longfellow's wayside inn

Fallout FanFiction Master List!

Because I love reading fanfiction of all kinds, (who doesn’t?!), I thought I’d put together a little master list of stories that are incredibly well written and just plain enjoyable. I may have shared some of these in the past, but every good story deserves endless promotion. And I’m more than happy to oblige!

If there is a story you’d like to see here because it gave you all the warm fuzzies or all the hot and heavies, send me a word and a link and I’ll add it to the list! Especially for some of the characters that I don’t personally read for. I know others will love to have some links for them, so donate those stories! : )

Side Note: Making this list, I’ve noticed that most of these fics are rated E for everyone so if you do have some to add that are not, again, PLEASE send them in to me so I can add. I’m just completely and shamelessly sinning 24/7, so this is all I read. o.O

Side Side Note: Comment on the fics you love! The authors work hard for the smut and fluff we enjoy. Make sure they know it!

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I’m back East, actually!

My brother got married Saturday, and we made a two-week trip out of that, since our extended family all lives up this way.

I had thought that maybe I could go down your way to Bartram’s Garden since I was this far already, but I’ve been thinking it unlikely so didn’t say anything…

Found a great little historical place to explore yesterday, though: Longfellow’s Wayside Inn! And the Grist Mill built near it, which is originally a demo mill, BUT built by Henry Ford when he acquired the inn, so. Historic in its own way.

Please, here, have some more aesthetically pleasing photographs from my trip XD