Based From the Awesome padalickingood  RT HYBRID AU

1:cat Michael,bird Gavin,rabbit Ray,lion Jack, ram Geoff,longhorn Ryan

2: husky Lindsay,bird Meg,civet Tina,bear Adam,caribou Barbara, mouse Kerry

3: Bat Jon,badger Matt(axialmatt), dog Caleb,tiger Blaine,squirrel Kdin,

sugar glider Val

4: raven Arryn,dog Miles, deer Aaron, wolf Dan, red panda Monty

actual size


Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 12/?]

Summary: Gavin freaks out and takes off.

Rating: Teen

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So I fell in love with padalickingood’s Hybrid AU and I made a bunch of sketches. I started coloring them but I’m taking forever (big surprise there) so I thought I might as well post this now.

P.S. I know rabbits aren’t classified as rodents but it just sounded like something Ray would say.

Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 4/?]

Summary: Ryan doesn’t enjoy his animal as much as Geoff does.

Rating: Teen

Characters: Everyone

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Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 15 - FINAL CHAPTER]

Summary: Ray doesn’t want to go to work, not today.

Rating: Teen

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Notes: I know, I don’t want it to end either, but all good things must!! I love everyone who read this, and you will definitely see more work in the future <3 And what better note to end on then Bunny Ray?

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your AU. I was wondering if maybe you post a master post of the all the employes so people can write/draw them? Thanks

Big thanks to Pumpkinpiearsonist for letting me use their adorable pixels! ;v;

Achievement hunter:

Jack- Lion

Ray- Rabbit

Geoff- Ram

Ryan- Longhorn

Gavin- Bird (Lark)

Michael- Cat

Lindsay- Red Husky

Caleb- Border Collie

Kdin- Red squirrel

Kerry- mouse

Matt Bragg- Badger

Jeremy Dooley- Chinchilla 

Trevor - Anteater (Northern Tamandua)


Burnie- Bison

Gus- Beaver

Matt- Rooster

Miles- Malamute/Lab mix

Josh- Alligator


Arryn- Raven

Kara- Caracal 

Barbara- Caribou

Ashley- Turkish Angora

Griffon- a White Hawk for hybrid AU, but a bearded vulture for catboy!michael AU

Millie- Piebald deer

Meg- Scarlet macaw

Caiti- Quoll 

Cesar- Bird (motmot)


Brandon- Skunk

Adam Ellis- Bear

Monty- Red panda

Joel- Ferret

JJ- Silver cross fox

Chris- River otter

Patrick- Racoon

Blaine- Horse

(Tiger in catboy!Michael AU


rtaa Jordan- Giraffe

Kyle- Wolverine

Dan- Wolf

Mica - Wolf


Tina - Civet

Markiplier - Mutt (Spitz, collie mix)

Jacksepticeye - Stoat

Rhett- Elk 

Link - Silver Fox

Game grumps and friends

Arin - Striped Hyena

Danny - Alpaca

Ross- Squirrel Monkey

Barry - Asian Black Bear

Suzy - King Cheetah

Holly - Eurasian collard Dove

Kevin - Cat (snowshoe)

Jon - Kakapo

firewolf1800  asked:

one of my friends asked me if the other AH/RT Hybrids would call Longhorn!Ryan The Mad-cow King and my automatic responce, with out even pausing, was "No they would call him your Moo-gasty." ~makes shame face~ I am so sorry


somewhere out there Barbara is giving a standing ovation