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Tree: What have you done with your life? What are you going to do with your life? From @igetwhatiwant <3

Susan looked to be dumbfounded with the inquire, daring to clarify the words with an equally doubtful tone, “What have I done with my life? What am I going to do with it?”

She felt, almost… As if she were being challenged. As if someone was doubting her capabilities… What, of it all, truly riled her spirits was the fact she had no genuine clue on what was the next step in terms of her future.

She hesitates, turning away from Dantalian with that same flabbergasted expression to plague her features before, with a thrust of her arms, she’d raise her voice in such a manner that intensified not only through volume but authority, daring him to trifle with her: “Look what I have made! The Sisters in Sin would be nothing without me, it would still be dubbed only the Goldshire Bordello! Worthless, a pile of filth and hogwash with gangly whores not even worth their weight in gold!”

“I made this what it is today! I have gone above and beyond what was expected of me from my peers, and I have made a fucking name for myself–… And-..,” her voice would begin to fade, her hostility diminishing as she turns to view him again, her brows knitted, “And… And I do not know what else is to come of this…”

Soon she returns to the slumped formation atop the chair situated before the desk of her office, a hand propping her chin upright as she reviews the clutters of papers with exhausted, glaring eyes.

“I’m certain there’s no fucking end to it all…”


i won’t ever understand why some people think that going to starbucks is wrong?? like wow it’s just a coffee shop company. they sell good coffee as well as other drinks. they sign cups with your name and i think that’s sweet. sometimes they draw you a smiley and that simple thing can make your day better. jfc people just need to stop hating everything