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Can cranes and herons pick up objects with their feet? Can their feet even reach their mouths (e.g. to bring a food item to it)?

So, though they look pretty similar, cranes and herons aren’t that closely related. Herons are part of Ardeidae, with other stabby-faced predatory birds like egrets and bitterns. Cranes are all the way over in Gruidae (I guess… also stabby-faces, but different, okay), and the two families are not even that closely related

That being said, both herons and cranes can, in fact, reach their terrifying knife faces with their weirdo spindly feet!

As I mentioned before, when you think about it, they are technically “birds of prey” - i.e. they are predatory birds. They’re distinguished from the true raptors by not having murder talons to match their murder face. Their “talons” look like they belong on some kind of beautiful, delicate songbird instead of a leggy fish assassin. Not at all suitable for murder.

They can grab with their feet, and will use them for very impressive high-kicks, but their primary “tool” is their beak. Anything that requires manipulation, such as nest-building, hunting, picking something up - their first instinct will be to use their beak.  So I guess my final consensus would be that they could bring something up to their mouth, but they probably wouldn’t.

Photo of the Day - The Pied Heron (Ardea picata) is a small species found in parts of Australia’s northern coast, as well as New Guinea and Wallacea. The juvenile lacks the crest and darker head of the adult as can be seen here, and can quite easily be confused with the very similar looking White-necked Heron by those who are not familiar with the species – even though it is much smaller.

This photo was taken by Markus Lilje.


Goliath Heron

The Goliath heron (Ardea goliath), also known as the giant heron, is a very large wading bird of the heron family, Ardeidae. It is found in sub-Saharan Africa, with smaller numbers in Southwest and South Asia. This is the world’s largest heron. The height is 4-5 feet, the wingspan is 6–7 ½ feet and the weight is 9–11 pounds. In flight it has a slow and rather ponderous look and, unlike some other herons, its legs are not held horizontally. 

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Something a little different this time. A quick Kancolle doodle of an humanized Abyssal I-class destroyer, “I-kyuu”

There are already Princess and Demon Abyssal destroyers, so why not the smallest ones of them. The tiny legs of the original destroyers are pretty silly, and look  pretty distinctive, so I kept them and the tail, and like with their Shipgirl counterparts, they are younger looking.

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Wing AU? Saru with dark, slim, beautiful wings. The Kings have the biggest, strongest wings. I imagine Munakata with dark wings with blue flame coming from the edges, and Mikoto has wings of fire. Nagare's wings are white, like Anna's, but they crackle with green electricity. Yata's wings look like bright orange fire and he loves to wrap Fushimi up in them~ Thoughts?

I’m imagining that say in this AU everyone is born with small white wings that then grow into something else as they get older and people are judged on the quality and size of their wings, like the most successful and talented people tend to have really huge wing spans and super impressive wings – and only those with larger wings can actually fly too so there’s like this unspoken caste system that tends to look down more on people whose wings are considered too small or deformed somehow. Niki probably has these terrible hellfire wings, all red feathers tinged in black and the feathers are really jagged and sharp looking but even so he can fly a little with them. When Fushimi’s little Niki plucks a bunch of feathers from his little baby white wings, leaving a bunch of bald spots where the feathers haven’t grown back, and due to the combination of stress and neglect some of Fushimi’s other feathers fall out entirely. By the time he reaches middle school his ‘true’ wings have started to come in but it’s no comfort, his wings are this really dark murky black (and having black wings is considered a bad sign, like if your pure white wings have gone black there must be something wrong with you) and there are spots where the feathers are mottled in white or red, places where his feathers originally fell out. His feathers are a mess too, all different sizes and angles and his wings are far too slim to allow him to fly. Fushimi pretty much doesn’t give a shit though because of course his wings would be the kind that he couldn’t fly with and anyway he’s not like all those other idiots walking around trying to show their wings off or brag about their wingspan.

That’s when he meets Yata, who has these red and orange wings that look like a fire, but they’re really fluffy and the feathers are soft. Yata can’t quite fly with them but when he’s on his skateboard if he extends them behind him he feels like he’s flying anyway (oh oh imagine the scene from LSW with Fushimi, Yata and Aya on the bike, Yata’s got his wings out and they’re like stretching on either side of Fushimi so it feels like he’s in a tunnel of flames but he’s not scared at all, and behind Fushimi there’s Aya with her slim pink swan-like wings outstretched and then Fushimi unconsciously starts to stretch his too, the wings he always keeps hunched close and never spreads fully and for the first time in his life he really feels like he’s flying, there on the back on Yata’s bike). Yata’s the first person who thinks Fushimi’s wings are really cool, like look at how sleek they are and the black is so striking and the feathers feel super smooth, Yata loves running his fingers through Fushimi’s wings. Fushimi acts like he doesn’t care what Yata thinks of his wings but it always makes his breath catch a little, when Yata tells him how amazing his wings are. When the two of them move in together sometimes they lie side by side on Yata’s bunk discussing their plans for all the great things they’re going to do and Yata wraps his wings around Fushimi so that it feels like they’re living in this small cozy world, just the two of them, and sometimes Fushimi’s wings stretch just a bit to touch Yata’s, connecting just a little bit.

So then the surprise party incident happens and that’s when they meet Mikoto who has the biggest wings Yata and Fushimi have ever seen, these huge red ones with real fire blossoming along the edges and when Mikoto uses his Red King powers to the full extent his wings burst entirely into flame and it’s like a fireball. The rest of Homra have wings that are touched by fire in some way too – maybe people don’t just have feathered wings in this AU too, imagine Totsuka with wings that look like they belong to one of his flame butterflies (Anna’s ‘true’ wings are just coming in, downy white mixed with hints of red, and when she awakens as King all the white feathers fall to the ground like rain as she extends her red burning wings wide, a wingspan even greater than Mikoto’s, a phoenix rising). Fushimi’s actually afraid of Mikoto’s wings especially, like he can’t help but flinch every time Mikoto opens his wings fully. He’s also secretly jealous because Yata is so impressed that Mikoto-san can fly, and of course Fushimi knows that he’ll never be able to match that.

Then Fushimi meets Munakata and Munakata’s the only one he’s seen whose wings can rival Mikoto’s except Munakata’s are these sleek cobalt blue ones, growing brighter around the edges, just this amazing gradient of blue upon blue and Munakata loves to spread them wide whenever he’s making grand pronouncements. When he’s not trying to be impressive though Munakata keeps his wings neatly folded and sometimes they almost look like part of his uniform. Fushimi can’t help but feel drawn to those wings somehow and when Munakata tries to recruit him maybe instead of Fushimi’s leg moving unconsciously to Munakata’s side one wing opens on that side instead. Fushimi breaks things off like in canon, burning his tattoo and all, but maybe after he and Yata part he spots a fallen feather from Yata’s wings and ends up keeping it despite himself. Meanwhile Yata goes to pack up their old apartment and he finds one of Fushimi’s feathers. He wants to burn it into nothing but he can’t bring himself to do it, keeping it with him like tucked in his hat somehow and maybe it was one of those mottled feathers, black and red, and the whole time Fushimi thinks Yata’s been keeping one of Mikoto’s feathers when it’s actually his.

Then jungle, imagine Hisui’s wings aren’t real ones at all but these giant electricity ones that the Slate kinda made for him because when Hisui 'died’ his real wings hadn’t come in yet and being technically dead he couldn’t grow his real ones anymore. But the desire for them is there and the shape remains rooted in Hisui’s soul, how they should look, and the Slate answers that desire by giving him a mock version of what he should have. When the undercover mission happens Fushimi and Munakata fight and maybe Munakata makes a comment about Fushimi’s wings, the black color and how they’re so small and thin and useless, he’ll never fly with them and they’re really almost malformed in a way, just like Fushimi’s own twisted loyalties. Fushimi tries not to take that to heart but of course he does, even as he intends to carry out Munakata’s plan to the end.

Yata of course shows up to save Fushimi and when they escape Yata’s having trouble keeping ahead of Sukuna, like he’s on his skateboard with Fushimi on his back and Sukuna’s so close to catching up, and there are holes in the floor that Yata’s worried he won’t be able to skateboard over. Yata finally yells at Fushimi that they need to fly, Fushimi clicks his tongue because neither one of them can fly, idiot, and Yata’s just like shut up, I can’t fly on my own but if you’re with me we can definitely do it. They reach like this giant gap in the floor and Yata stretches his wings out, speeding up, determined to fly over it and save Fushimi. Fushimi stares at Yata in surprise and he finds his own wings stretching out too, all the way, the two of them flapping in unison as they just soar over the gap, completely airborne and in control and breathless for just a moment. Afterward Fushimi tries to act like it was nothing but Yata’s not giving up that easily, saying this is why he’s not letting Fushimi push him away again – sure they aren’t Kings and they can’t fly alone, but that’s why they’re supposed to be together because the only way Yata can soar is if Fushimi’s by his side.

the long dark au

He’s sitting at the edge of the docks, watching the distant mountains, the calm serenity of the water, when Xanxus shows up. The man makes no sound, which is how Tsuna prefers it now. Loud sounds generally mean trouble - the silence means that all is well, the world is still undisturbed. His Guardians are still learning how to walk in the way that allows them to make no sound, but Xanxus is an assassin, and silence is his friend. 

It’s somewhat of a surprise when the man, instead of looming over him like normal, gracefully crouches beside him. He’s dressed in the clothes Tsuna’s provided, which is even more of a surprise, and he’s scrubbed himself well - all Tsuna can detect is the smell of the clothes, with barely a hint of Xanxus beneath. 

“When do we leave?” Xanxus asks, and even his voice is made to be quiet. His words, normally snarled or barked, are capped to be respectful. Tsuna doesn’t turn his head, but he tilts it towards Xanxus briefly to acknowledge he’s heard the man.

“Soon,” he replies, eyes still to the horizon. “We’re waiting for the waters to settle.”

Xanxus nods, and shifts his crouch into a firmer stance. Like this, he looks like a heron at the edge of the water, all bunched-up finesse and grace, waiting for the right fish to pass under his nose to strike. The comparison makes something in Tsuna’s heart ache, but he reminds himself that soon he will be back out in those wilds, and this time, he won’t be alone. And unlike the Guardians, who’s current expectations range from ‘we’re all going to die’ to 'we might die’, Xanxus and his crew seem much more firm in their conviction to follow Tsuna’s lead and obey the laws of Nature.

And there, Tsuna’s eyes catch the ripple that spreads from the other side of the lake. He stands, Xanxus swiftly following him, and they head for the boat. The Varia and Guardians are already waiting, what few things Tsuna has allowed them to bring strapped to their sides. Gokudera looks like he wants to say something, but is considering whether it would be smart or not. Tsuna decides clearing the air will do them all good. He stops in front of the gangway.

“If you have any last-minute decisions to make, any complaints, or worries, speak now. Because once I step foot on this boat, I won’t accept any of those things. If you want to back now, this is your last opportunity. I will tell you what I told you all before - there are things out there that will eat you. The weather is not like it is here. You will be going into this the same way I did, and you will learn the same way I did. If the idea of going for a scavenging run in the middle of a blizzard before the sun’s even risen in an area where there are wolves, bears and other things isn’t to your liking, say so now.”

The Varia say nothing. All of them know what to expect. His Guardians, on the other hand…

“Is-is this really necessary, Tenth?” Gokudera asks, finally finding his voice. He looks worried, almost afraid. Like a small animal that thinks its going to die. “I mean, can’t you just… stay here?”

“Here where, Gokudera? At the docks? In the city? Within Vongola? No. I can’t stay in any of those places. I made you a promise, and I don’t break my promises. It will do you all good to know how my world functions. I stayed and learned your ways. Now its your turn.” He cocks his head. “Or do you believe yourself above such savagery?”

Gokudera flinches, hastily shaking his head. “No! No, I just–”

“You worry too much. Stop thinking about what might be. You will learn to adapt. If I can do it without pills, weapons, or proper clothing, you can do it. Now, does anyone else have something to add?”

“How long will we be gone for?” Lambo asks. “I’m not worried, I’m just curious.”

Tsuna points upwards. “Do you see the angle of the sun?” They all look up. “Right now, we’re in the descent of spring, heading towards summer. Over there, the sun rises and sets much the same, and with every season, the sun either gets higher, or lower in the sky sooner rather than later. The sun rises early these days, and sets late. When we return, the sun will rise late, and set early.”

“Winter, then,” Squalo says. “The harshest part, right?”

“Not at the beginning. It starts slow. You have time to get your supplies, hunt for the last of your food. When autumn beings, its time to start storing what you can, preparing for the long wait. I didn’t get to realize that until nearly my second year, but I learned. Going out in a blizzard in winter is… tantamount to suicide.”

“But you did it,” Xanxus says softly, and there’s something like a faint respect in his voice. “You did what you had to do, and you survived.”

Tsuna nods. “But I was just looking after myself. With all of you, there will be more of us. More mouths to feed, more clothes to fix, more water, more heat. But also more hands to help scavenge. More eyes to look, more packs to carry. Its give and take.” He looks around, and finally he sees reality set into his Guardians. Hibari, Takeshi, Ryohei and Lambo all seem to settle into themselves. Chrome looks over at Mukuro, who nods. Gokudera bites down on his lip, clearly on the line whether or not to follow - and then he too settles. 

Tsuna watches it unfold like a flower in the snow and smiles. “Very good,” he praises, and they all look at him. “Now you’re ready.”

He steps onto the gangway, onto the boat. Xanxus drags the gangway up, and locks the gate.

“Now,” Tsuna says, and he’s no longer the Vongola prince, but something much wilder at heart. “Start the engines. We’re wasting daylight.”

The Bird’s Nest Ball commences now!

For the next hour, you will be able to interact with the guests, and from this, you will gather clues. But who are our feathered friends? Hopefully, you’ll figure that out…

The Carrion Crow

Dressed entirely in black, the crow commands an auspicious aura. His pitch black suit, complete with matching shirt, tie, and mask could easily gain the attention of the whole room…and evade it.

The Peregrine Falcon

With their jacket and trousers dark silver, but their shirt striped with black and white, the falcon looks to be a character! However, their small mask concentrates on their piercing gaze, and makes all who meet it uneasy.

The Grey Heron

With a smart grey suit and white shirt, the heron looks quite comfortable. But the striking black mask with long, yellowy beak ensure that everyone else isn’t so relaxed. A good business tactic? Or perhaps a distraction?

The Sparrowhawk

Soaring in, the sparrowhawk wears a brown suit, with a striped shirt to match. Though representing a vicious creature, a smile beckons from beneath their feathery mask. Maybe they’re not so deadly after all?

The Blue Jay

As in the animal world, the Blue Jay looks a colourful spirit. With a blue suit contrasting against a sharp black tie and white shirt, they dazzle the other guests. Their black mask only serves to complete the confusion.

The Love Birds

A pair of birds, both brightly-coloured in suits that shine of yellow, red, and green all at once, certainly seem like the most daring of all the guests. And in their twin fashions, can anyone ever hope to tell them apart?

The Peacock

Strutting their stuff, the Peacock crosses the floor in a shimmering blue suit, with long coattails for display. Their green shirt is a little unbuttoned, and their black mask, though hiding their identity, cannot hide their flair.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix’ flame-like clothing is red and orange and fierce. Their mask cannot hide their swagger, as they know their choice in disguise was likely the best. No one could guess who they truly are.

The Wood Pigeon

A silvery suit adorns the Wood Pigeon, as well as a white shirt and tie of green and pink. Their beaked little mask hides them as they tiptoe through the crowd, taking stock of all others. Something is amiss with this bird.

The European Robin

The Robin’s red breast is, in this case, a waistcoat which sits between their tweed jacket and white shirt. Their mask and beak, though small, seem to point at others in an intimidating way. Or is it sneering?

The Mute Swan

Most likely not welcome at weddings, the Mute Swan is in a suit of white, a shirt of white, and a mask of white. The only splash of colour is its orange beak, which quite completes the flashy and fabulous ensemble.

The Pileated Woodpecker

The Woodpecker wears a suit of black, with a black mask, and a fascinating red hairpiece which obscures their ordinary hair. What a clever trick the Woodpecker has pulled, but it certainly won’t make them hard to see.

mirrors - part fifteen

genre - realistic fiction
pairing - j.jk x reader
warnings - none

Hoseok was relentless.

The entire forty-five minutes car ride to the airport, the hour and a half after check-in and security, the hour that took them to wait for the plane, the half hour of delay; all spent attempting to ask Jungkook the same question.

“What’s wrong?”

Jungkook tried his best to ignore him, going up to use the bathroom more than he needed, stopping by the airport Starbucks one too many times (coffee did not help calm his nerves), putting earbuds in; but Hobi would just wait for him, follow him, poke his arm. Jungkook knew he meant well, his hyung only wanted the best for him–even if that meant annoying Jungkook into spilling every thought and emotion right onto Hoseok’s lap.

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Help Identifying a YA Book

Shot in the dark here but this had been driving me CRAZY lately so I’m looking for a book:

-with a young woman protag who’s really royalty but doesn’t know it
-the cover probably had flames on it, as well as a (Asian possible? Definitely WOC) woman striking a battle pose

-the villain is her uncle–I keep thinking ‘Uncle Heron’ but it probably just LOOKED a lot like ‘heron’

-some noble man flirts with her and she gives him a fake name that ends up being her REAL name by mistake

-they end up married to stand against her uncle but it wasn’t hugely romantic?

-Before her wedding they’re poisoned but because it’s from her native land she’s able to fight off the assassins before passing out

-because her future husband is white he ends up paralyzed but is determined to walk on the day of their wedding

-he does, with a cane

-when Uncle Heron shows up he keeps going on about how he’s cursed?? They fight and he almost kills the protag, but in the last second he skewers himself on her sword and smiles, whispering “Curse over”

Anyway someone please help finding this book has been driving me crazy for the past several years.

A Surprising Homecoming (RoE fanfic)

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine, I am borrowing them but will return them.

Pairing: RoE cousin (Marcy, in my game) X Chaz

Notes: This is the first piece of creative writing I’ve done in many years and the first piece of fan fiction I’ve ever created. The idea wouldn’t stop swirling around in my head though, so I figured I had to get it out somehow. I do hope you like this even a little bit, but I’m also very much open to constructive criticism. Thank you for reading! 

Marcy stood inside the doorway to her bedroom, her head resting gently on the door jamb.  In the nursery across the hall, Chaz rescued the newly awake toddler from the confines of her crib.

“Well hello there my beautiful cygnet! How are you this wondrous morning?” Chaz whispered to the child, brushing away strands of fine black hair in order to place a gentle kiss upon her forehead.

“Ah da, babada,” she responded, nuzzling her head into Chaz’s strong shoulder.

Marcy’s rolled her eyes as she felt her heart swell. Why did watching Chaz interact with her daughter always have such an effect on her? She never thought she’d be the type of woman to get weak at the knees from the sight of a handsome man tenderly holding a baby. But here she was, practically swooning at the scene unfolding before her. It had been that way for over a year now, ever since Chaz held Mina for the first time when she was barely an hour old.

“Ah, but you are a rather pungent little gosling this morning, aren’t you? Well, don’t you fret, it’s nothing a quick change won’t fix. And then you can help me finish making breakfast for your mama,” Chaz remarked lightly, the wide smile on his face evident in his voice.

Marcy closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, allowing the scent of freshly brewing coffee to invigorate her. When she’d awoken earlier to Mina’s ordinary morning wails, she’d been surprised by that decadent aroma. Her surprise had quickly turned to panic as she heard soft footsteps treading down the hallway towards the bedrooms. The only two people who should have been in the house were her and Mina. Chaz lived with them when he wasn’t working, but he’d been gone for months on his first cruise in the Pacific Ocean and she wasn’t expecting him back until tomorrow. She had sprung out of bed and was struggling to swiftly unplug the brass lamp on the nightstand when a familiar mop of chocolate brown hair flashed by in her peripheral vision. Instant relief had flooded her system, hastily followed by slight annoyance. She’d discarded the still plugged in lamp onto her mattress and stealthily made her way to the doorway to spy.

“Mama, mama, mama!” Mina exclaimed, as she glimpsed Marcy over the side of her changing table. Marcy’s index finger flew to her lips and she locked eyes with Mina, silently begging her not to blow her cover just yet.

“Yes, yes, your mama. I do believe you look more like her with every passing day,” cooed Chaz, oblivious with adoration.  Finishing her diaper, he reached down and lovingly tickled Mina’s belly, his back still towards Marcy.

“Ah, dada!” Mina babbled happily between giggles. Chaz stopped abruptly, his hand hovering over the squirming child. While she couldn’t see it, Marcy pictured Chaz’s chestnut eyes going wide and his jaw dropping, forming a half surprised and half elated smile.

“She’s been saying that for about a day now, whenever she sees your picture,” Marcy commented, striding into the nursery, a sly smile adorning her face.

Her heart skipped a beat as he spun around, scooping Mina up and settling her onto his hip. He looked the same as he had two days ago when they’d last had a video call, but something about finally seeing his face, right there in front of her, close enough to reach out and touch, filled her with a combination of excitement and warmth.

“Marcy, my radiant lovebird, I didn’t know you were awake!” Chaz marveled with a smile that spanned the entirety of his face.

“Obviously,” Marcy teased with a smirk. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home early?”

“I didn’t find out until yesterday. Besides, I had hoped to surprise you,” He responded, his eyes gleaming.

“Well, consider me surprised. I thought you were an intruder and was ready to bludgeon you with that weird bird lamp you insist of keeping in the bedroom,” Marcy quipped, quickly closing the distance between them to kiss Mina on the head.

“Well, both my heron lamp and I thank you for your restraint,” Chaz responded with a chuckle “That certainly would have put a dent in my plans, not to mention my head.” Mary rolled her eyes hard, but couldn’t stop her smirk from becoming a genuinely amused grin.

“Mama! dada!” Mina squealed, reminding them both of her presence. Chaz’s smile fell, a look of uncertainty replacing it as his eyes fell on Marcy, waiting for her response. Smiling affectionately, Marcy reached for his free hand, interlocking their fingers, and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“That’s right my love, mama and dada,” she replied affectionately, reaching up to give Chaz a gentle, but eager, peck on the lips before kissing Mina’s head once again. She let her head rest against Chaz’s muscular chest as he untangled their fingers and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her into a tender embrace. There, in that moment, nestled close to the two people she loved most in the world, who she knew, for reasons she couldn’t contemplate yet, loved her too, she felt safer and happier than she ever knew she could. And more importantly, she was beginning to feel that maybe, just maybe, she really did deserve to feel that way.