Long Time No See-with Bonnie and Elena

Stefan and I had been on a long vacation to try and sort things out with one another after our wedding had been postponed. We had a lovely time in Italy, talked out our differences, set a new date, went sight seeing. Everything was perfect, though he wanted to stay in Italy a little longer for reasons I assume have to do with his history there. The flight home alone was daunting, but not quite lonely, because I’d been texting a certain somebody the entire flight. I had just spent a few months in Italy, how could I not text my best friend immediately?! I got off the plane and looked around excitedly for strawberry colored curls and an equally excited heart-shaped face. 

♪ Long Time No See Φ Chanyeol X Melyria

It has been a whole week since N left; since she last stepped out of her dorm room. Only heavens would know how much (not much) food she ate along those days. She tried to play strong and sane, even encouraging N to do what he had to do. Though we all know she was far from feeling okay. Melyria couldn’t help her depression, letting go of him was the best thing she could do for him, but it was not easy to think about the android and not feel sad. He was the one who gave her strength, who loved her no matter how odd her behavior could be, no matter how wrong she was in her thoughts; he never judged her, he loved her and now he was gone. What else is to expect from the young female. No– The question is, what was she expecting from a machine? Yes, a machine. She was so immerse in her bitterness that she started cursing against Hakyeon (N), even feeling anger towards him for how easily he agreed to her request. She would never call him that, she was the only who could see something more than a piece of walking metal whenever she looked at him. 

Two out of two had failed, definitely love was not made for her, nor was this cage. She needed to find some courage to walk out of her bedroom before she turned insane and started thinking and saying things she didn’t meant. Putting on a white striped shirt, a pair of sneakers and some skinny jeans that were resting on the floor near her bed. She ruffled her hair a little whilst looking at the mirror near the door, to at least look decent when she stepped out of the room and finally walked downstairs. Destinationless she lingered around campus, feeling a bit odd and utterly wishing no one would bother her with stupid questions.

Before anyone could spot her she decided to hide in a room, that despite its four walls and roof, made her feel very much alive. Entering the Theater & Activity Center building, she quickly lead her feet to the music room. Peeking her grayish head through the door, to make sure it was empty, she finally stepped inside. Nothing had succeeded in making her smile since her lover’s departure, but the simple sight of the grand piano shinning in all its splendor in the middle of the room, was enough for her lips to curl upwards in a very warm grin. Slowly approaching it, she took a seat on the padded bench, hesitantly placing her fingers over the ivory. Though at the sound of the first chords, she lose herself through the melody; closing her eyes and working what she learned from her friend last semester; curiously wondering where could he be since she hasn’t talked to him in a while.