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Well to make things happy for the both of you, now to be honest I have no idea if edward play a game called pokemon in the past but I have and well as like a little gift from me to you I have chosen 2 pokemon and nicknamed them after you guys, for oswald I chosen a piplup because that was the only penguin looking pokemon I could find and for you edward a ralts. Hopefully this brightens up your day

I wanted to make more, but I’m not sure If I will have before the day ends, so at least I leave a something.

So this guy is inspired by the plant Frazinus Ornus or Manna Ash. It was thought to have sprung from the blood of heaven. It was sacred to Zeus for the manna juice which was closely related to honey to them at the time. And the spear of Achilles was crafted by that tree.

And thus I made this Pokemon who trow spears made of Ash at first, but later trows Lightning like Zeus and gave it an Achilles look.

Here is the data:

Type: Grass

This Pokemon was though to come from the sky, for it’s it to light and seems to appear when rain storms star. It looks up to grown Pokemon and trains to be strong as well.

Type: Grass

Once evolved they start to grow ash from it’s back. They use it to throw spears and has become more agile. It wish to fight the strongest and learn from those encounters. No one knows why they look for lightning to hit them during storms.

Type: Grass/Electric

After many trials, this Pokemon has been blessed with the power to throw lightning itself. A storm cloud formed on it’s back from which it can draw countless spears to throw to the enemy. Protects the weak but looks for challenges greater than the ones he has faced before.

PD: I think this is mostly based on Moun Olympus but you guys can decide.

Great submission! And yeah, unless anyone objects, this is definitely based of Mt. Olympus.


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes