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For @fishwrites Voltron fanfic Watercast!

The fic is amazingly written with fantastic characterization and world building!! I would totally recommend it to anyone who has not read it yet! :O

Izuku the "entertainer"

So, after re-reading some of my favorite scenes over and over again, I noticed today how often Izuku really surprises, amazes or shocks Toshinori. Honestly, Toshinori may be a dork, but he has got himself and his expression under control quite properly most times. But when it comes to Izuku? Then he gets flabbergasted time and time again. Something about Izuku just manages to surprises him even after all this time… there really is a reason why Toshinori calls Izuku an entertainer repeatedly!

Look at this:

How they met, and All Might completely loses it at Izuku’s “enthusiasm”:

Hearing that Izuku is not that different from the boy he once was himself:

Izuku rushing into danger to save Kacchan:

Smiling like his idol would, making him remember what being a hero means:

Izuku overworking himself to reach his idol:

 … and doing more than even All Might anticipated:

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| ^・ω・^)ノ

Ta-da!! Here it is! I finally finished it! :’D I know I already made a comic for this scene but my brain decided it would be a good idea to animate it because I need more practice. And like I said, it’s nothing special at all; just your normal hugging and talking it out. 

But here you go @scribefindegil!! I know there was absolutely no need for me to do this, but it’s just in my nature to do stuff like this. Hope ya like! :D My fave part would definitely be the shine on the glitter. There are mistakes and things don’t look good. Hopefully the dialogue is readable. Lot of trial and error with this one.

(Also, stupid me forgot to put a watermark or my tumblr page on it so if you see it anywhere else without credit, do tell me.)

Alright, I have been studying this tweet for a good half hour and I am certain the certain emojis and the pattern, other than the color have a greater meaning. So first off, they aren’t in the order they are on apple, he didn’t just pick the first couple purple emojis, and he jumps around too he wasn’t just like “oh I like this and maybe this one”. There is more too it than that I believe, notice how the first emoji is the devil and the last is a peace sign, complete opposites, and directly in the middle of them is the crystal ball that keeps reappearing everywhere. You also have an alien monster on the side with the devil and on the side with the peace sign there is a heart so still a very similar layout, almost contrasting good and evil? And also on the side with the peace sign there is a girl that is meant to be signing “no” I find that interesting because he went out of his way for that one specifically not the arms crossed or whatever, that one. Then there are the umbrellas, two open ones on the same spacing on either side, and then the one closed one on the seemingly more evil side. I still can’t quite figure out the meaning, I have a couple little theories but I really don’t know. What I wonder is what’s so special about the three he picked for he’s username though??? Also the letters he uses, what do they mean, I’ve thought about it for a while and I don’t know if it would be the name of the album or a song or lyrics but the only thing I could come up with that those letters could stand for and make sense is “you’re not gonna make news crash” (or maybe “make a new crash”) I wash thinking crash because of the imagery with the waves they have been putting out. But idk those are my current theories on this, it could be nothing though and I’m just paranoid, but I would be curious to hear anyone else’s theories on this, especially with what the letters stand for.

HAHA I was at Starbucks over 6 hours (longest I’ve ever been in a coffee place was 12 hours…) working the whole time on WANHTB and tis DONE and will be released one page per day like before.

When I finally packed up my monster tablet and took my headphones off to smooth out my burning, crimped up ears the whole staff of baristas were like ‘You finally going?? What were you working on?? (in a nice way ;) )’ haha they said they had been wanting to ask me all shift but I had headphones on and they all agreed that that would be bothering me. Just… that’s so cute haha.

Happy Starbucks baristas, friendly drunk grandpa guy at the bar and that sweet girl who bought my sandwich for me today in a pay-it-forward in a drive thru… its been a very kind day to my stressed out being. 

Gonna take a lazy evening of drawing quick half-assed sketches and watching netflix as a treat <3

anonymous asked:

Prompt: What about a story where it's the first time Tim and Kon get close. Like around late Young Justice, or in the break between Young Justice and Teen Titans or something. It can be anything ya want but if you need something more specific it can be Tim having doubts he's a good Robin in secret and Kon happens to hear him.

This is the last ask! I saved this one for last because I was intrigued by the prompt as something I’d kind of played around as an idea about early Tim/Kon. This is earlier than you had listed, more like early YJ, I hope that’s ok! I was just excited for an excuse to write this idea on how Tim and Kon first started becoming friends (with maybe the opportunity to become more later)

Superboy, newly dubbed Kon-El, examined the note he’d found taped to his new room at Mount Justice where he’d been crashing since, well, he had no other place to go. The Gym, 3pm, Be ready to fight. Seeing as only him, Impulse and the new Robin came to the old headquarters they sort of commandeered for themselves and Imp had illegible chicken scratch, you didn’t have to be the World’s Greatest Detective to figure out who was challenging him. He tucked the note into his pocket and kept walking, determined to see what their little group’s resident human was up to.

He honestly didn’t know what to make of the Boy Wonder. I mean, yeah, Superman had gone on before about how impressive Batman was but his kid sidekick didn’t do anything for Kon. He was tiny for one, smaller than even Imp who was just a skinny beanpole himself. Rob was kind of annoying and naggy too, trying to direct and boss around the two metas like he was the leader or something. And who ever thought it was a good idea to put some random dude, a teenager even, in charge of a bunch of superheroes? So maybe that’s why he finds himself walking down to the Mountain’s gym at 10 to 3. He’s curious what the human thinks he can do to someone as strong (nearly) as Superman. Kon probably should be more worried about accidently hurting the kid, they were like maybe sorta friends after all, but right now he really wanted to punch something. Supes let him use the name and the symbol but no matter how much Kon tried, the man wouldn’t give him the time of day. All Kon had was his costume, a rundown secondhand base, a crazy speedster kid and an annoying prep.

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One day I was at work bored. Called home talked to my Wife she told me she was downstairs at the neighbors. Now the thing wit my neighbor is she’s young Jamaican and likes to party. So I asked wat r y'all doing and to my surprise she said “waiting 4 u”. I’m shocked but I’m like ok I’ll be home in a minute. So after like the longest hour ever I was finally off. Things r racing thru my mind like wats going on wats gonna happen when I get there? Now my Wife is sexy light-skinned 5'5" bout 145, thick, fat ass, 36DD’s. And my neighbor is just the opposite bout 5'9" dark skinned, skinny but she has a big ol butt. She Bout 32C. Now I know my Wife is bi but all I hear my neighbor talk bout is niggas. So when i get home I open the garage walk upstairs and my neighbors door is open so I’m like “hey neighbor ” no response so I keep it moving upstairs. When i get in my apartment it’s dark so I call out “hey Babe ” so she says I’m in The room. So I walk in the room and she’s standing there with one of my jerseys on. So I’m like wat u doing. She’s like nothing bout to go back downstairs. So she walks over gives me a long passionate kiss and I was stuck. I’m like wat was that 4. She’s like I just felt like it. She was like get comfy put on ur ball shorts and grab the weed. Then come downstairs. So I’m like ok. Took a shower got dressed ran downstairs. The door was still open so I walked in. Nobody was in the living room so I said hello and my neighbors voice came from the other room. So I walked towards the room and when i reached the door my Wife was standing there with my neighbor on her knees eating her out. I looked in amazement then my Wife grabbed my hand pulled me closer kissed me like she had b4. Then she directs me to the chair tells me to roll something up. She grabs my neighbor pulls her up starts kissing her deep in her mouth Tasting her own juices as they swapped spit. I never rolled as fast as I did. Lit the wrap. Sat back and watched everything that was going on. My neighbor grabbed my Wife by her pulled her to the bed told her to sit on her face and she did. My wife put her pussy right ova her mouth. Asshole looking right at me. My neighbor too. She kept looking at me with serious eyes all while her tongue was in my wifes pussy. I’m looking back too. It’s like we can’t break eye contact. Then my wife started to moan louder and louder and I’m just looking at all the cum comin out her pussy all on my neighbor. My neighbor is sucking all that shit right up. Got her finger in my wifes ass making her scream and squirt all ova. I’m horny now fuck that so I………………

Denna is in love with Kvothe

Denna is in love with Kvothe. The hate I see for Denna is now old news, I haven’t seen any for a while, but I remember one of the common claims was that Denna did not love Kvothe and she was leading him on. So I’m going to find textual evidence saying she does. These quotes form a larger picture of the admiration, care, respect, trust, and love Denna has for Kvothe.

Also, thanks to @alenaska for the help. Her page numbers are from the hard copy of the book and her comments are italicized. (Some of this may be repetitive, but that’s because we have very similar interpretations of the text.) (Also, I apologize for the randomness of this, it’s not very professional.)

(We found 24 quotes, btw)

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Think About This..

Chloe spotted Beca at the Activities Fair when they were recruiting a new set of Bellas

She ignored Aubrey’s comment about her also


But then Beca rejected the offer

Chloe looked disappointed about Beca’s response.

Then weeks have passed after that moment when Chloe was in the shower and she heard someone sing. And there goes her instant orgasm..

It was Beca. She also threw off her signature very seductive wink to her. Her first wink to her.

Chloe tried to convince Beca to join the Bellas and asked her to sing her lady jam. Then they started singing Titanium. They couldn’t get their eyes off their eyes and lips.

Beca decided to go to the auditions but Chloe thought she will never come..

And then.. With Chloe’s really bright blue eyes she spotted her immediately or she just has a built-in sense.

She likes those “cups” though (credits to my cousin about this dirty pun)

Then Beca became a part of the Bellas. There’s that really seductive wink again.

Let’s all agree Chloe’s a prophet

Now Chloe is invading’s Beca’s personal space. The people in the background though..

And she gives away these kind of things ever since she had nodes or she met Beca.. I think it’s because of Beca.

She always stands up for her..

And she said Beca makes “them” better

Let’s jump 3 years later

And the Bellas are graduating now and of course it includes Beca

Chloe says this..

Chloe also says this in front of Beca’s face

Which made Beca got weirded out because she knew what Chloe meant

She also remembered Beca’s audition song after 3 years

Beca’s graduating right? 

Come on now. We all know that’s not the only reason..

But seriously..

Without Chloe’s convincing blue eyes and attitude, Pitch Perfect’s story line won’t progress without Beca being convinced to join the Bellas. So yeah, BeChloe for the win!