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“That’s our Beauty and the Beast" - @SHO_Penny

[TRANS] 161224 Renjun fanboard Event (Some of Renjun’s replies)

fan: renjun ah does jaehyun hyung and moomin look alike?

renjun: kkk really similar!


fan: Renjun ah!!! Now comparing to Jeno, do you still like moomin more?

renjun: Yes!


fan: renjun ah why is your name so pretty too?? TT

renjun: Noona is pretty too!!!^^


fan: Do you like moomin or noona?

renjun: I like both!!!!!!!


fan: Huang Renjun.. Renjun what’s your blood type… I love you…

renjun: I’m OOOOOOOOOOOO type~~~~


fan:looking for missing person Dong Sicheng

renjun: He’s beside me~~ haha


fan: Renjun ah please recommend some chinese dishes~

renjun: Malatang, Hot pot, Spicy crayfish~ Delicious


fan: renjun, I’ve lost my heart! Can you help me find it?

renjun: I’ll give half of mine to you? Haha Merry Christmas~


fan: Calling renjun, calling renjun! Calling innocent boy renjun! I really hope you can reply…

renjun: Innocnet boy Renjun is here! I’m santa~


fan: what’s renjun’s christmas wish?

renjun: NCT be well known

cr: eng trans: @onlyrenjun 

Liam Payne & David Backham Hairstyles Part 1/3

1) Faux Mohawk + 3 days beard

2) One strand of hair + soft, long voluminous hair with a strong designer beard

3) Spiky blowed quiff and very short shaved hair + light 3 days beard 

4) Wet side swept hair with a rough beard

5) side combed hair with strong side parting and a clean designer beard

6) shaved buzz cut + stronger grown beard 

So this is part 1 of their hairstyles. 

I’ve also tried to look at other similarities like clothes and the direction the look at to make it as similar as possible. 

Everybody talks about how Kagome and Kikyo look alike. 

Everyone says how similar they look to one another and that the resemblance is uncanny but they never looked alike to me. If anything, Kikyo always looked a little bit more like Sango. The shape of their faces, their mouths, their eyes, and general behavior of their hair never really seemed like they were all that similar save for when Kagome wore miko clothing. 

However, there was another character in Inuyasha who I thought looked like Kagome it’s this little girl here.

I know that most of you are shouting that it’s just Takahashi’s same face in play here but hear me out and take a gander at Kagome as a little girl and I’ll get into it. 

The shape of their eyes is near identical even when Kagome’s grown up but you can definitely see it here when she’s a little girl. The tone of their skin, their hair while a little differently colored because Kagome’s is a lot darker and Rin’s on a warmer brown tone acts a little bit more similar. They have way more physical characteristics between them that are shared than Kagome and Kikyo.

I’m not arguing the fact that Kagome isn’t Kikyo’s spiritual successor but I think that Kagome is a biological descendant of Rin. 

The moment you start to really think about it I think the more and more it makes sense. Out of the cast we meet they look the most alike. We’ve seen Kagome interact with the roots of others family trees so it’s plausible that she’d meet someone she’s related to. 

Along with sharing some of the same personality traits with another such as being kind, caring, and courageousness there’s a factor in here that’s the elephant in the room. Or rather, the dog in the room. Both of these girls share close kinships between dog demons. 

Some of you may be thinking the link between Inuyasha and Kagome is firmly rooted to Kikyo but it’s been said time and time again that their relationship is very different. Could this predisposition be rooted back deep within Kagome’s family tree? Or perhaps Kagome’s empathy and ability to connect with demonkind comes from a very humble person.

In episode 96 “Jaken Fall Ill” Sesshomaru’s gang is fortunate enough to be near Jinenji’s garden when Jaken falls victim to Naraku’s insects. When Rin visits him he’s taken aback by her appearance. He’s the first one to comment that she resembles Kagome and his mother agrees with him.

Later, when Inuyasha and co meet up with Jinenji he tells the group that earlier a little girl came to visit him. He describes her as a child of the sun and says how much she reminded him of Kagome. 

It really got the wheels in my head turning. Maybe there’s more than mere sentiment to these words. After Naraku’s defeated, Rin’s placed in Kaede’s care. 

It stands to reason that she grows up and like many feudal aged girls started a family. It’s likely that she stayed in that general region and her children had children and so on and so forth and those children took on the care of the shrine. Which eventually ended up being Kagome’s home. 

Maybe I’m looking too much into it but it’d still be really cool. 

tl;dr: Kagome and Rin may be related because they’re both good with stupid dogs. 


Screw shading, I think these look great enough without it.

I’ve had fun with this idea and this drawing and how silly it is.

The exact show I used the poses from was Power Rangers: Dino Charge, and each Sans is in the pose of the Ranger with the corresponding color:

Red - Tomato Soul - @amber-acrylic

Yellow - Lithos - @mirrored-with-puns

Green - Clover - @rainbowchu3

Blue - Edgelord - @louisethe4th (hope you don’t mind me adding the boots and belts)

Pink - Stardust - me

What’s bad is that this is the first time I’ve drawn all of these Sanses in full-body with color (since I sketched Clover before). What a way to premier them in my art style.

Hopefully I’ll actually try drawing something serious with these guys.


Inspired by Cat’s breathtaking edit.

And then there were a pair, boy and girl. I saw them together a great deal, and at first I thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend, until one day I saw them up close and realized they had to be siblings. Later I learned they were twins. Theylooked very much alike (in similarity less of lineament than of manner and bearing, a correspondence of gesture which bounced and echoed between them so that a blink seemed to reverberate, moments later, in a twitch of the other’s eyelid), with heavy dark-blond hair and epicene faces as clear, as cheerful and grave, as a couple of Flemish angels.

Interesting Facts About Hyenas:

  • Hyenas vary in size. Largest are spotted hyenas with 35 inches in height and 90 pounds in weight. Smallest are aardwolves with 20 inches in height and 60 pounds in weight.
  • Females are larger and more dominant than males.
  • Hyenas live in territorial and large clans that can consist of up to 80 members. Aardwolves are solitary animals that gather only during mating season.
  • They are both hunters and scavengers (they eat carrions).
  • Aardwolf eats termites.
  • They are nocturnal animals (hunt at night).
  • Hyenas mark their territory with white droppings produced in the anal gland. This substance has a strong smell and it informs other hyenas that territory is already occupied.
  • Hyenas use various sounds, postures and signals to communicate with each other.
  • One of the most characteristic sounds that hyena produce is laughter. This sound alerts other hyenas that new food source is located.
  • Worst enemies of hyenas are lions and hunting dogs. Hyenas are cannibals. They may attack and eat other hyenas, especially when they are young.
  • Male and female hyenas look alike and have very similar genitals, but they are not hermaphrodites (animals that may act both as males and as females at the same time). Only female hyena gives birth and takes care of her cubs.
  • After mating season, it takes 90-110 days for babies to be born. One female gets 2-4 cubs and she takes care of them in the “natal den” (special den reserved only for mother with cubs) for 4 weeks.
  • Cubs fight with each other to establish dominance and achieve best feeding position or desired order of feeding. This fight might end up fatally.
  • Mother feeds cubs with milk 12-18 month, but they will start eating meat as soon as they reach 5th month.
  • Hyenas live 10-12 years in the wild and up to 25 years in captivity.

I think Teppei from Kuroko no Basuke and Makoto from Free! are somehow related. They both kind of look alike; they have similar calm and gentle expressions. They’re both caring in a big brother type of way towards their friends. And my goodness, they are total husband material. If I met a real life guy like Teppei, I’d be thinking “be my future husband and the father of my children, please”