🔺 eyeshadows : white and copper from @makeuprevolution Eyes Like Angels palette , violet eyeshadow from #kobo

🔸mascara from @lorealmakeup So Couture

🔸lashes from @primarkhome 

🔸waterline @nyxcosmetics White Jumbo Pencil 

🔸brows - browshadows from @thebalm_cosmetics Balmsai palette 

🔸concealer @lorealmakeup True Match no.1 

I’m still practising photography of the eyes, try to use my nikon more than my iphone haha, and I see the diffrence, need more patience :D Anyway hope u like the results babes ! 

Jolse - Eyelash review

Hello everyone today I am gonna review to you two products for eyelashes that were sponsored by JOLSE . The items that I am gonna review are Etude House Princess Eyelashes 04 Long Lash and The FACE Shop Pro Eyelash Glue 5ml .

 * Etude House Princess false eyelashes come in various style , and I must say they all look pretty *

* And this is the glue that I will also review the pro eyelashes eyelash glue . *

^^ Ok . Now let’s start first with the eyelashes .

They came in this cute pink  box .

This is how the back of the box looks like .

This is how it looks like when I open the box .

Each set of eyelashes come with a small tube of adhesive,  I found this glue to be a little bit weak for my liking.

Close up to the lashes .

They’re  dark brown and they’ve glue with them in the package. . They come with step-by-step instructions (in English) and at such low prices it doesn’t matter if you destroy them with tweezers and mascara.They’re good quality but nothing special because the design is pretty normal . Good lashes anyway!

Moving on to The Face Shop PRO eyelash Glue.

This glue can also be used to create double eyelid .

This is how the packaging looks like .

This how it looks like when I open the package. It comes also with a stick if you wanna use it for creating double eyelids.

Close up to the brush applicator .

- the glue once turns semi-transparent becomes really sticky
- dries pretty fast, sticks on firmly
- works very well for both thick and thin bands
- the lashes doesn’t come off even when if I tear

~ And this is how the eyelashes looks like on me :

* PS :the circle lenses that I am wearing are called NEO Dali Toric Lens-Dali Extra Brown and they were from UNIQSO *

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys like my review!~ ^^


The FACE Shop Pro Eyelash Glue 5ml   $ 4.98      

Etude House Princess Eyelashes 4 types (maxi volume/long)   $4.98

If you liked my review  you can purchase the items on jolse.com and you can also check out their other Korean cosmetics .