longest legs ever

she understands nothing will change.
You will always be the farthest star
in her solar system;
the longest homestretch
her legs will ever endure.
She knows she will always be chasing sunrises
in hopes you will be under them.

And you won’t be.

But there is no use
in prying hope
from a poet’s fingers;
there is no reward
for cutting down wind chimes–
the song
will still be there,
—  Schuyler Peck, 67th

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I've just watched Grease and all I could think about was how deeply we need a bughead/grease fic (Love your fics by the way)

I’ll try! Thankyou!

“Dibs!” Reggie Mantle came scrambling through the cafeteria doors, Moose Mason had his arms around the Asian boys neck.

“No way! I saw her first. You can’t call dibs you only saw the back of her!”

Reggie grinned goofily, adjusting his collar
“And that is all I needed to see my friend.” He wiggled his eyebrows as Moose pouted dramatically.

“Whatever, it ain’t like she’ll go for a turkey like you anyway, hey Jughead! Archie! ready for another year at Riverdale High?”
Moose was gentle and definitely the sweetest of all the Serpents, he was dumb as a bag of rocks but he was loyal to a fault.

Archie was leaning lazily against the table, his guitar slung over his back, hair perfectly coiffed back and a switchblade in his hand.

“Sure am. I’m finally gonna get Ronnie Lodge to let me in that tiny little skirt of hers.” Archie Andrews was cocky but there was a childish playfulness he carried on his shoulders, it’s what made he and Jughead the perfect pair of Best friends.

Reggie high fived the redhead and turned to Jughead who was casually sitting on top of the table

“What about you Jughead? You meet any birds this summer?”

They all looked up to the dark haired leader of the group. He had an air about him that made him desirable, his effortless aura and dangerous eyes made girls want to have him and guys want to be him.

A cigarette dangled from his lips, the heavy leather jacket snug on his broad shoulders, his hair was similar to Archie’s minus the fact that one strand seemed to always be dangling in the handsome bad boys face.

“Met myself a real pretty doll. Spent the whole summer with her.” His smirk is wicked but in actuality she’s all that’s run through his mind since the week she left.

Jughead Jones met Betty Cooper the second week of summer, he had been working at the Drive in movie theatre just a few feet away from sweet water river when he saw her. The damn near prettiest cat on this side of town.

She was the kind of girl his sister used to cut out pictures of in magazines, Jellybean would tape cut up pictures of blonde long legged models from Better Homes and Gardens magazine all over her bedroom. Betty Cooper had the longest legs he’d ever seen on a chick, tanned, toned and put on display in her high waisted navy blue swimsuit. He could remember vividly they way her pinned back honey blonde curls had fallen down her back as she laid her towel by the river, perfect view from Jugheads projection booth.

It took about two days before he had the courage to speak to her, I mean he was The Jughead Jones and here he was getting all types of tongue tied in front of some bird.

He’d stormed over to her, running a comb through his wavy locks
“Hey pretty lady, whaddaya say I treat you to a malt at Pops?”

She had looked at him from under her sunglasses before she gripped his hand and tugged him towards the water

“Well, I’d much rather swim.”

That’s what started it all, Jughead was soaked to the bone still in his leather jacket as Betty bounced through the waves, the two teens laughing until their stomachs hurt. It had been an amazing summer but eventually it had to end, Betty would be going the private school in Pembrooke and Jughead would be back in Riverdale. Their last kiss overlooking the water was still burned on his lips.

“You go all the way with her?” Archie broke him out of his thoughts, all three boys leaning into head Jugheads answer.

With a fake laugh and a cocky shrug of his shoulders Jughead grinned

“You could say it was a summer of love.”

All three boys Hollered and clapped him on the back.

“Yeah well, I’ll bet your chick had nothing on the new girl, betcha ain’t never seen legs like this before.” Reggie was practically drooling “I only knows that because she tripped in the hall and her skirt went flying, swear to god I almost got a look at her.. panties.”

Jughead rolled his eyes, he’d had all the girls in this school and none of them were even close to what he had with Betty.

“Speaking of birds, here come the Pink Ladies.”
Moose bent forward his eyes nearly hugging out at Cheryl Blossoms way too short skirt. “Hey! They got the new girl with them!” He shouted over his shoulder. Jughead grinned, sauntering forward to meet his ex flame.

“Cheryl Blossom” he acknowledged a cocky smirk gracing his features. She grinned right back, Cheryl had been fun but the girl was way too much like himself. Reggie swooped in and gripped her hand

“Summer did you real nice Cheryl.” He grinned snakeshily.

“Save it Reggie, I’m just here to introduce you to our new friend well …maybe not so new from what I’ve heard.

Suddenly Veronica was shoving Betty forward as she stumbled in her Mary Janes, landing directly in front of Jughead, his eyes widened almost comically as he clutched Betty’s waist

“Betty?! What are you doing here? I thought you were going to Pembrooke.”

He had the goofiest smile on his face as she laughed daintily

“My father transferred, I’m going to River dale now!” She clutched his upper arms

Jughead opened his mouth to speak but the clearing of throats behind him and confused faces of his friends shook him out of his Betty induced trance, he took a step back pulling his comb back out and laughing deeply, the noise sounding foreign even to him. He had a reputation to uphold and he wasn’t about to let some chick wreck that for him.

“That’s cool baby, maybe I’ll catch you around.” He replied lazily.

Betty’s eyes went wide
“But Jughead.. why are you acting like this, this isn’t you.” The look of hurt and betrayal broke his heart as he tore his eyes away.

“This is me baby, I’m just being Jughead.”

Betty took a shuddering breathe and stepped away.

“Well if this is who you are I don’t want to know you. Goodbye Jughead Jones.” Her bright green eyes filled with tears as she ran away Veronica shooting him a nasty glance as she ran after her new friend.

Cheryl shook her head

“You’re one hell of a guy Jones.” With that she turned, Josie and Valerie hot on her tail.

He watched them go, a lump heavy in his chest before he turned back to his friends.

“What a weird chick.” He cleared his throat.

It was silent for a moment before Archie responded

“She was a pretty bird though.”

Earning a smack on the head from his heart broken best friend.

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do you have any tips for learning to stylise animals? I have a habit of drawing them too realistically, and want to learn to style them more simple & effectively. Yours are awesome so I thought I'd ask the best :')

I took half an hour aside to hopefully make something which might help you (or might confuse you further) .

Alright, so you need to start thinking of animals as shapes, and not so much as animals. Here’s a bog-standard but ugly as ass pony for you.

You need to start seeing this pony as this. Mr Pons is showing his main shapes. His head is circles and connecting lines. Every part of him needs to be some sort of polygon which you can envision with your head.

All of those shapes can be pulled or pushed to make something new. I took our ugly ass Mr Pons and made him into some hunky warrior horse. So you’re wondering, what the hell Velle, how the heck did you get him there. Well, his shapes are still the same.

I just made them larger and pulled those lines out. Every straight line that connects the dots can be bent, every shape can be pulled, misshapen or distorted. You can also squash elements. As you can see, I moved his legs up, I gave him shorter limbs. Shorter and stockier can mean stronger which is what I was aiming for.

Alternatively we could pinch those lines in and make a pretty weak looking animal. I mean look, he has basically no ass. This is kind of where your foundations in anatomy start to play a major role, even though I pinched this animal a lot you can still look at it and think “That’s a horse.” His neck is still long, his withers are still prominent, it still holds himself with a good posture.

Anyway, moving on… I find the best way to get a good but unique sort of characterisation of a animal is to pull, push, bend and pinch. I will distort each part. This horse is a combination of strong characteristics, and weaker characteristics. He is pretty balanced, but he ended up as strong horse who might have some speed which his light limbs. I want a fellow like this one to pull me in a carriage as I drink Champagne or some fizz or something.

Another good way to characterise an animal is to exaggerate areas which stands out to you. So this is a quick sketch of my cat Winnie who is currently asleep next to me. She’s a pretty standard looking cat to most people.

Working on that image I made something which is more of a play on how I like to describe her to other people. When I describe her to other people I usually revert to, “She has large ears, chunky cheeks, kind of skinny with a saggy belly, long black tail and teeny white toes.” There we go, we have our aim. If look at that description and look at the image below you can see where I forced out those characteristics.

I quickly slopped some colours in for you guys because my cat is adorable ok.

Also being cruel to their image can make you draw a really good representation of them. Here’s my brothers pug bitch Frankie. As you can see, I was not kind at all in drawing her. I made her wall eye really obvious, squished her face since pugs are just a big squish, chunked her neck out since she has a shit tonne of skin there and gave her these long ass legs. Seriously, this dog has the longest legs I’ve ever seen on a pug. However taking how mean I was, it works in a representation of her. She is a just a big happy wrinkle with a lot of quirks.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful, if at all. It’s not an easy process to explain and I glossed over it, but yeah… Enjoy!

Oh my god @dancingalone21 well you just about got me feelin’ better. Dean can be “H2-Ahhhh” and Sammy can be “Captain Thunder”…I don’t even know…blame the cold lmao it’s clouding up my senses.

Ladies and Gentlemen, WARNING, TEASING, LANGUAGE, SEXUAL IMPLICATIONS below the cut.

Dynamic Duo

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peanut butter

pairing: ontae (jinki / taemin), pals!taekey (kibum / taemin)
genre: humor
rating: pg-13 (language)
word count: 1460
summary: taemin makes the best sandwiches
a/n: for @eyes0ny0u inspired by this post

the first time it happened it took taemin a full minute to stop blinking at the man who appeared in front of him.  mostly because he appeared in the thickest, fluffiest sweater he had ever seen, face disappearing beneath the pale green cashmere folds & hands nonexistent.  in the middle of june.

“what are you…what are you wearing?”, he asked with a frown. the guy’s face sunk even lower into his sweater.

“nothing,” came the muffled reply.

“what?”  the guy’s eyes grew wide & he poked his head back out.

“a sweater,” he corrected, “i was cold.”

“it’s june.”  the guy glanced around, nodding at taemin’s kitchen.


“it’s 35 degrees.”


“but you’re cold?”


“ok…”  the guy kept nodding, looking around the kitchen before finally catching taemin’s eye.

“oh!” he said in surprise, as though he’d forgotten taemin was there. “um…so i’m a demon & you summoned me?”

“what?” taemin asked, frowning, more confused by the summoning than the idea of a demon in his kitchen.  what the fuck had he touched now?

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Girls Do It Better (Snowbaz, gender swap)


A lot of things are unfair in this world.

The Humdrum stealing magic. Illness, poverty, war, discrimination is always on the list. Something unfair is when someone who is so beautiful is an evil plotting vampire. Tryphosia Bastet Grimm Pitch is the vainest, grandiose, and fancy person in the world who has tried to kill me numerous times and even pushed me down the stairs. This super villain had the longest legs ever and she wears heels to rub in the fact that I am a penguin in heels. The devil does wear Prada.

“And we set of frogs on fire using kitten fur as the kindling.”
“Wait, what?” I turn my attention to Perry who was sitting next to me.
“Oh, now she is listening to me. Look, Jasper, now she is finally listening to me.” I look at Perry and Jasper, who I didn’t notice arrived with his food. “You were staring Bastet again,” Jasper commented while shaking his protein powder in his drink.

“I was not,” I say, defending myself. Perry looked at me, shaking his head. “Your scone has been half way to your mouth for half a minute. That is half a minute too long for you hold a scone in your hand without eating it.” I take an angry bite of my scone before dropping my scone back on my plate. “You don’t get it. She stayed up for 3 hours yesterday with a single notebook. Don’t you think that is suspicious?”
“No. She was studying.”
“She was not studying, she was plotting.” I insisted.

Jasper sighed and sipped on his drink, wincing at the taste. I tried it once, I don’t know how he puts up with it. “Well, I am not saying that she is completely innocent and all, but I think you are getting way too paranoid with her over something she may not have done.” I feel like my insides turned a little cold for a moment but then grab my scone with extra butter and bite into it, following with my extra sweet tea. Just to rub it into Jasper who has a special diet he needs to hold for a few weeks for his lacrosse magical school championship. “Alright, guys. I am going to have to go. I promised to get to training early.” Jasper got up and left with his tan colored drink.

Perry looked at me and Jasper a few times. “Is there something happening between you two? That seemed unusually harsh.” I shrug, looking down to my food, avoiding Perry’s harsh glance. “It is nothing.” I didn’t want to talk about it and looked over at Baz, sitting with Naia and Devin. She noticed me looking and gave me a slight smirk before ignoring me completely. How dare she.


I could feel Sophia’s eyes on me every now and then, it was frustrating because I cannot slouch or relax even a little bit. If I don’t look picture perfect each time she looks, she won’t make that adorable grumpy face at me. I have been in quite the good mood this morning because of the relationship drama unfolding. I honestly cannot see what she sees in him, regardless of being gay. He seems like such a cliché on what is traditionally considered attractive and he is vain enough to agree with the fact. I finish my tea and head out, I could catch Sophia watch me leave. I headed outside to the lacrosse field.

         Jasper was stretching in the main field as some other guys were in the changing rooms. Passing the changing room is always unpleasant. The horrid things they say about girls. I have trained them not whistle after kicking someone in the balls in front of the whole team for ‘flirting’ with me. What kind of pick up line is “I know what you really want”? I really wanted to see him crying on the ground clutching his nuts. I sighed and smiled.

“Jasper, could I have a word?” I asked, maintaining a smile.
“Look, the football team promised that we could have more time on the field while we have our championship coming up.”
“Oh, I am not here about the field times. I just wanted to say how amazing it was that the team pulled through to the championship. Many people had been sure our team couldn’t make it, but I saw how much practice you have been doing and was sure it could have happened.” Guys are so very simple, you praise them a little and laugh at their stupid jokes. I could see it worked when he softened up.

“Thank you, the team has been working hard.”
“But I notice you have been really working hard yourself, it is impressive. You scored half of all the goals last match.” I wasn’t there, I just heard it. I couldn’t care any less.
“Thanks.” He looked like he was about to say something else and I waited, wanting this to be over so I could do literally anything else. “Would you like to come with me to the game?” I felt my smile drop for a moment and regained it in a bit. This is something guys ask their girlfriends since the game is out of Watford. I smiled again. “Sophia wouldn’t be too happy to see me there.”
“Sophia isn’t really interested. She didn’t say anything about it since I told her. I thought you might be more interested since you play sports yourself and maybe understand this better?”

I pretended to think about it. “Sure, I will go.” No way in absolute hell would I go. “Yeah? Cool. I will let the coach know.”
“Yeah, right. Great.” Whatever. What does Sophia see in this ass? How dare he ask me? But I’d still rub this into her face to bother her. Depends on how well it works, I might actually have to go to drive it home. I turned around to leave and I caught Sophia running away really fast in the direction away from the field. I turned to look at Jasper but he didn’t seem to notice. I couldn’t help the guilt twisting in my stomach.


I ran until I reached my bed and fell right in, face planting into my pillow and starting to sob. I really didn’t want to cry but I couldn’t help it. My entire mouth was bitter and my magic burned so hot it made the taste worse. I tried to breathe and not start a fire.

I probably should have locked the door or went into the bathroom because I felt her come in. “Snow.” Her voice was very disapproving. “Fuck off, Baz.” I wanted to flip her off but I couldn’t let her look at my face. “You cannot be this upset about a stupid guy.”

I sat up, furious. “How dare you? You are the one who went over to him and started flirting with him. I see why all the girls think that you will steal their boyfriends.”
“I have no use for anyone’s boyfriend.” She said like the boyfriend part bothered her more than anything else. “It isn’t my fault that guys like me and girls have a problem with it.” That sounds so incredibly vain. I felt so horrible I got honest. “You are right.”
She looked at me like I said I murder kittens. “I am a horrible girlfriend and I didn’t give Jasper attention and I…” I was so upset that I didn’t notice her take her pillow and smack me so hard with it that I flew off the bed.

“What the hell?” Damn the pillow fight exception to the anathema. She smacked me with the pillow again. “I can ask the same fucking this, Snow.” She threw the pillow outside. “What self-respecting girl blames herself for her boyfriend flirting back to someone?”
“So you admit you were flirting!”
“I fully admit I was flirting. I have no interest in him. I wouldn’t have done it if he would have flirted back.”
“You don’t even like him?” I demand.
“Not in the least bit.”
“That is even worse. You are leading him on by going with him!”
She rolled her eyes. “I am not going with him in any way, I never planned to.”
“Go fall in a ditch.”
I take my pillow and shove my face back into it. “Snow.”
“I am ignoring you.”
“You are not able to ignore me.” I sat up and glare at her. “Why do you tease guys this way when they like you? You went to the dance fifth year alone.”
“I was not alone, I was with Devin. Don’t say that like no one asked me. I got asked more than you did.” She has to always find something to rub into my face. “Why do you tease guys? This is why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

I really should have seen the pillow coming this time. “Ow!”
“I don’t want a bloody boyfriend!” She protested. I realize I shouldn’t mess with her business but I still wanted to know. “Why not?”
“Because I am gay.”
I think the world froze over a little and I was stuck with nothing to say. With that, she stormed out and I was left deep in thought, frustrated that I did not know.


Why did I decide to tell her? She would get extra paranoid with me. I don’t really care, I was not closeted, I just don’t wear a pride flag for a cape. I head outside and shiver at the cold since I took off my jacket in the room but kept walking away. I hate her so fucking much. Why does she need to be everything I could ever want?

         The space under the tree was free so I lay on the cold grown and look up at the sky and try to calm down. I need to feed tonight. My thoughts wandered and returned to Sophia. I give up. I cannot do this anymore. Each time I hurt her, I feel the pain on my own flesh and consciousness. “BAZ!” I hear her loud voice call out for me. How dare she interrupt my self-loathing.

I opened my eyes to find her already standing over me. I fight the urge to slide down a little and look up her skirt. “What do you want, Snow?”
“Why did you tell me?” I close my eyes and groan. “It is not a secret. I am not in the closet.”
“But you don’t…ugh…”
“If you say don’t look gay or something on the lines of that, I will kick you.”
“No. I, well, I…”
“If you are going to stand over me and mumble, I am leaving.” I already sit up to leave.
“Baz… I just… I…” If I had any blood in me, I’d blush. Her fumbling is irritating but incredibly endearing. I get up and start walking away. “Baz, wait!”
She chased after me, taking steps half the length of my marches. “Don’t follow me. I want to be alone.”
I suddenly feel her hand grab mine and that got me to stop, looking down at her hand and back at her. “Sorry.” She, unfortunately, pulls it away. “Snow, if you have something to tell me, go on ahead.” She couldn’t say anything so I felt before she could gather her thoughts.


I didn’t know what I wanted to say but when I figured it out, I realized that I wanted to talk to Jasper instead. I meet him after practice. “Hey, can we talk?” I ask. He walked in a sleeveless shirt in the cold weather after getting over heated at practice. “What’s up?”
“Why did you ask Baz to go with you instead of me?”
He looked at me like I said something weird. “Oh, come on. You don’t want to go. You have your own troubles. You care about Baz than you do about me.”
“That is not true!”
“It is too true. I know you have real things to do but you spend most of your time keeping tabs on Baz. So why do you need me?”
“What does that supposed to mean?”
“It means you never care what is going on with me.”
I get angry. “Well, you never care about what I do either! You always dismiss whenever I say anything about Baz when I honestly think she is up to no good.”
“Again with Baz. I cannot listen anymore.”
“Then don’t!” I turn in the other direction and start walking away. “If you really don’t care about me then I really cannot do this anymore.” All I could do was keep walking away.

In the return to the room and find Baz already in there since she must have gotten cold. She looked less pale than she did when she was outside. “I just broke it off with Jasper.”
“Congratulations.” She sat at her desk and was repainting her nails from black to a blood red. I flopped onto my bed. I was mad at Jasper. I was mad at Baz, partly because she is the root of the fight and because she can paint her nails perfectly without ever making a mess.

She got up and took a bag of crisps and threw it at me. “Here. Stop looking like you are bruised little rabbit. It is getting on my nerves. Do what most girls do during a breakup, starting with food.”
“Since when are you the comforting character from romcoms?” I opened the bag and started eating.
“I think you are confusing me with someone else. I am the alcoholic who is always with wine.” She pulls out 3 bottles from behind her desk. “How did you sneak that in?!”
“I turned into a bat and snuck it in.”
“I honestly have no idea if you are kidding or not.”
“And you will never know. Now don’t fight me, I am getting you drunk. Just because it is on my bucket list to see you drunk.”

I found myself taking one of the two completely full mugs of wine.

We finished the 3 bottles completely, finishing up the last one completely straight from the bottle. We ended up on the floor, laughing about nothing. Baz is more of a light weight than I expected. The room was swimming a little.

We were too close. I didn’t think when I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back right away. “Do you turn bi when you’re drunk?” She laughed.
“I don’t think the alcohol did that.” And we kissed again.


“Imagine: Audrey notices you getting a bit cozy with another girl at a party and her jealousy makes you quite amused.” 

Inspired by Shampain by Marina and the Diamonds

warnings: none :) just kissing lmao [ps: i rewrote the entire fucking thing again and it was so long before. this is proof i love audrey with all my soul♥]

[I do not own the gif above!]


The party wasn’t that great, whatever you were drinking was absolutely disgusting and you’re friends hadn’t arrived. 

The blonde girl in front of you had the longest legs you had ever seen. Honestly, it had to be a crime to have legs that long. She also had a habit of twisting the ends of her curls in a playful, sultry way.

She had been entertaining you with funny stories about her trip to Cuba for the last twenty minutes. She was quite hilarious and didn’t seem to have a negative thought in her head. Her name was Wanda? No. Wendy. Needless to say, you had been drinking for a little while and weren’t completely in your right mind. 

It also wasn’t everyday that girls like Wendy bothered talking to you. In fact, not many girls in general. You weren’t even generally interested in her, she wasn’t your type one bit. 

“So you are friends with the six, right? I’ve seen you around school hanging out with them. Everyone is sort of… intimidated by you guys. It’s so weird to just talk to you and realize you’re a regular person.” Wendy tucked a blonde lock of hair behind her ear and smiled nervously at the ground. 

Her words surprised you, making you raise your brow with a small smile. It made sense but you hadn’t really thought about it before. When you first came to the school, everyone was in such a mess about the recent murders and wouldn’t even look at the Lakewood six without whispering among their friends. You were the only one brave enough to talk to them and treat them like human beings, leading you to quickly becoming close to them. You were far closer with Audrey than the rest of them, but they were all important to you. 

“They are just normal people, you know. So am I, or at least I hope.”

“What about Audrey? What is she like?” The question was sort of odd but you figured that she was just generally curious about the six and you were the best person to ask. 

You had a billion answers to her question. Audrey was… everything? No, that sounded stupid. Audrey was your best friend. She was the girl that held your hair back when you drank too much. The girl that took videos of you when you weren’t looking and kept them on a special file on her computer. The girl that hogged the blankets when you slept over at her house, but still managed to wrap her arms around you and keep you warm. 

Audrey looked like the devil to a normal person, that much you understood. But around you, she was completely different. 

“Audrey is misunderstood, if you ask me. She looks scary half the time but I’ve never met anyone more similar to a cat in my life. I swear all that girl knows how to do is lie around on top of me and badger me for attention. She likes to play the scary-cool card, but I promise that she’s really sweet.”

Wendy muttered something under her breath that sounded like damn, and the two of you took a sip from your cheap, plastic cups at the same time. You were mostly still drinking to keep your mouth shut, realizing that your words were a little too… Suggestive. 

“So the guys at school are totally right. We’ve been placing bets for a month now and I guess this means I’ve lost.” 

You looked up at her with a startled expression and barely managed to swallow the alcohol, doing your best not to choke. Wendy looked both vaguely disappointed and impressed but you on the other hand were very, very confused. 

“Excuse me?”

“You and Audrey. You know, you’re together and all? It’s not that the intense staring and hardcore flirting went over my head, but I always thought it seemed like a little too much. Like you guys were just messing with us. The others were positive you two had a thing though. I owe them thirty bucks.”

People were placing bets on you and Audrey? The idea that people cared about your romantic lives was preposterous enough but about you and Audrey? What did she mean by hardcore flirting and the staring thing? Audrey and you were close friends, sure, but how did it even look like you were anything more?

You had never even considered it…

“No, you’re mistaken, honestly Audrey and I–”

“What are you guys talking about?”

Her voice came from directly behind you and you froze in your spot. She sounded genuinely upset but seemed to be attempting to hide it. You turned around and came face to face with her, trying to mask your surprised expression. 

Audrey’s hair was left natural, her dark bangs causally swept to the side. Though, you instantly noticed that she was wearing more make up than usual. She had started wearing make up recently but usually kept it minimal. That night however, she was wearing pale eyeshadow and highlighter? The look was flawless on Audrey but it wasn’t something you expected from her. 

“About you,” Wendy piped up. Audrey raised an eyebrow and gave you a hard look before she shifted to your side and rested her arm on your shoulder, leaning against you. Someone was feeling friendly that night.

“And you are?”

“Wendy! I’m a year under you guys. Pleasure to finally meet you. The guys at school are going to be impressed that I finally met the infamous Audrey and Y/N.”

Audrey didn’t look impressed. While the brooding, scary look worked very well with her dark features, you were beginning to get concerned for Wendy. 

Though despite that, Audrey was being a complete idiot. You clamped your mouth and tried not to smile at how hard she was obviously trying to look intimidating. 

“Great, now that you’ve been all cozy with her and you’ve met me, you can leave,” Audrey stated bluntly, her body inching slightly closer to your side. You glanced down at her arm that was still resting on your shoulder, beginning to get confused. “Are you done here?”

What was making her so upset? Audrey was cold sometimes, but she wasn’t straight up rude. Not unless she was hurt or struggling with something that she was keeping to herself. There was nothing for her to be hurt over and you couldn’t guess what she could have been struggling with. Was it your fault?

You were slightly worried that you had done something to bother her, but you were still trying not to laugh. All you could picture in your head was the other night when you and Audrey had snuck out to your elementary school. She had hung upside down on the monkey bars, her shirt caught on the underwire of her bra, showing off her toned stomach. You had laughed for ten minutes while she tried to keep her shirt up and get down at the same time. You had wrapped your arms around her middle and lifted her down, trying not to drop her head against the ground. 

What had changed in only a few nights? 

“I was just trying to have a conversation with, Y/N.” Wendy was clearly uncomfortable and avoiding Audrey’s gaze, turning to look at you. “I thought you said she was sweet or whatever. I’m second guessing that.” She stalked off  and disappeared into the kitchen so quickly that you didn’t have a single moment to comprehend her words. 

Audrey looked incredibly taken aback, pulling away from you and giving you a questioning look. You were speechless, trying to collect your thoughts and decide what was the best way to handle the situation. On one hand, you figured Wendy would get over it in a matter of minutes, but on the other hand, you hated the fact that she had insulted Audrey. Whether or not she sort of deserved it. 

“What the hell is wrong with you?” It was the only question you could manage without choking on your words. You suddenly felt almost too sober. Where had you left your cup again?

“With me? I wasn’t the one flirting with a junior and gossiping about my best friend!” 

You scoffed and shook your head incredulously. “Audrey, we weren’t flirting. We were just talking. As far as she knows, the two of us are so in love that we look like we’re faking it!” 

Your words hit Audrey like a brick to the face and she just stood there, looking dumbfounded and lost. You wished that you could have taken back the words and exchanged them for something a little less awkward but what was done was done. 

“Why does she think that?”

Apparently, all we do is stare at each other and flirt constantly.”

You ignored the fact that you were literally in the middle of staring contest with her and tried to focus on something else. Her hair, the soft curve of her cheeks or the gosh damn highlighter than made her face glow like she was an angel. 

Do not,” Audrey argued almost weakly, sounding more defensive than she already had. 

“Why are you trying to convince me?” 

She closed her mouth and looked in-between distressed and exhausted. Her lips curved downwards in a helpless pout and you acknowledged the fact that you had never seen Audrey look so distressed before. She was usually better at hiding her emotions, even around you. 

“What have I done to hurt you?” You were a moment from giving up, not knowing what else to do. Audrey would either explain or you’d have to give her time to figure things out. You were praying she would just be honest and let you know what was going on in her head. 

“I came here wearing make up and wearing your favourite jacket after thinking about you all day and then I saw you talking to some leggy blonde the minute I walked in. I’m sorry I’m such an idiot, I just don’t know how to think around you anymore.”

Your face went slack and your mind went back to the other night; lifting her down from the children’s equipment, your fingers splayed against her smooth stomach. You could still smell her vanilla body spray as if her skin was still so close. Her words created a flash of vivid feelings and you stood with a blank expression, trying to process them. 

“Blondes aren’t even my type,” you blurted out without thinking properly. 

Audrey still looked vaguely miserable but she laughed, somehow managing to still pout in the process. “Then who is?”

“I don’t think I’ve honestly ever considered it, Audrey. I’ve been so caught up in just loving your presence, loving our relationship and loving you. I never considered that maybe what we are isn’t what I thought it was. Friends don’t wear highlighter for each other or get so easily jealous over blondes.” 

“I’m sorry,” she whispered hoarsely, making you wonder if she was trying not to cry or if she was angry. 

She didn’t look very angry, but she did look very torn apart and maybe a tad guilty. You hated that, seeing her so upset and knowing that you were a part of it. Sure, you hadn’t intentionally hurt her, but you could do something about it. 

“Why are you apologizing? I should be the one saying sorry for not realizing that we were never going to be good at being friends.” You clenched your fists and struggled to find the right words to explain yourself. You couldn’t mess up again. “Audrey, I think maybe we’re better at being in love with each other and calling it stupid things like friendship.” 

The way her eyes brightened was the most beautiful thing you had witnessed in a very long time. You couldn’t say what about Audrey was your favourite part, but her expressive eyes were certainly magnificent. 

“What if we stopped with the labels then?” 

You took a tentative step towards her and pushed her bangs from her eyes. You then linked your wrists around her neck and nodded with a small smile. “I think I could work with that,” you mumbled before pressing your lips against hers. 

She kissed you so gently with the softest lips, yet with an undertone of eagerness. Everything about the kiss was mind numbing and felt like the first breath of spring air. How long had you been secretly waiting for that kiss? How long had she been waiting? 

You weren’t quite sure but you certainly didn’t regret it. A kiss like that was worth the wait.  

the brightest star in the sky 


because of course you met her at a club, at a party hosted by a friend of a friend of a friend who you didn’t really know but your buddy dragged you along–and didn’t he understand you had to study, to make up for years and years of lost time because your parents always told you that you were the brightest star in the sky–but finally you caved and you’ve never been happier because she has the shiniest dark hair and the longest legs you’ve ever seen and when you ask to buy her a drink she looks you up and down and then she downs her drink in one go, tells you to bring her a whiskey, and then dances next to you all night long.

and you know you’re not the brightest and most perfect star in the sky, whatever your dearest mother told you, but you’re also not an idiot and you can see the outline of a long thin stick in her jacket as you help her into it but you don’t care because her eyes are bright blue and laughing and her nose turns up and you want to spend days dropping kisses onto it so you let it go, ignore it, wait for her to talk about it if she feels ready.

and when she finds out who your cousin is she freezes and those laughing blue eyes turn to ice but you kiss her nose and wind your fingers around that curly dark hair and tell her she did nothing worse than you ever did, and she did better too: she was trying to save her world, but you were only ever trying to limit the scope of yours.

and so she shows you all the brightest stars in the sky because she aced (o-ed?) her astronomy exams and she gives you strangely-colored potions when you overwork yourself at the gym and sometimes she joins you there, hitting the punching bags with more force than skill–and she has a surprising amount of skill.

and when you take her to meet your parents she wears the most demure pink sundress you’ve ever seen, with white eyelet lace and a tiny pink hat and her eyes aren’t laughing but gleaming because she kept all her hard edges but now she has a hint of fun behind her systematic destruction of everything your parents have ever believed about wizards and you watch as your mother falls in love with her and her pretty pink dress before your mother realizes that you didn’t bring home a drooping violet.

because pansy is the exact opposite of her name and you love her for it (and for the look on your cousin’s face when you bring her as your plus one to his wedding).


SO I pushed it down to the floor, literally dragged it against the floor and opened my door, threw the pillow into my stepsisters room AND CLOSED MY DOOR AGAIN.


Taking another pillow I do the exact same thing again, but this time blocking literally every single access there are in my door to prevent it from getting back inside

RIP Wherever You Are pillows

Musician AU

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‘Thank you!’ James Potter yelled into his microphone. ‘Thank you very much!’

His smile was stretched so wide that it hurt. The roaring of the crowd was so loud he could feel it all the way through his body, the lights so bright James knew he’d be seeing imprints of them when he closed his eyes.

But he didn’t close his eyes, not even to blink.

He wanted to soak it in… the feeling of the concert. The way Sirius twirled his drumsticks around in his hands, the way Peter’s hair was sticking to his forehead with sweat, the hesitant smile growing on Remus’ face. The way the crowd felt so in sync with him, the way they yelled and screamed when James flashed them his signature grin.

It was the last stop on their tour, and James would miss the concerts. The fans.

They were the best part of being a musician.

But now, now James would go on and record new music with the band, with his new agent. The last one…

James’ smile almost dropped.

The last agent had turned out to be stealing parts of their songs and giving them to Severus Snape, a solo artist that the Marauders had hated ever since they’d made their first album.

But now wasn’t the time to reflect on the past. Now was the time to relax and soak in the last moments of the tour.

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