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This Day in 1D History - March 8


  • X Factor Live Tour concert – Liverpool, UK


  • 1D attend the Big Time Movie premiere


  • Michael Clifford snuggles with the human furnace on his Insta 
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Belfast, UK 


  • Niall attends a UFC fight in London
  • Louis visits Shamrock Tattoo in LA

“Sure, we believe that.”

.in response to naruto gaiden chapter 1.

“…I really think you should meet her, Sasuke-kun. She’s your - our - daughter. At least…”


     Her fingers twitched, clenching into the fabric of the dish towel she had automatically taken with her the moment she felt his presence. Swallowing, Sakura scanned the garden, observing the growth of the nearby fruits and vegetables, absently noticing the warmth of a beautiful, sunny day but particularly aware of the looming shadow hiding in the treeline behind her.

     Exhaling, Sakura focused her attention on the tiny form sitting on the porch, happily swinging her legs as she finished her orange popsicle. When onyx irises met emerald, a toothy grin broke across her little girl’s face and Sakura answered back with a smile and a wave.

“She’ll turn four in a few weeks. I asked her what she wanted, to celebrate. Can you guess what she said?”

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