longman and eagle


Holy CRAP, this weekend was a good one. Mostly because we celebrated my birthday a little bit? Even though my birthday is in June?

Let’s back up! In June, on my ACTUAL date of birth, my brother gave me a present that totally makes up for how mean he was growing up. He made us a reservation at Longman & Eagle. Chicago people might be familiar already – L&E is a restaurant/whiskey bar that also has an INN upstairs. Which means you drink all the drinks you want, eat all the eats you want, then you go upstairs and stay in one of their rooms for the night. 

I believe travel magazines call this sort of thing a “staycation.” At Jenn’s blog we just call this DING DANG AWESOME.


Longman & Eagle

I have heard so much about this place so Parker, Chris and Jen and I made the trip all the way to Logan Park. It is a very small restaurant and when we got there, there was no line, although I have heard that you can wait up to 2 hours. The following are our dishes:

Anchovy, serrano ham and crouton: This was our amuse-bouche, which is a single, bite sized hors d'oeurve that is provided by the chef itself. It was quite tasty and the saltiness of the anchovy didn’t really overpower the entire bite like I thought it would. 

Buffalo Frogs Legs: Served with an aerated Blue Cheese, it was just a spin on buffalo wings. It was really good and I would have never expected frog legs to be prepared in this manner. 

Bacon wrapped loin of rabbit: THis was my favorite dish because it was just like a small pot pie! The rabbit was cooked really well and the puff pastry on top with the cream sauce really created a lot of  different textures and flavors. 

Stagel Family Farm lamb tartare: The cool thing about this dish is the 15 minute quail egg which is gelatinous after you break it open. It was served with rye bread and mustard foam. Not my favorite dish, just because there was so much happening, but if you are able to actually get a little bit of all parts into one bite, that is when it tastes best!

Tete de Cohon: I mistook this for the rabbit at first, but the meat was so tender and the pickled spring vegetables that were served with it, really rounded out the dish with some tartness. 

Seared Striped Marlin: This was served with one huge Oxtail Ravioli, Szechuan Style Beans, and Red Wine Sauce. I am not a huge fan of foam on food, but the oxtail ravioli was really flavorful. I would just eat 4 of those!

Pava Bean Agnolotti: Jen ordered this and it was served with House made ricotta, Porcini Mushrooms, and Asparagus Pea Tendrils. It looked really tasty, although I didn’t have any. 

The other nice thing about Longman and Eagle is their extensive alcohol selection and I had the Kelley Green cocktail, which was a nice citrus drink for the summer. They also have a great whiskey selection so if that peaks your interest, they have a bunch of $3 shot whiskeys!