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Tobias’ Sister (Part 5)


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I was wondering if youd post a part 5 to your tobias sister story?(cause i love it)

I literally spent all night reading your imagines all night your so talented 😍 when will you update the tobias’ sister ? ❤️

I really hope you continue Tobias’s Sister :) it’s great!

Pairing : Eric x Reader

Warning : SMUTMention of mature theme, bad language

Words : 1,414

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(PART 1) (PART 2) (PART 3) (PART 4)

‘’I want to do it with you, but not here’’ I said, waving my hand at the room.

‘’Your first time will be perfect, I promise’’

He took my hand in his, rubbing his thumb on my skin. Then, Eric brought his lips to my hand and slightly placed a kiss on the top of it, his cyan gaze always staring at me.

‘’OMG!!’’ Christina looked at me with big eyes, her mouth couldn’t closed.

‘’Did he really kissed your hand?’’ Tris slowly asked, as if she was talking to a kid, peering me. While frowning, she turned back at Christina. ‘’Can he be sweet? Or is this just a tactique?’’

‘’Might just be a tactique. Guys like him collect the one-night stand’’

‘’Yeah, you’re right’’ Tris agreed.

‘’You know him here, huh?’’ I said, but that doesn’t seemed to catch their attention.

‘’He his a really good seducer’’ Christina admitted and Tris nooded.

‘’That hand kiss thing was a great trick’’ Tris admitted and Christina nooded.

‘’Really?’’ I rolled your eyes, but they didn’t even notice it. ‘’Okay, if you’re going to ignore me…’’ I mumbled, took a deep breathe, and shouted (maybe to loudly) ‘’Oh, I forgot that we bang on the chair because when he kissed my hand, I was so seduced that I ripped my clothes off and moaned ‘I’m a bad bad girl that need to be punished!’’

I was glancing toward them, feeling the anger rising inside my stomach. Finally, they looked toward me, with even bigger eyes than before. But they weren’t quite looking at me, they were looking above me.

‘’You fornicated with Eric!?’’ Tobias shouted.

‘’Did you really needed to use the word fornicated!?’’ I sighed.

Multiple eyes stared at me. Some of them were smirking, others were giggling. I have to say, it’s quite funny seeing my brother angry. He has this vein on his forehead that was always threatening to exploded…

‘’DID YOU!?’’

‘’W-what? No! I was trying to get their attention!’’ I protested. ‘’Come on, Tobias! Who would do that on the chair? It’s discusting!’’

He slightly blushed and I wasn’t sure if he was ashamed of accusing me of ashamed that he did it on the chair…

‘’You make me so uncomfortable…’’ I scoffed while shacking my head.

‘’What makes you uncomforable?’’ Eric asked, coming out of nowhere. He grabbed my shoulders and started to rub them.

I looked around to see Christina, Tris, Four, even Peter and his crew glancing at me with a undescriptible expression, as if they all have seen a ghost.

‘’Uh… It’s-it’s… when I said… with you… fornicated… Tobias a-and the chair…’’ I mumbled.

Eric stopped the massage and frowned. He was clearly trying to understand what I said.

‘’Wait, who fornicated with Four and a chair?’’ Eric asked.

‘’What? Someone fornicated with a chair?’’ Christina arched an eyebrow and glanced at Tris, who winced and said :

‘’Please, stop using that word!’’

‘’Why not? Isn’t it romantic? (Tobias lowered his voice, sensually) Do you want to fornicate with me, Tris?’’ He wink at her and she glared at him, but her scarlet cheek betrayed her amusment.

‘’IT WAS JUST TO CATCH YOUR ATTENTION’’ I said, maybe to loudly because now, even more initiates were staring at me (probably thinking that the phase two of the initiation might has made me insane).

‘’You have strange fantasy’’ Eric laughed.

‘’Nah, the sex with the chair wasn’t my fanstasy’’ I giggled.

Eric blue icy eyes stared at me intensively. I couldn’t pinpointed why, but it mades me uncomfortable. I felt like he was reading me mind just by looking deep into my (e/c)-ish eyes. He squeezed a bit harder my shoulder, without hurting me, of course, and took of his hands.

‘’Well, I got to go’’ Eric said. ‘’See you later’’ He winked and slightly let his fingertips slip on the back of my neck, giving me shivers down my spine.

‘’Long time no see’’ I greated Eric with a smile when I saw him in the corridor of the dormitory. He smiled at me and we walked together.

It has been a week since the phase two and everytime I took the serum, I always had this nightmare of Eric raping me. I knew that he would never to something that awful, but it was my nightmare and I couldn’t just wiped it away. I always felt awkward after every seance, but he always knew how to make me feel confidente.

‘’Will you follow me?’’ Eric asked and gived me his arm. I took it, greated him with a smile, and he leaded me towards the corridors.

Finally, we stopped infront a door, which, I supposed, was his room. He openned it and gently pushed me inside of it. It was suprisingly clean. I looked around and saw his bed - size king - beautifully decorated with roses petal. I turned around to face him, feeling a bit confuse and he rapidly said :

‘’If you don’t want to do it, we won’t. I just thought that it was the right time…’’

Then, Eric took my hands in his and stared deep into my eyes with his cyan gaze and said :

‘’I really like you, (y/n)’’

Suddenly, the temperature increased. Never my cheek had been so red. I smiled widely and so did he.

‘’I like you too’’ I said, shyly. ‘’And I think it’s the right time too’’

I could feel my heartbeat rising as Eric pressed his soft lips on mine. His hands were placed at the bottom of my back, closing the space between us. I wrapped my arms around his neck, rubbing my fingers in his hair, which made him groan. I gently bit his bottom lip and he open his mouth so our tongues could meet. We fought for the dominance, but rapidly, Eric won. I felt his smirk on my lips, which made me smile.

Things got heated pretty soon. He removed my shirt, without forgetting to tease me by slidding his fingers all over my naked skin. When he was about to unclip my bra, I stopped him, and took off his shirt. He smirked, knowing that I did that just to teased him. But I didn’t stopped there. I stepped back when he wanted to unclap my bra, againg, and I slowly removed my pants. He sat on his bed, looking at me with evident desire.

‘’Won’t you took of those pants?’’ I said, knowing that he was thinking about mature things and I brought him to reality.

He stand up and I came closer to him and unbottom his pants. We were now both in underwears. He finally unclip my bra, admiring my breasts, which weren’t that big, just a beautiful [your size bra]. Then, he took my waist and slipped his fingers in my naked skin, bypassing my breast, but never touching it. I pressed my hands on his chest, pushing him on the bed. Eric managed to get on top of me. He continued travelling his fingers on my body, which exausted me because God he turned me on so much!

So, as a revenge, I took off his underwear, slowly so he could feel my hands near his masculinity, but not on it.

‘’You like teasing me, don’t you?’’ He groaned, smirking at me.

‘’As much as you’’ I responded, bitting my bottom lip.

He kissed me even harder than the first time, with all the passion a kiss could contained. Slowly, his lips travelled down my neck and on my collarbone, giving me hickey. I moaned from pleasure, which gave him even more confidence. He removed my panties and slidded himself inside of me. I sank my nails in his back, suprised at the pleasure he was giving me. Was that even possible? Every thrust he made, I felt like I was in heaven. When it became faster, our pleasure grew with it, until we reached the orgasm, together.

Eric was lying besides me, his finger travelling all over my naked body.

‘’How was it?’’ He asked, smiling at me.

‘’Wonderful’’ I giggling. 

He pressed his lips against mine in a sweet, soft kiss. My first time couldn’t have been more perfect.

‘’I think you mean (he imitated your voice) Oh Eric you are so good, take me again and bring me to the seventh heaven!’’

‘’You idiot!’’ I laughed and pushed him.

He wrapped his arms around me and tasted my lips, again.

So this was the last part of my Tobias’ Sister imagine. I really hope you liked it (my series and my last part) ♥