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everyone lives AU:Akatsuki - The Last】extra concept sketches
✯ full Akatsuki designs here 

Most designs are inspired by past outfits or early character sketches by Kishi (for example, Obito and Konan, respectively). 

book aesthetics: girls reading v2: woc (x)


“I’m getting us to the beach. I fight better near water.” “Becuase Posiedon?” Meg asked, steadying herself against the door handle. “Yep,” Percy agreed. “That pretty much describes my entire life: Because Posiedon.” // THE TRIALS OF APOLLO 


ya lit meme - 7/7 friendships
percy jackson, annabeth chase, grover underwood: the original trio  percy jackson and the olympians

“Why can’t you place a blessing like that on us?“ I asked.
“It only works on wild animals.”
“So it would only affect Percy,” Annabeth reasoned.
“Hey!” I protested.” 


EXO as Shadowhunters characters aesthetics~ (3/9)

“Jesus!“ Luke exclaimed.
"Actually, it’s just me,” said Simon. “Although I’ve been told the resemblance is startling.”

Zhang Yixing // Simon Lewis (TMI)

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

have you ever thought about kara writing books about fairy tales from krypton and mythology and just bits and pieces that she remembers because she was only 12, or maybe 13, there were so many stories that she’s never had the opportunity to forget what she even knows about so many stories, think of the history you knew as a 13 year old and the history you know now, they’re different, but kara still remembers some, and just imagine kara publishing a series of children’s novels, and with her art skills she’s able to capture the ‘mythological’ creatures right on the cover.

so instead of going to catco, she becomes a writer. and she just finished the latest manuscript and it’s really popular, the latest book going through revisions, when her editor gets a call from one Cat Grant, who wants the newest book for her son and kara’s just a little bit in awe because this is cat grant, queen of all media, but she’s a bit possessive of her stories (her culture, her childhood, parts of krypton she’s half making up at this point because the things you forget after a decade and every time it hurts so much to write but she loves these stories, wants everyone to love them like she does and they’re a piece of her, part of why it takes her so long to release them is because of her emotional attachment to them. All she has left is her stories, and her memories.

So she agrees, but conditional on meeting for lunch. And Cat agrees, of course she does, like this is a double windfall, because no one even knows what the K.Z. Danvers looks like, and here’s a chance to have the book ahead of time, and an interview (she’s cat grant-she’ll convince k.z. danvers to let her publish it)

and she goes to the coffee shop early, of course she does, cat knows information is power, she’s going in as prepared as she can, after all this is for her son (she’s cat grant, of course it can’t be known that she enjoys reading children’s novels, even if they are extraordinary, both the concept and execution). 

but nothing can compare to her surprise when she’s approached by a beautiful blonde girl in her early 20′s holding one of those concoctions, more sugar than caffeine, a sunny smile on her face and god she’s so young to be the k.z. danvers, she couldn’t have been more than 19 during the first book’s publication, but she’s wearing that necklace the publisher texted to Cat so there wouldn’t be any mistakes and she has the bluest eyes and oh, there’s a dimple, she’s such a sucker for dimples oh no, she wasn’t expecting this. “Miss Grant? My name is Kara Danvers. I believe you’ve been expecting me.”


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An Angel’s Greatest Sacrifice

A/N: This is my 300 follower celebration fic. It took me 12 years to write it. But it’s done. I did it. <3

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: It’s angsty. there’s some language, and some bloody stuff, and yeah.. it’s a trip

Word Count: 6.3k

(Gif not mine)

You had been with the Winchesters for a long time now, you’d been with them through everything. You were with Dean when their dad went on a hunting trip, and hadn’t been back for a few days. You were with there with them when John died. You were with Sam when Dean was sent to hell; the first time. You were there when Castiel raised Dean from perdition. You stayed in contact with Dean the year Sam was gone, in the cage with Lucifer and Michael; or rather, here on Earth, with no soul. You went with Sam when Castiel and Dean were in purgatory. Though you didn’t share blood, you were their sister; and like a late father-figure once told you, family don’t end with blood.

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draconoxy  asked:

How did Lotor and Pidge meet? And who's Lance's partner? And why the hell is your Au so amazing?!!

ooh I can give a really short drabble hahahha :D

[The Voltron Family] How Pidge Met Lotor 

Pidge was in the library researching for her robotics homework. After what felt like hours, she went back to the isle again to look for another book source.

Pidge: *hand under her chin* Hmmmm. *muttering to herself* Mr. Wayne said something about geometric nonlinear control.
Lotor: Might I recommend “Robot Modeling and Control” by Mark W. Spong and co? It’s really helpful.
Pidge: *jolts* *looks back and sees a guy* Dude! What the hell? 
Lotor: *hands in the air* Apologies. Didn’t mean to be a creep. *chuckles softly* But seriously though. Get that book. *gets the book himself and hands it to Pidge*
Pidge: Thanks, man. *smiles* *squints at Lotor* Aren’t you in my Robotics class? With Mr. Wayne?
Lotor: Yeah, I am. I sit in the front row, so I might have not noticed you or something. With that, I apologize.
Pidge: *smirks* Dude, relax. I like to blend in myself. That long white hair or yours is just really hard to ignore. 
Lotor: Ah, yes. Does it make me stand out too much? 
Pidge: Well, yeah. But you’re rocking it. Looks great on you. *thumbs up*
Lotor: *smiles* Thanks, that really sounds genuine for some reason.
Pidge: It is. I get the feeling people don’t usually… ?
Lotor: People usually give me compliments cause they want to get in my pants and i’m like… *scrunches nose* *whispers*  Not really my thing to be honest.
Pidge: *beams* Are you… *hopeful* ace?
Lotor: *blinks in surprise* I am. A repulsed one actually. *slowly smiles*
Pidge: Eyyy! Me too! *fists bumps* Pidge.
Lotor: *fist bumps* Lotor. 
Pidge: Awesome. Wanna work on Mr. Wayne’s assigned work?
Lotor: *sheepish* I’m actually done with it this morning. I had free period.
Pidge: *bumps Lotor’s arm* GET OUT. Now you’re obliged to help me.
Lotor: *chuckles* Sure. I don’t mind. 

Then Pidge quickly texted her Daddy Keith and Daddy Shiro.

Pidge Shirogane [04:02PM]
I found someone who’s ace, too!!!

Daddy Keith (ಠ_ಠ) ♥ [04:04PM]
That’s amazing, sweetheart. I’m happy for you. :)

Daddy Shiro (*´◡`) ♥ [04:04PM]

Lance’s partner…. hmmmmmm. SOON. HAHAHHAHA I’m not sure yet who he ended up marrying. Give me more time to think about that. XD