look a picture where you look like a person

percival graves’ guilty pleasure is buying designer clothes and shoes, you’ll never catch him looking anything less than absolutely fucking fabulous, everyone at macusa envies his style, aurors fall at his feet, wizard-magazines have pictures of him more often than not with a cup of coffee in hand, depicting the latest trends in male fashion, his hair is always kept in place, but sometimes he’ll run his hand through it (out of frustration most likely) and holy shit, everyone is breathless bc the director looks smoking hot, and graves?? he knows he looks good, still he pretends to hate it whenever someone says something nice about him, to keep his stoic mask in place, but it makes him very happy inside, the only sign is a tiny smirk not everyone is observant enough to see
graves is #thirsty for compliments

I am actually okay with how I look right now as I know my face will become more feminine and my hair will grow much longer. Even though I don’t consider myself too beautiful, I guess I do look feminine by now so I won’t suffer from dysphoria much more, except in school where everyone knows about me. Also, I think that some cis people think being trans is about looking as beautiful as possible, which is not the fact. Being trans is not about posting selfies to make someone think you’re beautiful. In fact, it’s all about how the person feels. If they need appreciation, that’s alright. If they want to be perceived feminine, let them make pictures of themselves… I feel like many cis people consider this an exhibition thing, which it isn’t. A lot of lgbt people suffer from dysphoria and just want to feel valid. By now, I have learned that I should not care about the opinion of any person I don’t know who thinks I am “not a real girl” or “just a guy” or anything.
Like, all I want to say is that being trans is such a personal thing and it’s not all about looking good but about feeling so.

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Okay, but picture this. The UT/US bros reacting to night time.

UT!Sans: He may cry. The shear size of the universe amazes him as he looks at the Milky Way galaxy (he’s gonna see the stars for the first time at the best possible spot in the middle of nowhere). He’s gonna get that app that shows you where all the stars and planets are and just lay on the ground for awhile and look at the sky.

UT!Papyrus: OH NO THE SUN DIED!!! It will take Sans a while to talk him down from going on a rescue mission across the sea to get it back. 

US!Sans: Stars. Sans has always always loved to look at pictures of the night sky underground and now he finally gets to. He immediately drags his brother outside and starts pointing out constellations which he memorized as a baby bones. So happy.

US!Papyrus: Personally, he likes the sunset that comes before the night. Daytime appeals to him because it’s just so amazing to see the sun for the first time. Sure they had pseudo-stars underground, but they had nothing like the sun. The stars are pretty too though, and he might just spend a little while looking at them before falling asleep.

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can you pap of your hands? ok this probably sounds a little weird lmao HAHA pls don't be creeped out i'm nowhere a creep lolol i'm just genuinely curious about how you look like (i mean most of the ppl are curious about how the ppl they talk to online to look like), but since i can't get a selfie from you, then maybe your hands..? :(( i'm starting to sound pathetic HAHA

Honestly this ask made me laugh so hard so you know what I’m going to post a picture of my hand next to the framed photo of twice I keep on my desk.

This might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, but I kind of get where you’re coming from. I’m just a random person online and you guys need some proof that I’m not catfishing you or anything. I wish I could give you guys a selfie but I’ve told you before, I literally can’t take selfies. 

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Hey Zumpie have you since this "piece of work" grace52373 tumblr com post 156940270085 emmas-loss Personally I rather take any version of Killian OVER Scumple or Douchefire ANY DAY

The best part is, it isn’t MRJ AS Bagel, it’s him at an event (where he bothered to make himself quasi-presentable—and still looks like a dick. Scaly, coversely, is deeply shadowed and underlit, so you can barely see who he is


If they’re gonna go by what they look like on OUaT (because, friendly reminder, all three of my comps were using pictures from actual, similar events we would have this:

And this:

Versus this:

And, as you note—even this is better:

than the two losers above (one of whom we’re supposed to believe is decades YOUNGER than Hook is here).

Also, we have this:

I hope old-Hook acts exactly the same as our Hook, so that C$ fans can finally see how creepy his behaviour is when they’re not distracted by how handsome Colin is.

Ummmm….yeeeaaahhhhhh…..because repeatedly risking and sacrificing yourself for others and always putting them first is totes “creepy”. Especially when compared to sexually abusing without a condom, framing, betraying and abandoning—later followed by screaming, belittling, emotionally abusing, objectifying and generally being a fucking moron. 

Or being a child stealing, agency robbing, tweely giggling, genocidal rapist

But maybe they were thinking of the pop tart disposing—-cause I do know quite a few of them viewed that as “psychopathic”. And, of course, it’s all hilariously hypocritical given how much time they do spend fapping to this:

So I just had a thought, what if the Master is connected to Braig in some fashion. They both have similar personalities and some of the same mannerisms. The idea hit me when I pictured the Master with only one eye or wearing an eye patch and I thought, what if it’s like Metal Gear Solid where if you looked a certain way in a previous form, fate will find a way to make you look like that again.

Ok, now I’m just imagining if the Foretellers aren’t reincarnated into the main characters but into the Organization members. Ira is Saix, Aced would be Lexaeus (or possibly Terranort considering the keyblade he has), Gula would have been Roxas but we know how that worked out (or considering his keyblade, could also be Larxene), Ava might be Marluxia (mostly going off the colour palette and both of their themes being flower related) and Invi is kind of hard to place, her colour scheme and role makes her suited for Saix but her theme as the snake could make her akin to Axel. I guess if my idea did turn out to be true, we’d have to see what happens with her.


one day I’ll draw Josh Dun with different hair
but today
is not that day.

Also I swear he looks like a different person every time I draw him I’m afraid I’ll never get it consistent welp. oh my god do i try

Partly inspired by those pictures where Josh’s facial expression is bizarrely similar to that of a startled Cornish Rex cat (hence why he’s holding a funny alien-ish looking cat; it’s a Rex). No joke, that man is a human Cornish Rex. Whenever someone asks what sort of cat Josh would look like, I will hands down insist he’s a Cornish Rex. That, friends, is the hill I’m willing to die on. JOSH DUN IS A CORNISH REX FITE ME ON IT.
Rexies aren’t considered the prettiest of cats, but goshdarn they’re sweet and endearing and friendly (and I think they’re v v cute). Just like our dear favourite drummer. And sort of alien-looking, which I figured was appropriate. So here. Have a couple of alien cats.

Anyway, as usual, you can find this on Redbubble!

Being married to Hoseok means

A/N: no one requested this but he’s my ult so here we go!

  • every single day of your life you know you’re loved because he never lets you go one day without telling you he loves you
  • and even when he’s not telling you, he’s hugging you or kissing you or whatever else because he’s just so affectionate with you
  • he’s got you saved on his phone as “wife~*fifty kissy face/heart/ring emojis*”
  • and when you’re away from home he snapchats you pictures of him in your place doing domestic shit like washing the dishes or folding the laundry like “look at how good of a husband i am <3″
  • so when he’s away you do the same thing
  • you’re the couple where every person who knows you knows how much you two love each other because you’re constantly smiling and looking into one another’s eyes
  • you were only gonna put up one or two pictures from your wedding in your living room but he went and put up like ten
  • “hoseok we don’t have room for all of them”
  • “but you looked so beautiful”
  • “but maybe we could just put some of them in an album”
  • “……”
  • “……”
  • “……”
  • “fine”
  • it’s always fun when both of you are home because you turn into the ultimate power couple and clean the whole house together and make lunch together 
  • and it’s this cute little bonding thing you do together and no one else gets why you love it so much much but you don’t care
  • because there’s nothing better than turning up a hype playlist and dancing around your living room with your husband while sweeping the floors
  • and his smile when he looks at you and remembers he gets to spend the rest of his life with you
Good Times Ahead

— {˙ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ˙} —— Though she’s not completely sure why her dearest onii-sama slid her the original picture with this request (nor where he got it from in the first place), that doesn’t stop her from making work on it.

        ˙ “What are you doing, Yuuki?”

        ˙ “Takuma,” glancing up, she smiles, table covered in crafting stuff, a piece of duct tape sticking to her chin. “Crafts,”

        ˙ Taking one look at the ‘product’ she ended up with, the blonde should be commended for only letting out a small chuckle, removing the small piece of tape from her skin. Still though - “That looks like fun, need help?” ^_^

        ˙ “Sure!” ^_^

@corvumortis (( < BLAME THIS PERSON )) @the-white-knight-guardian (( < and this person started the need for payback, so let’s blame him the most– ))

Inception Thanksgiving ficlet

“You do realize,” Arthur says when he opens Dom’s front door, “that you’re not supposed to actually dress like a Pilgrim for Thanksgiving.”

“How was I supposed to know that?” Eames replies, stepping into the foyer and handing Arthur a bottle of wine. Arthur looks at the label and wrinkles his nose.

“…Looking at anyone else around you? Where did you even find shoes with buckles?” Arthur takes Eames’s jacket and hangs it up in the hall closet. “Actually, never mind, I don’t want to know.”

“And yet I’m not the most ridiculously attired person here,” Eames says, looking meaningfully at Arthur’s apron, which has a picture of a turkey and says Gobble Till You Wobble!

“Shut up. It’s Dom’s.” Arthur gestures to the hallway with the bottle of — very nice, thank you — wine. “Everyone’s in the family room, watching football.”


“Eames is here,” Arthur announces to the family room. There’s a chorus of greetings, and everyone seems flatteringly happy to see Eames, although they might just be drunk.

“Nice hat,” Yusuf says. “There aren’t enough hats with buckles these days.”

Eames doffs said hat in acknowledgment of the compliment. “Thank you, Yusuf. You are clearly a man of fine breeding and good taste.”

“He complimented my apron earlier,” Arthur yells from what must be the kitchen.

“I take it back,” Eames says.

“Hey, Philippa gave me that apron,” Dom protests. It would have been a more compelling argument if Philippa hadn’t chosen that precise moment to run through the living room wearing underpants on her head. “Philippa, honey, no running in the house!”

“Oh, come on!” Ariadne shouts at the television. “He clearly went out of bounds!”

Eames looks at the TV. “Arthur said there was football on. This isn’t football.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying,” Yusuf replies.

Ariadne rolls her eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Get down from your high horse. You don’t see me complaining that Thanksgiving was actually last month.”

“You’re Canadian?” Dom expels the word from his mouth like it’s dirty.

“Vancouver, baby,” Ariadne says, throwing a very unintimidating gang sign.


Eames wanders into the kitchen because that’s apparently where the beer is. Arthur is elbow-deep in what appears to be a huge pot of mashed potatoes. He has flour on his nose.

“Why are you doing the cooking if it’s Dom’s house?” Eames asks.

“Because if Dom were in charge of cooking we’d be eating Hot Pockets for dinner.” Arthur adds a frankly alarming amount of butter to the potatoes and continues mashing.

Eames grabs a beer from the fridge and cracks it open. While he drinks, he leans against the counter and watches Arthur work. He has his sleeves rolled up to his elbows and Eames can see the veins in his forearms as he works the masher. The kitchen is a good ten degrees warmer than the rest of the house, and a small piece of Arthur’s hair has broken free of its shellacked prison and is curving over his forehead.

“If you’d like to make yourself useful,” Arthur says as he tosses the masher in the sink, “you could stir the gravy.”

Eames shrugs and heads for the stove, but before he reaches it Arthur throws a wadded-up piece of cloth at him. He unfurls it to find an apron that says “KEEP CALM AND BASTE ON.” Arthur smirks as Eames pulls the apron over his head.


Arthur finally carries the turkey out to the table and lays it down with a flourish.

“Now let’s go around the table and everyone can say what they’re thankful for.”

Arthur groans. “Seriously, Dom?”

“I’m thankful to be back with my kids. And I’m thankful to all of you for helping me.” Dom looks expectantly at Ariadne.

“Um, I’m thankful that I didn’t get stuck in limbo. And I’m thankful that your father-in-law is my advisor so I didn’t have to explain why I was gone for three months.”

“I’m thankful that you didn’t all kill me when you found out about the sedative,” Yusuf says. “And I’m thankful for my cats.”

“I’m thankful that Mr. Cobb retrieved me from limbo,” says Saito, who’s been sitting silently in the corner drinking the wine he brought, which everyone else is too afraid to touch. “Even though he took his time doing it. And I’m thankful that Robert Fischer has decided to pursue his lifelong dream of owning his own modern dance company.”

“Arthur?” Dom says. “What are you thankful for?”

Arthur heaves a sigh. “I’m thankful that I’m no longer chasing your ass around the globe.” His face softens, just a little. “I’m thankful to be with friends.”

“Your turn, Eames.”

Eames hmmms and takes a sip of his beer. Arthur is avoiding eye contact and fiddling with the carving knife. “I’m thankful for the memories of those we’ve lost and the promise of those we’ve gained. I’m thankful for second chances.”

Arthur snorts and mutters “more like fifth chances,” but he’s turned a pleasing shade of pink. He busies himself with the turkey, hacking away at it with impressive finesse.

He gives Eames an entire leg.

so theres this post where someone edited hanzo to look “more japanese” and like. im not gonna link it or even post the picture bc i dont want anyone giving that person a hard time, im sure their heart was in the right place but like. white people, can i ask you to please just. know your place and not assume youre the authority on how poc look?? can you do that for me? just because youve never seen an asian who looks like hanzo doesnt mean they dont exist. we dont need you to tell us what we look like. and maybe if you got out of your eurocentric bubble for a few minutes youd realize that asians can have just as wide a variety of faces as any other people

you say hanzo doesnt look asian enough? i raise you:

godfrey gao

toshiro mifune

ken watanabe

Exo reaction to receiving a sketchbook from a fan full of their pictures.

Anon- Hiiii^^ Can I please have a reaction where Exo receives a sketchbook from a fan full of their pics? Would he want to know who it’s from or look for the person Thankiewww :D Love your blogggg

Aww, thank you! I hope you like it!


Xiumin- I don’t think Xiumin will go looking for that person, but he would be curious to know who send him this sketchbook. This baozi would be so happy. 

Luhan- Same with Xiumin, I don’t think Luhan will look for the person who did this sketchbook for him, but he will be grateful to have fans like this. 

Kris- Kris wouldn’t look for the person to be honest with you. He will want to find out who you are, but he wouldn’t go to extreme measure to find you.

Suho- I honestly think Suho would try to find you if he has time. He would want to thank the person who did the sketchbook in person. 

Lay- Being the cute baby he is, he would try to find the person, but with his tiring schedule I don’t think he will. 

Chen/ Baekhyun/ Chanyeol- The three idiot will go throughout their way of finding you. I swear Chanyeol and Bacon will have fake mustache while Chen has a big glasses on. The three idiots turn into three awful detectives. 

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D.O/ Kai- The two of them wouldn’t go to extreme measure like the idiots to find the person who did this for them. 

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Sehun/Tao- let’s be honest here, these two would be grateful but they would never go find the person who did it.

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When you’re sitting in the library and see a person shuffling thru books on a bookshelf trying to find the right one… and they just look so real and beautiful and it’s really nice to look at people doing random tasks where they aren’t even paying attention to how they look like.

Comic Con impressions

Am I the only one who noticed a lot of arrogance from Ashley during all the Comic Con interviews? There was this one interview I watched with just Ash and Shay and the whole time Ashley was making Shay answer all the questions while she played with her hair and rings and starred into the distance like she didn’t want to be there, and not smiling either. And when she did answer questions it was like one/two/three word responses. In a way she actually had a ‘pissed off’ look, like a “get me out of here” look. She just looked like the type of person where if a fan said “can I please take a picture with you” she’d do it, but roll her eyes once the photo is taken. Ash was very different to everyone else at Comic Con. My favourite was Troian. She wouldn’t stop speaking! I fking love Troian!!! Always smiling. Always got awesome, positive things to say. Love her sense of humour too. I will follow and watch any project Troian ventures onto after PLL. And Lucy and Sasha were awesome too. Sasha is only 19 and she was talking with such confidence! Love her so much. And Lucy is just gorgeous <3 But Ashley kind of annoyed me in her interviews. I actually didn’t want to watch her anymore. Which is weird because I love Ash to death and Hanna is one of my favourite characters (first favourite is Spencer, duh). Maybe she was just having a bad day or isn’t good at the intensity of having questions fired at you every second. Maybe the one interview I watched of Ashley was the last one of the day and she was tired from a long day and wanted to go home (fair enough). Don’t know what the point of this post is. Any one comment please. Anyone else notice this from Ash or am I the one having a bad day!!? Hahahahaha

Ok but there’s a background character in Danny Phantom that looks like me I’m not even kidding. But when I look up background characters all I get is a bunch of crowd shots where you can’t make out shit.

She’s got a purple shirt in with a kitty face on it and is fat and has straight kinda short reddish orangish hair and I swear to god she looks as though Butch Hartman drew me as a cartoon I’m not shitting you guys.

Anyone have a picture of her???