look again gallery talk


Noishe : Grrr

Mithos: Yes, that’s a good boy. 

You’re a smart boy, aren’t you? 

Noishe:  Waohn!

Mithos: To tell you the truth, Noishe. I’m tired. I’m tired of living. 

Noishe: *Whine*

Mithos: That’s not something people should say? 

But you know, I think what I’m doing may be wrong. 

And now that I’ve started to think that, I can’t help but feel there’s no meaning to life.

 Noishe: Waoooo

Mithos: Yes, Genis and Raine and Lloyd, they’re all good people. I like them. I’m happy they made me their friend. But –

Noishe: *Whine*

Mithos: I’m sorry. Forget what I said just now. It wasn’t like me.