90210 series finale tonight. and the only thing im even mildly interested in is the feature thing beforehand. everything else on the show just hurts to think about. I no longer have any interest in lannie or navade, despite loving both couples in seasons past. I really have no hope left. this series has been ruined by horrid writing and part of me is glad I only have to watch one last episode. 

that being said, 90210 will always have a special place in my heart. it’s the first show I ever watched premiere live and then go on to watch every single episode until the very end. I have a close connection with the characters, especially silver who is one of my favorite tv characters of all time and despite some bad storylines and plot twists I will still rewatch this show for years to come and gif the hell out of it because I can. 


Goodbye 90210 :'(

I love how I got my endgames: Liam + Annie (it’s about time) Silver + Dixon (wasn’t clear though) , Adrianna + Navid. I would have loved Max + Naomi :( I wish they had a scene where it was years into the future, where they do a get together or an alumni party in West Bev. And why wasn’t Teddy there? :’( It left us with so many questions unanswered, though it was a great finale. Long live the zip! :’(

I can’t handle that 90210 is really over forever.

And I can’t even curl up and cry with a bucket of ice cream like Gia and Ade because I have to go work the graveyard shift.

On my next day off my official 90210 rewatch shall start and I’ll begin my gif plans, which includes restarting my 90210 meme. I’ll also be making a blog specifically for 90210 and you guys can get more details on that later.

To all my fellow 90210 fans out there (yes even you navid fans) we’ve been through a lot together and this show has pissed us all off at what point or another, but if you’re anything like me you will still have a special place in your heart for these characters. The show may be over but the zip will live on through us.