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Concepts I can’t stop thinking about: 

-Bendy crossdressing full on like Bugs Bunny
-Bendy being able to change body shape and can’t change his height. (which he hates in the pit of his deep dark heart) 
-A ton of the animation’s studio’s budget does to Bendy wanting cigars/booze/cakes. 

That’s all I got for now. 

A cool color palette today.  Do you guys organize your bookshelves by color? I kind of want to, but I think having my series/authors out of order would drive me crazy!

I know absolutely nothing about what’s going on with them but I’ve seem them a lot on my dash lately *cough* @kimmys-voodoo *cough* and I feel like a part of me has adopted them as a little ship of mine???? Plus I love old cartoons so…


From bottom to top and left to right:

Mogeko Castle (Yonaka)

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (Wadanohara)

The Gray Garden (Yosafire)

Dreaming Mary (Mary)

Pocket Mirror (MC)

Alice Mare (Allen)

END ROLL (Russell)

Forest of Drizzling Rain (Shiori)

1bitheart (Nanashi)

you guys liked this

well now here’s the second part!

i kept 2 characters to see how much i improved!  im quite prouf of myself!


…And a nice head deserves a very nice hat. That’s what my father says. He makes the best hats in Witzend. Would you like him to make you one? Come on. He can make any hat. A bonnet or boater, dunce hat, fez, a cloche, coif, snood, barboosh, or pugree.


You’re the good different, you’re the good strange.

Alice & The Mad Hatter + Moodboard

theswinginangel  asked:

" Awe, Bendy! it'll be alright my dear.. just ignore them! I guess everyone has their opinions.. "

It looked like Bendy wasn’t going to just let those kinds of things slide.

The little demon solemnly swears that he would not allow anyone to disrespect Alice Angel like that.

As anyone who dares to would be left with a terrible fate.