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Hi! I've been a silent fan and been on Tumblr in the sherlolly sidelines for months now. But I hope you could write some fanfic about Molly and her love redeeming both her and Sherlock, especially after T6T? It's something from Loo's interview: "unrequited love is hard, but there's something about being able to love like that I think is... I do think it's redemptive." Thank you!

Hi there! Thanks for coming off the sidelines and sending an ask! :D I absolutely do like the idea of writing something along these lines. My only thing is that I kind of hope you can maybe hold onto this thought and come back to me with it because I think I’d prefer to see what happens in the next 2 weeks. I could certainly come up with something after seeing TST, but I think at this point I’m too caught up with wondering what will happen next in the big picture with Sherlock and Molly. And I’m hoping that Loo’s line in that interview will be all the more applicable once we’ve seen the whole of s4. I’m hoping! And hey, if not, then I’ll be willing to make up for what we didn’t get lol. Again, I really appreciate the prompt and please feel free to come back to me with it again. ;))

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Another place to vote down The lOO; vote for it as the show that has to go and maybe help out Supergirl by voting for LOT www(.)buzzfeed(.)com/madelinescott/which-tv-show-has-to-go-1sohb

Come on kru we already know which show has to go and its the loo


Where are the Shadowhunters??? They are losing this poll and we would be happy to trade the loo for your show, watcha say?



Louise Brealey

I was hoping I could stand up for a photo but I was hurting so much I just couldn’t, even with my crutches. I wheeled over to her and said hi, I was kind of slow at talking, but I pointed to the wheels on my chair and said I had badges on the wheels (One of them is of her as Molly Hooper) She said Ohh Let’s see and crouched down to have a look, she remembered me from twitter! She liked the badges and gave me a hug, I thanked her for all her work and she said thank you sweetheart. For our photo I just sort of clung to her, then she said Oh darling and pulled me really close. She was so lovely and kind, it wasn’t awkward at all, she just knelt beside me and hugged me and talked to me quietly. Then she pushed my chair for me to where someone was to help me, She patted me on the shoulder, I was shaking and trying not tear up, she held onto my shoulder and said Good girl, see you on twitter, then we waved goodbye. Then I was given two photos instead of one and I really like the photos, they took them so you can’t see the chair and I think they must have heard me worrying about it a bit in the line and I’m really grateful.I am crying just thinking about how amazing it was. I love Loo Brealey so much and we got to hug in real life not just on twitter and it was so amazing and she is so beautiful and kind and I love her so, so much. 

I was thinking about how Yoda was always making Luke carry him around during his training and for some reason I thought of Luke telling Rey to carry him up the island mountain as a joke but she takes it seriously and is so determined that he can’t even say anything. She makes it a little over half way and even though he feels super bad he’s pretty impressed.

Filming || Ben and Loo

Loo and Ben had made their way onto set for the first time together, so far they’d been separately filming, so when Loo was filming she knew Thomas was with Ben. But this time they were both on screen together, Amanda was looking after Thomas and he could stay on set till they started filming. Loo barely stopped looking over at her son and smiled at Amanda and grinned back. 

“Loo, pay attention for me.” Moffat said with a smile from his seat. “Right sorry.” She said looking back up for the scene, she looked over at Ben before starting to go through lines. “He’s back.” Loo said looking down at her hands and shuffling, “He’s back and he knows everything and we are al in trouble and you’re scared.” She said and looked back up at Ben in character.