I want to read more romantic books and watch movies too. Idk why or maybe i am inlove with the idea of being in a relationship. It’s funny how i imagine myself with someone, do-that-relationship-goals-thingy and yet i feel scared to give it a try.
When i’m not thinking about dating, happy couples seem to show up everywhere. Why! Tell me. I envy them and jealous of something i am afraid of. What? What is wrong with me?
Im torn between “yes, im ready” and “no, you’ll get hurt”

Turn On: Yung mahilig sa "HA"
  • Kumain kana ha?
  • Ako lang ha?
  • Wag mo akong iiwan ha?
  • Mahal na mahal kita ha?

Iba yung dating e, kasi mararamdaman mo talaga yung sinasabe niya, parang may force na dapat gawin mo yung sasabihin niya, ang sweet lang ng dating. Iba kasi yung “Ingat” sa “Ingat ka ha?”

When someone suddenly or slowly stops talking to me I end up with this negative thoughts pile up in my head. I always take the blame and gather up the things that could’ve been wrong with me and what they probably didn’t like about me. Questions like; Maybe I wasn’t enough, maybe I was too much.