longest legs ever

the brightest star in the sky 


because of course you met her at a club, at a party hosted by a friend of a friend of a friend who you didn’t really know but your buddy dragged you along–and didn’t he understand you had to study, to make up for years and years of lost time because your parents always told you that you were the brightest star in the sky–but finally you caved and you’ve never been happier because she has the shiniest dark hair and the longest legs you’ve ever seen and when you ask to buy her a drink she looks you up and down and then she downs her drink in one go, tells you to bring her a whiskey, and then dances next to you all night long.

and you know you’re not the brightest and most perfect star in the sky, whatever your dearest mother told you, but you’re also not an idiot and you can see the outline of a long thin stick in her jacket as you help her into it but you don’t care because her eyes are bright blue and laughing and her nose turns up and you want to spend days dropping kisses onto it so you let it go, ignore it, wait for her to talk about it if she feels ready.

and when she finds out who your cousin is she freezes and those laughing blue eyes turn to ice but you kiss her nose and wind your fingers around that curly dark hair and tell her she did nothing worse than you ever did, and she did better too: she was trying to save her world, but you were only ever trying to limit the scope of yours.

and so she shows you all the brightest stars in the sky because she aced (o-ed?) her astronomy exams and she gives you strangely-colored potions when you overwork yourself at the gym and sometimes she joins you there, hitting the punching bags with more force than skill–and she has a surprising amount of skill.

and when you take her to meet your parents she wears the most demure pink sundress you’ve ever seen, with white eyelet lace and a tiny pink hat and her eyes aren’t laughing but gleaming because she kept all her hard edges but now she has a hint of fun behind her systematic destruction of everything your parents have ever believed about wizards and you watch as your mother falls in love with her and her pretty pink dress before your mother realizes that you didn’t bring home a drooping violet.

because pansy is the exact opposite of her name and you love her for it (and for the look on your cousin’s face when you bring her as your plus one to his wedding).