• WHAT SHE MEANS: star confessed her feelings to marco, after living with the fact he had a crush on someone else and purposefully playing matchmaker because she just wanted her best friend to be happy and put her feelings aside. while she goes back to Mewni, knowing she probably may be injured, or even die because Toffee is hunting down her and her mom. while Marco mourns for at least a week and a half that his best friend and love of his life left him, while listening to music that repeatedly says, "Don't leave me my love, etc." decides to respect her wishes until he realizes star may be in danger, brings her favorite cereal for her, starts an alliance with a dude who humiliated him and star, sneaks into Ludo's castle, beats up some baddies to free her. Just to get to hold star in his arms after not seeing her for two weeks, the longest theyve ever spent apart since she moved in, gets called cute, just to have star sacrifice herself aGAIN FOR THE GOOD OF HER FRIENDS AND FAMILY. SWIMS IN TOFFEE GOO, DIES, GETS SENT TO PURGATORY WITH GLOSSARYK. TOFFEE, TELLS MARCO AND MOON AND BUFF FROG ,THAT HE WAS UNABLE TO SAVE HER AND THAT SHE IS GONE FOREVER. MARCO PUNCHES A WHOLE THRU TOFFEES LITERAL SKIN, SKELETON, EVERYTHING WHERE HIS HEART IS SUPPOSED TO BE. While simultaneously supporting Star's grieving mother, who Toffee has now murdered both her mother and daughter, by helping her collect the remains of star's wand after EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD NO HOPE TO HOLD ON TO. I'M FINE.
Runaway Groom

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky goes missing before the wedding.
A/N: This is based off this post, after I read it I just couldn’t get it out of my head and had to write it. Come let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,348

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You nervously flatten the soft white fabric of your dress, taking a shaky breath. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you fix a stray hair and adjust your dress. “You look beautiful, Y/N” Natasha’s hands are cold on the warmed skin of your shoulders. You smile at her in the reflection of the mirror. “Barnes is a lucky guy” she says sincerely, her beautiful eyes locked on yours.

You cant help but shake your head and a small laugh escapes your mouth before you speak “pretty sure, I’m the lucky one Tasha”.

“You’re both lucky-” she moves a curl of your hair back in place “-to find such perfect love in this world” she smiles but you notice the sadness behind her words.

Turning around you take her into your arms, a strong loving embrace. Clearing your throat of the tears you murmur “I wonder how Bucky is doing” laughter dancing in your words. 

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Seven Days

Summary: This is for @saxxxology ‘s June Writing Challenge. Sam and the reader get involved in a dirty talk competition. So much smut ensues.

Warning: smut, orgasm delay, use of ice, SO MUCH DIRTY TALK

Word Count: 7200 (Not sorry at all)

A/N: This one got away from me. I hope that’s a good thing. @oriona75 @withoutaplease @blushingsamgirl @spectaculacular-sammy @thinkwritexpress @aprofoundbondwithdean

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write....a fic where Katniss and Peeta are dating but go to separate schools. Peeta goes to private school so his friends (or enemies) doesn't believe Katniss exists. Maybe some sexy time when she tries to cheer him up. Then she shows up at his school or their schools are at the same sporting event and she makes it clear that he is hers.

Well this was…specific. I did my best, Anon. Hope you don’t mind some cheesiness with your smut. ;-) RATED M for the hanky panky.

The Lies That Bind Us

“Now this is what I like to call a ‘target rich environment.’ Nice specimens,” Johanna says as she cranes her neck to check out a passing gymnastics squad wearing the colors of our biggest rival and our host – Mercator University.

“We’ve been here five minutes and you’re already scoping out for your list? From them?” I ask, standing on my toes to gage our progress through the line to check into the dorms.

“Come on, Kat. Private school, lots of money, plenty of lonely and horny students with Daddy issues—”

“Bunch of entitled assholes who swap partners and STD’s every other month,” I mutter.

“So hide it before you ride it, Brainless,” Johanna sneers and someone coughs beside us.

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Piece by Piece #3

What did they do with the box? What were they supposed to do with their friends tongue? Keith was the first to move. The first to storm off angrily. He turned heel and walked out of the docking area as quickly as possible, pidge and Hunk soon after. Pidge was almost at Keiths shoulder but hunk just sighed and looked to Shiro sorrowfully, trying not to think of Lance. “I’m going to go talk to them.” Shiro nodded, Hunk was trying to be comforting but the black paladin knew he was leaving more for himself than for anyone else. Hunk was only human and could only handle so much.

So here Shiro was. Kneeling on the floor by the box, unmoving. He pulled and tugged on his thoughts, trying to force them away from the galra but to no avail, he imagined Lance sitting helplessly in his chair as lotor forced open his mouth and ripped out the boys voice. Shiro flinched as if he had been struck, poor Lance, Lance loves to talk.


Lance loved to talk.

He stood up, nobody else had agreed to giving them the lions. Shiro was the only one who knew what they were doing to Lance. Shiro was the only one who thought Lance was irreplaceable. That’s not true, Lance was not replaceable, but voltrons blue paladin was, the lions were not. Shiro knew this, as much as he hated to admit it.

Almost a week went by, it was the longest week of the Paladins lives. Within that 5 days they had received a new message from lotor everyday, and everyday they saw their friend suffer, and everyday they had received a new package.

First the tongue, after that Lance hadn’t said another word in the videos.

Then hair, lots of hair, within that video Lance had struggled while his sides were shaved, he was left with a tuft on the top of his head.

Then nails, 10, all of Lances toenails had been ripped off and packaged.

Then his clothes, Lance was forced into what Shiro recognized as prisoner garments and lotor had stated, “if you’re not giving us the lions then we might as well make him fit in.” With a snarky laugh.

Then, the most recent, and the last, Lances arm, it was flipping them off, cut at the elbow, unlike shiro who was cut at the bicep. Lotor had let the camera record throughout the whole process. In every video Lance had more cuts and bruises, and lotor had stopped referring to him as anything other than paladin. Lance had been unconscious in that video, lotor had explained that he would’ve kept the man awake but alas, it would have killed him and “we can’t have that, can we?” He had his left hand amputated and it had been replaced by a similar gadget that Shiro had been hooked up with. This sent shivers down the mans spine and he suddenly was dragged into his memories, snapped out of it only by Lance gasping for air. He had been woken by lotor and was in a panicked state. Grunting and groaning, making struggled and confused noises. A wail escaped his mouth as he saw his arm on the table next to them and a scream of panic as he looked down and saw his now-robotic arm. He struggled to get away from it only to be pulled back to the table by straps. There was a snicker from the prince. “Look familiar Shiro?” He teased, walking over to he blue paladin, grabbing his fake arm, which had no power currently, it swung limply in lotors grasp. “It’s just like yours, but with newer, lighter metal and more quintessence.” It was identical to Shiros in design, but had white metal instead of grey and stopped at his elbow instead of mid-bicep. Shiro winced and was met by comforting hands on his back, he looked over, hunk. Hunk was crying silently. Everyone watched Shiro, glancing between him and the screen. Keith was fuming. There was a shock that Shiro knew was coming. Lance convulsed on the table before stopping and breathing heavily, his arm hummed to life with a blue hue. “And blue, of course, instead of purple. Can’t have the blue Paladin with anything else.” There was a horrified look on Lances face as he flexed and moved the fingers. “Oh! And look at this neat trick!” Lotor stepped beside Lance, “Lance.” The boy didn’t react in the slightest, still keeping his eyes on his new hand in shock. Lotor gave a side glance to the camera. “Hey, look at me.” He demanded a response and Lance turned his head to lotor, responding. Lotor grabbed Lance by the chin as if to praise him, before slapping the young man, making all of voltron flinch. He turned back to them and seemed to look directly into Shiros skull. “Times running thin, voltron, he’s already forgotten his name, what next? His status? I would guess his worth, but he didn’t seem to have any of himself when he sauntered in.” Lotor smiled at the camera devilishly, it seemed to be his signature on a shit-eating letter.

Shiro was being picked up by his teammates, somehow he had found himself on the floor, on his knees. “Lance.” Shiro had tunnel vision, why was he the only one that needed him back? Why didn’t anyone else care? “We need to get Lance.” He looked to his friends who wore faces of pity and regret. They didn’t know. Lotor was doing the exact things the galra had done to him, but much, much worse.