longman and eagle


Chris got in Sunday morning and by 3, there were four of LA’s own gathered in the actual winter. Two out of three Brusses stayed to watch the Packers game with Spotted Cows in hand, while the rest of us went out meandering. Eventually everyone met up for pasta yiayia at Lula, moved on to chicken liver mousse and champagne at Websters, sloppy joe/burger/lentil/Werp Farm greens at Longman & Eagle, and finally Hot Chocolate (all credit to Nat and loose closing times). Obviously HC was so good it pained me.

Good job, Chicago. You charmed the children of eternal summer, right at the brink.


Holy CRAP, this weekend was a good one. Mostly because we celebrated my birthday a little bit? Even though my birthday is in June?

Let’s back up! In June, on my ACTUAL date of birth, my brother gave me a present that totally makes up for how mean he was growing up. He made us a reservation at Longman & Eagle. Chicago people might be familiar already – L&E is a restaurant/whiskey bar that also has an INN upstairs. Which means you drink all the drinks you want, eat all the eats you want, then you go upstairs and stay in one of their rooms for the night. 

I believe travel magazines call this sort of thing a “staycation.” At Jenn’s blog we just call this DING DANG AWESOME.