I’ve had this idea stewing around in my head for a while and I figured with the Lono-centric spinoff “Brother Lono” coming out next week I figured there was no time like the present to put these together. In case you don’t recognise these characters, they’re the Minutemen from Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s 100 Bullets, which is a huge sprawling crime epic with some of my favourite characters in comics.

anonymous asked:

I've been watching that kiss on repeat for like two straight weeks now and read all kinds of angst and I'm moving on to the next stage of fitzsimmons... I'm in desperate need of some science nerd /SMUT/. Can you hook a poor fangirl up with some pwp hotness?

We’re right in that kiss-watching boat with you, Anon!  Thankfully, this fandom has some excellent smut writers (and check out our smut tag as well as our season 1 smut recs). 

We can certainly recommend some in-world smutty fic (assuming that’s what you mean by science nerd pwp hotness) but you should definitely check out these authors’ AO3 pages so that you can appreciate their many sexy fics! 

@lavendergaia, Touch of Blue (Touch of You)

@mech-bull, The Morning After

@0hcicero, Sex Ed With Skye

@memorizingthedigitsofpi, Saucy

@madalayna, Afraid of the Light

@agentverbivore, Wide Awake

@lono285, Cofactors to the Catalyst

@pleaseletmeshowyou, The Value of Communication

@quibbler, A Series of Firsts

@jessssicajones, it’s a sharp shock to your soft side

@natasharommanoff​, From your skin to mine

@mrsleopoldfitz, Dublin

@engineerleopoldfitz, Paint Me By Numbers

heartlines, Operation Sandwich Fail

@snarkysweetness, Don’t Leave Me

@blogginghaley, Getting There

@unbreakablejemmasimmons, More Adventurous

@elizabaethhenstridge, the lights glimmer around us like a thousand golden stars (blinding, dizzying, don’t let it stop)

@stillnotapepper, The Whole Dom Time

@eclecticmuses, A Gross Lack of Communication (not in-world, but we don’t mind)

@daftmunky, Now I See (The Colours of You and Me) (not in-world, but we don’t mind)

@plinys, it’s just the woman in you (that brings out the man in me) (not actually that smutty, but we don’t mind)

@monolithjemma, Nine Little Words  (not actually that smutty, but we don’t mind)

@everyl1ttleth1ng, Conviction (not actually that smutty, but we don’t mind)

@amanda-rex, Misunderstandings (slightly less porn than plot, but we don’t mind)

And you might keep an eye on @happilyshanghaied‘s Turnabout!  It doesn’t include any Fitzsimmons smut yet, but it might soon!

Hope that helps!  Happy reading!

Spera - Magical Girls. My entry for the contest.

Characters and story belong to Josh Tierney. It’s such a great story with amazing artists, you all should check it out!

(You can see this bigger at my Deviantart) (Also, it’s supposed to be animated, but Tumblr is being dumb).

EDIT: Made it smaller so the animation would show up. Please click the Deviantart link to see it full-sized.