.”

Jungkook shot up, his tall stature looming over your own. You stood up beside him, with your arms crossed and your eyes locked on him. It takes him a while to realize that you weren’t joking. You got up on your feet, standing a few inches away from him. "J-Jungkook?” you placed your hand on his arm in an effort to comfort him. Jungkook shoved your hand away.

“Don’t touch me.” Just a few words, but they brought tears to your eyes. You never thought this was how it would feel to have your heart broken.

“Jungkook, please. Don’t do this.” You pleaded him as you covered your face with your hands and wiping away your tears.

Oh no! I’m not doing anything here. I told you not to say it and yet you still said it.” Jungkook was now shouting at you.

“I’m sorry,” you sounded like you were choking on your tears. You never could keep your emotions under control; you couldn’t fight away the tears. You stepped forward, trying to reach out to him. Jungkook put his hands in front of him, halting you from taking another step.

“I said don’t touch me,” Jungkook’s voice cracked. Under the moonlight, you could see that his cheeks reflected your own tear-stained ones.

You didn’t try to get closer to him again. You sat down and tucked your knees to your chest, putting your elbows on your knees, and covered your face with your hands, then started to breathe slowly.

Silence gnawed at your insides. It hung in the air like the suspended moment before a falling glass shatters on the ground. You needed to fill the void with sounds, words, anything. The silence was poisonous in its nothingness, cruelly underscoring how vapid your conversation had become – it clung to you two like a poisonous cloud that at any moment could choke the life from them.

You couldn’t stand the deafening silence anymore. “Jungkook,” you whispered, not daring to look at the face in front of you. “I-I love you and I can’t stop loving you. You overtake my affections and leave my heart in shattered disarray of pieces. Every single time you steal a part of me, you make it impossible for me to put myself together. I know you can never love me and yet I always delude myself in the fantasy that maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn to love me back. Why is that? Perhaps I hope that you return what you’ve stolen. You never do. You smile, and it’s intoxicating. Your fingers brush through my hair, and it’s addicting. You laugh, and it’s contagious. You and your flirtatious self. But I know, and you know that you could never — would never return the love I shared with you.”

“You love Hyojin,“ you continued for him. "I know. Y-you’re in love with…her,” the bitter taste of those words lingered on your tongue.

Your eyes met his warm brown ones. “Yes,” he whispered, his lower lip trembling. “It’s her. It’s always been her.”

Jungkook’s words fell out of his mouth like vapour but landed in your guts as shrapnel. You felt your insides tear, and the blood drain from your face. You would have laughed but he was dead serious. His eyes were cold like you’d never seen and his features immobile. He handed back the painting you gave him just yesterday and you let it fall as soon as its weight had hit your palm. There was the mute sound of paper on cement but neither of you moved to pick it up. You were trying to understand the words he told you but you couldn’t. Then he turned to go, shoulders sunken and his hands in his pockets. Before you knew what you were doing you were standing in his way and locked eyes, the perfect distance for a kiss, but he shook his head. You could see your pain mirrored in his dark eyes.

“I’m sorry that I love you, Jungkook,” you said through your tears.

“Y/N, please. Let me go.”

“I can’t – not like this. Let’s talk about this. Please.”

There isn’t anything to talk about.”

Jungkook’s eyes were trained on some invisible specter behind you. His heavy eyelids took a fraction too slow to blink, his irises too stationary. It was as if his brain was suffering a massive short circuit and was struggling to compute. You moved into his line of sight, touching his cheek with the side of your thumb, your lips forming a pensive grin. Jungkook’s head tilted upward to your face, his eyes sliding into focus. Your voice came out in a breathy whisper, “can I just have one kiss?”

Jungkook made no motion to move and so, you leaned in. all of your senses were screaming at you to pull back, to step away from Jungkook – your sister’s boyfriend. And yet, you couldn’t. You knew he didn’t love him back, but you couldn’t resist. You leaned in a little closer, your foreheads touching. Dear god, you couldn’t fight against the thoughts that were going through you. His very smell was flooding his senses now.

“No!” he seemed to snap out from whatever trance he was previously in. “No, I thought you were my friend,” Jungkook yelled. He pulled himself away from you as if he touched a hot coal. Jungkook turned around and made a mad dash towards the exit.

“Wait! Jungkook,” you called after him. “Please,” you closed your eyes, pleading.

He didn’t.

Golden Heart

Chapter Two

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Pairing: Heimdall x Reader  |  Word Count: 2686
Warnings: Smexy (so so smexy! Lol)

Three weeks.

That’s how long you’d been waiting for Heimdall to make his damn move.

Three godforsaken weeks!

Since that day in the lounge when he’d kissed you, touched you in ways you never known were possible, the big lug had done nothing more than that. He would lift you up onto the nearest raised surface, kiss you breathless, saying things which left you hot, bothered, and more than raring to go, but it always ended at touches and kissing.

The man had the most amazing hands, but if he didn’t put those babies to work on something other than the outside of your clothes soon, you were liable to burst into flames.

Today, however, you had other pressing matters to attend to. You were a paper pusher for the Avengers, but as such you often got dragged into meetings with the brass as your memory, a nearly photographic one, had you recalling data with a precision rarely seen outside a computer.

Normally your work attire consisted of slacks, flats, and a fitted top beneath a light jacket, but, faced with all the higher ups, you’d dressed to impress. The pencil skirt was your favorite, a stunning deep red which made you feel powerful when paired with seamed stockings and tall black pumps. The height of the heels lifted your ass and gave a shape to your legs you adored, but the shoes often did in your feet when you had to be on them all day. Luckily, the meeting was set to be only a few hours, and you would be seated throughout most of it.

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A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.[*Smut]

A/N: Sorry this took forever to get up. I had to rewrite it. It’s not as smutty as I’d liked it to be but I’ll write another one later that more smut. love ya xx

Request: yes, by several people.

“You ready for this?” The Sheriff asked me as we stood in front of the door to Derek’s loft. I could feel him looking at me but my eyes were glued to the large metal door. On the other side was Stiles. Only it wasn’t really Stiles. As Kira’s mother liked to put he was void. More specifically he was possessed my a thousand year old fox spirit with a hankering for strong emotions. In a nutshell, everything about Stiles was Stiles except the only part that matter, his mind. I tore my gaze from the door and it landed on Mr.Stilinski. How do I answer? One of my best friends was in there.

“Are you?” I asked genuinely. He only look at me with eyes of uncertainty. I nodded and took a deep breath. I placed my hand on the handle and slid the heavy door open. Stiles was standing in the center of the loft in different clothes then the ones he’d worn to Echin House, which was the last time I’d seen him. His skin was more pale than usual, and the circles under his eyes made it seem like he’d never known sleep. The Sheriff moved closer to his son, producing a pair of handcuff and dangling them. I trailed behind him, being sure not to get to close.

“You’re going to handcuff me?” Stiles said and it was unsure whether this was really him or not.

“If any part of my son is still in there, he’ll let me. Because he knows I’m here to protect him from himself and others.”

The boy held up his hands together so the Sheriff could place the cuffs on him. As his father did so, Stiles looked past his father to me. I froze not expecting to be noticed, and stared directly in his eyes trying not to show fear. He pursed his lips into a dark smile, and it was clear the boy I loved wasn’t there. I’d never admitted I loved him to anyone before including him, and I was afraid I never would get the chance now.

“You’re not my son.” Sheriff Stilinski gritted. The Nogitsune smiled wider and broke the handcuffs, they swiveled off his wrist on to the ground. Derek, Chris Argent, and Allison all were standing close by waiting incase Plan A went awry. As if on cue, they appeared in the threshold of the door. Derek bent down on a knee changing from human to wolf form in the process. Chris and Allison were both wielding their weapon of choice. I’d been offered a gun and even a knife, but not being experienced with either, I declined. Allison attacked first, pointing a stun gun at Stiles and shooting. The point of this rendezvous was to capture not kill. Unfortunately, the Nogitsune had powers we weren’t aware of. He grabbed the prongs, even though electricity bolted through them, and whipped the weapon from her fingers. Derek attacked next without warning, so quick and agile I was sure he’d catch Stiles off guard. I was proven wrong, when Derek’s arm was twisted, then he was slammed into a nearby table, and thrown into an adjacent wall. Stiles shifted his head to me with an obscure smile, I stepped back a little frightened. Before he could make a move, Argent was in front of him with a gun pointed at him. The corner of Stiles mouth perked up before he turned to his father a fear stricken look on his face.

“Dad? Daddy? He’s going to shoot me! Don’t let him shoot me!” He cried. Argent didn’t budge saying he’d killed many supernatural creatures before, a Nogitsune would just be another. Father Stilinski drew his gun on Argent. A verbal fight broke up amongst the team. I covered my ears with my hands trying to block out everyone’s voice. It was so chaotic, and as I thought the words I knew this was his doing. He was feeding off it. Allison and I had the same thought and she spoke before I did. She yelled over them to stop, and they did just as the sunset outside. 

“This is what he wants.” She barked at them, no one lowered their firearm. 

“Not exactly.” He smirked. “I was kind of hoping Scott would be here. But I’m glad you all have your guns out, because you’re not here to kill me.“ He paused. Just as he did, the room seemed a little off. A second later, we learned why. The Oni surfaced into the room, two in front of Sheriff and Argent. And two near the entrance where Derek and Allison now stood. By accident I was in the middle of them, and to my misfortune Void Stiles sunk in with me. Sheriff Stilinksi attack first firing his weapon, Allison and Derek followed, and lastly Chris whose gun stalled delaying him. Frightened by the presence of the Oni, I didn’t even notice Stiles slip his hand into mine. Only when an Oni blade missed Allison and almost hit me, causing me to curl into Him did I realize how close we were. I peered into his eyes, looking for a trace of the trickster. But only saw Stiles’s beautiful amber eyes shining down.

“Stiles?” I asked hesitatingly and he nodded reassuringly. I smiled only to be confused when something fabric covered my mouth and a haziness washed over me. Last thing I remember was his voice low and raspy.

“Never trust a fox.”

I faded into darkness.

When I regained consciousness, I was cold. A bone chilling cold almost as if I was outside. I could tell I was laying on some sort of cushion, but I was still a bit hazy and couldn’t make out much more. Several minutes later, after the cloudiness left my brain, I saw where I was. I was laying on an old blue couch that smelt vaguely of bleach and old people. The ceiling was cement except for two grated sections off to the right. A light shined in through the small holes and I recognized it as the moonlight making sense why it was so cold.

“Morning Angel.” His voice startling me. Stiles sat on the arm of the couch, and looked at me over his shoulder with a devilish smirk. I hadn’t noticed him sitting there before, and I wasn’t entirely sure that he had been. It was dark in the cold room and I could only see him though the faint moon light coming from above.

“Stiles?” I rasped, my voice getting used to working again.

He scoffed. “Wouldn’t that be a happy ending?”

No, it was void Stiles. Suddenly, the words resurfaced in my brain. ‘Never trust a fox.’ He’d convinced me with just a look in Derek’s loft that he was Stiles. How could I have been so naive?

“Why have you brought me here?” I demanded.

“Now, Y/N.” He chuckled standing and strolling over to me. I scooted further into the couch knowing there was no way out. “I can’t give away all of my secrets. But you know Stiles has many, would you like to know some?”

“Stop.” I whispered.

“Like how he had sex with Malia Tate on this very couch.” He pointed down to the couch. The news was a blow, I’d always imagined being Stiles first. My heart sank a little at the thought.

“Stop.” I said sternly again try to stay strong.

“Or how he’s kissed Lydia before, and constantly thinks about doing it again.” Another blow to my heart.

“Stop!” I screamed.

He bent down leaning his face close to mine and smiled. “Does the thought of Stiles fucking someone else discourage you? Is it because you love him?”

Rage boiled through me, I hated the fact he could see right through me. I couldn’t control myself and I smacked the boy in front of me across the face. His head was thrown to the side from the blow. When he turned back to me, he had a cold look in his eyes. My breathing was uneven from a mixture of fear and anger. As I stared back at Him, I saw something else in his eyes. Something I hadn’t seen until now. Unexpectedly, he rammed his lips into mine. I pushed him away confused by the act. My lips tingled with the feeling of his on mine. I kept him at arms length, my hand still gripping his shirt. I couldn’t get the thought that I’d just kissed Stiles out of my head. I knew it wasn’t really Stiles, but physically it was.

“Do you know what the Nogistunes feed off on?” he whispered.

“Chaos. Pain. Strife.” I listed.

“Mainly.” he agreed. “We feed on much more. We’re all hungry, Angel.” He pushed past my failed attempt at holding him back, and leaned into my ear.

“I feed off lust and desire. Like your desire for Stiles. Or your lust for me to fuck you right here.” 

I wanted to admit his was wrong, that I didn’t want him near me. But he began to run his hand up my thigh and a current ran through my core.

“You can’t resist me.” He taunted in my ear, before ghosting his lips over my neck.

I closed my eyes and found myself urning for him. I clenched my jaw.

“S-stop.” I stuttered.

“Hm?” He hummed against my neck.

My heart was racing, I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t give in, but I couldn’t help it. His lips finally connected with my neck instantly hitting a sweet spot, making me moan. I dug my fingers into the couch, trying not enjoy this. Trying not to reach out from him, I couldn’t give him what he wanted. I had to be strong. But he withdrew from my neck, and collided his lips with mine. Without hesitation, I kissed him back. He climbed on to the couch with me his body hovering over mine, and my fingers reached for the hem of his shirt. He pulled away allowing me to pull it off him. He grabbed the collar of my t-shirt and ripped in half making me gasp, I hadn’t been wearing a bra and my boobs were instantly exposed.

“Stiles is missing out.” he grinned.

His words angered me and I pulled him into another kiss biting on his lower lip hard. This only seemed to entice him and he let a growl, he grabbed my waist rolling his hips against mine. I felt his hard bulge through his sweatpants making me realize how wet I was. He brought his hands back to my chest kneading my breast greedily. His lips met my nipples, and he nibbled on the sensitive nubs. I let out a incoherent moan, dragging my nails across his back. 

“Just fuck me.” I half begged.

He didn’t need to be told twice, we both quickly discarded our bottoms. I opened my legs allowing Stiles to aline himself. He gently held on to my waist before he rammed his length inside of me and began thrusting vigorously, pulling a hungry groan from my throat. Already I could feel a rippling inside of me, each thrust sending me closer and closer to my release.

“Faster.” I bellowed.

He smirked speeding his thrusts to an unfathomable pace roughly hitting my g-spot. My walls started to clenched around him, and I knew what was coming.

“Come.” He demanded and I did. My orgasm fueled the Nogitsune to reach his. His movements became careless and needy, and a few seconds later I felt his warm liquid fill me. 

My eyes flung open, and I shot up breathing excessively. 

“Morning, Angel.” He said indifferently. Void Stile sat on the arm of an old blue couch looking at me over his shoulder.

“Sweet dreams?” His lips curled into a dark smile.

you’re not in love with her // theo raeken

pairings: theo reaken x reader

warnings: none

prompt: x

a/n: I am so in love with this and I hope you guys enjoy this. ♡

if yelling at her in an argument doesn’t make your throat burn like you just downed 6 shots, you’re not in love with her.

He stood there in front of her, Warm tears streaming down her cheeks.

“You can’t keep acting like this Theo;” She said in a raspy voice.

He glared at her with his jaw clenched, His breath heaving.

“You can’t go punching every guy that speaks to me.”

“That guy was flirting with you Y/N, What did you expect me to do? Sit back and watch him check you out?”

“He wasn’t flirting with me and even if he was do you really think I could ever think about being with any one else but you?”

“I can’t take that risk Y/N, You’re mine and he needed to know that.” He said slightly raising his voice.

“Risk? Don’t you trust me to stay loyal to you? And how exactly am I yours? I’m not just a piece of property you own Theo!” Y/N said raising her voice as her blood boiled.

“You’re mine cause we’re in a relationship Y/N! And I can’t stand to see some other guy try to take you away from me!” He said practical shouting.

His throat was sore and burned in his neck, He felt sick to his stomach. He hated shouting at her, Fighting with her, Watching her tears stream down her cheeks and her lips quiver.  Her eyes welt up with tears again, Every time Theo would raise his voice on her she got scared, It would wreck her seeing the man she loved shouting at her in front of her.

“Damn it.” He said quietly before pulling Y/N quickly into his embrace and wrapping his arms tightly against her body, Her hands were pressed against his chest as she sobbed softly into the crook of his neck.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, I hate seeing you like this.” He said hugging her even tighter as he caressed his hand along her back soothingly.

“Then please stop acting like this, For me.” You said quietly as your breathing slowed down.

“I will, I promise.” He said kissing the top of her head.

if her eyes can’t make you stop in your tracks and think about what you’re going to say next, you’re not in love with her.

“Are you coming over after school today?” Theo asked as he leaned against a locker next to Y/Ns locker watching her exchange her books.

“Yeah, I always do T.” She chuckled.

“But why?” She asked smiling at him.

“I u-uh-“ He said looking in awe into her Y/E/C coloured eyes, He was mesmerised, As if he went into type of trance he couldn’t snap out of, Looking deep into the eyes of the girl that he fell in love with, Looking into the eyes that were the reason for him to get up in the morning, Looking into the eyes that could make his whole fucking day just by looking at them once.

She raised her brow at him with a small grin playing on her lips as he shook his head slightly to get back to what he wanted to say.

“I just want to spend some time with you.” He smiled as she closed her locker and held his hand in hers as they both started walking the halls.

“What was that about?” She asked him softly.

“Nothing, I-I just love your eyes, They’re beautiful.” He smiled down at you.

if her laugh doesn’t make you tense up your knuckles thinking about never hearing it again, you’re not in love with her.

He was sitting up against the couch in her living room with Y/N resting against him, Her head resting gently against his shoulder and her hand laying softly on his clothed stomach, His arm resting around her shoulder keeping her body close to him. They were both cuddled up in each others embrace watching a movie. Although Y/N was paying most of her attention into the movie Theo would often sneak glances at her, Looking down at the girl he would do anything for her just so she could have that beautiful smile on her lips.

Y/N let out a small laugh from the movie and Theo glanced down at her, Feeling the small vibrations that radiated from her chest to his side. He looked down at the smile playing on her lips, The small dimples that appeared on her cheeks, The way her nose crinkled ever so slightly when she laughed. Her laugh, Even the smallest chuckle would always be music to his ears, It never failed to cheer him up or make his day but looking at her now he felt anxiety creep up in his chest, In the back of his mind he thought about what would happen if her laugh disappeared, About what would happen if he could never hear that beautiful sound play in his ears again.

His arm pulled her closer to his side as his other hand curled up into a fist, She quickly glanced up at him noticing his actions.

“Everything okay?” She asked softly looking up into his crystal blue eyes.

“Yeah.” He said quietly before leaning down to press a soft kiss on her lips, He could hear her heart skip a beat and a smile play on her lips when he pulled away, She cuddled closer to him inhaling his intoxicating scent, He never failed to cause her heart to skip a beat.

if her voice can’t calm down your worst anxiety attacks  and makes you want to listen to anything she has to say, you’re not in love with her.

She looked at him intensely as he paced  around in her bedroom, His chest heaving and his breathing is in an uneven pace.

“I-I can’t do this, It’s to much for me.” He said as his hands shook when he brought one of them up to run it though his hair.

“Babe you need to calm down, Everything is okay.” Y/N said softly as she walked closer to him causing him to stop pacing and look at the girl standing in front of him.

“Every thing is not okay, Nothing is okay Y/N.” He said shaking, A worried look in his eyes as he started walking towards the bathroom learning against the sink, His hand clutching the edges so hard his knuckles were starting to turn white, His chest was heaving up and down and his eye were flashing quickly between amber and blue, His breathing was heavy and loud.

“Hey hey, Every thing is okay, just listen to my voice.” She said approaching him, His hand pressed against his back.

“I need you to go I can hurt you Y/N.” He said as his eyes turned amber.

“I’m not leaving you, You won’t hurt me.”

“I-I won’t forgive myself if I did, I need you to leave.” He growled.

“Look at me.” You said softly as you grabbed his face in your hands. He just stared intensely at you, Seeing all of your features up close.

“I need you to listen to my voice can you do that for me?” She said softly.

He just nodded as his eyes closed, He tried focusing on her voice.

“I’m here, With you. I won’t leave you; Not now not ever, Okay?” She said looking at him, Her hands still cupping  his cheeks.

He just nodded as he stayed focused on her soft and soothing voice.

“You’re going to get through this, And I’ll be with you through it all. I love you Theo and I need you to calm down for me.” She said caressing his cheek with her thumb softly. His breathing had slowed down and he regained his control, His eyes opened up to reveal the bright blue eyes that Y/N loved.

“You okay?” She asked giving him a small smile.

“Yes, T-Thank you.” He smiled at her as she returned him a wide smile before pressing her lips against his lips ever so gently but even then they could both feel the sparks between them, The electricity running through their body from the slightest touch, The way their heart fluttered when their lips were pressed against each other.

if her smile doesn’t make your chest quake and your lungs shrink but feel refreshed all in one motion, you’re not in love with her.

Theo eyes flickered open as he adjusted to the soft light filling his bedroom, He looked to his side to find Y/N sound asleep, Laying on her stomach with her head laying on her hands that were tucked under her pillow, or more so Theos pillow. He admired her for a couple of minutes, How she had a couple of single strands of hair framing her face, How her smooth and pouty lips were slightly parted and how she looked to so breathtaking without any makeup on her.

He turned onto his side and brought his hand up to her back softly stroking small patterns on to the small area of exposed skin she had. His actions quickly woke her up as her eyes opened up and close back again as she inhaled a deep breath.

“Good morning.” She managed to say quietly as her eyes opened up slowly to meet Theos gaze.

“Good morning baby girl.” He smiled down at her before pressing a soft kiss onto her forehead. He pulled back to see her look at him with pure adoration in her eyes and a smile playing on her pink lips. Seeing her smile first thing in the morning was one of the reasons if not the reason for Theo to get up in the morning, Her beautiful smile was enough to make his breath hitch in his throat and make his heart race, But even then her smile sent a calm wave through him.

“Have I ever told you that I love your smile?” He said to her in a his raspy voice.

“No I don’t think you have.” She chuckled softly as her smile only grew wider.

“Then I’m telling you know that I love your smile, And that seeing it makes my whole fucking day.” He said bringing his hand up to stroke her cheek gently.

“Really?” She asked biting her lip.

“Really.” He said as he pulled her closer to him by her waist before leaning down to connect their lips in a loving but passionate kiss.

Post-Breakup Playlist

Aries: Skinny Love ∞ Bon Iver // And now all your love is wasted, then who the hell was I?  'Cause now I’m breaking at the britches, and at the end of all your lines

Taurus: Habits ∞ Tove Lo // Spend my days locked in a haze, trying to forget you babe, I fall back down.  Gotta stay high all my life, to forget I’m missing you

Gemini: Stone Cold ∞ Demi Lovato // Stone cold, Stone cold, I was your amber, but now she’s your shade of gold

Cancer: Don’t You Remember ∞ Adele // But don’t you remember?  Don’t you remember?  The reason you loved me before

Leo: Stay ∞ Rihanna // Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving. ‘Cause when you never see the light, it’s hard to know which one of us is caving

Virgo: Who Knew ∞ P!nk // They knew better, still you said forever, and ever
who knew

Libra: Tin Man ∞ Miranda // Everytime you’re feeling empty, better thank your lucky stars.  If you ever felt one breaking, you’d never want a heart

Scorpio: When i Was Your Man ∞ Bruno Mars // Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize, that I should’ve bought you flowers, and held your hand. Should’ve gave you all my hours, when I had the chance

Sagittarius: Back To Black ∞ Amy Winehouse // He left no time to regret, kept his dick wet, with his same old safe bet. Me and my head high, and my tears dry, get on without my guy

Capricorn: Stars ∞ Grace Potter And The Nocturnals // And now I’m all alone in the dark of night, and the moon is shining, but I can’t see the light. And I can’t look at the stars

Aquarius: Colorblind ∞ Amber Riley // Did you know that you stole the only thing I needed. Only black and white in my eyes, I’m colorblind

Pisces: Back to December ∞ Taylor Swift // It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you, Wishing I’d realized what I had when you were mine

anonymous asked:

This is a question about the book characters. Who do you prefer as a character and why? Jon Snow or Jaime Lannister?

Bless this question for giving me a reason to talk about all my Jaime Lannister feelings. Yes, the answer is definitely Jaime. I don’t have anything against Jon Snow as a character, but he’s never particularly stood out to me as a favorite the way he seems to for some people. Jon’s, you know…fine? And he gets better as the series progresses. But he’s not really my jam.

Now, Jaime was one of the characters in the series I was most curious about even before I got to his POV. I mean, he’s a pardoned Kingslayer who was allowed back into the Kingsguard on account of his family connections and spent the last decade plus secretly sleeping with his evil sister under the King’s very nose: this is objectively interesting. And I am shallow enough that the part where he did it all while looking fabulous and making witty jokes at other people’s expense also appealed to me. And then, of course, I actually got to his POV sections, and he wound up becoming one of my favorite characters of all time. (Seriously, he’s up there with Miles Vorkosigan, Vlad Taltos, Emma Woodhouse, Isabel Archer, Corwin of Amber, and Shakespeare’s version of Cleopatra. This is not a list I take lightly.)

And the great thing about finally reaching Jaime’s POV and reading about the man behind the legend is that you get to his chapters, and you’re like, wait: this guy is an actual piece of shit. There’s all this dramatic build up about his infamy and his reputation and his place in history as the Kingslayer and you’re all ready for a roadtrip through the psyche of this epic and tragically twisted anti-hero - and then he spends his introduction slinging childish insults at a nice lady’s face and whining about how he only tried to kill Bran because he was tired and horny and it wasn’t really his fault, okay? lay off him already, jeez, Cersei. The bait and switch is fantastic and I love it. Which is not to say that Jaime isn’t still an epic and tragically twisted anti-hero, just that there’s more to it than that. Which is pretty much his character in a nutshell.

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My Candy Love - Episode 34 Guide


-      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter is at 100 so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result

LOM: Love’O’Meter; Low LOM is around 75 points or lower. High LOM is 75 and over.

Action Points: 400-600 Action Points depending on how lucky you are on finding people within the episode.

Illustrations: There are 5 Illustrations in total. One Illustration with each boy. Illustration is based on outfit choice and one dialogue choice. Four episode replays are needed to get all Illustrations.

Auntie: Found during the objectives: ‘You can’t stay in the school cafeteria any longer. Go eat outside.’ She can be found in the basement. The gift is a Spaghetti Bowl.

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things from my 4th and final trip to Great Comet

(8/27 Matinee, I sat in the stage right sunken tavern, which were amazing seats)

-Alex Gibson talked to us before show! He actually talked to me my first time at Comet too so we’ve come full circle
-Denée looked at me so much during the show I love her sm
-I started crying right at “there’s a war going on” whoops!
-Lucas came up to us in Prologue and I winked at him because I had to make the last visit count and he smiled so now I can die happy
-I LOVE how Hélène conducts the women in “he is charming, he has no sex” line
-Marya is so rude to Sonya she’s always pushing her out of the way and rolling her eyes at her
-Grace sang “read to me while I knit” to me
-the guy Mary chose to be her suitor was eating M & M’s so he had one in his hand while Bolkonsky was screaming at him and he slowly put the M & M in his mouth as he sat down
-Brad and Andrew during The Opera were like…cuddling and fondling each others’ beards it was cute
-No One Else cleared my skin, improved my grades, and watered my crops. Denée is an angel
-Hélène is sprawled out on the stairs during Natasha and Anatole and looking at them like “yea my brother’s getting it”
-Lauren and Courtney were snorting coke nearby and told the person at the table they could have the rest
-Ok So. Grace and Lucas. are right next to me during The Duel and Lucas fucking spanks Grace with the riding crop while Grace is looking right at me and Grace then proceeded to kneel in front of him while he was about to UNBUTTON his PANTS and then the lights went up and this happened about a foot away from my face
-Alex went “shit!” when Dolokhov got shot
-Scott’s Dust and Ashes was fucking beautiful. He played much more of a Sad/Wrecked Pierre rather than an Angry or Angsty Pierre and was so emotionally charged the whole time
-in Sunday Morning, Sonya and Marya are sitting w candles and after a moment, Marya looks at Sonya, rolls her eyes, and gets up
-listen I know I talk about how much I love Amber Gray a lot but Charming? Iconic. Beautiful. Legendary. She really did that™
-tHE BALL. The wine glasses thing was so fucking cool and when Denée said “but I love you!”, Lucas got this look like “wait what” -I made very heavy eye contact w Heath during “Letters”
-I GOT A LOVE LETTER FROM AMBER -Lucas held out the “just say yes” so long
-when Denée sings “it seems to me I’ve loved him a hundred years”, Brittain threw up her hands and went “ugh!”
-Sonya Alone….I love Brittain so much she was CRYING at the end
-Preparations aka I love nick choksi
-I had an empty egg shaker basket next to me and Reed flipped it on my head and said. “now you have a new hat!”
-Chaos was just so fun and amazing what an iconic moment
-Nicholas Belton has such a unique voice and take on Andrey he’s gr8
-Hélène cries through the last 3 songs and it’s not what she deserves!!!!
-Denée and Scott are HEARTBREAKING in Pierre & Natasha. Scott’s speech was so well done
-Scott was so gorgeous in the finale he really captured the character perfectly. I cried a lot
-I’m an emotional wreck and I love this musical

He Who Waits for Something Good (2/?)

Jamie & Claire | Modern AU | At forty-five, Jamie fears he will never meet someone that measures up to the woman of his dreams.

Whilst I’m trying to figure out how to unshackle Jamie in ‘Lifeline’ (I mean, DO NOT WORRY, I have it all figured out), have some more of whatever the fuck this story is!

Thank you to the fanfic fairy @marlosbooknook for motivating me with cat gifs ;)

(Also, I don’t speak Scottish Gaelic, so any Gaelic included in this chapter may or may not be correct)

I. Woman of His Dreams

II. Fragments of Memory

November 15, 2017

His dreams were filled with images of her. He didn’t know her name, knew nothing of her but her face. Her smile was engaging and her lips sweet and full. Her eyes were alluring, reflecting the golden colour of the whiskey in her glass.

Her hair was pinned up, revealing a long neck. At the nape of her neck, a few curls had managed escaped their confinement. He wanted to take the pins out and free her dark curls. He wanted to run his hands through those soft curls as his lips worked their way down the pale skin of her neck.

She visited his dreams ever so often, usually as an abstract image. Sometimes he imagined meeting her in the park or at a cafe. Sometimes he wondered if he had met her before.

Most nights the dreams of her were amorous. He had never heard her speak, only gasp and moan in the dark as their bodies came together again and again and again. He remembered the taste of sweat on her skin and how soft she felt in his grasp. He remembered the moonlight illuminating her fine bones.

Remembered. That was the operating word, was it not? He must have met her before, how otherwise could his image of her be so clear. He thought his mind could never have created so perfect a being from a blank sheet.

When Jamie woke from yet another such dream, frustrated as he once again realised that it wasn’t real, she wasn’t real, he came to the decision to put an end to this once and for all. His sister was right; he couldn’t keep chasing a twenty-year-old dream. He was longing to settle down with someone. He was longing for a family.

“Who was the first woman you dated?” asked Ian, not taking his eyes off the road. They were in the car on their way to Inverness.

Jamie rolled his eyes. “Ye ken who.”

“Oh, aye! It was that French girl. But that never went far, did it?”

“No.” It hadn’t. Jamie had been pining for Annalise a long time—long to a teenage boy, at least—before they finally started dating, and then it didn’t take long before she had left him for another.

“Why are ye asking me this anyway?”

“I remember who ye lost your virginity to,” said Ian, ignoring the question. “That was Mary MacNab. Did ye like her?”

What? Of course I liked her. I wouldna go to bed wi’ a woman I didna even like. What kind of question is that?”

“I meant could ye see yourself dating her now?”

“I ken what ye’re doing. Ye’re still trying to find me a woman—based on whom I’ve dated in the past! That’s no the way of going about it. Besides, I had a realisation this morning.”

“A realisation?”

“Aye. I am going to find myself a woman, but I will do it my way, not yours and not Jenny’s. The pair of ye shouldna interfere in my love life.”

This was not the first time Jenny had tried to assist Jamie in finding a woman. She had once suggested—insisted—he date Laoghaire MacKenzie. That relationship, could it be called that, was brief and ended rather badly. They had been ill suited for one another, to say the least.

Jamie didn’t blame his sister for that failure of a relationship, but he was weary of her interference in his love life.

“Have ye heard about the art exhibition at the library?” Jamie asked, changing the subject. “I’d like to see it.”

“You’ll be going on yer own.”

“Excuse me,” came a soft English voice from behind him. “You don’t happen to speak Gaelic?”

Jamie turned around to tell the woman that he did, indeed, speak Gaelic, but the words stuck in his mouth.

He blinked, and then blinked again. He then had to stop himself before blinking a third time, lest she asked him whether he had something in his eye. He wasn’t entirely sure he didn’t, for surely his eyes weren’t seeing what he thought they were. He thought they must be deceiving him, either that or morphing fantasy with reality. Perhaps his brain was filling in the blanks of his fragmented memory with this woman before him.

But damn him if this wasn’t her. This had to be her. It was that same sweet smile, that same curly, brown hair, and those same whiskey-coloured eyes. How many people besides had he seen with eyes like hers?

No one.

“It’s only,” she added, when he didn’t answer, “I was wondering what this means.” She gestured towards the plaque beneath the painting before them. Tarbh-Nathrach, it read.

“Aye, I—I do speak Gaelic, lass,” Jamie said finally, internally cursing himself for taking so long to respond. He must’ve looked like an idiot. “How’d ye guess?”

She smiled—and what a beautiful smile it was, like the sun returning after a long darkness. A Dhia! If Murtagh were here he surely would have hit him over the head. He was forty-five, not fifteen! What was he doing acting like a lovesick teenage boy?

“Your red hair,” she admitted. “I suppose it’s stereotypical, but I did think you rather looked like some … strong Scottish warrior.” Having said that, she blushed.

“Ah, maybe I would’ve been, had I been born in a different century.”

“So will you tell me what it means, or must I guess?”

“I’d be willing to make a bargain, Sassenach. You tell me your name and I tell you the name of the painting.”

A strange look flitted across her face. It was gone too soon for Jamie to figure out what it meant.

“That’s fair, I suppose. Though I would argue that a better bargain is I tell you my name, and you tell me yours and the name of the painting.”

“You’ve got a deal, Sassenach. For the first part of the bargain, it’s James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.”

“Is that all?” she chuckled. “I’m Claire Randall.”

“Is that all?”

“No, that would be Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall. I can’t say I usually give my full name to strangers, but since we did agree to play fair it seemed like the proper thing to do.”

“Well, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall, the painting you’re looking at is simply called Dragonfly.”

Claire regarded the painting for a moment. “It doesn’t look much like a dragonfly. It’s oddly smudged.”

“You’re not looking close enough. See there in the outer edge of the ‘smudge’, there’s your dragonfly, and that ‘smudge’ is supposed to be an amber.”

“How can you tell? You must be an art expert.”

“No, not at all. I just happen to know the artist of this one. Hugh Munro’s his name. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear you referred to his amber as ‘smudge’.”

“That’s not how I meant it and you know it! Don’t tell him—”

“Dinna fash, Sassenach. I said the same thing when I saw it the first time,” he said with a wink—or rather, an attempt at winking, and an unsuccessful attempt based on the look Claire gave him, as though she was wondering whether he had something in his eye—apparently he didn’t escape giving her that impression after all.

“I don’t know if you’re just saying that to assuage my guilt. Either way, thank you. Anyway, I should probably get going. I promised I’d give my colleague a ring. It was nice to meet you, Mr Fraser.”

“Wait!” Way to go, James Fraser. You certainly don’t sound desperate … “Can I see you again?”

Despite his embarrassing himself, she gave him a warm smile. “That can be arranged.”

Let it out

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Pairing: Amber x reader

Genre/Warnings: Light angst. Heavy Fluff.

Summary: could you do an imagine where you’re super insecure and Amber doesn’t know until you have a breakdown in front of her and she just lists the many reasons why she loves you and just fLUFF

(gif credit to original owner)

(Thank you for my first Non BTS Request Fam I hope you enjoy it!)

There was nothing Amber loved more than spoiling you and taking you shopping. However, it wasn’t your favorite thing to do. It meant being in the public eye while she bought you things. She was so used to it that she just stopped noticing things like paparazzi, fans that would follow and people who would just stare. It always caused you great discomfort and it never helped that the next day there would be plenty of articles about you and Amber, they would never hold back as they would wither compliment you or completely bash your relationship. She never noticed though and you were always far too nervous to tell her.

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No Humanity

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 5 231
summary : Reader turns off her humanity and acts like she doesn’t care about Kai.
it got a wee-bit longer than i expected😅🙈 apologies for the delay
* gif by me

Two whole weeks without his Y/N and every moment without her in his arms hurt more than the last. He felt as if he was in Hell, unable to breath or think or do anything but feed on innocent people and drink alcohol in a veil attempt to drown the sorrow of what he had done.
Kai never imagined someone would look at him without judgement in their eyes, but with love and understanding. He never thought he’d find someone who loves him and accepts him with all his flaws, someone he’d do anything for. He never thought he’d kill the girl he loves and that both of them would become vampires either, but that had also happened. Emotions had never been easy for him and after his transition when they got heightened, things got complicated. There were moments when it scared him how much he loved her and what he was capable of when it comes to her. What scared him even more was that maybe her friends were right and he’d end up hurting her or worse – killing her again, during one of his violent episodes and on a whim he broke up with her.
Now every time he closed his eyes, he could see her face – tears streaming down her cheeks when he told her they weren’t a good match, that it had all been a lie and he had never loved her, just to get her to go and protect her. Nothing hurt him like the memory of watching her walk through the door with her jaw clenched tightly while she fought back the tears.
It hadn’t taken him long to realise his mistake and he had tried to fix what he had broken, but Y/N avoided him and the only time he had actually seen her since their break up, she had been full on wreck – her eyes had been redder and puffier than he had ever seen them and she resembled a ghost. He wanted to talk to her, to tell her how big of an idiot he had been to ever say any of those words, break her heart and let her go. To tell her how much every moment without her in his arms felt like torture and how his life without her had no meaning anymore, but every time he tried to reach out to her everything ended up in failure. So in the end he was left with only one option – going to her best friend.
    “Have you seen her ?” asked Kai, sitting on the bar next to Damon. “She is not answering her phone.”
    “Hello to you too. Have I seen who ?” wondered the vampire and Kai glared at him. “Oh, her? No. Not since I saw her like two days ago.”
    “You really haven’t seen her ? Or are you just lying to me because if you are lying –”
    “Not lying and I’d rather not see you either.” replied the vampire with a smug smirk. “You broke her heart and if she hadn’t made me promise not to break you, I would’ve already killed you. Twice. And of course she won’t answer the phone if its you calling.”
    “What’s that supposed to mean ?”
    “You broke up with her.” said Damon as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You told her and I quote ’I can’t do this anymore. This was a mistake. You and I – we are not a good match. We never were. You’ll be happier without me in your life. I have caused you so much pain and suffering, I should’ve let you go a long time ago. I don’t love you. I never have.’ ” said the vampire taking a sip from his bourbon. “Hey, what do you think you are doing twirp ?!”
Kai grabbed Damon’s phone from the bar and dialled Y/N’s number. “I can’t believe you memorised our break up. No, wait. I can.”
    “It’s the little things in life. Now, give me back my phone.” said the vampire, gripping Kai’s wrist only the heretic wouldn’t let go. “What are you even doing right now ?!”
    “Calling her. She might be avoiding me but she surely won’t ignore her best friend.” he said, pushing the vampire an arms length while waiting for her to pick up. When that didn’t happen he dialled again. “Why isn’t she answering ?”
    "Damon, hi !” said a female voice from behind him and a moment later Y/N popped up before his eyes. Her arms wrapped around her best friend, as if Kai wasn’t even standing there.
    “What’s up trouble?” asked her friend, giving her an awkward one arm hug.
    “Oh nothing, just stopping for a drink and a quick bite.”
Kai’s eyes widened. There she was, his girl, looking nothing like the girl he had seen a few days ago. In fact she didn’t look much like herself either. Y/N was wearing a black leather jacket with a short black dress and knee high boots and her hair made in waves. She looked more stunning than ever in that moment but what caught his attention was the fact there was no trace of tears in her eyes. For a billionth time she stole his breath away and just seeing her there was enough for him to feel able to breathe again. Only there was something different about her and the aura around her, it wasn’t just her clothes. He just couldn’t put his finger on it.
Damon glanced between her and Kai. “I’m going to need another glass.”
    “Hey.” smiled Kai. “Wow…  you look stunning. H-how are you ?”
Y/N turned towards him as if she just noticed he was there and ran her fingers roughly through her hair, a blue strand catching his attention. Their eyes met but there wasn’t warmth in her eyes like he had expected. There wasn’t hatred or pain either. Her eyes were just … empty.
    “Oh… you are here.” she sat on the bar stool on Damon’s other side and took his glass, gulping it almost at once. “I didn’t even see you there.”
Kai looked at her suspiciously. Something was seriously off about her but he didn’t plan on wasting time trying to figure out what it was in that exact second and miss his opportunity to finally talk to her and apologise. Quickly he sat on the stool next to her and gripped her wrist just as she was about to snatch a bottle from across the bar.
    “Can we talk ?” he asked, ignoring her death stare. He let go of her wrist and decided to take her silence as a yes. “I um… I know I hurt you and –”
Damon groaned in frustration. “Ugh, that will be my cue.”
Y/N poured herself another glass, her fingers trailing the lid while she watched the amber coloured liquid inside move as sheeplayed with the glass and Kai continued talking. Her eyes stalked the bartender, looking everywhere but at Kai and he wondered if she was even listening to what he was saying.
    “– I wanted to say I am sorry.” he said softly, moving a little closer to her. “I am sorry for breaking your heart. I never wanted to hurt you in any way and in my attempt to protect you, that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t mean any of the things I said to you and I was the biggest idiot to let you go. You are what’s good about me, the best thing I know and I can’t be without you. I need you in my life. Please, I – I need you to give me another chance. I promise not to screw it up and fill every moment of your life with joy. Please,Y/ …”
A few long moments passed and she took a sip from her glass, turning towards him with a small smile on her face. “I appreciate the apology. I really do, but I don’t care what you want or need and I’d appreciate it if you leave me alone from now on, okay ?”
Kai felt his heart sink, watching her get up and slip behind the bar with the bartender. He should’ve known after everything she wouldn’t jump into his arms and say ’I forgive you for putting me through Hell.’ even though, he hoped that would be her reaction. But he didn’t plan on giving up that easily. His eyes followed her every move as she hooked her hands around the bartender’s neck, glancing at himfor a split second and then what he least expected happened and she kissed the guy as if her life depended on it. Rage burned in Kai’s veins as he watched the guy pull her towards him for a long moment and then take her hand, both of them disappearing into the storage room. He glanced at Damon at the pool table and went after her.
There had been many scenarios running through his mind for the past few seconds, but actually seeing it felt as if she had shoved her hand in his rib cage and had just pulled out his heart. The guy held her up against the wall, kissing her so hard as if he was trying to suck the air out of her lungs. His hands were all over her body and so were hers. Purple/black veins flashed under Kai’s eyes, watching the guy’s lips moved down to her neck while she moaned in pleasure and gripped on his hair, tilting his head enough for her fangs to sink in his carotid artery. The guy tried to fight her off but didn’t make a sound and Kai listened to his heartbeat, noticing how soon he’d be dead. There it was again, the feeling something was off about her. His girl would’ve never drank right from the vein, she always went for a blood bag, not wanting to hurt anyone.
    “That’s about enough of that.” muttered Kai. A split second the guy fell on the ground and Y/N screamed out in pain, her hands holding her head.
    “Mala–chai –” she hissed, her eyes flashing with warning.
    “Can’t believe you are making me say this – show some restrain.” he bit his wrist, healed and compelled the guy to forget about all of this and leave them alone. As soon as there was no one else in sight, he turned towards his girl. “What is wrong with you ?! How can you kiss that guy ? How can you kiss him like…  that ?!”
Like you used to kiss me and only me. he finished in his mind.
    “Awwh were you jealous ?” she wiped her chin, her vampirism showing. A split second later Kai was pinned on the wall, her arm pressing against his neck. “That’s funny. You broke up with me because you never cared about me or loved me and now … you are jealous.” Y/N laughed, let go off him and took a step back, bending over to get her jacket. “Do me a favour and stay out of my way. I’d hate for my hand to accidentally run into your chest.”
What ?! he thought, frozen in place. Had she really just said that? His eyes followed her as she walked outside and he went after her, flashing before her just as she was about to go through the exit.
    “Why are you acting like this?!” he asked. “There is something different about you and it’s not just your outfit or your new eating habits. Since when do you dress like that or dye your hair ?! You were always a ponytail - jeans - converse girl and now it’s tight short dresses and knee black boots.”
    “None of your business.” she pushed him off her way but he gripped her wrist. “What !”
    “What are you doing ?” he asked serious.
    “Going to my car, as if its not obvious.” she fixed her hair and placed her hands on his chest. “I can’t run in a dress. Duhh–” Y/N tapped his nose, smiled and bumped into his shoulder on her way out of the Grill, not even saying ‘Hello’ to Stefan.
    "What’s wrong with her ?” asked Kai.
    “Who ? Y/N ?” asked the vampire, folding his arms on his chest. “Maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning –”
    “Ha.Ha. This is serious Steven.” said Kai, following him to the pool table. “We broke up. She said she doesn’t want to see me ever again and when I accidentally ran into her like a week ago, she broke into tears instantly and almost got herself impaled in her hurry to get away from me. Y/N never wore boots or short dresses, not even on our dates and now she is all … dolled up. Like so dolled up I just –”
    “Don’t you dare say it.” said Damon, leaving a bottle with bourbon on the pool table. “If you do, I will have have to stake you.”
Kai sighed. “Do you know if um … if there is someone else ? Is she seeing someone ?”
    “Awh you are jealous.” smirked Damon. “No, as far as I know she isn’t unless you count Katherine who somehow became her new bestie. Those two together are not to be messed with, trust me.”
    "Katherine ? Elena’s doppelganger ? That makes no sense. Y/N can’t stand Katherine.” he thought out loud. None of it made sense. Y/N couldn’t stand even the mention of Katherine’s name because they had lots of bad blood between them. Why would she gravitate towards the doppelganger and not her friends, unless… she shut off her humanity. “I gotta go.”
Kai vamped outside, looking around for her or more like listen for her because he knew there was no way she’d use a car. Her humanity might be off but that didn’t mean she’d decide to help the pollution problem. He closed his eyes and then he heard it, a sound he could never mistake – a vampire feeding, and he ran in the direction of the sound about two blocks away.
    ”Motus.” he muttered without any hesitation, sending her off yet another guy. He couldn’t help but notice how both guys kind of resembled him and he knew why she was acting like that. “When did you turn it off ?”
Y/N grinned at him. “Awwwh you got caught up on recent events. Good for you.” she said amused, purple/black veins flashing under her eyes as she tried to run towards him but he raised her hand and she dropped on the ground, screaming in pain. “S-stop – you ar-e hurtin-g me.”
Kai knelt down next to her. “Sorry, sweet cheeks but you are off the rails…and its my fault.” he cooed, brushing his fingers against her cheek. “Which makes you my responsibility and I promise, I will fix you –”
    “I don’t need fixing.” she groaned.
    ”–and then I will find a way and fix us.” he pressed his lips onto hers and dropped her unconscious on the ground. “Whatever it takes.”

Y/N cracked her neck, feeling a sharp pain in it. Her wrists were tied together behind her back and the cold floor touched her bare skin. She tried to get herself free but as soon as she pulled on the ropes, a stinging feeling and a sharp pain shot through her body. “What the Hell ?!
    "Oh hello.” grinned Kai, sitting cross legged on the floor in front of her with a can with cola in his hand. “Lets see – strawberry or raspberry ? Which shake you want ? I could never remember. It was the pink one, that I know –”
    "Hilarious.” she tried pulling on the ropes, groaning in pain again as a sharp stinging feeling shot through them. “You are so charming in your attempt to get me back. What’s next ? You will link yourself to me because you are terrified of being all alone for the rest of your existence ?”
    "Ouch.” he took a sip from one of his shake. “If I recall correctly, you were the one saying and I quote ‘As long as I am alive, you will never know what its like being alone ever again.’ French fries ? I got your favourite curly ones from the Grill.”
    "No, thanks.” she pulled on the ropes again. "Need I remind you I am technically dead. Thanks to you, I might add. Why are we at my old high school ?”
    “Because this is exactly where we met for the first time. Remember ?” he scooted over closer to her. “It was Christmas, I had just siphoned the spell keeping your annoying friends out of Mystic Falls and had kidnapped Elena to practice magic with her, or rather on her. You were the last thing I saw before I got shot with that crossbow and went into coma for a few days. Yet after only one look you somehow kept sneaking into my comatose dreams. Also everyone is on break and this is the last place anyone would look for us.”
    "Us ? There is no ‘us’. We broke up.” she leaned in towards him, pulling on the ropes again. “Correction. You broke up with me because and I quote ’You will be happier without me in your life.’ … and you were right. Look at my happy face.” she grinned at him. “Now, let me go before things get ugly.”
    “If you keep pulling on the ropes, you will only hurt yourself.” he pointed out.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “Save your concern for someone who actually cares.”
Kai scooted over next to her, holding the french fries and a milk shake. “Curly fries and raspberry milk shake. Your favourite combination. I still don’t get it though. Sweet and salty. Anyways, there is also a burger and I told them not to put any pickles in it because I know you hate them.”
Y/N glared at him and pulled on the ropes again. How it was possible that the knot got tighter the more she struggled ?! “Why am I here Malachai?”
    “I told you. I wanted us to talk.” he said as if it’s obvious. “I miss you. I miss waking up next to you in the morning, going to bed with you every night. I miss feeling your head on my chest while you fall asleep … and I am going to fix my mistake and get you back.”
    “Funny. I don’t miss any of those things.” she rolles her eyes and smirked. “Also the person you are looking for can’t come to the phone right now. Cuz she’s dead. You killed her. Twice. ”
Kai brushed his fingers against her cheek, gently touching her lips afterwards. “No. You are still in there.” he thought back of the flicker he had seen in her eyes when he had kissed her earlier. “My Y/N is still in there and I really hope after all this is over you will forgive me for everything I did to hurt you and everything I am about to do, because I know I will never forgive myself unless you do.”
    “Hope ?” she snorted. “You are pathetic. Why would I take you back and/or forgive you ? You are a monster. An irredeemable piece of trash. Even your own family didn’t want you.”
Kai swallowed, reminding himself at every word she said that this wasn’t her. Whoever was standing before him only had her face, her voice but wasn’t her. Y/N had never thought any of those things about him. She had always supported him and defended him. Even after the wedding fiasco … when she had showed up instead of staying home and he had accidentally killed her when the windows shattered. Luckily for him, he had thought ahead, knowing how stubborn she was, and had slipped some vampire blood in her coffee earlier in the day. Other ways he wasn’t sure what he would’ve done or how he would’ve continued living. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t have been able to.
    “You are right. They didn’t.” he said quietly. “But you did. Even after my actions at the wedding cost you your life. And you forgave me for that, you will forgive me for this too –” he flicked his wrist, breaking her leg while casually taking a sip from his shake. Y/N screamed out in pain, thrashing on the floor. “Flip the switch.
    “No.” she groaned in pain and he flicked his wrist again, breaking her leg on another spot.
    “Turn it on.” he demanded.
Y/N laughed, watching his eyes flutter closed for a split second every time she screamed out in pain. “Let me guess.” she flinched again when her leg broke on another spot. “This is hurting you a lot less than it’s hurting me.”
    “Your attitude blows.” he stated, taking a sip from his shake before breaking her other leg in two places at once. “Turn it back on –”
    “You know what else blows?” she hissed. “Being in love with you. Carrying for a psychopath with no redeeming qualities, pushing away all my friends every time they tried to open my eyes–” she screamed in pain again. “This is kind of fun. Come on, break my arms next. Better yet – rip my heart out.”
Kai clenched his jaw. He tried it the nice way, now he was going to have to push further. “Is this fun too ?” he smirked at her, pulling the air out of her lungs with magic. “You know, maybe you are right. Maybe I should kill you, shut off my humanity –” he smirked at her, pulling at her heart with magic. “It will be so much fun ruining your friends’ lives for all eternity–”
    “You are n-not goin-g to k-kill me.” she gasped for air, struggling at every syllable. “I am t-the girl t-that yo-u love.”
    “Right again.” he leaned in, gently brushing his palm against her cheek. Her eyes lit up for a split second and he suppressed a smile. “I love you, which is why I am willing to go to extreme lengths to get you back.” he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her deeply. For a second she felt a flicker of emotion, just like every time he touched her. Didn’t take her long to shove that flicker away before it had turned into a fire. All of the sudden someone yanked Kai away. Y/N blinked fast a few times seeing her best friend here and struggled to get herself free, knowing either way they will try to get her to flip the switch back and with both of them teamed up things would not end well for her, or for any of them.
    “You kidnapped her ?! Have you lost your damn mind ?!” said Damon. “Do you plan on burning up the school too? She is not going to flip the switch back ! I am taking her to the cellar. We will weaken her, torture some sense into her.” Her best friend pushed Kai off him, heading towards her.  She yanked on the ropes again, trying to get herself free when Kai grabbed the vampire’s arm. “What?” snapped Damon.
    “Let me do this my way.” asked Kai. “Don’t you get it ? I am the only one who can reach her. I kissed her and there was a flicker of emotion there. I saw it in her eyes. I felt it. I can get her back without your help.”
    “The Hell you can !” snapped the vampire. “I have more experience with this than you can imagine. You have no idea what it’s like to deal with a vampire with no emotions. You look at her and you see your girl but its not he–”
    “Do you think I don’t know that ?!” Kai raised his voice. “I am her emotional trigger, only I can do this. You might hate me for what I did to Elena, and at times I wonder why I went with your mother’s insane idea when there were so many other ways to get back at you and Bonnie for ditching me in 1903 –”
A split second later Kai few right out the door, smacking against the locker with a loud bang. “Don’t bring up what you did to Elena. I am this close to ripping your head off and one day soon I actually will. I am taking her with me. She is my best friend. We do this my way.”
Kai got up, clenching his jaw. A second later Damon attacked him again, slamming his body in the lockers with his hand around his neck. ‘Motus.’ muttered the heretic and the eldest Salvatore flew off him. Neither of them seemed to notice Y/N had almost gotten herself free and was getting ready to make a run for it.
    “You two are pathetic. Can someone stake me or throw me a deck with cards? I’m bored…and hungry.”
    “I’m a little busy right now, sweet cheeks. Be with you in a jiffy.” grinned Kai and launched towards Damon again. They fought, each of them almost to equal advantage. Kai sent Damon flying through the hallway and she heard him slam against the lockers and judging by the sounds of spilled coins – the vending machine too. The eldest Salvatore growled and launched against Kai who raised his hand causing him a witchy migraine and the vampire dropped on the ground. A groan left her lips and her interest shifted to the flickering flourescent lights overhead until Kai stood in front of the door, fixing the collar of his shirt. “Now that this is dealt with, we can go back to our fun time. What are you craving – AB or B or O positive ? I think I have some of each in my car outsid–”
Y/N’s eyes widened and before she had had time to think or blink or say a single syllable, her best friend flashed behind Kai, raised his hand and in a swift motion beheaded him. His head rolled into the cafeteria right past her and her heart stopped, all the air getting pulled out of her lungs at once.
A piercing scream left her lips and she yanked on the ropes with every ounce of strength she had, not carrying how the vervain ropes dug in her skin almost to the bone, and freed herself. As if from underwater she heard Damon’s footsteps nearing her. Not that it mattered, there was nothing that mattered to her anymore. All she could think about was how she had just lost the man she loved. She had really lost him and there was no way to get him back. There was no longer ‘Other side’, there was nothing. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she kept crying out his name, crawling over to his head muttering  'No, no … this can’t be happening.’ Every emotion she had suppressed for the past week and a half flooded her mind at once seeing his blue eyes wide open, starring at her while the lower half of his body bled out a few metres away in the hallway. Everything she had said to him, everything he said to her… and now he was gone and she couldn’t make it right.
    “No, no… this is not real. You are not gone ! You can’t be gone!” she sobbed. “I can’t be without you. Oh my God –” she cried, cupping his face. A moment later someone’s arms wrapped around her from behind. Y/N clenched her jaw and closed her eyes. “Get away from me Damon or I swear I will tear you limp from limp –”
    “I never thought I’d be happy to see tears in your eyes.” said Kai and a moment later her hands were empty, there was no blood on them or on her clothes. She turned around and her eyes widened instantly. Her hands wrapped around the man she loved, tears still streaming down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I – I didn’t want to put you through this but you didn’t leave me a choice.” Y/N pulled away and cupped his face tracing every inch of his face with her fingertips and then his lips, smiling through tears. Then all of the sudden she pulled away much to Kai’s confusion and kept backing away from him until she was almost on the other end of the cafeteria. “Y/N? I’m alive. This is real. I used a spell –”
    “N-no.” she muttered unable to even look at him. “A-all the things I did. All the people I killed. What I s-said to you… I – I am so sorry. I d-didn’t mean a word –” she sobbed. “Y-you probably h-hate me right n-now. I – I deserve it.”
    “Oh Y/N…” he smiled, cupping her face and pulled her into his arms. “I know you didn’t mean any of it. I don’t hate you. I could never hate you even if I wanted to. It wasn’t you. I know that.” he stroked her hair, while his shirt soaked up her tears. “I am sorry. I am so sorry for breaking your heart, for everything I did to you – killing you at the wedding, for kidnapping you today and for torturing you, making you think I was dead –”
    “Y-you don’t hate me ?” she looked at him through tears. Kai shook his head smiling.
    “Y/N, I am in love with you.” he said softly. “All those things I said to you…  I don’t even know who this person was. It took me less than a day to realise what a huge mistake I’ve made. I can’t live without you. I need you in my life more than I need to breath. My feelings for you are the most real, strongest thing I have ever felt in my life and I got so terrified I’d hurt you, I decided to let you go… and broke both our hearts. I can’t imagine you’d want me back after everything I did today but I will spend the rest of my existence trying to make up fo–”
Y/N’s lips crashed against his, her hands tangling in his hair as he slowly backed her against the wall when she tripped him and they fell on the ground,laughing. Nothing Kai did during the past few hours mattered to her, not the physical not the emotional pain. All that mattered was they were in each other’s arms again and nothing was ever going to stand in their way again.
    “I will always want you.” she played with his scruff, smiling through tears. “Y-you love me ?”
    “Yes !” he smiled, cupping her face. “More than anything. I love you with every cell in my body, with all my heart. I love you and I – ”
    “I love you too.” she pressed her lips against his. “I never stopped.”
    “I need you to give me another chance. I meant what I said earlier. If you do, I promise not to screw it up. I promise to love and cherish you for the rest of my life… and even after, wherever I end up. I need you. Just — why are you looking at me like that ?”
    “You look so cute right now.” she tapped his nose. “I love you. I want to be with you, more than anything but –” she paused, watching him sweat for a few moments. “– if you ever do that again –”
    “Never again.” he rolled on top of her, his lips smashing against hers. “I will never let you go.”


Rachel - Part 2; SPOILERS

I have more to add onto my theory about Rachel and the possibility of her having powers. I said a lotta this (okay, all…) on @maximum-rewind ‘s post, but I wanna try to organize my thoughts out here. This might be a little long, so please try to stay with me XD

*DEEP BREATH* At the very end of Episode 1 we see the woman in the white dress that Rachel’s dad made out with. We are able to catch a glimpse of this woman’s character: She smiles at the sight of the tree on fire. (Also, she’s a smoker XD)

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that she kinda sorta looks like Rachel except with blonde hair. (Which is kinda weird to think about because this woman made out with Rachel’s dad)

First off, so Rachel might have these weather powers, right? It’s possible she could have manipulated the wind when she screamed, but she just didn’t know she has these abilities. There are other theories that Rachel was the cause of the storm in Season 1, like when Chloe said, “– This could be Rachel’s revenge.” Like, her spirit/soul can be connected to the weather, blah blah blah.

Back to the Woman in White. We also get to see that she has a tattoo sleeve of what seems like flowers, or a galaxy with bright colors(?), on her left arm. (Couldn’t get a really good picture of it)

Personally, whenever I see flowers and such, I think about nature. So maybe the tattoo symbolizes something about the Woman in White? I always kinda thought that Chloe’s tattoo symbolized stoof about her. The roses and thorns show that she is beauty and danger, the skull is her death(s), the red ribbon can be a somewhat allusion to the Red String of Fate and how she’s always connected to Max(?), and the blue butterflies speak for themselves. SO, the flower tattoos on the Woman in White– to me– are a symbolism of nature. And what’s a part of nature? Life, people, animals, and weather.

And all the crazy stoof that’s been happening in both Season 1 and Before the storm have been nature related: the tree on fire (albeit Rachel caused that physically with a burning trashcan XD) and the wind(!), the random snow and eclipse, the dead birds, the washed up whales, the double moons, and the one to bring it all home, the storm. And, with an exception of the fire tree, these were all results of Max messing with course of nature, or life. Since death is a part of nature, “nature,” or spirit/soul of Rachel, “retaliates” and causes all the eco-havoc. Maybe Rachel’s spirit wanted Chloe’s death so they could be reunited? Which, I know, sounds super duper weird and ridiculous, but it’s a possibility? This might be a stretch…

Maybe the Woman in White is a weird physical form of Rachel’s supposed weather/nature powers? She was somewhat pretty close to the place of the fire, too. Oi vei… I might be stretching this hella far… Sorry for the long post.

UPDATE: I was wrong. But maybe not about everything? I did get the that she looks like Rachel. I don’t know about the powers thing though…
Only In My Dreams

Stiles x Reader

Words: 1,798

Warnings: Angst, angst. angst. Triggering content (death, contemplated suicide)

A/N: Okay, so I’ve had this idea for a while and I just needed to get it out. It is based on a very sensitive issue, so please be warned. I cried while writing this on multiple occasions. But sometimes it just feels good to let out a little angst. Enjoy.

Originally posted by dobhennig

I was eighteen years old when I met the love of my life. “Young love” some would call it, but we knew better. I knew Stiles Stilinski was different. As cliche as it sounds, I knew Stiles Stilinski was the one from the start.

We met in college, a few classes shared together was the beginning of it. The first thing I noticed was his warm amber eyes, soft-hued and inviting ‒ no, comforting. Like he could just look at me and I would be safe in only his gaze. I was captivated by his charm and his humor; his sincerity and genuine character.

We grew closer over the course of our freshman year, realizing we had more common interests than not. It did not take long at all for us to fall in love, it was fast and it was hard and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. We were all or nothing, and nothing without eachother.

I remember constantly, but purposely, forgetting my jacket so he would offer his flannel when I started to shiver, inhaling the calming scent of him as soon as the article of clothing was draped over my shoulders. I still get the faintest smell of him and his cologne, especially in our sheets and on his pillow. The lingering note of vanilla only making me clutch the damned thing while I break down and sob his name, that is until I grow exhausted enough to fall asleep.

The call from his dad shattered my whole being; my world. The only recollection I have of it is not being able to breathe as I heard the words, and I just knew…

“It’s Stiles. He was in an accident.”

His shaky breath cracked at the end of his sentence, confirming what I already felt in my heart.

“No, no, no.” I didn’t want to accept it; it couldn’t be true.

“He’s gone.”

I buried the love of my life at twenty, barely two years after we met. In the beginning I blamed myself.

If only I could have talked him into staying, and not going back to Beacon Hills.

If only I could have called him before he decided to try to drive back to me without any sleep.

If only I could have just been there with him.

The first few weeks after he was gone were the hardest. Sometimes I would think about him out of habit and get butterflies, quickly turning into nausea once I remembered he wasn’t with me anymore and I’d never see him again.

I didn’t sleep unless my body physically forced my eyes to close. The bags underneath them now a permanent trait, along with the frown and sad eyes I would carry with me on display, only attracting more whispers and rumors.

“That’s the girl whose boyfriend died…”

“I heard it was a really bad accident…”

“I couldn’t imagine that happening to me…”

I didn’t either, I thought to myself.

Because of these whispers and stares, I ultimately stopped going to class, locking myself in my dorm and never leaving my bed.

I would be lying if I told you I didn’t think about taking my own life, but it just didn’t feel right. I could only think of what Stiles would tell me if he found out I even had the thought. Like it would almost be in vain; throwing away a life after a loved one had theirs ripped away without warning.

So, I slept. And slept some more. Until I was numb. When I was awake, it was too harsh of a reality. In my dreams, I could make my own false reality. Sometimes I would dream of memories, replaying them in my head to relive. It was always so vivid and felt so real…

A personal favorite one being our first date.

Stiles had invited me to the fair that was in town, his cheeks turning a shade of pink as he rubbed the back of his neck when he asked.

“I was just wondering if you maybe, you know… want to go with me?” he asked, glancing at his sneakers beneath him instead of making eye contact.

“I’d love to, Stiles.” I agreed, smiles now plastered on both of our faces.

We rode rides and played so many games, Stiles was determined to win me the big teddy bear, even if it did take six games and more money than what it was worth in the first place.

We ate chili-cheese fries and funnel cakes while sitting on the small bench, snuggled into his side under his arm. We talked about everything that night, with Stiles cracking the occasional joke, making me double over in laughter most of the time.

It was also the night of our first kiss. It was Stiles’ idea to ride the giant Ferris wheel. Although a little timid at first, I agreed to ride it. I slid next to him in the seat, his arm wrapping around me in a protective hold as if to tell me all was alright.

Of course it would happen the damn thing stopped just as we were rounding the top, stranding us high in the air.

“Stiles, I don’t like this. I really don’t like heights.”

He grabbed my hand into his, squeezing in a comforting manner.

“You’re okay, I promise. Nothing’s going to happen to you while I’m here.”

“I just can’t stop thinking about falling to my death, I don’t know what to do.” I panicked, my breathing picking suddenly.

“Hey, hey. Look at me.” He pulled my face to his before his eyes gazed into mine, dulling the anxiety slightly.

“Just think about anything else…” He inched closer as I closed my eyes and took in a steadying breath.

“Like what?” I questioned, tilting my head opposite to his as our lips brush together.

“This.” He mumbled before his mouth enveloped my own, melting away any fear I still had and replacing it with love.

I woke up with a smile on my face for the first time in months after that dream. Feeling lucky to replay the memory so vividly, feeling his presence almost like he was really there with me.

At first, I didn’t realize how unhealthily it affected my life in the coming weeks, only living to sleep and dream of him. I lost friends, grades plummeted, and family essentially gave up on me. I would only wake up for necessary things like eating only to quiet my stomach and make it easier to fall asleep, and using the restroom. I lived in my pajamas and ignored anything related to the real world including phone calls, emails from professors, and even knocks on my door. I officially isolated myself.

That was until a few weeks later, I fell asleep thinking of him, only to be thrown into a dream I’ve never experienced before. It was easily the most realistic dream I’ve ever had. The intricate patterns on the white walls and ceilings catching my attention first. I ran my fingertips over it, glancing around the otherwise empty room until my eyes fell on a figure at the other end of the room. My heart sped up once my memory clicked and reminded me who it was, making me turn on my heel and sprint towards him.

“Stiles? It’s really you.” I spoke as he engulfed me into a hug, wrapping his arms around me.

An uneasy feeling grew in my stomach as we hugged, although happy to see him, I felt angry toward him. Angry for how he left me, how he wrecked me. I broke the hug as tears started welling up in my eyes, my emotions confusing me as I felt my face heat up in anger.

“Fuck you.” I spit, the tears finally sliding down my face.

Stiles gave me a questioning look, followed by a hurt expression. “W-what?”

“Fuck you!” I said, throwing my fists forward, hitting his chest. “I hate you! It’s not fair!” I sobbed, the air leaving my lungs involuntarily. I clutched his shirt in between my fingers before I buried my face into his neck while I cried, his arms wrapping around me again as he rocked me back and forth to comfort me.

“It’s okay… shh…”

“Why? Why did you do this to me? Why did you leave me alone?” I looked up at him, noticing the streams of tears now running down his own face as I tried to regulate my breathing.

“I… I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did. I fell asleep behind the wheel. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. It’s not fair to you, but that’s why I’m here.” He explained, cupping my cheeks in his hands before placing a kiss to my forehead. My brows furrowed in confusion at his words, telling him to continue.

“I have to tell you goodbye.”

My jaw fell open, ready to argue against him, but he spoke again before I could get anything out.

“I’ve been with you in the dreams. It’s been me. I did it at first to help you through the pain, to soften the blow of not having me around anymore. I saw how much it hurt you, and I just couldn’t stand to see you so broken without me. I didn’t know how bad it would hurt you in the long run.”

“What do you mean? I look forward to those dreams. It’s what I’ve been living for, to see you again.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s the problem. I won’t be the reason you can’t live your life, so I need to say goodbye.” Stiles drew a shaky breathe, the tears spilling over now.


“No, don’t. I love you so much, and I’m so happy I got to experience love with you, to know how it feels when someone genuinely loves you. You gave that to me, so thank you. Now, I want you to start living your life again. Don’t forget about me, but don’t let me consume your life. I want you to take your time to move on, but know it’s okay if you do. I want you to know I’ll always be there with you, whether you know it or not. I love you. I love you.” He finished, placing a soft kiss on my lips before resting his forehead against mine.

My throat was raw, unable to speak as he said goodbye, one last kiss before he disappeared for good. Leaving me with only his memory again.

I awoke with tears in my eyes, my throat sore and dry. I laid there, replaying the dream in my mind over and over. How real it felt to kiss him again, to touch him and hold him. And I couldn’t help but feel a final sense calmness and closure.

“I love you too, Stiles.”