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I don’t like to make Follow Forever’s for endings, I like to make them for beginnings. I made the decision to follow some really awesome people and decided to keep following other equally awesome people. Note: This will be very very very long so I’ll keep it under the cut, as I know some people don’t like long posts on their dash. Also, most of the new people I’m following are CS shippers, cause I went on a following spree around November to December! Maybe I should change the name to ‘A Semi-Masterpost of CS blogs to follow’! I needed more of my faves on my dash! So here it is, a mention of the old and the new! As a tribute to Adriane, who I will indeed Follow Forever :)

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Supergirl // Captain America

You were meant for more than this, you know.



December 8th 

hmm well im too bad when it comes to express my feelings so i’ll just say im so proud of you Connor and i mean it .. im pretty sure you have heard this a billion times ,but i’ll say it and I’ll continue to say that im proud of the person you have become and what you have accomplished and seen all these thing you’ve done i’ll always reward you by showing my love because i think you’re courageous and ive changed bc of you so remember this no matter what i’ll always love you and i’ll always be a proud of you i hope you know that because you really do your best im everything you do . 

 Well Happy coming out anniversary Connor . .🌻