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What are some simblrs you recommend?

Aaahhhh!!! Thank you for this ask, I love shouting out some of the simblrs I adore!

@sassyllamas - Sara has an AMAZING I’m a lover challenge with the Yates family and she’s a wonderful storyteller!
@storylegacysims - Molly is one of my favourite human beings and I adore everything she does. Her CC, her legacies, her posts - everything is top quality content!
@pixeloasis - Jess is a talented builder, amazing storyteller, and she makes cc? She’s a triple threat and I love everything she does!
@riverstonesims - Kiwiw is my storytelling inspiration and I aspire to be as committed to my stories as she is with hers. Her writing is beautiful and I look forward to her posting! 
@simalienn - Leisha is one of the blogs that I have followed for like…forever. Her legacies are so addicting and she makes relatable, adorable characters. Everything she does it amazing!
@ohthesefaces/@ohthesebuilds - Jamie’s a master builder, a Sims 4 challenge master and has such memorable sims! If you’re looking for a great cc free blog, she is definitely one to check out!
@calisimgirl - Sara is one of my favourite streamers and I am so proud to see her twitch channel grow! Her blog is so colourful and a great read too!
@sims-creations - I’ve followed Helena’s Sinclair legacy for forever and she is one of my biggest writing inspirations! I will follow her legacy until the end! <3
@its-lunnarise - Elizabeth creates amazing cc, gorgeous edits and her art is stunning! If you want inspiration, she’s definitely a blog to take a look at!
@pixelionary - Walter is one of the sweetest simmers around! His legacy is so cute and I love his simself dream life gameplay!
@josiesimblr - Josie’s a storytelling guru, and everything she does is awesome. A very, very talented writer and storyteller. I want to be like her one day!
@0sims - Jenn has one of the best aesthetics I have ever seen on her blog. Her screenshots are captivating and her storytelling is SO good. I cannot recommend her enough!

A few other blogs I have to shout out because I am running out of room on this post ~ @108sims, @nezucorni, @simplicityplays, @monets-pixels, @samtastic-sims, @craftywritelovessimblr, @stepawayfromthecarrot, @ghostbouquet, @vividlore, @vanillabeansims, @twistedsimblr, @pixelddump, @captainsilversims, @pooofy, @simsoflove, @lacoded, @tigerellasims, @nutmegspicelatte, @littlemicrocosims, @thesimsofnoalyn, @pixelated-plumbobs, @acesakurauniverse, @pinkcotton, @plumbob-waffles, @nikasimming, @auroraplumbob, @lovelyyysims, @meeplemeeple, @simmeronnie, @tacha75, @simsplyirresistible, @prunusfruit, @awkward–simmer

But then sometimes
we miss the memories
not the people.

Sometimes we want
the feelings back,
but not with
the same person.

—  ma.c.a // Change of Tides

you know i had to do it to em 

Suzan the Battle Pig

So, I’m in a campaign where everyone starts as level 0 commoners and we all flail around trying not to die horribly for as long as possible. Somehow, amidst all this carnage, an unexpected hero joined us.

DM: you are ambushed by three angry Gnolls. What do you do?

Dwarf herder (me): *looks through inventory* wait…I have a sow?

DM: Yep. You’re a herder.

Herder: Imma try and get her to attack the Gnolls.
*rolls a d20 and gets an 18*

DM: ok, she attacks. Roll a d4 for damage.

Herder: *rolls 4*

DM:….your pig kills the Gnoll.

Herder: I’m naming this sow Suzan the Battle Pig. Good job, Suzan!


Herder: *dies by another angry Gnoll*

Me: wait, can Suzan still fight?

DM: roll persuasion to see if your other character can convince her to help.

Me: *rolls nat20*

DM: Suzan is filled with rage and discovers an insatiable hunger for Gnoll flesh. She now attacks with a d6.

Suzan: *kills the remaining Gnoll boss and Gnoll magician*

Me: Suzan is gonna eat the Gnolls

DM:…ok, she eats the big one and gains 5XP and one point of luck. She’s too full to eat the other one.

Me: Suzan carries the magic Gnoll with her.

~~~~one short rest later~~~~

Me: can Suzan eat her Gnoll now?

DM:….oh right, you did say you carried that. Sure.
As Suzan eats the magic Gnoll, she feels a rush of magical energy in her mind. Her brain is rebuilt by this magic so that she has….
*rolls d20 and gets a 15*
Oh, for fu–Suzan has 15 intelligence now and the ability to cast spells. Congratulations.

So if you can,
love her
like she’s
the only
in this

Let her bloom
without destroying
the inner beauty
of her heart.

—  ma.c.a // Sun

Choose your stylist: Jojo edition

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Why I love Max Mayfield
  • When Max is introduced you think she’s gonna be a stereotypical tomboy, but she has way more depth
  • Like instead of being the stereotypical guy’s girl who says shit like, “I only hang out with guys cause girls are too much drama,” she walks right up to Eleven, so excited to introduce herself and become friends with this girl she’s heard so much about
  • And even though Mike’s feelings for Eleven are what’s keeping him from letting her into the party, she recognizes that’s not Eleven’s fault and she doesn’t hold it against her (she’s more emotionally mature at 13 than I am now, tbh)
  • She uses words like “presumptuous” and “derivative”
  • You’d think after everything she’s been through with her family, she’d be emotionally closed off, but she’s so vulnerable and honest with Lucas while they talk on top of the bus
  • She straight up stabs her abusive step-brother with a syringe to stop him from beating up Steve (LIKE SHE PROBABLY SAVED STEVE’S LIFE, NBD), not only badass but such a smart move
  • And then she takes her babysitter’s bat with nails and tells Billy that his abuse towards her and her friends ends now. what a brave bamf.
  • She wears pants to the snow ball because it’s what she feels comfortable in and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks (and she still looks super cute and feminine)
  • She’s played by Sadie Sink, a literal angel
  • In conclusion: Max is amazing and I love her
appreciate those people that still try to be funny and make you laugh while they’re going through some shit and are sad themselves