The story of the lost lonzino.

Cured, stuffed in a gross beef middle (lots of salumi stuffed and the grassy fecal smell still makes me gag a bit), bound, and hung to dry.

I had a really good Iberico lonzino a while back and wanted to spice it similarly which was quite simple - just smoked/Spanish paprika.  If I recall, the cure I put on this guy was pretty simple too - just salt, cure #2, bay leaf, juniper, white pepper, and smoked paprika, as best I can recall anyway.  It came out really well and we ate a bunch of it, but it didn’t made the journey from El Paso to Austin.  That’s the real bummer.  Seems like it’s time to do another one of these.  Homebrewing is back, so next step is hooking up the curing fridge and getting this cured meat and brewing household going again. 

Lonzino - Day 41, Complete

          Lonzino’s done.  And by done I mean done and successful.  Whew.  It’s been a long time (almost a year!) since I began practicing meat curing in its various forms.  However, I consider this my first, real victory.  Meat vs. Air vs. Salt vs. Mold vs. Time.
          As action packed as that all sounds, it was quite nerve-wracking and boring to watch this meat cure.  Let’s recap.

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