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An endless list of favourites → FINAL FANTASY VIII edition

[1/??] - Favourite Characters (part 2)

Squall Leonhart, Edea Kramer & Selphie Tilmitt

My name means mountain. It means I can crush your heart, it means you can’t carry mine. It means I am bigger than life, it means I smile with teeth of icebergs. It means I am lonely somewhere in the forest, it means you can’t tear me down. It means when you are with me you’re on top of the world, taking humans in your palms, swallowing the seas and rivers like saliva. And when you fall from the highest altitude remember to give me your black bruises.

My name is a tribe in South Asia, of proud people with eyes of emerald and blood on their clothes. My name is loyalty, one for all, all for one. It means family, it means let me tell you the story of my people, a tragic one, a beautiful one, written in poetry in a garden of pomegranates.

My name is spelled wrong, defying who I am, for my accidental birth, and for my parents’s lack of culture and tradition. My name is a woman in Afghanistan, older than my father, my name misses a place to belong. My name is quick temper, my name is impatience, my name is not easy to pronounce, and has no time for you to learn it.

My name is unforgivable, my name meant sun once, my name was hot as the summer, killing butterflies, and my name is incarnated in the mountains of Himalaya, killing people, and asking them to understand.

—  When My Name Told Me The Truth by Royla Asghar