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Scenario where u live with mark in an apartment and u try to reach something but u cant cuz ur short and mark "makes fun of u"

First of all, to the anon I’m sorry for using ‘babe’ in here!! I personally feel like that suits Mark better than saying ‘jagiya’. I hope this is ok with you!! If not please do let me know, and I’ll fix it for next time :D

The flowers are in full bloom, birds are out and the sun is out. It’s spring, the best season for cleaning the house and getting everything ready to look more bright and fun.

“MARRRRRRRRK!” You yelled from the living room. There was no reply from him, all you could hear was the sound of the birds chirping. It was almost 11am and he was still in bed, you were not up for cleaning the house by yourself, especially not after how he was the one to bring up the job last night.

You walked into the bed room and, sure enough he was still fully asleep, he looked so cute all cuddled up to the pillow it was a waste to wake him up…. “YAH WAKE UPPPPP!!” you yelled, still no movement. You slowly closed up to him and poked his cheek, still nothing, “I wonder if you’d notice if I was kidnapped when you’re asleep…” you were about to poke him again when he suddenly grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him.

“so who’s the poor sucker whose gonna kidnap you?” you hit him on his chest, “excuse me! He would be lucky to have me thank you very much!!” you said, this made him laugh more than you expected him to, “yah! Seriously!? You’re such a meanie, first you pretend to be asleep and now you laugh at me!! You’re a meanie!!”

“aigooooo!!! You’re so cute that’s why I’m laughing, and to be honest I was asleep till someone yelled me to wake up! Sooo technically this is all your fault!!” You struggled to get up from the bed, and he would not budge, he was giving you a bear hug, “let gooooo!!!” still nothing, “so, what made you wake up so early?”

“oh you know, I was too bored to sleep is all… Mark tuan get your memory checked!” he was taken aback, right when he woke up his cute little girlfriend was being all sassy on him. “YOU wanted to do the spring cleaning TOGETHER today, do you not remember?”

“AAHHHH! My bad, my bad! I’m sorry!! Forgive me?” he said with that cute puppy look. This look was deadly, sadly you had no escape from this, you caved “fine! Fine! Get up now, I’ll make breakfast and then we’ll start cleaning!” and he nodded, he was happy as a child.

You were almost done with the eggs and the bacon when mark hugged you from behind, “smells good babe!” he said as he gave you a kiss on the cheek before letting go. He got the table ready with the orange juice. You were soon done with breakfast and were in full gear to clean the apartment.

You wore a mask to be safe from the dust, and had on one of marks shirts, it looked like a dress on you since he has a long upper body and well…you weren’t exactly the tallest. He also wore a mask to protect himself from the dust. You started from your bedroom, when you were done the bedroom looked like a whole new world, usually there are clothes everywhere but not today! “Wonder how long this’ll last!” and Mark answered with “give me till later tonight!!” of course, what were you expecting!

Then you both cleaned the washroom, which ended up with a lot of products being thrown out. Then the living room and finally to the kitchen you went. Everywhere else you clean occasionally, not including the washroom of course because that needs to be cleaned once a week or more. However, the kitchen not so much, well the cupboards at least. Mark decided to take a break and leave the kitchen to you, since you’re the one who’s in charge of making food and “kitchen stuff” he said. He was sitting on the couch on his phone.

You started cleaning the lower areas first and then got to the cabinets and the higher areas. You were fine for the first shelf and maybe the second shelf too, however the third one was the struggle. But you were a ‘strong independent girl who needs no man’ (lol I’m sorry it fit here) ok that’s a lie…kinda, well Mark was too busy on his phone and you didn’t wanna go ask for help. So you decided to climb on the lower area and you were struggling. The man who was too focused on the phone suddenly decided to pay attention as he was laughing his butt off.

“what are you doing Y/N?” he said between his laughing, you dropped to the floor after giving up and also because you wanted to beat up Mark, “such a shawty!” he said as he ruffled your hair. You stepped on his toes in anger and he yelped in pain.

“You deserve it!! I know I’m short without you saying it sheesh!” You walked away in anger and he was in too much of a pain to follow you. But he recovered soon, he called out your name and you were nowhere to be found in the house. The one place where you went to when you were angry was the playground, so he walked there and sure enough you were there sitting on a bench.

To get to you fast he cut through the playground and he was too focused on how to get you to not be mad at him and he totally missed the monkey bars as he ran towards you. All you heared was a “BANG” and Mark falling on the ground holding his forehead.

You ran to him, but not without laughing hysterically, “aigooo my baby! Are you ok?” you asked as you could’ve sworn those were tears in his eyes. You felt so bad for him, you applied pressure on the bump and put some ice on it. His head was on your lap as you held the ice pack on his forehead “are you done crying now?” you asked him, you enjoyed bullying him a bit, after all it was a revenge for laughing at you for being short.

“I WAS NOT CRYING!! YOU TRY HITTING YOUR HEAD ON A METAL AND TELL ME IF YOU DON’T TEAR UP!” wow.. that was the longest angry sentence he has ever said to you in one breath, “Mark, you sure you’re ok? Oh and I’m too SHORT to do that so HA! We have our perks too” you said as you stuck your tongue at him. He quickly got up from your lap “yah! You just hit your head what are you doing? Lay back down!” He wasn’t listening; he just grabbed the ice pack and put it on himself.

“ok ok I’m sorry for calling you short! But you’re the perfect size to hug and kiss!” wow he must’ve hit his head pretty hard now, saying these cheesy things and such, “ok…maybe we should go see a doctor! You might have internal injuries!” He flicked your forehead, “I’m being serious! And hey your height gives me the perfect opportunity to sneak in hugs when you can’t reach something!”

Ohhhh you thought! Now that makes sense why he comes running when you can’t grab something, and he usually gives you a hug instead of grabbing it for you, “You’re an idiot you know that! A big fat idiot!” He pinched your cheeks as he laid back on your lap and said “yah yah! I think you’re contagious in the idiocy!” Thank god he was injured or he would’ve been in much more pain right now.

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