look! a book!

Concept: The Green Witch arc gets animated except it’s not by studio A-1 Pictures because most of their stuff looks cheap and their promotional art always looks weird and gross.

i just got my copy of the Yuri!!! on Ice setting materials book, and this is the hotel room in Barcelona (obviously).  important to note how the beds have definitely been pushed together.  it’s a little hard to tell, but going off the bedside tables, i’d say both beds were pushed to the middle to get rid of an annoying gap of a few inches.  ♥

now i’m picturing victor and yuri entering their room and immediately going to the outside of their respective beds to push them together~~~

Some of these ppl at this office r like “ive been working here 10 years” “ive been here 12 years” “ive been here 20 years” and that scares me bc this - this whole sitting at a desk in an office doing roughly the same thing every day for years and years of your life thing - This scares me. And it scares me even more when i realize it might be unavoidable.

Guess who ordered her first wonder woman comic? I only have 2 comics (Dominique Laveau #1 and Land of the Dead #1) and Wonder Woman blew me away so I wanted to look deeper into it.

Penny’s posing with the book I’ll be posting art from for the next little while, the graphic novels of “The Colour of Magic” and “The Light Fantastic” illustrated by Steven Ross!  She is 39 weeks old and looking beautiful as ever.

Hey ya’ll. So I’m building up my classroom library and am taking recommendations for middle school level books - both the classic sort and the just for fun kind.

(bonus points if they feature a diverse cast, LGBTQ+ characters, or aren’t something likely to be found in your average school library)

Night Court babes ♥


Just a handful of scans of some of my favorite pics in the coloring book. These are transparent by the way, which means you can take after me and color them digitally! Just figured that since I’m going to such trouble to do this, I might as well share them with all of you. Use them as you wish and enjoy!

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