Hey! I abandoned the internet to make new comics. I hope you’ll forgive me with this SIX PAGE PREVIEW of my newest comic, Munchies! I’m moving over to Storenvy, and you can get the whole comic there. The physical comics are printed with red and purple ink on a risograph and turned out extra awesome, if I do say so myself~!

UPDATE TIME: Munchies is now also available in digital format on my Gumroad account! You can read it for $1!

It’s the last Superhero Butt Day for now, I’m going to try out a new Friday theme the next few weeks. In honor of all the butts, here’s a special animated Doctor Strange, one of my super most favorite superheroes ever. MAN, CAPES ARE HARD!


I was lucky enough to get to work with Offbase Productions and Tecmo Koei on some promotional art for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. The final illustration was for a small set of trading cards that were handed out at New York Comic-Con. Working on it was like being in an awesome fairy tale version of my life, but with way more zombies. DREAM COME TRUUUUUUUE!

Oh yeah, I just did the one illustration, but I went a little crazy with my thumbnails because I was so excited, haha. So I might finish up the rest of them later just for fun. Weeeeeee~


It’s the last couple days of the Munchies Kickstarter campaign! It’s counting down in hours now, eeeek!!! http://kck.st/1BJPgII

I’m really overwhelmed and thankful for the response so far. Currently we’re only 10 backers away from 200! And that would be amazing!!! There’s still some original art available and some cool stretch goals to hit, so let’s do ittttt!

Also look at the beautiful final cover by Corey Lewis, I’m sooooo super excited about it: