‘   hey ,  i like that tattoo .   ’   she’d came to the drugstore to pick up a few things :   candy ,  lip balm ,  and of course auggie and ava insisted she pick them up some gum and the newest little trinket out .   honestly ,  they’d end up bored with it in a week ,  but it was really hard saying no to them .   the cashier had the words ‘ longtime sunshine   ’ written on him ,  and it had her beaming .

                usually she wouldn’t like tattoos ,  but since this was a nickname she was ACCUSTOMED to ? ?   it was a huge hello from the universe that they were meant to meet today .   ‘   my friends call me sunshine ,  do yours too ? ?   ’  



One of the best things Rivers Cuomo of Weezer ever wrote and sang. From an album that will probably never come out, even though it was an amazing concept.

This song has always been personal to me, as it kind of just embodies the way you look at all the things you’ve done in your life, and how you wish you’d do things differently.


No one will see this now so I gotta remember to reblog this tomorrow but I have a question:

If I was going to do a cover of Longtime Sunshine, which lyrics should I use in the end? The “Goodbye my friends, goodbye my girl” version or the “Sometimes I wanna drive real fast” version? Also, another interesting question which is interesting only to me: which recording do you like better: the Alone Demo version or the Pinkerton Deluxe version? And is “Longtime Sunshine” better than “Long Time Sunshine” (Yes.)?

Longtime Sunshine
Longtime Sunshine


Sometimes I wanna pack it all up, get on a bus and move to Vermont,
Or Maine, or any of those states back east that I remember.

This song actually made it through the recording sessions for Songs from the Black Hole, and was actually supposed to close Pinkerton (as well as SFTBH) but Rivers Cuomo ended up writing Butterfly late in the recording process. I’m currently broke, but on the Pinkerton reissue, there’s another version of this song that has Matt and Patrick providing backing vocals as Rivers echoes earlier tracks, both from SFTBH and Pinkerton. 

It’s on YouTube if you’re interested. It’s less polished, but it’s pretty in its own way:


And this is one of those songs that showcases Cuomo’s ability to write lyrics that are nostalgic without being a slapdash collection of pop culture references.

It also happens to be one of my favorite songs from SFTBH.


this song has ruined all other music for me, cos i don’t really ever feel like listening to anything else anymore.


Weezer - Longtime Sunshine (Pinkerton Version)