Just a Reminder

There will be no Bleach this week. WSJ is taking a break for the Obon occasion in Japan.

Also, Bleach will have the lead color (double-paged+colored chapter cover) for the next issue so I’m looking forward to that! I think we all know which two characters we want on it (edit: for clarification, the characters on the spread are yet to be revealed).

And concerning the wait–it’s okay! I mean, if we waited 10 months for her return, we can wait one more week for chapter 460 right?

GPOYW - it’s been so long since i had a good hair day i forgot what one looks like.  oh, and i might be going bald since i’ve been doing this all day.  and the face is because someone just walked over and caught me in the act of taking this picture.

Friday Five from 10,000 feet:

-I have rotated between T. Swift and Sam Hunt’s new albums all week. Love both but Sam may win.

-I am sun burnt. I’m talking fried chicken from 6 hours in the South Florida sun yesterday and it feels good… Especially for November.

-I can’t wait to see my dog! I admit I am so dependent on him it’s unhealthy.

-So excited about eating fresh home cooked meals. When traveling for work I eat like a king, every meal out and expensive. Thank goodness I had to walk everywhere I went.

-Plans this weekend: grocery store, holding my dog and laying in MY OWN bed.