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💘 have you got a fucked/ will fuck list? If so whos on it? - Lonz x

oh, my to do list? here, have the one i’ve got pinned to my wall.

to do: RUM TUM TUGGER, cassandra, bombalurina, coricopat and tantomile (at once, obviously), admetus, jemima, macavity (maybe- don’t remember), alonzo, mistoffelees (have fun trying, at least)

done: jerrie <333 (too many times to count), victoria (//), bustopher jones (////), macavity (maybe- don’t remember),  grizabella (/), victor (//), pouncival (/)

notes: maybe time to revisit bustopher. also hurry up and fuck macavity (again?) and ask him what happened that night you got real drunk. steal buy jerrie some chocolate, hes a good lay, but then throw it out because it’s poisonous to cats!!!! do stretches before attempting anything with cassandra. do NOT show this to anyone, pounce will never forgive you!! see if admetus and alonzo would be into a threesome, they seem like the type. 

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Its nice to know I'm not the only one who can tear kittens apart - Lonz x

I shall bury you then shit all over your grave Lonz

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💘 If you had to date someone who wasn't Rumpleteazer <3

Oh jeez that’s a tough one… either I wouldn’t date no one or… Okay fine I’d maybe ask you, Metus, Lonz or Pounce or Everlasting Cat who knows who out but shush okay…