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Just watched episode 5 and I almost cried during the scene when Finn tried to get Rae to ask him to stay, all because this song was playing in the background. It’s so perfect for Rae’s feelings towards Finn this season, unfortunately :(

And I wish you would leave me
And I wish you would go
And I wish you didn’t need me
And I wish I didn’t love you so…


Those One Direction lads are always hitting the studio with other musician-y types, aren’t they? Harry Styles has worked with Kodaline, Niall Horan’s done stuff with The 1975 and a couple of McBusted and Louis Tomlinson’s penned some shiz with The Madden Brothers. We’re yet to hear anything from said sessions, but whatever. Well now it’s been reported that Liam Payne’s got some ‘solo tracks’ up his sleeve with Crispin from Longpigs, and we dunno what to make of it all tbh.

Now we’re not gonna lie to you, we had no frickin’ clue who this 'Longspigs’ lot were, but apparently they’re this 90s band who were big on the Britpop scene, and word on the street is that Big Payno’s collaborating with 'em.

We always sort of expected him to be more the Calvin Harris/Cascada type, but alrighty then.

In their latest email newsletter thingy, Popbitch said: “For anyone betting on which is the first One Directioner to go solo…well, we don’t know for sure who it will be. But we do know that Liam is doing some solo tracks produced by Crispin from the Longpigs.”

K, so a couple of things. 1) Like we said, Britpop/indie ain’t exactly the direction we’d expect Liam to take if he ever happened to go solo and 2) There’s a fifth One Direction album coming and they’ve confirmed it so let’s just focus on that first alright?

In case you were wondering, though, this is what Longpigs sound like.

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