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Y’all, what should I look for in someone’s chart in terms of financial fraud and, like, stealing people’s money (a.k.a. being manipulative) but also being really good at it lol 


“The bible had a plauge of locusts, we have a plauge of pensioners*” - 5.06

Every ‘Shrixie’ moment 💖💛💖 (5/??)

  • me: well, it looks like the usual suspects all got new skins. seems like some heroes are still favored for content :/
  • also me: 🎶 i want to see my little boy 🎶
  • blizzard, rolling out new genji skins: here he comes

anonymous asked:

Please can you gif Jensen,when he talked about the hug that Jared gave him? In Jen/misha panel.

Here you go :) 

Did I mention how much I like it that he mention this? He didn’t have to. He just wanted to tell us that Jared was there for him. And I’m really happy about it. :)

The summer storm, Sahriv. Only taken me approximately 5 evers to continue the portrait series I planned from the start of this blog, but belated or not–this is the Devavani’s custom, darling little Volt Prime. He’s a high-strung, high-energy, high-maintenance bundle of anxiety who will paw/scratch at his operator’s somatic link pod’s door until it opens, only to curl up and go back to sleep (presumably satisfied that his operator hasn’t abandoned them all in the night). Additionally, this “curling up and going back to sleep” often takes place in his operator’s lap–or, at least, the attempt is made.

A lap dog cat frame he is not, but he has big dreams and you can’t take that away from him.

(Fortunately, Saif’s some sort of immortal void demon child so hopefully suffocation or electrocution isn’t a big concern.)