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You make a big deal about how drawing people in the wrong skin-tone erases their identity...but you draw people like heather Chandler (who is very much white/tan in both the musical and movie) in a very dark skin tone. Can you just explain to me why? Because it makes you look like a hypocrite and also don't start an argument saying that it's different when you do it to a white person; cause, honey, it's not.

oh my god do yall see this?? ?? anon youre aboutta make yourself like a god damn fool who aint ever read a damn article on anything ever 

under the cut is the longest ass rant ive ever written

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Rhysand Defense Post

Alright, so I’ve been seeing a lot of anti-Rhysand posts lately, and while everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion when it comes to characters, it is NOT okay to bash people who like a character.  If I’m going on the Rhysand or ACOTAR tag, it’s because I’m interested in seeing theories or fan art; instead, I am seeing more and more people attacking Rhysand fans for liking him.

This is not cool, nor is it okay. People go on Tumblr to have fun, create media, and interact with other fans, not get bashed by other Tumblr users.

That aside, it has come to a point where I feel the need to create a Rhysand Defense post, particularly against the accusations that Rhysand is terrible/abusive/how-could-you-like-such-a-character-you-terrible-person?

First off, just because you like a character doesn’t mean that character isn’t problematic in some ways. Rhysand is problematic (but, honestly, so is Tamlin. He’s no angel either, and we don’t know what he will be like when he is no longer trying to break the curse).  Rhysand is set up as a villain and later transforms into an anti-hero of sorts. He is SUPPOSED to seem awful, but the whole point of ACOTAR (and the Beauty and the Beast tale it models) is that nothing is as it seems. Everyone wears a mask, and perhaps Rhysand most of all.  While Tamlin wears a physical mask and must mask his intentions because of the curse, Rhysand’s mask is much more subtle: he is forced to always play a role, no matter how terrible.  He is Amarantha’s whore, the traitor to the courts who revels in taking her commands. In reality, he is a defeated, imprisoned leader who is doing everything in his limited power to protect his people—to the extent that he lets himself be sexually abused/raped for 49 years. He must play the part of submissive villain/lackey, because that is the position that gives him the most power on the chess board.  Trapped Under the Mountain, he is better able to work from the shadows as a villain-figure to orchestrate Amarantha’s downfall and show small mercies to her victims.

So yes, if you read Rhysand’s character on a basic level, he seems pretty awful.  He forces Feyre into a bargain, forces her to attend Amarantha’s party (where he makes her drink Fairy wine and then dance), and later he kisses her in the hallway.  But Rhysand doesn’t have much of a choice; in every single one of those actions he is setting the chess board to help Feyre defeat Amarantha and not get them all killed.  Clare Beddor’s death and the deaths of the three High Lords who had already rebelled shows what’s at stake, and only Rhysand is cunning enough to outplay the ultimate queen on this chess board.

As Sarah’s theme of masks indicates, you must look beyond a character’s mask to see his/her true intentions.  Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court (which not only has a bad reputation according to the Spring Court, but also connotes our own fear of darkness, monsters, and nightmares), is a prime example.  With Tamlin out of commission for the last third of the book, Sarah is encouraging us to examine other characters on a deeper level, not just the expected “Beast” character in Tamlin.  It’s like its own test, in a sense.

So, an analysis of Rhysand’s actions, based on the limited knowledge we are given in ACOTAR:

-Rhysand is not a flat, evil villain.  Actually, we see throughout ACOTAR that he tries to help others.

1. During Fire Night, Rhysand saves Feyre from the other fae who were going to rape her. Though he exudes danger (and sexiness), his first action in regards to Feyre is saving her. This in itself is a signal to pay attention: Rhysand is a power player, and his dangerous/evil appearance does not always match his intentions/actions.  (Mind you, I believe there may have been some ulterior motivations during Fire Night, but we can’t be sure about that until ACOMAF.)

2. Rhysand does not tell Amarantha that Clare Beddor wasn’t Feyre.  That would have been game over since Feyre would have been captured, tortured, and crucified; no riddles and tasks for her.  Rather than exact revenge on the girl that failed to save them, he was going to let the girl he met on Fire Night go.  All seven courts were consigned to their fate at this point, and Rhysand tried to spare her life.  (There was nothing he could have done for Clare; her life was forfeit the second she was brought Under the Mountain.)

3. Rhysand kills the summer fae rather than shatter his mind, all while protecting the summer court’s secret from Amarantha.  Watched by all the fae Under the Mountain and told by Amarantha to shatter the runaway’s mind, this scene’s purpose is to show that Rhysand is constantly being tested.  He deals with the pressure with his normal strategy: calm, “shoulders loose”, a saunter in his step, and with “not a stitch out of place.”  All tactics that he whispers into Feyre’s mind after the second task.  He teaches her his mask, to hide one’s true self and keep oneself together and sane when everyone is waiting for the slightest hint of vulnerability.  This scene does more than show Rhys’s method in dealing with his tests; it also reveals his sense of mercy.  In the moment he kills the fae, he tries to choose the more merciful route, though there is still a cost. It is the lesser of two evils, however, and that is all Rhysand has to work with.  We have already seen what happens when one refuses to play the game; they become Tamlin, whose refusal to make sacrifices sentenced all the courts to an endless tyranny under Amarantha’s rule.

4. On this note, Rhysand is constantly being tested. Even Feyre notes it when she is forced to clean out his fireplace.  Since Rhysand bet on her in the first test, Amarantha’s chore was testing Rhysand to see if he had a soft spot for Feyre.  Rhysand knows this, and he stares at Feyre before evading her comments. He knows Feyre can see through his mask, and he respects her for it (to the point of admiration, really).  It seems he can’t help letting his mask slip around her, which is why he shows her his wings, a huge vulnerability he tells very few about.  He then helps her finish the task and mind controls the guards into not forcing anymore deadly chores on her.

-Rhysand helps Feyre repeatedly throughout the trials, though some of the ways he must help her are unsavory.

1. So, we of course have the infamous bargain scene when Rhysand heals Feyre’s arm in return for a week a month in the Night Court.  This is a very complicated scene, so I’ll try to keep it short.  The bargain does a number of things. First, it allows Rhys to telepathically communicate with Feyre.  This is instrumental since it is not only the sole reason why Feyre survives the second task (since she can’t read), but it also enables Rhys to lend Feyre the mental strength she needs to remain strong in front of Amarantha after the task was over.  Second, the bargain’s mark is an excellent way to make Tamlin want to kill Amarantha even more (for their bargain is really a result of the whole Amarantha situation anyway).  Third—well, I don’t think we’ll really know the third reason until ACOMAF.  We know that book two is a Hades/Persephone retelling, and the original 2 week (later reduced to 1 week) time length correlates with the 6 months (or 3 months in some retellings) that Persephone must spend with her husband in the underworld.  I think there is another reason why Rhys really wants Feyre at his court. Sarah said that Rhys will be hard-put to hold onto his secrets once Feyre starts visiting, and I can’t help but think that his secrets are tied to the bargain somehow.

Whatever his reasons, Rhys is desperate for this bargain, though he can’t let Feyre know that and blow his cover. He tries to persuade her with logic, and when she refuses, his frustration breaks through and he twists the bone splinter in her arm.  Which is super gross, of course, but I think this moment demonstrates a number of things about Rhysand.  First, it shows the slipping of his calm mask; he is truly desperate in this moment. Second, it shows that he will do whatever he needs to in order to save his court (and the other courts’ whose fates are now lumped with his).  Do I approve of his actions? No, definitely not, but I can understand why he would act that way in the situation. He is morally gray in this scene.

2. The wine/dancing scene.  This is probably the argument I see the most often, but when you look at it strategically, Rhysand’s actions are understandable.  Are they morally correct?  Not really. But most of the characters in ACOTAR are forced to make morally gray choices.  Tamlin must consign multiple sentries to get murdered in order to move the curse along (and his eventual refusal to do so would have sealed everyone’s doom had Feyre not come back); Feyre must kill two innocent faeries in the last task, an action that haunts her at the end of book 1 and is sure to still affect her in book 2. In ACOTAR, Rhys is the one who is constantly forced to make gray choices.  He doesn’t have much of a choice; the game must be played, and if he didn’t act the way he did Under the Mountain, Feyre would have had a much worse fate in store for her.

So, Rhysand is faced with a problem. With Amarantha’s suspicions raised after his betting on Feyre in the first task and his subsequent inaction when she is set up to fail the chore in his room, Rhys has to reaffirm his position as Amarantha’s lackey, protect Feyre from further awfulness, and move his plan along by getting Tamlin to see the bargain’s mark.  Amarantha’s nightly parties are the best way to kill three birds with one stone.  By dressing up Feyre in skimpy clothes, marking her with his tattoo, and making her get drunk/dance for him, he sets up the courts, Amarantha, and us as readers for the reaction he wants: disgust and horror—lo, the villain! Feyre appears to be his property, the whore for Amarantha’s whore.  Not only is Amarantha now appeased (since she sees human love as fickle already), but the situation also enrages Tamlin, who has to watch this happen every night.  He gets angrier every night, while Amarantha—seeing the humiliation that Feyre is supposedly going through—doesn’t see any reason to come up with worse terrors to force on her. The parties also gets Feyre out of her prison cell, which was slowly driving her crazy.  

But what about the drunk dancing?  Again, Rhys is all about appearances.  He knows that the skimpy clothes, the marks, and the dancing would be humiliating for Feyre, but it is a necessary evil.  The clothes and the black ink mark her as his “property” of sorts; no one would dare touch her anywhere when her entire body is marked with that paint.  As for the humiliation and dancing?  It is part of the act, a necessity to pull off the ruse.  So what does he do? He makes her drink so she can forget. It’s an escape, a fact that Feyre recognizes: “After I drank the wine, though, I was mercifully unaware of what was happening.” Rhysand, again, is trying to show mercy. Feyre, who can’t keep up a mask as well as Rhysand, is spared from having to do so; he tries to make her forget, and in doing so, he’s trying to protect her, as much as he can in that situation. In fact, we see that Rhys also drinks the wine to forget when he needs to as well. After he is forced to kill the summer fae, Rhys downs a goblet of wine with Feyre.  He is not as cool about his actions as he tries to appear.  As for the dancing, Rhys points out to Feyre that in all the nights she danced for him, he never touched her beyond her waist and arms.  He doesn’t feel her up or take advantage of her, nor does he pass her to any other fae who could have hurt her.  As someone who has been sexually abused himself, Rhys does not violate Feyre in this way.

3. This leads to the next key scene, when Rhysand kisses Feyre in the hallway. Again, context is so important to this scene.  Rhys hears Amarantha approaching and knows what she’s about to see: Feyre’s paint smudged pretty much everywhere and none of it on Rhys.  Who else would do that, if not Rhys? Why, a certain high lord who enjoys springtime.  Amarantha isn’t dumb; she’d figure that out, and it would be game over.  So, Rhys kisses Feyre and covers himself in paint while doing so.  An unfaithful human? Amarantha would expect nothing less.  Her whore whoring out another person? Well, she would let him have his fun, though he will pay for it later.  (Rhysand visits Feyre in her cell later that night, his tunic “unbuttoned at the top” as he talks about his hatred for Amarantha and his role serving in her bedroom.  It’s insinuated that he was just sexually abused/raped again.)  Feyre recognizes that Rhys saved both her and Tamlin by kissing her. Without his intercession, Tamlin’s and Feyre’s lust for each other would have doomed all the courts.

The kissing scene also emphasizes another important point about Rhys—perhaps the most important point for his character.  It is his main drive as a character, the one that spurs him to take terrible actions.  When Rhys berates Feyre for being a fool for going off with Tamlin when anyone could have been watching, she asks him “What do you care?” Rhys’s response is incredibly important.  His cool mask finally slips.  He is so insulted, so frustrated, that his wings and talons appear.  The “baser” side of him that he so rarely shows—the “wrath” that twists his features [OOOHHHH, is this the Fury that has to do with A Court of Mist and Fury????]—comes to the fore when he whispers, “What do I care? […] What do I care?”  Why does he care? Because he is just like Feyre in that he will do whatever it takes to protect those who are important to him.  For Feyre, it was her family (and later Tamlin and the courts); for Rhysand, it is his court.  All of his actions are because of his court, because of the people he is responsible for—his people who are enslaved to a sadistic tyrant who would kill them all if the whim took her.  He cares because he has sacrificed so much—his body, his freedom—and he has planned so long.  He has worked so hard to set Feyre up to succeed, all for it to almost fail because Feyre and Tamlin couldn’t hold on for one more day.  

This scene is meant to reinforce Rhys’s similarities to Feyre.  As Sarah said in an interview, Feyre and Rhys are both Slytherins.  They are cunning, ambitious, and protective of a select group of people (as opposed to say, Gryffindors like Harry who have a bit of a hero complex and want to save everyone).  So yes, while Rhys does bad things in ACOTAR, he is a complex anti-hero.  Night is not all evil; it is also beautiful, with both light and shadow.  Rhys is a leader and a victim, locked between a rock and a hard place, and he acts accordingly.  In times of war, people rarely act in black or white; it is a whole pallet of grays and shadows.

And finally, Sarah really brings out the lighter colors in Rhys’s shadowy character at the end of ACOTAR, both in the cell before the third task and during the final battle against Amarantha.  

1. In the cell, Rhys finally throws away his mask when he talks to Feyre. Feyre notes that Rhys is being more candid than he has ever been before.  He is no longer perfectly neat, he rubs at his face, and his voice is no longer smooth and mocking.  He “snaps” that he only wants some peace and quiet, and Feyre thinks about how “the swagger and nastiness were gone.” He even jokes playfully with her before talking to her about the fate they would be facing in the third task the next day.

Importantly, Feyre addresses the ultimate question surrounding Rhys’s character in this scene.  When he asks her why she thinks he does what he does, Feyre says, “because you’re a monster.” But that is the basic answer, and ignores many of the cues about Rhys’s character that she has picked up on during the trials.  Rhys’s response? “True, but I’m also a pragmatist.” He explains his reasoning and logic then, and it is definitely that of a strategist (or a Slytherin). He cares for his “territory,” for his “remaining people, enslaved to a tyrant queen who can end their lives with a single word.” Selected to be Amarantha’s whore, he is uniquely able to bring her downfall. And Feyre understands. She feels sympathy for him.  Understanding what Rhys has gone through, she “might have reached a hand toward him, might have offered [her] apologies—but every thought had dried up in [her] head.  What Amarantha had done to him…” Rather than wound him with her words like she knows she could, she realizes that Rhysand alone has been keeping her alive; he is the one who has stopped her from “shattering” (particularly after the second task. He licked her tears, knowing it would annoy her and snap her out of her mood).  She feels a bond with him. And their bond is recognized when Feyre acknowledges that Rhys could have asked for everyday of her life in their bargain and she would have said yes.  He didn’t have to show her mercy and let her barter down to a week.  Having taken off his proverbial mask in this scene, Rhys acknowledges that Feyre has once more seen through him, and merely allows a “half-smile […] on his sensuous lips” before he answers “‘I know’” and vanishes.

2. Rhysand’s public display as a hero-in-disguise is finalized in the battle scene, when Amarantha is trying to kill Feyre and all hope is essentially lost. Rather than stay in the shadows, Rhys throws himself into the fight to not only save his court, but to fight beside Feyre.  As he later tells Feyre at their parting, “I didn’t want you to fight alone. Or die alone.” This line mirrors Feyre’s from earlier at the Spring Court, when she tells Tamlin that she wouldn’t want to fight or die alone. Rhys no longer only cares about his court; he cares about Feyre as well. Rhys is not an evil character; he is a character who is forced to do bad things, both for his survival and for the survival of his court and those he cares about.  When Feyre is being beaten by Amarantha, it is not Tamlin who screams Feyre’s name, but Rhysand.

So, in summary, when I’m asked why I like Rhysand’s character, it is because he is arguably the most complex and interesting character in the entire story.  His actions are not always morally upright, but they do shed light on the human condition and what people—especially leaders—are forced to do in times of war and defeat.  Unlike Tamlin, Rhys never takes his fate lying down; he never gives up fighting.  He fights tooth and nail, and with his greatest asset—his mind.  Beyond that, I feel like the moments and conversations between Rhysand and Feyre carry much more meaning and poignancy than those between Tamlin and Feyre. Though I love Tamlin (I just want him to be happy >.<), to me the relationship between Feyre and Rhysand is packed with more chemistry, tension (both character tension and sexual tension), and understanding—even though they have less page time together.  Feyre and Rhysand are very much alike on a deeper level. Feyre can’t help but speak her mind around him, while Rhys lets his mask drop and his vulnerabilities show around her. They fight for each other, and when they part at the end of ACOTAR, Feyre talks to Rhys about how she feels about her transformation and her murders, where she couldn’t bring herself to tell Tam.  Looking into Rhys’s eyes, she sees that the shadows in his eyes—not entirely of his own making—are just like hers.  (In this open conversation, their relationship reminds me of Aelin and Rowan’s, where they feel they can tell each other things others wouldn’t understand/would judge them for.)  They have bonded while Under the Mountain, and now have a deeper understanding of each other as a result. I can’t wait to see how their relationship continues to develop in book 2, as well as everyone else’s relationships.  How will Feyre’s guilt factor in to events? Her harrowing powers?  Why did Rhys stumble and flee at the end of ACOTAR? What did it mean when Feyre saw out of Rhys’s eyes? Are we going to see more of Lucien’s brothers?  How will Rhys, Lucien, and Tam act now that they no longer have to wear masks?  How is Feyre’s time at the Night Court going to be, and where is the King of Hybern in all of this?

All in all, I love the characters in ACOTAR, Rhysand included.  He is wonderfully complex, and his ability to polarize people speaks to Sarah’s ability to create characters that inspire reactions in her readers. Please don’t bash him or the fans who do like him just because you don’t. All you do is hurt people’s feelings, and that is no way to celebrate Sarah’s writing or world.  If you have problems with a character, you are of course free to critique/criticize, but use reasons/textual support and respect others’ opinions.  I’ve seen people bashing character/ship fans on both the ACOTAR and TOG tags (especially with the release of Queen of Shadows), and mostly it just makes me sad.  Simply bashing people, calling them terrible, and insinuating that there is something wrong with them mentally for liking a character is utterly wrong.

Yes, I like Rhysand as a character, and there is nothing wrong with me (or any other Tumblr-user) for liking him.  He is problematic (hooray, problematic faves), but many characters are problematic. Just because you like a character doesn’t mean you approve of all of his/her actions.  I honestly believe that Rhys’s character arc in book 2 is probably gonna blow us all away because Sarah is just awesome like that.  Until then, I hope this post will open more positive conversations on the Rhysand/ACOTAR/TOG/QOS tags.

If you made it to the bottom of this post, you honestly deserve an award. Sorry this is so long, but this has really been bothering me, so I had to rant/spiel. :)


Look at how diminutive I am next to the boys, jeez I’m really a shortstack XD


So THIS time I was totally chill (Ha not really) because it was the last day of the con and I knew what to expect. Also I was done cosplaying so I was just physically more comfortable. Also I had my freakin’ glasses on so I wasn’t flailing around like maniac. 

So I get in the room and I see the boys and I’m so excited but I keep my chill and when I get up to them I notice that

1. Jensen is so pretty. Like yeah yeah we know this but seeing a person look like that in public is next level. I’ve never actually seen a human that attractive before so I was thinking… now now Jen you’re trying to distract me from the task at hand but I gotta stay focused! 

2. Holy Crap I’m meeting JDM. I never ever ever ever in my life thought I’d meet him of all people. I’m so used to turning on Watchmen and seeing him jacked so my first impression was wow Jeff looks so skinny! He was swearing skinny jeans too so he was a total toothpick! Also guys, he is the kindest most down to earth guy. Seriously if you watch his panels, he is just so warm and genuine. 

So I go up and I say can we act like Jeff told a really bad dad joke? And J2 laugh and nod and Jeff doesn’t hear me so he LEANS FORWARD and sticks his face an inch from mine and I’m screaming inside. So I repeat it and he smiled and we do the thing and I know I only have a split second to get to Jared.

So I get over to him and hug him and I’m so tiny I’m like up to his bellybutton and I say thank you so much Jared. He hugs me and say’s Thank you Darling.I know I was holding up the line by standing there but he hugged me for a REALLY long time it felt like.  

And while Mish was the softest little gingerbread, Jared felt like a washboard and smelled like the ocean. He smelled REALLY damn good and I could feel his 20 pack hahaha.

Then I left the room and immediately broke down sobbing. Cause…

I know that for a 100 percent fact without Jared and everything he’s doing, I wouldn’t be here. I would have given up this year if the show didn’t exist. So that’s that.

It was an awesome experience, and I feel a little guilty for running away to hug Jared but I’ll get Jensen next year in SF if I can get past his inhumanly good looks hahahaha 

I’m just very grateful for it all. I feel like I have support that I’ve never had before, not even from my own family. But… I have an extra family now. So it’s all good.

ANYWAYS longest rant ever is done.


I honestly want to jump off of a bridge.

All my fucking life I’ve had to hear darker black people tell me that “I think I’m prettier than they are because I’m light”.
I’ve had to deal with my chocolate mother and grandparents call me white and pink and yellow and whatever the fuck else. My grandfather actually calls me a peckerwood.
I’ve had to deal with self-hatred because I didn’t (and still don’t) want to be this damn light.
And now Oprah is airing the sequel to “Dark Girls” entitled “Light Girls” and I have to hear the people in MY OWN race and ethnicity say that we shouldn’t have a special because “our lives aren’t hard”.
Granted, there are some light skinned people that are disrespectful towards dark skinned people. But there are so many fuckboys/twitter niggas out here disrespecting dark women, light women, gay men, trans women and people with disabilities. Channel your anger and hate towards them rather than a group of people who DIDN’T fucking ask to be light just like you didn’t ask to be dark. (As a matter of fact, I’ve prayed consistently for the past 15+ years to be darker…)
I personally cape for all LGBTQIA POC. That means all skin tones, all cultures, and all religions.
Fuck this colorist bullshit.

[Midorima/Akashi vampire/human au] You can have the middle from my bone


Akashi took him away when he was only one year old and named him Midorima, because his small, round eyes were as green as meadows used to be before they got torn down for the sake of a concrete wasteland. When Akashi saw him carelessly resting in the baby carriage on the street, Midorima didn’t shy away from his stern voice or his harsh stare but embraced them with a curious glint to his eyes. Akashi was never more certain of finding the one.


Midorima started devouring books as soon as Akashi taught him how to read, and Akashi’s library was vast and smelled of history and decay, decay and history. It was cosy, thick-walled, lined with fine, ancient furniture and Midorima meandered among the labyrinth of its shelves with grace and prowess that could’ve saved Icarus from his tragic destiny.

The first time Midorima didn’t want Akashi to read for him, Akashi wondered if this was where their paths would diverge. Midorima was six and a half and he put away the book Akashi’s planned to read to him. If Akashi’s heart was still functional, it would certainly be pounding against his chest in a violent surge of emotions as he watched Midorima disappear between the shelves.

When Midorima came back, he was holding a different book in his hands, the one he chose himself. He walked to the couch on which Akashi sat and gracefully climbed onto his lap.

I will read for you, this time,” he said in a small but assured voice.

Akashi leaned back and listened to the story he has already heard countless times before.

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ikon's reaction to their girlfriend being shy about her body?

A new group! I love monsta x but switching it up is always nice. iKON isn’t one of the ones that I highly stan (not yet at least, they’re growing on me) so I hope this one is okay I may or may not have watched a few of their videos to get some inspiration. 

Junhoe: He would probably notice you looking in the mirror longer than usual while you’re getting dressed and notice the expression on your face. You won’t even have to say a word. He’d be by your side, giving you a tight back hug and burying his face in the crook of your neck, telling you how beautiful you look and how every day you just seem to get even more amazing.

Originally posted by hanbinn

B.I./Hanbin: He’d probably overhear you say something to your friends about how you’ve put on weight or how you don’t like some part of your body and he would make it a point to worship that part of you. He’d be pretty obvious about what he’s doing in that he’d go out of his way to let you know how beautiful he thinks you are, but he’d never admit that he was listening to your conversation.

Originally posted by cheonjaes

Chanwoo: He’d be very sensitive to your emotions and so if he seems you in something sort of revealing and can see that you’re a little shy, he’ll be sure to help you be confident. Lots and lots of compliments on his part to try and make your more comfortable and if you ask him if it’s too much, he’ll be sure to tell you that you look perfect and have nothing to worry about.

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Jinhwan: this little shit I think you being insecure would be one of the few times he really snaps out of his playful and more mischievous moods. It would instantly turn into “What can I do to make jagi feel better?” There’d be soft kisses and lots of koala hugs and him tracing his fingers over your skin as he tells you in detail everything he loves about you and your body.

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Bobby: Don’t try to tell me that he isn’t a little sweetheart when he wants to be. The two of you were probably making out and about to take things a bit farther but you stop him because you’re a little insecure and he’ll sit you up and talk to you to try and figure out what’s wrong and when you tell him he’ll laugh but not in a condescending way but in disbelief like “You’re the most beautiful person I know in every way possible, don’t think of yourself like this.” He’d probably remember, though, and remind you every once in a while that he thinks you’re perfect.

Originally posted by hanbinn

Donghyuk: The two of you would have the kind of relationship where the other is perfectly imperfect in your eyes so he would be able to see the little things that you don’t like about yourself but still fall in love with them anyway. He would listen to him when you tell him about your insecurities but he would turn them around to make sure that you understand that, whether you have the “perfect” body or not, he still loves every single thing about you.

Originally posted by teambgasm

Yunhyeong: angel He seems incredibly considerate just like Donghyuk so he’d definitely listen your insecurities without judging you whatsoever but as soon as you’re done he’d probably go on like the longest rant ever about the fact that you look beautiful doing literally everything and you should never worry about what anyone says about you because he’ll always love you and every inch of your body, which he’ll probably drown in kisses honestly.

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Seventeen reacts to you getting catcalled


“Did that just happen?”

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“Should I beat him up for you?”


Laughs it off

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Mad dogs every other guy you two see for the rest of the night


Makes jokes about it to make you feel better

Originally posted by traang-tran

Genuinely feels pretty upset though


Shocked and disgusted with the attitude

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Holds your hand tighter for the rest of the night (and probably the rest of the week too)


Politely asks the guy to stop, but later furiously complains to all the other members

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“Can you believe people like that actually exist?! Gross!”


“Uh, excuse me? Did you just do that to my girlfriend?”

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You’re worried that a fight would break out, but the other guy gets too scared to try anything


Confused about what happened

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“People like that are real?”


“Um, excuse you!”

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“Who do you think you are talking to someone’s girlfriend like that? Talking to anyone like that? What if someone did that to your mother? How would you feel, huh?” *mutters some curses under his breath as you drag him away to end the scene*


This is one of the few instances where Cheol gets pretty mad because how dare anyone treat the love of his life like that?

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“Sorry? Did you say something? You want to say it again? Come on. One more time.”


Gangster Minghao comes out and seriously mad dogs the guy (ignore the others in the gif)(couldn’t find a Gangster Minghao gif)

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When he comes home angry the others ask why and he goes off on like the cutest, longest rant ever lol


“What? Did he say that to you? Really?”

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Sassy and protective Vernon mode on for the rest of the night


Can’t believe that that just happened

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Acts super fun and happy for the rest of the night to make you forget about what happened


“Did he just?? WOW”

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He starts walking towards the guy and you have to pull him away before he grabs a guitar or something

- Admin M

Long Ass Rant
Throughout my life, I have had actual people tell me to lose weight for the following reasons:
- to have people respect me and treat me better;
- to have more confidence;
- to get more friends and have more people like me;
- to get a boyfriend;
- to have men find me attractive;
- to get a better job;
- because I am a woman and women are supposed to be pretty (I swear to you, it was in email form);
- to be fit and healthy;
- etc.
And for most of my life, I agreed with them. So for the majority of my life, I obsessed myself with losing weight for the absolute wrong reasons.
But nowadays, things are different. I am different. And here is what I have to say to all the assholes who had the gall to give me advice when I absolutely never asked for it.
- Instead of changing the way I look to get respect, how about you respect me regardless of how I look. I’m not asking you to bang me. All I’m asking is common courtesy.
- Bitch, I’m already oozing with confidence. My ass is the size of a pumpkin on steroids and I walk everywhere with my head held high. I am confident and it has nothing to do with my size. Dump your own petty insecurities somewhere else.
- There is nothing I hate more than fake friends. Why the fuck would someone waste their time liking me for something as stupid as the way I look? I may not have a million friends on Facebook, but the friends that I do have are for life. They love me for who I am. They’ve been with me through thick and thin. They love Nadime, not “that fat chick”. And I love them back because they’re awesome. Isn’t that the only reason a person should be friends with someone?
- Um, I am in no hurry to get a boyfriend. I have a shit-ton of things to do at the moment: getting my degree, weight training at the gym, improving my time in swimming; boxing; training for rugby; flipping burgers and saving money; chilling with awesome friends and fam; traveling; reading a ton of books; being political and fucking the system, etc. etc. etc. And according to friends/family/Hollywood, boyfriends require a lot of time and a lot of energy, which I don’t have, especially if it’s with some asshole who’s only with me for my looks. I don’t just want a boyfriend. I want a partner in crime. I want someone who will love me for who I am and go on adventures with me. I don’t want some desperate prick who wants to fuck and dictate my every move. I want someone who will help me grow and will explore the wonders of the world with me. Now that is boyfriend material.
- Right, ‘cause that’s the only thing I’m good for, that any woman is good for: to have men gawk at me. The SOLE reason I am alive is to please the eyes and dicks of men. That was sarcasm, by the way. And I know it may come as a shock to you, but some men do like curvy and fat women. I’ve had men ask for my number or tell me that I am beautiful. Shocking, I know. Oh, and one more thing: cat-calling is NOT a sign of respect. Get that through your fucking head. I’ve had a bunch of assholes harass me on the street, telling me to show them my tits or suck their dick. Harassment is not respect and it has nothing to do with a woman’s look. It is sexism, it is violence, it is sick. Why the fuck would I want to attract the attention of those fuckers?
- This, I must admit, is annoying. At one of my old jobs, I was told that I didn’t have “the right look” and, yes, statistically speaking, fat women have a lower chance of getting a job than a thinner woman. But I still have a job and, as pathetic as it sounds, a job is a job is a job. I am not happy with flipping burgers, but this is part time. It is not permanent. It pays the bills and I’m okay with that. But seriously though, before you tell me to lose weight, have you ever even wondered why employers even discriminate in the first place? Did you know that is illegal? I am a hard-ass worker and a damn good employee. If my employer can’t see through my fat, it is their fucking loss. And they should really change their policies before somebody sues.
- Um. No. Fuck you. I am a woman and I’m “supposed” to be beautiful? You’re a man. You’re supposed to grow a beard, get beefy as fuck, and chop wood all day. That’s what I like in a man and therefore that is what you’re supposed to do, right? Asshole.
- Bitch, I can squat 150 lbs with my eyes closed. I can swim 20 laps non-stop and tackle you to the ground in a rugby match. I can touch my fucking toes and do the fucking splits. Can you do that? Do you even fucking lift? I eat the greenest, freshest, most delicious home-made meals that would make Dr.Oz jizz in his pants. I am one fit and healthy motherfucker and I just so happen to be fat. I know you’ve been bombarded with stereotypes of the fat lazy bum and the fit skinny runner, but that’s all they are: stereotypes. They don’t mean shit. But hey, if you still don’t believe me, I would be happy to prove how strong I am in a boxing ring. Call me anytime. And if you really gave such a damn about my health, why don’t you care about my mental health? Why are you so fixated with only my physical health? Do you have any idea how hurtful your attitude and discrimination is? Do you have any idea how much I had to work on my self-esteem, self-worth, self-love because of your sick body ideals? Do you have any idea how hard I had to convince myself that I am, indeed, fucking awesome and beautiful, even though I am fat? You hypocritical fuck.
I think this is one of my longest rants ever, but I’ve kept this shit pent up for a long ass time and it feels good to get it out. People really need to stop treating fat people like shit. We’re not asking for anything but your respect. And stop judging! Stop discriminating! Stop stereotyping! A fat person can do and be anything he/she wants. A fat woman can be strong and graceful, not pathetic and weak; a fat man can be stoic and hardworking, not loud and lazy. Not all fat people are nice. Not all fat people are pushovers.
If a fat person is happy with being fat, it is none of your fucking business. If a fat person wants to lose weight, it is none of your fucking business. Whatever a person does with or feels about their body, fat or not, it is none of your fucking business. And don’t start with the “fat people require more taxes” bullshit. You know as well as I do how dumb that argument is (and if you don’t believe that, then I will gladly send you a shit ton of information on why it is).
You can come up with a list of reasons on why I should lose weight or why you don’t like fat people. All I know is that you’re an asshole for it and you’re just as bad as any other bigot who discriminates and hates.
And to my fellow fat brothers and sisters, the content of your character defines your worth. Period. Never let anyone make you feel like garbage. And, seriously man, do what makes you happy. It’s what inside that counts, yes, but if dying your hair blue or wearing that polka-dot bikini makes you feel like a million bucks, just fucking do it, man. You shouldn’t stop yourself from doing what you love because society is a sac of douches and pricks. Travel the world. Dance. Play a sport. Go clubbing. Ask that hottie out. Have fun, for crying out loud. You only have so much time to live. Don’t waste it hiding from the world, especially from assholes who don’t even deserve a second of your time. They’re not worth it.

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why'd you always wanna punch yoongi lmao

i’ll tell you why.

min yoongi

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he is the punching bag i wish to own because he is adorably annoying

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he makes everyone suffer with the way he performs

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and then him at fansign events are rude af because he thinks he’s so cool :”))

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there’s also the compilation of this nasty turtle tongue YUCK

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how he casually speaks about his ideal type

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and how he can casually pull off with any hair color






blue (i know its blue damn lighting lol)

he could go purple and it will still look good on him!!!

and just the way he genuinely smiles :”33

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aaaaaaaaaaand we cant forget his bitch stare XDD

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ughhh there’s lots to say about why i wanna punch this man every time i see his pictures or videos and even gifsets on my dash. i just wanna punch him forever because he is so irresistible not to. and if i can bite his cheeks, i would!

Hey guys. I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut recently. Honestly, this is the first thing I’ve semi-completed in months. As I’m sure some of you don’t know, I suffer from something called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). In simple terms, it can describe one who experiences moderate to severe symptoms of depression throughout winter or summer. For me, winters triggers this. I get extremely depressed to the point where I self-harm (at some point. I’m past that now) and contemplate suicide. Because of this I get very little motivation to draw what-so-ever, so I apologize for the lack of inactivity. 

But look!! Spring is here and summer is on the horizon! My mood is finally starting to perk up and I’ve been a lot cheerier lately. I’m not quite back into the rhythm of drawing yet, but I’m getting there. Here’s a quick sketch I did of some Sansy. This was a fun perspective to work with. I apologize that it’s not fully done. I might come back to it to actually finish it up, but for now have this. 

I’m so sorry for the longest ramble. All winter I’ve been trying to figure out why I was so depressed to the point where I concluded it was for attention even though it wasn’t. This led to a lot of self-hatred and low self-esteem. But now I know it’s definitely not for attention, and it’s just the seasons screwing with my brain. hahahahahaha……Enjoy. 

Deviantart: shimmerpop.deviantart.com

(psst. hey…if ya, um, if ya play any Destiny on the ps3 and wanna join me for a couple of missions and whatnot just message me~ I’m looking for people to play with but imma bit shy. *cries*)

  • Look I just want to complain or rant, or whatever you call it, about something.
  • It's about OTP's.
  • Well... My OTP's.
  • They just don't excist or they break up.
  • Let's start with Camiego. They don't excist. I know, there is already Diecesca. But who cares about Diecesca??
  • ...
  • Seems like I'm the only one who doesn't care but I'm fine with that. But okay lets continue. Diego would makes a perfect couple with almost every girl in Violetta. And he flirted with Violetta, Francesca, Ludmila (and maybe with some other girls??). But the bitch couldn't firt with Camila?? But I do know that Camila has feelings for him. It's just obvious okay.
  • The way she looks at him. The way she smiles at him. The way she HUGS him. And I've already said this but she technically said 'I love you' to Diego so...
  • Sorry for that...
  • Shit this is already pretty long... Is someone still reading this??
  • Okay that's enough about Camiego. Let's talk about Zavier.
  • You probably don't know Zavier (Zoila x Javier). That's my otp from the show Devious Maids. So Zoila was married to a guy called Pablo. In season 2 they split and Zoila met a new guy, Javier. They started dating and stuff and in season three she got pregnant and Javier proposed to her. BUT the baby isn't Javier's. It's Pablo's baby. That son of a bitch...
  • But Zoila never told Javier bc she was scared that he would leave her. But at the wedding she decided to tell the truth and he left her.
  • So long story short, Zavier failed.
  • And now the last one! It's a bit shorter. I think.
  • Jerisol (Jesse x Marisol). Also from Devious Maids. Jesse was Marisol's maid but I could see that they were into each other so that's why I ship them . Turns out Jesse is an aggressive lil' bitch. And in the last episode I saw him with a gun. I already know this is going to end bad too... 😩
  • But why tho!!! Always with my otp's.
  • I just hope Jazton will be canon and will actually WORK OUT.
  • Shiiit...

My mind is a wreck, and I want it to stop spinning. So here’s a huge personal rant on my life, feel free to skip right over it if you don’t like it. That means you, Tyler Scherer.

I have always been a very passionate person, when it comes to my art, work, and particularly love. I care deeply and genuinely about each, and I’ve always prided myself in doing so. Lately though, I’m wondering if that’s really the way to live. For example, two of my best friends have been dating since 5th grade, and there’s no doubt they’ll marry. And they’re happy and that’s so wonderful, but their time together has rarely been something of excitement or passion. I would never be content with how mundane their relationship is. On the other hand, I’ve always enjoyed dating, I always enter a new relationship with the idea of a clean slate, and in turn I’ve been in love twice. And by in love I mean in the sense that they were my best friend, I would do anything for them, and feeling like you literally have everything you need in your arms. The first time we didn’t know how to grow up together without growing apart, and the second time the rug got painfully pulled out from under me. The healing process becomes so painful that I seriously have to ask, is it worth it? 

Growing up I was dealt a terrible deck of cards, but I never let it stop me from getting out and doing what I wanted with my life. Now I’m out away in Pittsburgh, and twice in the past two months I’ve found myself in the absolute gutter, which is a really scary place. I never thought I’d be the type of person to even consider the idea of being worthless based on one person’s actions, but I can’t help it. But then I read this quote, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional” and I decided to do something about it. I cut the toxic people from my life in every way I was able to. 

Giving up on something or someone is the worst feeling in the world, especially when you care about it for so long. I don’t give up, period, and although so much of this was out of my hands, it feels like the past year just slipped through my fingers. It has been the most liberating and absolutely frightening experiences, but I constantly have to remind myself I love the idea of what I thought we had and the terrible place I found myself in just two weeks ago.

Now I’m moving on best I can, but I’m having a really hard time. Usually music is my only constant, but I can’t find any song that helps. I’m constantly looking for answers to explain how I feel, but I know I know it just needs time. Which brings me to my other point.

I’ve always had the philosophy of living each day to the fullest, and after Steve passed away I’ve absolutely stressed this idea. So giving things time to “become okay” seems so contradictory to me, I want to move forward and not just be okay, but be great. For example, I think it’s safe to say I’ll move on with someone new in the future, and it’ll be wonderful.

So if this is the case, why do I have a guy I click with really well pursuing me, and I’m freaking out? Normally it’s something I love, but learning a new person has been so scary. I love the idea of it, but once it all starts happening I just want it to stop. 

And this idea of happiness is so abstract to me. Yesterday, I woke up with such a sense of possibility, and after a wonderful day of nothing spectacular, but just friends and sunshine, I was happy. And I thought, I’m really going to be okay. And now a day later, I’m in so much pain thinking about everything. I read somewhere: what is healing, but a shift in perspective? WELL SHIFT, PERSPECTIVE. 

I wanna touch the sky
I wanna ponder how they fly
And not why you said goodbye. 

Please feel free to message me you thoughts, if you’ve ever felt this way, or if you think I’m being a complete idiot, that’s cool too.