Longines Global Champions Tour Madrid 2015

1st Luciana Diniz & Winningmood (Portugal)

2nd Philippe Rozier & Rahotep de Toscane (France)

3nd Manuel Fernandez Saro & Enriques of the Lowland (Spain)

Full results: x / Full standing after the 3rd leg: x

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Cas, Dean, do you guys love each other?

Cas: I am TINY ULTRON, an’ I got an EVOL PLOTTY-PLOT to take over th’ world, ‘cuz I’m EVOL!

Cas: Not so fast, TINY ULTRON!  For we are the TINY ‘VENGERS!  We’re gonna FOIL yer EVOL PLOTTY-PLOT!

Dean: Cas!

Cas: Hello, Dean.  Hello, Sam.

Sam: You saw AGE of ULTRON, Cas?

Dean: I don’t ‘member DEADPOOL bein’ a ‘VENGER!

Cas: Yes, Sam, and I am now playin’ VENGERS versus ULTRON with my NEW FRIEND, VISION!!

Dean: WAIT!!!  NEW FRIEND???

Cas: Yes, this is VISION.  He is the movie’s CHRIST FIGURE.  An’ also SORTA SEXY LIKE (for a purple ROBOT DUDE I mean).

Dean: CAS!  You can’t have NEW FRIENDS!  What about our STARIN’ at each other with INCHOATE LONGIN’???

Cas: I c’n still STARE, Dean.  

Sam: Hey, VISION, wanna help me with my THORPOOL FANFIC?  It’s a COFFEE SHOW AU!  I’m up to chapter ELEVEN-TEEN!


Longines Spring Classic of Flanders - Lummen Jumping 2015 ~ Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup [01/05/15]

  1. Italy 6 points
  2. Belgium 12 points
  3. Great Britain 12 points
  4. France 16 points
  5. Switzerland 20 points 
  6. The Netherlands 20 points
  7. Sweden 28 points
  8. Ireland 33 points

© Tiffany van Halle / Vygo

100% NANA (100% girl) Magazine, September 2013

From Martinique, the Lesser Antilles

Please feel free to correct any mistake: English and French are not my languages.

Elegance personified.

I easily got an appointment with Simon Baker.

The Australian actor of the series The Mentalist, and also the face of the Longines brand is visiting our island.

It receives me with a huge smile, saying ‘bonjour’ with a little american accent.

And here I am, definitely in love.

Simply wearing a white tee shirt and a pair of jeans, Simon Baker has abandoned the three parts suit that his character, Patrick Jane, loves to wear << People do not always see me with my real look. >>

Yet even if the suit is not de rigueur in the daily life of the actor, he shows all the same the natural elegance that earned him the favor of the ladies.

<< Because of my collaborations with LONGINES and GIVENCHY, I am often asked what elegance is, or what makes someone a gentleman … For me, it is all a matter of appreciation.>>

Assuredly, this is a gentleman. And, although this is likely to break some hearts, the incredibly charming actor has been married since many years with the actress Rebecca Rigg, with whom he has three children.

I’d gladly take an appointment for a session of mentalism, especially as the actor really is a gentleman, one of the kind our grandmothers dream for us: <<It happens to be a little late, but I do not like to make people wait. These are not the manners. >>

I understand why the Longines brand chose him as his face. And this definitely establishes its status of gendre ideal (ideal son / ideal son-in-law / attractive boy next door).

Where do you live?

<< I am and I’ll always be Australian, that’s what I am, what is engraved in my heart. I also like to live in the United States. Two of my children were born over there, so I also have a close bond with this country >>

While I’m already imagining an immigration plan, time has elapsed.

I have to say goodbye to my favorite gentleman. And, surprise, he answers to me so charmingly in French, always with his irresistible smile.

When will you come back ???