loo art


I drew some cute murder machines

Alicia and Elyza probably about 5 years into the apocalypse and trained to kill. (also expand these, they’re huge)

This blog 100% supports Loo Brealey, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, and ALL the creative talents who have given us “Sherlock”, to do the work as they see fit & to not have to defend their work to, and be harassed by, disappointed, sourpuss knobheads who call their temper tantrums “concern” for character or proper representation.

“Ornament is Crime,” Modernist Architecture by Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill,

Arne Jacobsen, Rothenborg House, Klampenborg, Denmark, 1931, photo by Richard Powers,

Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye, Poissy, France, 1929, Courtesy Fondation Le Corbusier,

Marcel Breuer, Starkey House, Duluth, Minnesota, 1955, © Ezra Stoller  Esto,

Pierre Koenig, Bailey House, Case Study House #21, Los Angeles, California, 1958, © Darren Bradley,

Adolf Loos, Villa Müller, Prague, Czech Republic, 1930, photo by Vaclav Sedy,

Walter Gropius, Gropius House, Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1938, Courtesy Paul Marotta / Getty Images,

Juan O’Gorman, Casa O’Gorman, Mexico City, Mexico, 1929,  © Leonardo Finotti,

João Batista, Casa Vilanova Artigas, São Paolo, Brazil, 1949, © Leonardo Finotti,

Kenneth Scott, Scott House, Accra, Ghana, 1961, photo by Peter Tolkin.

Ornament is Crime: Modernist Architecture, Phaidon.

“The Marquise of Pompadour as a Gardener” (1754-1755) (detail) by Charles-André Van Loo (1705-1765).