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The definitely not definitive sports anime guide

So I did a thing a while back (a year ago, in fact) where I tried to make a primer for sports animes. I have since watched Many, Many More so let’s do this again (still no Daiya no Ace tho).
Based purely on my own meandering experience, here’s a hopefully comprehensive guide on picking your next set of adoptive sons.

Note: There’s ten shows so this is going to be long, you guys. Just… so long. And there will be many exclamation points.

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So….that happened.  How are we doing!  I for one am freaking out.  Lots of theories coming into play here including one that is very near and dear to my heart.  

My ask box is blowing up and I think we are going to break the record of 70 post Singularity easily.  So bear with me as I go tomorrow.  I will combine where I can and will get to them all.

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Spoilers ahead!

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pokemon go headcanons

because i hate myself


  • team instinct
  • level 31
  • his buddy is pikachu, not cause he doesnt have raichu or anything he just thinks pikachu is cool and it makes him feel like ash
  • has actually spent like $80 bucks on this game 
  • owns a team instinct snapback hat
  • more about collecting than getting gyms for him
  • every time he transfers a pokemon he dies inside a little
  • him and Seven go to this one park every night to play
  • if he can’t catch something he’ll get frustrated and hand his phone to Seven
  • mostly Seven will catch it for him but sometimes he’ll sabotage him and toss 30 great balls at a pidgey
  • actually pees his pants every time he sees and eevee


  • level 27
  • buddy is vulpix cause he wants the big beautiful NINETAILS
  • keeps his pokemon inventory clean as hell, only ever has one of everything
  • plays on his jogs
  • hates team mystic with a burning passion
  • this has been a real bonding experience for him and Seven
  • during those rare times that they’re both actually free, they’ll drive around the city and take over gyms
  • Seven has taught him well


  • team mystic
  • level 22
  • buddy is dragonair (she thinks its beautiful and she wants that DRAGONITE)
  • blessed because theres a pokestop she can reach from her desk
  • spends money on lures to entertain herself at work
  • lowkey very competitive when it comes to gyms
  • theres a gym she can reach from a specific room in the office so if its anything but mystic she has to like go into the broom closet to reach it
  • once she came out of the closet and one of her coworkers saw her and just oh man it was awkward
  • see what i did there
  • wants to fight the entirety of team valor


  • team mystic
  • level 19
  • he…..he doesnt really play this game a lot
  • buddy is squirtle 
  • he really likes squirtle actually
  • when he caught it at first he was like
  • “assisstant kang look at this little guy. i dont know why, but he looks like he’s having fun”
  • and Jaehee was like….mMmkay Jumin…
  • every time Jumin talks about pokemon Seven and Yoosung get all cringey because he never evolves anything and doesnt know like half their names
  • Jumin has enough candies for like 3 blastoises but he just loves squirtle too much man


  • V A L O R
  • level 33
  • buddy is grimer because he can make it look like grimer is patting his character on the butt
  • plays just enough to make sure he’s a higher level than Yoosung
  • owns like 7 team valor t shirts
  • already has like 4 dittos, 7 gyarados
  • does that thing where he’ll put like a CP 12 caterpie in a gym and Zen will build it up
  • saves up all his evolutions then does a lucky egg and does like 60 at once
  • he has like 37 pidgeys in his pokemon inventory rn i s2g
  • also he always has the max amount of gyms, so he never needs to spend money on the game
  • he’s got like 5 pokemon that are 3000+ CP
  • Yoosung hates him
  • whenever Yoosung does something wrong he’ll blame it on him being on team instinct
  • “Yoosung, you’re so gullible! classic team instinct”
  • “yea, well you’re mean! classic team valor!!!!”
  • “oh, whats that? i couldnt hear you over the sound of my 3522 CP dragonite”


  • team mystic
  • level 20
  • buddy is abra
  • he always offers to play pokemon go with Jumin but its not that much fun because all Jumin ever wants to catch is squirtle
  • rides on a bike and plays a lot
  • V has like like, a passion for butterfree
  • he would do anything for butterfree 
  • he never even transfers them because they are just, so dear to him
  • he has like 40 butterfree
  • he even names them all


  • he chose team valor, and then almost deletes the app when he finds out Seven is team valor too
  • level 30
  • buddy is ghastly (he wants to form an army of gengar)
  • he always complains when he sees a pidgey or rattata but catches it anyway
  • Seven and Yoosung invite him to go to the park with them
  • he refuses, then takes a separate car to the same park but doesnt talk to them
  • if Seven is taking down a gym he’ll put some low ass CP jolteon in there or something
  • and Seven is like Saeran you’re making it real hard for me to love you right now
  • hates 2K eggs more than anything
  • every time a fucking pidgey hatches out of an egg he wants to scream
  • he probably does scream TBH

if you read that, thank you and i’m so sorry

I   C A N ’ T   S T O P   L O V I N G   Y O U; and it is sad how much i wish i could. i am sorry, i just can’t take any more of this pain, it is killing me. you’re killing me. 35 tracks.

do i wanna know - arctic monkeys || skinny love - birdy || kiss me - ed sheeran || the last time- taylor swift ft. gary lightbody || damn your eyes - alex clare || i love you five- never shout never || counting stars - onerepublic || boston- augustana || secrets - onerepublic || down - jason walker|| to build a home - the cinematic orchestra || she’s got you high - mumm-ra || almost lover - a fine frenzy || she will be loved - maroon5 || i need your love - calvin harries ft. ellie goulding || sweather weather - the neighbourhood || in my veins - andrew belle || medicine - daughter || your song - kate walsh || all i want - kodaline || look after you - the fray || 505- arctic monkeys || say you like me - we the kings || wish you were here- avril lavingne || stay - rihanna ft. mikky ekko || arms- christina perri || say something - a great big world ft. christina aguilera || the a team - ed sheeran || who you are (ed sheeran cover) - jessie j || let her go- passenger || give me love - ed sheeran || i always knew - the vaccines || just another girl - the killers || vulnerable - secondhand serenade || i wont give up - jason mraz ||


Dovetailing (Avengers x reader)

Taking “That’s Not What I Meant” into “So, That’s a ‘No’ Then” for one really big story line

The After-Party

The pangs of nausea had returned once the realization of the moment had hit you.  You were still holding the stick in your hands, Steve’s hands trembling slightly as he held yours.  Neither of you had looked up from the results yet, scared to make this moment real; uncertain of how to make time continue on.

With a small shake of your head and clearing of your throat, you thought that someone needed to say something or you might stand this way forever.

“Nat, could you give us-“ You looked up but your friend was no longer there.  You were so lost in the moment that you didn’t even notice.  Concerned that she had run out and spread the news, you gasped and looked up at your husband, as your unrest grew.  “When did she leave?”

As Steve looked down at you, tears were close to spilling over from his striking blue eyes.  His expression wasn’t that of anxiety as you had expected, as you were feeling, but rather a calm resolve had come over him.  For just a moment you were lost in the experience he was having, letting go of your own fears.  “She left before we looked.  She said it was too private to be here.”

“Oh sure, too private to stay for the results, but not so private that she couldn’t drag me from my own reception to get me to pee on a stick for her.”  Making light of the situation didn’t calm your nerves quite as you had hoped.  Your breathing was becoming shaky and erratic, as the nausea was growing more persistent.

Pulling your hands from Steve’s, you quickly turned towards the sink to gather up some cool water for your face.  “Oh, I think I need to sit down.”  With the lack of a proper place to sit, and refusal to shove the massive dress into one of those damn tiny stalls again, you sat yourself down on the floor with your back to the wall.  You gave a small, groaning sigh, holding your head in your hands.  “Babe, how did this happen?”

Steve sat on the floor next to you, his knees pulled up and his hands folded above them.  “Well, (Y/N), from what I’m told, when the mommy and the daddy really love each other…”

Your laugh was sudden and genuine, releasing the built up tension that your body was holding.  “Oh my god, Steve!”  Wiping tears from your eyes, your laugh slowly diminished to a quiet sigh.  “Oh, that’s not what I meant.  But thanks for the attempt.”  You leaned into him, giving him a quick kiss on his cheek.  A bright lipstick mark was left behind on his chiseled face, but you chose to leave it there in the lightness of the moment.

“So, Captain Rogers, what do we do now?  You’re the ‘star spangled man with a plan’, so let’s have it.”

He scoffed at that, closing his eyes and lowering his head. “Well, I think we should get off of this floor, because, well, it’s the bathroom.  Then, we go out there and have our first dance- our real first dance- and we have a fun night with our friends and loved ones.”

You looked at him as if he had missed the point completely. “Ok, I agree, but what do we say?”

‘Nothing.  We say nothing.”

“Honey, come on.  You know that Nat is gonna hound us until we crack, and you’re a terrible liar.”  

He feigned a look of shock and disbelief.  “Am not!  I’ve gotten so much better!”

“Mmm hmm.”  You rolled your eyes a bit, poking your tongue at him thru your smudged lips. “Okay,” you started, with exasperation in your tone, “they say that you shouldn’t announce until the third trimester is done, or so I’ve heard.  Sounds a bit superstitious but right now, I’m okay with it.  So, we keep this between you and me until then.”  It was a statement that sounded more like a question, allowing for him to approve or deny the thought.

“Between you and me.”  He held up his left pinky finger at you, his expression eager for you to do the same.

You held your pinky finger to his.  “And we tell everyone together when we’re ready.”

Wrapping his finger around yours, he pulled in you in for a kiss.  “Yes, mom…I mean, ma’am!”


“Seriously?  Couldn’t wait until the party was over?”  Tony reached up and tipped Steve’s head to the side, revealing the red lipstick still on his skin.  “Wow, old man, it’s even past your bedtime.”

Steve straightened his posture and took a step closer to Tony, a smirk on his face.  “Stark, with your sister, I’m not sleeping much these days.”

Tony sucked in a breath and set his jaw firmly.  Steve’s head bobbed forward as you reached up and smacked him with a resonating thud.  “You’re both too old for this.  Get it together.”

While your brother and husband continued to banter back and forth, struggling for the upper hand, Natasha got your attention and summoned you over to her at the bar.  She leaned in close and lowered her voice to a whisper.  “Hey, (Y/N), so?  What happened after I left?”

“Guess it was just nerves after all, sorry to disappoint you.”

She slammed her closed fist down on the bar, grabbing two wine glasses with the other.  “ Dammit! I was so sure that I was on to something…”


During the next two months, your skills as a spy came in quite handy.  It wasn’t easy for you and Steve to attend your doctor visits without drawing the attention of your teammates, coming back to the tower with hidden pregnancy books and baby items.  You could only talk about it when the tower was empty or when you were alone in your room. A few slips here and there and some strange looks from Tony convinced you that someone on the team must know by now. Things were going well so far, but despite that, you could feel Steve becoming more uneasy and worried as time went on.  He didn’t want to talk about it, repeatedly saying that everything was fine.  He had convinced himself, but you weren’t nearly so certain.    

Then one day it had finally had taken its toll on him.  

At 5:30 in the morning, your peaceful slumber was interrupted by the sounds of Steve rummaging through his gear, preparing to pack them for travel.  Slowly opening one eye, then even slower to open the other, you tiredly rubbed your hands over your face and sat up to watch him.  

“Hey, where are you headed off to?”

‘We’ve been called in for a mission, some HYDRA lab in Southeast Asia.”  He continued to pack as he spoke, but you sensed tension from him.  Out of character, he wasn’t making eye contact as he talked to you.  “Sounds like we’ll be gone for a couple of weeks at best.”

“So,” you took a step closer to your husband, your tone cautious, “who’s on the team for this one?”  You were certain that you already knew the answer before he spoke a single word. He had found reasons for you to sit out the last two missions already, and oddly enough, Tony had agreed, solidifying your theory that someone else knew.

He wasn’t facing you.  You could feel his apprehension, and heard a small groan as he began to speak. “Myself, Tony, Romanoff and Barton.”



“Why not?”  You moved to stand in front of him, forcing him to look at you.  When his eyes met yours, they were almost cold, holding his resolve to not give in to you.  You knew that it was something he was never able to do.

His hands dropped to his sides, his expression changing from stern to disbelieving.  “You can really ask me that?  (Y/N), you’ve got to be kidding.”  He turned away from you again, returning to the task at hand and hoping that you would drop the topic altogether.  

Your fatigue was all but a memory now as your anger began to build.  “Steve. There’s no reason why I can’t still be a part of this team.  In a few months, sure, I’ll have to sit these out, but right now I’m still very capable!” You grabbed his arm, turning him towards you again, holding him so he couldn’t turn away.  “Do you not trust me?”  

“It’s not you I don’t trust!  I don’t trust anyone else!  Not even the rest of the team.  Hell, not even myself.  What if I can’t be there to protect you and you get hurt?  How could you consider this?”  He stepped away from you, pacing.  After a moment he turned to you, his hands on his hips.  “I’m sorry, (Y/N).  I can’t allow it.”  He paused and shook his head, “actually, I’m not sorry.  This is my decision, and it’s the right one.”      

“So, that’s your final say?  That’s a ‘no’ then?”    

So That’s a No, Then Chapter 1

When I was a sophomore in high school, our homecoming theme was Broadway. The freshman class float theme was going to be POTO, so my drama class teacher passed the word to their advisor that he thought I’d be a good upperclassman mentor when it came to planning the float. This was a little hilarious, because I was actually the same age as the freshmen myself (I had skipped the eighth grade and didn’t turn 14 until March of my freshman year), but being Weird POTO Girl had its perks.

I brought in the George Perry book and showed the planning committee a lot of pictures; the idea was that we would have a boy and a girl dressed as the Phantom and Christine riding in the float and then the walking members of the committee would wear masquerade costumes. The piece de resistance was the float itself- we only had a large pickup truck to work with, but I thought it would be cool to build up the shape of the boat around it, maybe with cotton batting attached around the bottom to look like mist. Everybody on the committee really liked the idea; I sketched out a loose concept for it showing how they could build up the shape with chicken wire and then paper it over and paint it, and the teacher heading the committee approved it.

I didn’t have too much contact with them after that; I had French club float duties (Les Mis- we built a barricade) and a school play to work on at the time, but since the barricade float was basically a carefully secured pile of junk, that left me with time to go check on the freshmen.

Their costumes looked great- the girl picked to play Christine had even curled her hair and found a white dressing gown. Some of the masquerade kids had actually based their outfits on ensemble costumes from the masquerade scene in POTO. The Phantom had slicked his hair and remembered to wear an all-black cape with no gloves.

So, you can probably imagine the shock I got when I looked over and saw the build team struggling with (and ultimately giving up on) erecting a false mast, complete with sails, in the back of the pickup truck.

“What’s that?”
“It’s for the boat.”

So there I was, 14 years old, Weird POTO Girl, just staring at this, and not having the heart to explain that there are no sailing ships in “The Phantom of the Opera”.

future - a daisuga fic

It’s hot here and I thought about hot weather at night and how I get all introspective and thinking about the future when the stars are out and I’m sweating my LIFE AWAY UGH. But here you go! I hope you enjoy! 


confession series- #4



The sound of cicadas chirping filled the pause between Suga’s words. It was a hot night, the window thrown open, the stars in view of the window. Daichi was spending the night again, laying on the floor with the light of his phone illuminating his face. Suga had just spent the past ten minutes watching him, the lines of his handsome face emphasized by the light. It was surprising how much he had grown in their years together: his soft face had hardened into something masculine and attractive while his body had not only grown vertically but muscles had sprouted where there had been nothing before. Suga was enamored and glad that the body and face matched his boyfriends personality.

“What are we going to do after high school?”

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Destined To Meet PT. 4

This wait has been killing me more than it’s been killing you, promise. I feel it’s coming to an end and have been trying to figure out how to end it, how I want it to play out and I’ve got a small idea now. I’m not even sure how I got this part written today. Anyway I hope you enjoy, thank you for waiting so long!! (prologue, pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, pt.3.5) or read it on Ao3

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Sleepy Hollow, Season One Rewatch


  • Holy shit, Ichabod really started out snarky as all hell! How did Abbie not sock him in the mouth at least 20 times before the end of the Pilot?
  • Abbie was a lot more open with her emotions. Sure, there was character development that was needed so you could chalk some of it up to exposition. But they easily could have had someone else fill Ichabod in on Abbie’s life (“That crazy Mills chick,” etc from someone else at the station) and instead, we get a teary Abbie telling Ichabod about the most traumatic moment in her life. It shows not only the developing trust between the two, but also how much this is all affecting her. I like her having emotions and not just stamping down all of her feelings “for the greater good.” And speaking of the developing trust…
  • …Ichabod starts talking about his and Abbie’s fates being entwined even before the term “witness” is used. ;) It started so early between these two, it’s not even funny. I honestly don’t know how we were supposed to not adore these two together.
  • God, I miss John Cho. Andy is not a good person but he’s such a great character, and I think a lot of that has to do with John Cho’s work. It could very easily have come off as simply manipulative or a creepy stalker, but he showed a conflict with the person he was and the person Moloch turned him into. With the human who sold Abbie out to save his ass, and the monster that was trying to find the last parts of his humanity by helping Abbie in the end.
  • Our first introduction to Jenny Mills leaves so little doubt as to her role as Queen Badass. Her intro scene totally reminds me of Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2, which is about one of the biggest compliments of Lady Badassdom that I can give. The entire season sees her as not only a source of knowledge for the bbWitnesses as they’re getting thrown into the deep end, but as a completely capable warrior in the battle against evil.
  • God, I miss Captain Irving’s shoulder holster framing his perfectly tailored dress shirt. (There are a lot of great things to say about his character, but let me be shallow, ok?)
  • I’d forgotten how genuinely scary some of the scenes could be. There was a lot of atmosphere that was set to make the demons real threats, and that shit gets to me every time. It also left very little doubt about how serious Moloch was about taking out the Witnesses. Also: Headless was a lot more intimidating as an enormous wall of decapitated man riding a horse, while double-wielding a shotgun and an axe.
  • *lights candle for Macey & Cynthia* Wherever you are, I hope you’re still being awesome.
  • I miss Luke’s biceps in his x-medium shirts. :(
  • I really love the platonic love we see between Sheriff Corbin and Abbie. The interactions we see are imbued with so much affection and respect that you can tell how important they are to one another.
  • “If using this map meant betraying your trust, that’s something I cannot do. For the world, for our friendship. You and I will choose our own destiny. We have free will. I choose to forge my fate with you.” *happy sigh*
…Ok, this might have back-fired.

The main reason for my rewatch was because I wanted to watch the early episodes now that I’m a bigger fan and a bigger shipper. I wanted to catch all the story-related stuff that maybe I didn’t focus on so much (hi Freemasons and Hessians!), and squee at all the moments between the witnesses as they grew to trust and care for one another.

And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed season one. Like, a lot. More than when I saw it the first time around. I loved Abbie slowly opening herself up to this reality, and Ichabod piecing together his past as he adjusted to the future. I loved the witnesses working side by side towards a common goal, completely devoted to their bond. I loved Captain Irving as the arm of the law, skeptical but loyal & devoted to those around him. I loved Jenny as the wild card who was so used to surviving life on her own, but just maybe is discovering room to let these people in. I loved the diversity at the sheriff’s station and the honesty with which all of the relationships were handled. I loved it so damn much.

And by comparison, season 2 is… very obviously lacking.

And that makes me sad. And worried about where the rest of the season is going when it comes back from hiatus. I’m so confused because season 2 was a very… interesting time to have gotten into the fandom. Lots of opinions flying, and not all of them great. And I would wonder whether my dissatisfaction was influenced by a fandom that felt betrayed, but the truth is this: I had the same conversations about the weakness of Katrina, the complete lack of usefulness of Hawley, the side-lining of Jenny and Irving, Ichabod turning his back on Abbie, and Abbie being relegated to silent third wheel with people that weren’t even in the fandom.

So now where does that leave me? I’m a TV vet so I know the formula: build the core team up in season 1, tear them apart in season 2, bring them back stronger than ever in season 3. I’ll stick by for long enough to see what happens, but my free time is valuable and I have no intention of sticking around longer than it takes to realize it’s all gone to shit. My hope is that the writers take a look back at season 1 also, to remember what elements got them such a devoted fanbase that would propel them into a second season at all. My hope is that they can get past this skip in the record and get back into the groove, so I can keep enjoying this empowering, heartfelt, creepy, diverse, and lovably bonkers show that I grew to love in season 1. And I hope they get to it quick.