look 4

OMG GUYS!!!!!!!

Okay, there’s Narti. Now, look at the placement of the other three. Acxa on Lotor’s left and Zethrid and Ezor on his right.

Now look at this screen cap.

Acxa on the RIGHT and Zeithrid and Ezor on the LEFT.

The shot is from behind them. For Narti’s point of view.

I actually knew what I was talking about for once XD

(For those of you who haven’t seen it, I made an analysis about after the release of the teaser.)

So… I’m going to polish my theory/meta/ whatever and say, it’s likely that Zarkon and Haggar wanted to capture/take out Lotor/ etc. And that they found him and the gals. The reason they found them was Kova and/or Narti. Haggar did just remember everything. It’s likely she remembered the cat too.


When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Does The Thing™ (aka the best 7 minutes of your day)


my roommate lovingly dubbed this “The Anime Last Supper”

(hope you don’t mind a triple date instead!)