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Yuuri’s posters

Disclaimer: Content discussed is subjective. My interpretation is not the only interpretation.

Ok so we all know that Yuuri looks up to Victor as his skating idol, but I personally think that Yuuri was attracted to Victor beyond simply his skating abilities as well. 

Just look at the posters in his room.

Like sure, you have pictures like these,

where Victor is doing whatever he does on ice, but a great majority of Yuuri’s posters are these,

These posters are Victor OFF ice. Victor posing, being happy, looking sexy. Victor, in these pictures, could pass off as a model instead of a figure skating legend. The fact that a lot of Yuuri’s posters are of Victor not skating implies that Yuuri finds Victor attractive for more than his skating abilities. Yuuri just genuinely LIKES Victor and LIKES how he looks off ice. The feelings Yuuri had towards Victor wasn’t just an admiration of how well Victor skates, but a crush towards him as a person. This might also be why Yuuri was so hurt when Victor mistook him for a fan (or just didn’t give Yuuri the response he anticipated). Because Yuuri has had nothing less than A HUGE GAY CRUSH on Victor for so long.

What it’s Like to be...

Hello tumblr! I have a very special announcement that I would like EVERYONE to read: I’m doing a “What it’s Like to be [gender/sexuality]” series and I want everyone to participate! My main goal is to inform everyone about all of the different genders/sexualities, and help those who are questioning. Each gender/sexuality will have its own post which will consist of submissions by you! Each post will have the flag, definition, myths/misconceptions, tips/tricks, and your experiences and thoughts!

Here’s how it works:

  • If you are a member of the LGBT+ community, send me a message or ask telling me all about what it’s like being your gender/sexuality. Everyone can submit! You don’t need to be following me, and you can submit for multiple genders/sexualities. You can submit on or off anon, one point or 500 points. You can submit even if you think it’s already been done, you think it’s an obvious point, or if you’re closeted.
  • Send me a message/ask listing your experiences, jokes, tips, myths, definitions, symbols, and more related to your gender/sexuality. There is no limit for submissions!
  • Send everything in by Thursday, July 27, 2017. The reason it’s that far in the future is because I want time for a lot of people to submit. At the moment I don’t have a lot of followers, so I allowed myself some time for word to spread and submissions to start coming in. I will start posting on Friday, July 28, and will continue until I have posted all the submissions.
  • Unless otherwise requested, submissions that are off anon will be tagged in their contributions as a thank you. You can ask to be tagged as well if you don’t submit, but I really hope you do because this can help a lot of people out there to get information.
  • If you remember something or want to add something after a post has already been posted feel free to comment/reblog anything we’ve missed! Please do not change anything if you do, but you can add to it.
  • Remember that each experience is different for everyone. That’s why I want so many people involved. When reading these posts, if you disagree with a point please do not hate on me or the person who submitted it.
  • Each post will be tagged as [ #what it’s like to be ] along with the gender/sexuality of the post and any other relevant tags.
  • Here is an example of what a post might look like:

What it’s like to be [gender/sexuality]

{Picture of flag}

What is [gender/sexuality]?

[gender/sexuality] means…

Myths and Misconceptions:

People often think or confuse us for…

What is it like to be [gender/sexuality]?

Your experiences, stories, jokes, symbols,  and more.

Tips and Tricks for being [gender/sexuality]

How to pass, where to look for good clothing, how to explain your gender/sexuality, showing pride while in the closet etc.

Contributions by:

Tag list of people who contributed off anon

Additional Tag list:

Anyone who wanted to be tagged that didn’t contribute (I hope that this is empty, as I would like everyone to submit!)

I highly encourage EVERYONE who can submit to do so, and if you can’t please signal boost this! I hope this will be a huge success and will inform a lot of people about the LGBT+ community.

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Can you give me some advices/tutorials on how to make gifs? I suck at it and hell, I've been trying to gif for two days and I still can't :(

Of course! Let me just say when you start off making gifs it can be very difficult and confusing (I know it was for me). So I’m going to try and give you lots of tips and things that I’ve learned so hopefully you can skip lots of the hard parts I had to learn on my own. Also don’t get discouraged if you feel like your gifs aren’t turning out amazing, you’ve just started and it’s taken me over the course of 3 years to start making ones I’m actually happy with, as always practice gives you experience! Anyways enough of my rambling lets get started.

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Today our HUGE Amiami box came and it’s two months of backed up YOI stuff (plus stuff from other series but this post is focusing on just YOI), so here is an absolutely massive loot post. I  think this literally almost doubled our YOI collection.

First off is the Chara-Forme Yuri on Ice Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.3 by Empty! These are all Kiss and Cry themed and in my opinion this is one of the cutest sets they’ve released. Look even Georgi is adorable lol. 

This is the Yuri!!! on Ice Rubber Strap Collection Pair by Movic. There’s actually one non-pair in there as you can see lol. Yes they did remember the ring on the Victuuri one, by the way. Recent merch has been getting better about this, thankfully. I really like this set a lot (especially the bottom two. IDEAL). The only thing I’m not a fan of is how the ‘transparent strap’ style of them washes out the color in their faces a bit so you can’t see their blushes from the original art! 

The  Chara-Forme Yuri on Ice Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.2 by Empty! These are all based on the ED theme. The Yuuri in this set is blessed by angels. I don’t make the rules. It’s just true. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Clear Rubber Strap by Sol International. These are really cute and creative and all the straps have different colored sparkly backgrounds!! The top three are obviously themed to go together (both Yuuri and Victor are singing omg), and Yuuri is talking to a tiny Phichit on the bottom one of him. Also Victor and Yuuri as JOINT HASETSU AMBASSADORS is the best thing I never knew I needed. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Choko Kawa Rubber Strap by Sega. I really like the art in this set. It’s really soft and the thick lines are nice!! Also the skating Yurio has a sweet expression, which is rare but good. 

es Series nino Rubber Strap Collection by Kotobukiya. Chris’s pose is so extra. Haha I don’t have much to say here. They’re cute. 

Yuri!!! on Ice YuraYura Keychain by Bushiroad. For some reason my photos of all of these turned out really poorly, so you get these photos where the ones I’m selling are cut off, which I guess doesn’t really matter. I wonder why they put Yuuri in that promo outfit he never wears in so much stuff. I mean it’s a nice outfit but. Anyway, I ended up really LOVING these. The colors are super bright and the art is adorable!! Also no photos but they’re just as detailed on the back (for example Yurio’s hair is braided in the back on the keychain). 

Yuri!!! on Ice Tojikore Acrylic Keychain Vol.2 by TwinCre. So these are actually keychains, but they came with plastic stands, so you can display them as acrylic stands as well which is the BEST IDEA EVER. I love this so much and I dearly hope more keychain sets do it because it is so clever and handy. @abarero figured out a really, really awesome way to display our excessive amounts of keychains, but even then, this is always going to be better to me than hanging up yet another set of keychains. ANYWAY, every single keychain in this set is a gift; from banquet dancing to katsudon pirozhki to just… all of them. It’s so good. Absolutely one of my top three faves released for the series so far. 

Here’s keychains that came by themselves!

The History Maker Yuuri and the ending theme sparkler Yuuri were ACTUALLY amiami exclusive bonuses that came with the Kiss and Cry keychains and the Ending Theme keychains, but since they packed them separately I forgot to include them in those pictures. Whoops. 

Anyway, the big chibi keychains of Victor, Yuuri, Yurio, JJ, and Otabek are by Avex and they’re chibi versions of the Comiket exclusive release keychains. JJ, Otabek, and Yurio belong to @pantacular. 

Charappuccino Phichit is by Birthday. I actually did have Victor and Yuuri ordered too, but they were a couple of the items that got canceled, and they were out of stock. I actually did manage to find them on another site and have reordered them, but they’re not here yet. This keychain is so precious. 

The Tsumamare Victor and Yuuri are the little keychains hanging by their shirts. They’re by Cospa. They’re so cute and expressive. Especially the Yuuri! 

Bocchi-kun are by ACG and they’re the little tiny pouty keychains. They’re super cute, but I admit I’m a little disappointed by how tiny they are. Though I’m familiar with the line, I’ve never ordered a Bocchi-kun before, so I was unaware of their size. I don’t regret ordering them, and I’d still have gotten them (it’s not like they were pricey), but yeah, small. 

That single Yuuri is a Jelly Charm by ACG. And lastly is the Oshikura Victor by Orange Rouge. This actually came out in January, but I missed ordering it. Victor and Yurio are relatively easy to find, but Yuuri seems to be sold out everywhere, so Victor is having to wait. I did find Yuuri somewhere, but he’s a bit overpriced. It’s not TOO bad though, so I’ll probably go ahead and bite the bullet and get him instead of having to resort to bidding on auctions.  


In front, Love&Life and On Ice Victor and Yuuri cellphone stands from Atelier Magi because they’re great. Behind that, Cospa’s Vkusno! rice bowl. Next to that, Gyugyutto cushion straps of Victor and Yuuri by Bell House (Victor gets katsudon but poor Yuuri doesn’t lol). Behind them, Victor and Yuuri mugs by Gift. And inside the mugs, Victor and Yuuri Nitotan plush by Takara Tomy ARTs (which are super cute and nicely detailed). 

Here’s the inside of the rice bowl:

‘sup from Yuuri

Okay here we go. More non-keychain loot.

The Playful Mind (that’s the brand) collaboration stuff was cute as shit so I picked up some stuff from it. Good stuff, high quality, adorable art. 

There’s two (faux) leather trays, a coin purse, a phone case, and two cord holders. 

Above that is two pass cases of Victor and Yuuri being dapper in suits by A3! There were keychains released by Animega with this art, but they are near IMPOSSIBLE to get, and I’m resigned to the fact that it will never happen, so when I saw these pass cases, I decided to snag them instead. You can use them as keychains, so they essentially serve the same purpose.  

There’s Victor and Yuuri hair clips by Emu, which I’ll actually probably sell because they are big! I thought they’d be little ones judging by the price, but they’re big and I have short hair, so we’ll see about that. Above that is three sets of can badges, all by Movic. Then there’s the super cute 2016-2017 School Calendar, which I’m so pleased stands up on its own. 

Down below is three pens. Two of them are those kitschy ‘floaty’ ones where a figure floats down the pen, in this case it’s Victor and Yuuri ‘skating down’ a rink in the pen. They’re cute. The other one is a really cool, elegant pen themed after Yuuri’s FS outfit. 

Some closer up pics: 


The softe things.

Usually I crop images to just the merchandise but like hell I was going to crop out my cat. Oxford now graces this post with his remarkable presence. 

Makkachin tissue box cover by Avex Pictures. Just as fluffy as all the rumors have foretold. 

Then! The Victor and Yuuri pillowcases by M’s. Extremely soft fabric!! Would recommend for resting head upon. The picture is kind of a bad angle and frankly they BOTH look weird in this photo because of it but… I think, upon seeing it in person, the complaints about Victor’s face are very unwarranted. He actually looks really good and sweet and gentle in person and very much like Victor? The problem is parts of the rest of his body, where the anatomy is wonk (but this is just the pillow, so it’s only shoulders up and you don’t get that). And Yuuri looks great of course.  

ANYWAY, that’s end of this massive post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll have a sales post up pretty soon.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Online Platonic Sugar tips

The best sugar you can get is when you don’t have to give up yours. 

I love to get gifts, flowers etc by men online. The best is to online sugar in countries where there is a culture of men spoiling women, then use hot pictures and put a profile up on dating sites. Look for men that looks like losers. The more desperate man the better. Use either your own pictures or others. I’ve tried both. You lead men on to believe that they will meet you. I use lies like ‘I’m going for an exchange year at [Insert his city/country here] next semester!! Then let the games begin and gifts and presents pouring in. Dont talk on skype or phone with these people. Stick to texts for security reasons.

I personally recommend to receive max 1-2 gifts per guy, then leave it there. I’ve had stalkers before and I’m really uncomfortable with the thought that it might happen again. 

This is obviously not my main occupation, its rather something I do by the side if I have time.

So I think I found JIKOOK in Las Vegas

I might be seeing things but when I was watching Namjoon on Vlive today I looked on the left side corner and in the reflection mirror I can see Jikook sitting on the sofa together. 

As you can see namjoon is live and but if you look at the top right side there is a mirror next to the vlive logo. If you watch the video you can see the back of Namjoon’s head in the mirror at around 5.50 to 8.00. So his not on the sofa.

So I zoomed in and it’s not the best quality but here you can see Jungkook? in grey shorts and with a black cap with his head tilted back and next to him is Jimin in a white shirt with a jacket and it looks like a laptop on his lap. (there’s also another person on the right with his legs crossed)

This is another Picture of the vlive. Check around 13 -14 minute.Thats when Namjoon moves the camera.

Worst quality zoom but I can’t be the only one that sees Jimin and Jungkook sitting there.

Also, the other 4 members Jin, Tae, J hope and Suga where out. Namjoon was filming and it looks to me as though Jungkook was sleeping cos he didn’t really move during the duration of the vlive and Maybe Jimin was watching Namjoon live.

Netflix n Cuddles

Originally posted by justinfoleygifs

Summary:  Reader is spending the night doing what they love with the person they love. 

Paring: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “Can you write anmagine where Justin comes over and you cuddle and watch movies?” 

Warnings: a little fluff 

Word Count: 1013

It was a lazy Saturday night and people were taking a break from partying, so you set up your living room to binge watch movies for the night.  Looking outside, you saw the sunsetting.  The sky had somewhat of a cotton candy color scheme going on, the clouds littering along the horizon and houses looking like nothing but silhouettes in a beautiful picture.  You moved away from your window and went to the kitchen to get a few snacks from the cupboards, a couple of cold drinks and some blankets that were in a cabinet near the fireplace.  Once situated and comfortable you started to scroll through your favorite movie genre to see all the movie options that were being provided on Netflix.  You finally spotted a movie that sparked your interest and hovered the button over said movie before you clicked on it.  As the movie was beginning and playing the cheesy music, you pulled your food off the coffee table, onto your lap and started eating the junk food as the vibrant pictures started to move across the television screen.  

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The Wrong Guy (Derek/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Derek/Stiles - “Are you meeting someone here? Because.. I think I’m that person.”

Nonnie! I hope you enjoy this one! Fic #26 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

The Wrong Guy. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles is having a drink at his favorite bar when a gorgeous guy says they’re supposed to be meeting. Stiles thinks Derek has the wrong guy, but Derek insists he’s the right one.

Rooney’s is a great place to get a drink after shifts end. It’s half-way between the subway station and his apartment, so Stiles will stop in several nights a week. Occasionally, one of his roommates will meet him for an early dinner, but Allison’s working third shift this week, Isaac is in the middle of his four-three, and Erica’s got a big work project that’s making her come home late all week.

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Pet Peeve

Nothing big, I guess, just a pet peeve of mine that annoys me more and more as time goes on. It’s when customers say, “You don’t have…”.

Now, I understand what they’re trying to ask, but that’s not a question! That’s telling me that I don’t have whatever. I always have to bite my tongue because I want to say, “Well, this morning I had a whole shelf full, but if you say so, I guess I don’t.”

And it’s inevitably in that accusatory tone of voice. Like, how dare I not have the item they’re looking for. And they’re saying I, personally, don’t have it. “You don’t have.” It’s as if it’s my fault, or something. If they’d say it at least politely, like they were trying to ask a question, then it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s almost never like that. “You don’t have milk!”

“Well, bitch, last time I checked, there was a huge section in the cooler, under the big ass picture of milk. Where were you looking? The shelves?”

It’s so damn annoying.

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how do u feel about hook and hooks relationship with emma? :0

honestly i hate him. there’s no way to sugarcoat it. he was the worst part of the finale for me, all about him is just man pain. even the way he freaking speaks, he was yelling at charming for absolutely no reason at the bottom of the beanstalk, like wtf man? find your chill. i also think the entire relationship between him and charming is forced, which the writers shoved down our throats but i never really felt would have happened if it wasn’t for emma? like every moment david is with hook is like a sacrifice for emma’s benefit, because he is now her husband. i don’t feel like any of them really like hook, and you could see that especially in the finale, all they do is for emma. exhibit a) snow’s face when she saw him fallen by the beanstalk, and how she cringed when he called her mommy like honestly get any nastier hook i dare you, exhibit b) my personal favorite: how he is nothing without emma. at that point where the enchanted forest was getting destroyed, all the others were supporting each other. snow and regina exchanged a look, then charming held onto to snow and neal, and regina and zelena were there for each other whereas hook just stood there. no one even looked at him. they don’t really care about him when emma is out of the picture. i don’t think he fits in that family, i never did. bur again, they make the effort for emma. all of them do. 

as for his relationship with emma, i think it’s warped. they lie to each other all the time, they are not good for each other, and they turned co-dependent as fuck and both their characters turned into love interests. that relationship destroyed hook and emma as we knew them, and it was the worst character assassination of the show. i really hate cs i think it never should have happened. i have ranted enough about cs here to do it again but yeah, i think it’s pretty clear i dislike them and there are so many reasons for it i simply don’t feel like typing them out again

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hi! i've started following your blog recently and i really appreciate your insight on animal husbandry! i'm thinking about getting a gargoyle gecko soon-ish (a couple months) but i don't want to support chain pet stores. from what i can tell gargs are less common than cresties or leopards, so i was wondering if you had any recommendations for how to get started looking for a breeder. this would be my first reptile, so i'm not really "in" the community and not sure where to look. thanks so much!!

No probs! It’s usually not too tough to find a good breeder if you go to shows- but you can also find good breeders online. I like to go to shows because you can see the other animals they produce and sometimes you can even see some of the adults in person! But an online breeder will always have lots of pictures available and a good one will be happy to answer your questions. To get an idea of where to start, I’d google “reptile expo [your area]” to get an idea of what’s local- and then from there you can google names and ask around. There is a large forum called Fauna Classifieds that has a Board of Inquiry thread- it’s got loads of breeder reviews, good and bad. You need to sign up to make posts, but you can read the forum without being signed up. I can’t remember if you can search the forum, but searching for “[breeder name] fauna classifieds BOI” will give you some results. If the breeder has a Facebook page- and many do- they’ll often have reviews and testimonials there, too.

So, some things to look for in a good breeder!

-lots of pictures of adults and juveniles- if they have pics of their reptile room or facility, that’s great too, but not everybody has those. 

-willing to answer questions- a good breeder will be patient and answer your questions as quickly as they can. 

-communicative- a good breeder is somebody who is good at getting back to you in a timely manner. If there’s a problem, they’ll contact you quickly or at least let you know they’ll be out of communication. If you’re at a show, buy from a breeder who is happy to talk to you about their animals. 

-puts the animal’s safety first- a good breeder will refuse to ship if the temps are wrong, will always go through proper protocols (use a properly marked box, ship in good containers, etc.), and/or has safe displays at shows (gives animals individual containers, keeps them appropriately warm, that sort of thing). 

A couple of good breeders that I really like include Magnum Geckos (they produced Egg!), Lick Your Eyeballs, Gargoyle Queen, Dos G’equis and @tokays, although I have no idea if she’s got babies now or not. For your first time, you might not want to ship, and that’s totally fine. I honestly prefer show pickup if at all possible! You also might be able to find somebody local on facebook who could arrange a meeting with you. 

Good luck!

The photograph is from that rehearsal, taken from a seat just behind Louis. The stage in the background is washed in blues, reds, pinks, yellows, beams of light pouring from all different angles, crossing over each other at random. The spotlight is off, so the bodies on the stage are almost just silhouettes in motion. There’s the whip of a skirt caught in mid-turn, a tall figure with its arms extended, two shapes bent toward each other at stage left. Behind them, the skeleton of the set makes sharp lines and broken shapes against the white backdrop. In the foreground is Louis, just a sliver of his face as seen from behind, the light catching on the top of his cheekbone and the ends of his hair. His hands are in the air in front of him, gesturing as he explains something to one of the actors, and he can see ink stains on his knuckles. He can see for the first time the way he looks when he’s directing, the set of his shoulders, the hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. It’s his kids, his work, distilled into an image and made beautiful. And Harry did it. He looks down at the table because he really, really needs to look at anything that is not this picture right now, and his eyes fall on a tiny piece of paper. It must have slid out with the print without him noticing it. He can see Harry’s handwriting on it. Lou, So you don’t forget what you look like to the rest of us Happy birthday!!! xxx Haz

And the madness continues.

He’s never seen her as she is. Every time Soul makes his way to set in the early hours of the morning, Maka is already there, and in costume. Since he met her a couple of months ago, that’s been the truth. She stays in costume for most of the day, and she disappears from everyone at the end of the day, only the costume department able to confirm she was even there at all.

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Remember ~ Peter hale

Prompt ~ you start to remember Peter when he’s taken by the wild hunt.

Warnings ~ none maybe some light swearing

Pairing ~ Peter hale x reader

Request~  “hello sweetheart this is a nice surprise, you in my bed” + is that my shirt your wearing

The past 3 months you had felt lost, like something was missing in your life. One day you woke up and nothing was right. You looked at your blank phone hoping for a message that you knew won’t be there,

Your friends had tried to help Lydia the only other banshee you knew tried to get you to go on girls nights out to cheer you up but you didn’t feel like partying. Also you  begun skipping out on pack meetings not feeling comfortable in the loft anymore. You felt like you was grieving and suffocating in the loft not being able to breath, It was safe to say you had falling to a deep state of depression, without knowing why.

Stiles had come over with Scott and they forced you out of bed, which had become your new home only leaving it for the bathroom or to get more junk food. After a finally agreeing to go to a meeting you go to get dressed. Finding a pair of skinny jeans you go to the draw for a top. You find a gray v-neck that you don’t remember having, automatically lifting the martial to your nose inhaling a manly woody smell, you instantly smile at the sent pulling the fabric over your torso. Looking in the mirror your feel a new sense of confidence, happiness. Love.

At the loft Derek and the rest of the pack welcome you all had missed you since you stopped coming. Lydia eyed your new choice of style but smiled pointing to the shirt you had found “nice to see you found a man” in a sing song voice. But that was the thing you didn’t. You didn’t know who’s the v neck belonged too but it felt right. After seeing the pack doing what they do best, train + plan you started feeling depressed again. You found your way into a guest room the smell was like your newly calmed shirt but stronger.

Sitting on the bed you stretch out when a picture catches your eye you hadn’t seen it in there before. You go and pick it up. It was of the pack, Derek in the middle with Scott and kira on his left hugging, stiles and Lydia on the right she was kissing his cheek. Then there was you next to stiles. The more you looked at the picture the more you felt something was wrong with it.

“Lydia, Scott” you scream running down the stairs. The whole pack comes running, the wolfs all had their fangs out. “what’s wrong” they say realizing you wasn’t bringing attacked. You show them the picture telling them the is someone missing. Someone was there and now there not.

They look at you like your crazy. “look at my face” you say pointing to yourself in the picture “I’m looking at someone” your face was turned slightly your eyes looking at the blank space next to you.

After seeing the disbelief in their faces you carry on “this v neck was in my cupboard, I don’t know where it came from but it feels right when I smell it I feel like I” you so not know how best to explain the feelings “ like it belongs to the person I love”

Stiles was the first to brake the silence laughing. “y/n you’ve been single since you came here 3 years ago” he said. You started to get frustrated. “is this like a banshee thing? ” Derek asked sensing your anxiety “this feeling?” you shrug your shoulders. “it’s that but also I think it’s an emotional connection” you answer.

Everyone had left leaving you with Derek you was still focused on the blank space waiting for someone to magically show. “you know you are a banshee maybe we could used it help see what this is about” he said taking the picture from you. “you believe me” you ask optimistic. Derek says he’s not sure. Reminding indifferent on it.

Later that night, you went to bed in the guest room. In the draws you find a set of Pajamas belonging to you. Thinking why was they in Derek’s spear room you put them on ready for bed. The smell and feeling of the pillow made you feel lonely.

You open your eyes to the dark room when you hear a voice. “Hello sweetheart” you looked next to you but the was nothing there. You closed your eyes “this is a nice surprise, you in my bed”. “peter” you say opening your eyes again. Like before you found the room empty. The rest of the night you heard conversations you somehow knew was memories trying to push forward. But what you did remember was Peter whoever he was, was the love of your life and was gone.

The next day you storm over to Derek and Lydia slamming the picture down “peter, it’s Peter Hale that’s missing” but just like yesterday they didn’t believe you. Even Derek refused to believe he had a family member he’d forgotten. “look i know it’s only a name but I swear it’s true” you plead with them to listen.

Lydia watched you the next few days desprite to get the memories of Peter back convince the others he was real. After a week you had finally gotten her and partly Derek onside. You had found a book with a story about the wild hunt and the ghost riders.“ it’s them they have Peter ” you say sure.

Lydia agrees to hypnotize you. After focusing on the candle and her voice your in a hypnotic state, You open your eyes your in the guest room but it’s different the is books and clothes about the room. Bottles of aftershave on the cabinet. The is a picture of you kissing a blank space. Lydia’s voice enters your head, it reminds you of the voice you how Peter’s was last week.

“Look at the books on the shelf each a memory find the book about peter hale” Lydia’s voice smooth and calm. You walk to the bookcase running the tips of your fingers over the spines, a red one stands out to you. Opening the book you blink and your surroundings had changed.

You was outside Derek’s loft when something tried to attack you . The was after Scott but found you instead. Peter came out of nowhere killing the wolf after you. He took you into the loft telling Derek to look out for his own pack. Peter was cold distant mean.

You flicked the page but turn your head the picture was filled in on the bedside table you was now kissing Peter. This time look back at the book, you was back in the room “hello sweetheart this is a nice surprise, you in my bed” you froze seeing him under the light smiling at you on his bed. It was like watching a movie staring yourself. “Well I wanted to thank you for helping me then I felt sore and dizzy I didn’t think you’d mind me being here” the memory version of you says back “I’ve always wanted to see you in it just not hurt like this” You watched as Peter walked over kissing your head as you went shy. He sat you up checking a bandage on your shoulder. It was then you started to remember, started to feel the feelings you had then. You saw the tears form in Peter’s eyes as he looked at the slice on your back. You walked round getting a better view as you watched yourself kiss Peter for the first time. You felt the love the passion from every kiss you had shared since. As you watched a bright light started to blind you

Lydia’s voice brought you back to reality. The same light you had seen was now fading you saw a person in it, before you fainted.

Derek was speechless he had seen what ever was happening working. You came round and grabbed the picture to see the once blank space filled with a gorgeous looking Peter smiling at you.

Both Derek and Lydia now saw him in the picture too having some small memories of the former alpha. You looked around the loft certain you had seen him in the light

Scott called Derek saying the was a problem and the schools teacher Mr Douglas and the town was in trouble. “not to be rude but we need to go Liam, Hayden and Mason have all been taken” he said after putting the phone back in his pocket.

At the school Derek saw a rider and attacked him telling you to run. As you ran you saw Mr Douglas stood looking at you blocking the door. “miss y/l/n,” he spoke calm “you know I could use a powerful talented banshee working for me” you stopped walking backwards when a horse appears blocking the hallway. You work out your changes, the teacher could be your best chance when you hear him speak “come on y/n join at my side we can rule the world together” Mr Douglas says smiling holding out his hand. “she belongs at my side” you hear as something knocks the teacher out.

You look up your heart pounds in your chest as Peter hale stood there smirking at you, his eyes full of awe and love. “peter” you scream running into his arms. He holds your tight kissing you. It was the longest most loving kiss you’d had. “I knew you would never truly forget get me” you blush but still feel a little guilty you had forgotten him. He looks at you “is that my shirt your wearing?” He laughs “hey this shirt is how I started to remember you” you defend back. “how did you get” you go to ask but Peter already knew what you was going to say “you remembered me causing a portal to get me back I could hear you I came out at the school where the took me” he tells you

You and Peter ran to find Derek and help Scott stop the ghost riders. After you got back the loft, all the feeling of dread inside had gone everyone relaxed happy the town was safe. The guest room was again Peter’s room his things back the way it was. His 2 pictures of you both back to normal when the pack was leaving stiles offered you a lift home, “no I’m staying here” looking at Peter “your not leaving me again” peter kisses your lips “never” was all he said kissing you again

hellyeahmagicbitch  asked:

How big do you usually make your maps in Roll20? Need some references for making my own.

  • Pick your music out before starting your map building. Listening to the music on loop helps you give the map the right vibe.
  • Put down a character icon to give you a sense of scale.
  • Outline your maps in the GM layer with the draw polygon shape tool.
  • Fill in with floor tiles.
  • Start searching for random objects that you think you might need and throw them down willy-nilly on the map layer to make the map look more started, that generally motivates me to work on it more.
  • Work room by room and do your best to figure out R20′s weird search engine. You can only search in one-word increments now, so if something doesn’t work try synonyms and related words. Lab might not get you anything so try Hospital, Electric, Machine, Wire, Bed, Medicine, Doctor, etc.
  • Be okay with substituting things for other things.
  • Realize you can tint objects in their settings to make them look different and sometimes match the room better. (Warning: Doing this a lot causes the map to load slower)
  • If you have a picture-editing program I suggest making a shadow gradient you can put against walls and objects so it looks like they’re elevated. You can do wonders to map comprehension just by adding some depth.
  • Add realistic clutter to the maps. I find this is what makes maps look the most realistic and fun. Throw personal items on tables, really think about the space and who would occupy it and what they would leave where. This gives players lots of things to play with.
  • Have a general outline of the path the players could and should take, but reward exploration by hiding little goodies in secret areas. Don’t make them TOO secret though.
Consuming Passion (Victor Zsasz x Reader) - Part 2

Anon asked; Can I have a fic with Victor stealing (From the day he first sees her and how he stalks her till he is kidnapping her) the girlfriend from Gordon? + Would you plan on writing a Victor Zsasz fanfiction inspired by the chain you down tie you up story that you wrote for Edward Nygma? 

A/N: There will be a third and final part. This chapter got rather lengthy, so I decided to stop and make the third part. (Hope you will like this part as much as the first one ^w^)

Part 1    Part 3

Tags: @aya-fay @socktrollqueen @cnygma @theamazing-bouncingferret @ellayf-of-ravenclaw @taintedmarker 

Warnings: SMUT, Angst, Dub-Con, Death threats, Kidnapping, Restraints, Fingering.

~ ~ ~

The street leading to Jim’s place had never felt so dark before, so unsafe and anxiety twirled around you upon taking another glance behind you. For the past week, you had walked around with the eeriest sensation inside of you. Like you were being watched. But how much you tried to find a reason for your feelings, you never found a source for it.

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Killer King Secret Talk

Haruhi: Hah, I’m so hungry. I’m so hungry, I could die. I can’t even take another step. Yuduki, help me~

Yuduki: Haru, you’re heavy. Don’t lean against me.

Miroku: How careless. If you don’t train your body properly, you’ll quickly get exhausted. We still have a dance lesson, data collection for That’s Television!, and a meeting about the new show.

Haruhi: I already know about those three! Anyways, we moved a lot during our new song’s choreography this morning, so it’s to be expected that I’m out of stamina.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that you might experience a slower increase in following because you don't have a manager of some sort? I really like your Indie-Style videos though!

Maybe! I don’t know anyone who works with a management company, so I’m not really sure what the benefits are. I’m approached by networks all of the time, but the common theme, despite the perks, is they get half of my income, and at this level I can’t really swing that without laid out timelines, and guaranteed benefits. There’s this big push on social media for influencers to never work solely for ‘exposure’, and even the network invitation I got the other day was, “We’re the same people who represent The Rock! Don’t you love The Rock? Look at these other pictures of people wearing Nike and sitting around a pool!! Look one of our Youtubers is in a Wendy’s commercial!” and i’m just like, “…okay, that’s cool and all, but no where in the email does it say how i will personally benefit from signing on with your team..” 
and because I don’t live in LA, and don’t have any intention of moving, a lot of networks can’t fulfil a lot of the perks I would still be paying for, if I signed on with them. 
*ten minute shrug*
if you know of any influencers who love their network and have experienced positive growth without jeopardizing their message, let me know. I’ve only heard horror stories :/

as of now I self represent and manage my youtube channel with slow projected growth :( but I trust my subscribers, and know that even if my numbers are small and slow moving, my engagement is super high, and everyone is cool and loyal, so that’s way better than superficial followers who only subscribe because i might know The Rock