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New tags: platonic and romantic ships


  • s: Shine my sun; Lend me your light [Steph]
  • s: The sun and night sky [Steph+Khaida]
  • s: Sun by day; Stars by night [Steph+Aly]
  • s: The music of Skysteel [Steph+Daryl]
  • s: A rose bloomed in winter [Francel]
  • s: Sunlight through a cracked lens [Solar Flare]
  • s: Your sword; shield; and armor [SE]


  • r: The sun; The rose; and The snowdrop [Steph+Joye]
  • r: Light on even the darkest night [Steph]
  • r: He who grants wings [Aurvael]
  • r: I’ll build you up; Do not suffer alone [Emmanellain]
  • r: I taught you to run; Now to heal [Francel]
  • r: Fire; Ice; and Raging Wars [Chlode]
  • r: Trouble never looked so good [Steph+Aurvael]
  • r: The strong who have suffered are stronger [Gracie]

Former tags, in order;

  • otp: I am the moon for without you I could not shine; StephanivienHaurchefant
  • ot3: Khaida placeholder tag
  • ot3: The sun and stars; StephanivienAlyHaurchefant
  • ot3: The hands that hold my heart; StephDarylHaurchefant
  • s: a flower wilting in the sun
  • otp: sunlight through a cracked lens
  • otp: your sword; shield; and armor
  • brot3: The sun; the rose; and the snowdrop
  • you could melt the snow with a smile; Stephanivien
  • Aurvael placehlder
  • [ no tag ]
  • A rose bloomed in winter; Francel
  • brotp: Fire; Ice; and Raging Wars
  • brot3: Steph and Aurvael placeholder
  • [ no tag ]

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UNC Hoodie: It's team movie night at camp in Ali & Tobin's room. Tobin gets a chill & blindly grabs her hoodie. Ashlyn didn't get called into camp and Ali is having a rough time sleeping. Everyone leaves & Ali looks for Ashlyn's UNC hoodie, her only solace in the night. Only to discover Tobin grabbed the wrong hoodie & Ashlyn's scent is gone. Tobin feels awful & calls Ashlyn to help her girl. It takes a day, but Ashlyn overnights another hoodie, sealed in a Ziplock bag, to seal in her scent. ♦️

Ali was sitting on the bed in her hotel room. Kling was her roommate and she took it upon herself to run downstairs to grab her and Ali some breakfast. Ashlyn hadn’t been called up to this national team camp due to a minor injury that she had gotten during the last Orlando game. Naturally, Ali was struggling without Ashlyn. Everyone knew how hard it was for the two of them to be apart and of course, everyone else missed Ashlyn when she was gone too.

Kling came back into the room holding a couple plates of food with Tobin tagging along behind her.

Ali gratefully took the breakfast that Kling had brought her and acknowledged Tobin. “Hey, Tobs. Whats up?”

“I just wanted to let you guys know that movie night is going to be in my room after tram dinner. Since we have a day off tomorrow, were gonna do an Underworld marathon.” Tobin stated excitedly.

Kling was always ready for a movie night but she was even more thrilled when she heard that Underworld was the chosen series for the night. Tobin pointed a finger at Ali and said, “I better see you there, Kriegy.” Ali nodded in agreement and continued to eat her breakfast after Tobin left. All she could think about was how Ashlyn was the one who got her hooked on Underworld and how this was the first time that she would be seeing Blood Wars but Ashlyn wasn’t there to watch it with her.

Team dinner had come and gone. Ali ran back to her room to change into some more comfortable clothes before she made her way over to Tobins room. Ali was wearing sweats and an old tee shirt. She was about to walk out the door when she heard her phone buzz and saw a message from Ashlyn on the screen.

Have fun at movie night, baby. Check your bag… and if you give me any Blood Wars spoilers, I’m breaking up with you.

Ali smiled and typed out her response.

Like you would ever break up with me. What’s in my bag?

The three little typing bubbles popped up on the screen as Ali unzipped her backpack.

You’ll know it when you see it ;) Ashlyn replied.

Ashlyn was right. Ali knew exactly what Ashlyn was talking about when she pulled it out of the bag. Ashlyn had stuffed her UNC hoodie in the top of the bag before Ali had left for camp. Ali pulled the hoodie on and snapped a picture, sending it to Ashlyn with the caption, You know me so well. Thank you baby XOXO

Ashlyn smiled when she opened the picture of Ali in her UNC hoodie. Long gone were the days of Ashlyn teasing her mercilessly for wearing a North Carolina sweatshirt. It warmed her heart knowing that keeping a little piece of Ashlyn with her is what kept Ali sane in the moments that they were apart.

Ali made her way down the hall with the hoodie in her hand. She was hoping that no one would notice her carrying it. Just because Ashlyn didn’t tease her about it doesn’t meant that the other girls didn’t.

The whole team was piled into Tobin’s room. Some of them were laying on the beds and everyone else was scattered across the floor. Ali was sitting in the middle of Tobin and Megan with the hoodie resting on the floor next to her leg.

At some point in the night, Tobin had gotten old and grabbed the hoodie that was on the floor, not realizing that it wasn’t hers. It wasn’t until all of the movies were over and all of the girls were heading back to their own rooms that Tobin saw that she was wearing someone else’s hoodie.

“Oh, Al!” Tobin pulled the sweatshirt over her head and handed it to Ali. “I thought I grabbed mine but I put yours on by mistake.”

Ali took the hoodie out of Tobin’s outstretched hand before she walked out the door. “Thanks, Tobs.”

Later that night, Ali was tossing and turning in her bed. She was wearing Ashlyn’s hoodie, but it was doing nothing to help her sleep.

“Kriegs?” Kling asked. “What’s wrong? Can’t sleep?”

“No, can’t sleep. Sorry I woke you, Megan. It’s just that… nevermind it doesn’t matter.”

Megan had a good idea of what was wrong. “It’s ok, Ali. You can tell me.”

“It’s just that Tobin wore my hoodie tonight during the movie marathon and now it smells more like her than it does Ashlyn and I can’t sleep without it.”

Megan wished that there was something she could do to make being separated from Ashlyn easier on her friend, but the only thing that she could think to do was tell Tobin. It took a little while, but Ali finally settled down and fell into a restless sleep. Megan texted Tobin, telling her about the issue at hand. Tobin felt awful when she found what had happened. If she hadn’t worn the hoodie, Ali would be fine. There was nothing that she could do to fix. There was only one person that could fix it.

Tobin sent a quick text to Ashlyn, hoping that she was still awake. We need a new hoodie ASAP. Ali can’t sleep because I wore the other one. HELP!

Ashlyn’s reply came almost immediately. I’m on it.

The next morning, Ali got a call from the front desk saying that there was a package waiting for her. Ali ran downstairs to collect the package and brought it back to her room. She sat down on her bed, ripping the tape off of the box to discover what was inside. Inside the box, sealed in a large ziploc bag, was another one of Ashlyn’s hoodies. Ali smiled and opened the bag so that she could put the hoodie on. Right as she pulled it over her head, her phone lit up with  text. It was from Ashlyn.

Sweet dreams, Princess. I’ll see you tomorrow.

It wasn’t the right hoodie, but it smelt like Ashlyn and that was what Ali really needed. This would have to d until she could give Ashlyn the other hoodie to wear for a few days. At least she would be able to sleep soundly tonight, wrapped up in the hoodie that smelt like her girlfriend. It made it a little easier to believe that Ashlyn was there with her.