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This might be a little unconventional, but the picture above is not me. It’s my girlfriend, Danielle. We’ve been together for two years. She’s had low self esteem for most of her life. Lately, she’s been trying really hard to take pictures of herself and post them, to not say negative things about her body, to eat healthier foods, and to tell me when she’s thinking bad things about herself instead of harboring everything inside. It’s been hard, because she’s held such a negative view of herself for SO LONG. She also suffers from severe depression and anxiety, which certainly doesn’t make it any easier. But she’s trying. She’s been pointing out positive things about herself more often, and rephrasing negative things. Instead of saying “I look so disgusting” she’ll say, “I don’t like the way this shirt looks on me.”

I’m so proud of the progress she’s making. There’s still a ways to go, but she’s trying and I couldn’t be more excited for her.

I just wanted to submit this picture of her that I took last night. It was Quesadilla Night! She’s absolutely, stunningly beautiful and I want her to remember that. 

I love you, sweetheart.


You  know what I´m R E A L L Y looking forward to in the finale episodes?

The Bellamy and Octavia reunion, when Octavia is running towards Bellamy and jumping in his arms, they hug each other so tight and never let go. I love it how Octavia always touches Bellamys neck and Bellamy rubs his whole face on her shoulder ;3 Bellamy is gonna be so proud of his lil sister being all grounder princess and Octavia is gonna be so glad that Bellamy is safe and alive and everything is just B L A K E F E E L S and no you can´t tell me otherwise coz I NEED THIS!! I need this so bad!

GOOD MORNING!!!! have you thought about mickey’s eyebrows today? 

  • mickey’s sleepy eyebrows
  • mickey’s happy eyebrows
  • mickey’s “are you fucking kidding me” eyebrows
  • mickey’s sad eyebrows
  • mickey’s “you better not fucking go to indiana” eyebrows
  • mickey’s “the look” eyebrows
  • mickey’s “i can’t believe i’m in love with such a dork” eyebrows
  • mickey’s “this is my fucking family in law smfh” eyebrows
  • mickey’s “wow this is my actual family - wife, child, and boyfriend” eyebrows
  • mickey’s laughing eyebrows
  • mickey’s “fuck you” eyebrows
  • mickey’s “i love you so fucking much” eyebrows

thought I might share with my followers my giant anime protagonist scar that I was given from intensive surgery a few months back

idk i feel like posting it is quite personal and im a little nervous to do so but it’s like a lil reminder for myself that ‘hey u made it through some really tough times ur a tough lil nugget be proud of urself’ and yeah I’m proud, I don’t look at it anymore and think ‘ew horrible mistake I made i hate it and i hate myself’ I think progress and how far I’ve come and i felt like sharing it

 sorry for the life story in my caption lmao i just felt kinda good about myself tonight

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"Hullo?" he asked, looking around nervously. In one hand, he held a machete. In the other, there was a flashlight. He was shirtless, wearing only faded blue jeans and worn hiking boots. His mohawk glistened with sweat, and he wore two worn revolvers at his hips. "L-look, I don't got no home an' I'm jus' trying to find p-place to stay. I don't want no trouble, but I'll fight if I have to."

Her pistol was levelled at the intruder’s head. “Who are you? How did you find me?” Jezabel growled. She was in a secluded house, miles from anyone. She had never expected someone to find her. She narrowed her eyes. Maybe he was sent to kill her. 

There are some things
Which we are destined to lose,
No matter what we think
No matter what we do.
I bet it often happens to you, too.
You look for something
For months and months
Without being able to find it.
And then one day
That thing comes back to you
On its own,
When you least expect it.
Then you think
‘From now on
I’m going to look after it,
I won’t lose it again’
But then for some twist of fate
That thing disappears again.
You keep losing it
And you keep looking for it,
Without understanding
That by now you could do
Perfectly fine without it.
You’re okay, on your own.
You don’t need
Anything or anyone
To remind you that.
You’re not fragile
You are delicate.
And you are resistant
To everything.
Nothing can scratch you,
Even if when you walk
You stumble a lot.
Even if you can’t open
Marmalade jars by yourself.
Even if it still takes you ages
To give yourself a chance.
Breathe, you’re okay.
Don’t lose yourself again
In the hope that someone might
Start looking for you
And bring you back home.
—  M.B, On your tiptoes

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ok, so I just spent 3 days trawling through everything, the treatise, the videos, random tumblr blogs, and i'm just about exhausted. it's been so long i can't even remember why i started looking into this in the first place cos i wasn't a fan, i'm too old and too busy! but after 72 hours i'm finally convinced. i'm now sailing the good ship larry and i'm now obsessed and in love with harry styles. 1d ruin yet another life!!! i feel like i should get a badge or something :)

ps. it was the tattoos that finally convinced me… that’s just too much coincidence inked on two pretty arms

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I'm 17, 18 in October, and I've never had a boyfriend. I don't think I'm horrible to look at but I'm not stunning or anything. Idk about my personality but I hope it's not too bad. Idk I just feel like I'll never be loved by anyone

you will be loved by someone, you just gotta find that special person!! as of now, it’s better to just focus on yourself and the positive stuff in life u kno

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Hey! If you're not busy do you think you could take a few reference pictures of your current hair? If not it's totally fine, thanks!:))

the most recent hair ref in my faq is what i have now, just grown out a bit more! i don’t want to post a hair ref right now because it really doesn’t look good from the back and sides, i’m in the awkward growing it out phase.

Work Problems

When I started Monday I asked about Kentucky. I’ve heard nothing since.

I asked again today and he said he hasn’t looked at the dates yet “but I’m sure it’s fine.”

That’s not a good enough answer for me to comfortably register for the race and book flights etc. I know you’re busy but do you really need 2 days to look at the calendar? I mean… I’m trying to be patient but my plans are on hold here.

I feel like if I bother him too much I’ll be “that annoying girl” but I want to be that annoying girl because I’m annoyed.

New job problems…

Kojina Yui 15/03/04 Google+ Post English Translation



Today I was able to participate on
the location shooting for HKT48 no Odekake!

It’s been a while since I shot 2 episodes!!(▰˘◡˘▰)♪

ものすごく内容が詰まったロケだったと思います(๑ •̀ω•́)
I did things for the first time,
go over delicious things
it was really jam-packed location shoot(๑ •̀ω•́)

Because the broadcast day haven’t been revealed yet, I’m looking forward to it♥

A while ago, Piichan
gave me a birthday present\(^^)/♥

Although my birthday is in January…?lol

A maid-san’s small bag
it’s really cute♡♡

I wonder if I should use it
as my DVD player bag!
I’ll post pictures next time okay~(▰˘◡˘▰)♪


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I'm looking at your Patreon, but I don't understand what an index card is?

this is an index card! Its 3”x5” card and I tend to draw on them instead of keeping a sketchbook

these are the cards I’ve sorted for my patrons; we’ll be sending out the first batch this month! I just need to sign them and then give Laurel the addresses so she can put them in envelopes and send them off to the beautiful people supporting me. Pledging 5 dollars or more gets you one of these bbs, as well as a link to a dropbox where I’ll share all the jpeg files of my art (anon I know you’ve probably already seen this but your question is a good a place as any to promote this stuff)

these are all the index cards I’ve yet to sort; most of them are crap but some of them are not and will hopefully find new happy homes 8’>

Text | Robbie
  • Jared:God you're such a shit. Definitely can tell what family you belong to.
  • Jared:You're younger and yet I'm still better looking than you. I don't know how you cope man; must be a hard life.